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In this wrap-up panel episode of "Aim Higher," season three regulars Drew and Tammi join Skip to talk about some of their favorite moments from the past year. While they touch on a variety of high points, one theme becomes apparent: the importance of feedback and continuous communication. This, they agree, is vital for leaders to do themselves and emphasize with teams during the pandemic. They also hope you'll provide feedback on what you liked best about the podcast (and what can be improved!) so that when we come back next season, "Aim Higher" can provide even more value for you on your leadership journey.

Apr 12

25 min 8 sec

I'm a huge fan of this week's guest on "Aim Higher," Joann Lublin. Her first book about women business leaders, "Earning It," had insights from 52 women executives, and her latest, just out in 2021, is "Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Navigate Work and Life." I've been reading Joann in the Wall Street Journal for years, as she created its first career advice column, which she wrote until May of 2020. And she shared a Pulitzer Prize at the Journal in 2003 for their work on corporate scandals. I've learned so much from her writing and I know you'll enjoy hearing from her in this episode as much as I did in our conversation. 

Mar 29

36 min 11 sec

On this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip speaks with longtime friend Kary Oberbrunner--author, coach, and speaker who helps people and organizations clarify who they are, why they're here, and where they're going so that they can share their message with the world. Skip and Kary delve into the topic of clarity and why it can be something people seemingly avoid, even while saying they value it so much. Why can clarity be so frightening, especially for leaders? Kary says it's because, "Once you have it, you're dissatisfied with anything less." This isn't a discussion for the faint of heart and it's not an easy topic. Come prepared to do some hard thinking.

Mar 22

29 min 4 sec

In this episode, Skip talks with Scott McKain about his Forbes Top 10 Pick, "ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain and Regain the Ultimate Level of Distinction." Scott is the author of four #1 business bestsellers on Amazon and has delivered over 2000 presentations in 36 countries. Their discussion about moving past distinction -- being top within your industry -- to becoming a true icon that stands out across categories is a must-hear conversation for leaders looking to stretch the boundaries of success.

Mar 15

23 min 45 sec

Patrick Donadio, MBA, is a Certified Speaking Professional and Master Certified Coach who teaches others how to lead more effectively, communicate clearly, present more powerfully, and positively impact the lives of others. In this interview, Skip and Patrick break down some of the lessons from Patrick's book, “Communicating with IMPACT," a process he's developed to help leaders improve interpersonal and organizational communications skills. Listen in to learn how to be more focused and mindful about all your communications and reap some compelling leadership rewards. 

Mar 8

31 min 22 sec

In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip talks with leadership development experts Karin Hurt and David Dye about their most recent book, "Courageous Cultures." In their first book, "Winning Well," they set the stage with lots of practical advice on creating a business while, as Karin says, "maintaining your soul." Their new book builds on that, helping leaders create a strategic framework to leverage your most important assets: employee knowledge and innovation. Why are your people holding back their best ideas? And what's preventing you from acting on them? Listen as Skip, Karin, and David ask -- and answer -- some tough questions about the benefits of creating courageous conversations with your employees. 

Mar 1

32 min 3 sec

When Skip was diagnosed with COVID-19, his initial thought as CEO was to be transparent about it to his team and employees. That was one thing he'd learned long ago: the importance of honesty in building bridges and maintaining clear communications. But throughout his illness and recovery, Skip also made discoveries about openness, appreciation, and vulnerability. This has been a challenging year for us all. But in the end, as Skip says, it offers us all lessons in shared humanity, because the whole world has been impacted. Listen in for some very personal, yet still practical thoughts on what leaders can take away from this difficult experience. 

Feb 22

9 min 10 sec

In the previous episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his panel discussed how you can cultivate approachability as a leadership skill. In this follow-up, the group talks about why this is an absolute necessity for successful leaders. Ask yourself: why do you think a good leader needs to be approachable? Employee engagement? Transparency? Sharing ideas? Whatever your reason, Skip says -- and his leadership experts agree -- that it's all about building bridges. Listen in and renew your commitment to building a culture of approachability today.

Feb 15

23 min 49 sec

Skip and his guests often discuss qualities of leadership that you can work on by yourself; organization, planning, delegation... even gratitude can be something you reflect on personally. The thing about approachability, though, is that it's entirely dependent on other people's perceptions. In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his panel of leadership experts discuss ways that you can chip away at habits that might make you unapproachable, and then get proactive about this vital leadership component.

Feb 8

26 min

Legendary sports announcer and author Bob Rathbun has been observing successful athletes, coaches, teams, and leaders for decades. In this interview, Bob shares some great tips from his remarkable career on how to do well yourself and inspire others on their journeys. One of the most important things, Bob says, is to start with a dream... but then find someone who can teach you the steps. That way, once you make a decision, you can "be ready for what comes with it."

Feb 1

14 min 30 sec

Most of us say we want to improve our performance, and most employees report that they want more feedback from their managers. But very few of us actually prepare for (or are trained in) how to receive feedback well. In this episode of "Aim Higher" Skip and his panel of leadership experts go over some lessons they've learned in how to be more effective "feedback takers." They also reflect on 7 tips Skip has for getting better at it yourself. Are you ready to get some feedback on your feedback skills?

Jan 25

27 min 58 sec

As a leader or manager, you're going to be called on to give feedback more often than most people. How can you make sure that the critiques, comments, and assessments you provide to your team are helping them improve as much as possible? In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his panel of leadership experts explore this vital skill and dig into some very necessary--and sometimes thorny--issues you'll need to address if you want to create a culture where sound, solid feedback is part of a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Jan 18

41 min 43 sec

What is a "performance culture" and how do you transform your organization to get there? In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his expert panel take on that challenging subject and discuss Skip's "7 Steps for Creating a Performance Culture." From an initial definition, through the importance of communication and internal selling, all the way to celebration... the group brings their insights and real-world examples to this complex question. Listen in for some tips to get started today with your team.

Jan 11

32 min 57 sec

Leadership, by definition, requires at least some minimal level of delegation. Yet we all know leaders who seem to feel as if their success is defined not by how well their team or organization does as a whole, but by their own individual performance. That's an obvious failure of both leadership and delegation. In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his panel take you through his "7 Rules for Successful Delegation." It's a no-nonsense look at a tricky skill set that can mean the difference between being a truly successful leader and a mediocre micromanager. Listen in for some unique tips and down-to-earth wisdom. 

Dec 2020

34 min 35 sec

How, as a leader, do you model the benefits of self-confidence without falling into the trap of arrogance? In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip sits down with his panel of experts to discuss the importance of self-confidence to leaders, both in terms of their own work, and as a leadership skill itself. As Skip says, "Confidence sweeps people to you, arrogance drives people away." Listen closely for some great tips on how culture, gender, body-language, health, and even vocal tone can affect self-confidence and make a difference in your leadership style.  

Dec 2020

32 min 22 sec

The COVID-19 crisis has touched every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and leaders are certainly not exempt. How are you helping your team cope? And how are you taking care of yourself during this difficult time? Join Skip and his panel of experts as they discuss key aspects of leadership during this unique era, including stress, trust, vulnerability, and the role of technology. They all touch on some aspect of how COVID-19 has affected their own lives, while also providing specific recommendations for how you can lead yourself, and your teams, through this pandemic and come out the other side stronger and more resilient.

Dec 2020

29 min 35 sec

Our panel of executive experts discuss Skip's most recent interview with John Baldoni and dig deeper into "leading with grace". 

Dec 2020

32 min 58 sec

In many areas of life -- business, politics, finance -- we think of power as a "zero sum game." If one person or side has it, the other doesn't. My guest on this week's episode of "Aim Higher," John Baldoni, turns that assumption on its head, with a philosophy of leadership based on grace: the idea that doing something for others and for the greater good can result in better outcomes for everyone. While it's obviously a theory rooted in ethics, it's also surprisingly efficient, especially as a leadership model. Why? Because when leaders model behavior that's good for others, that creates an environment that's good for the company, shareholders, and customers. Listen in, as John and I discuss some very practical ideas that start from a place in the heart. 

Nov 2020

25 min 42 sec

In this episode of "Aim Higher," Skip and his panel of leadership experts discuss the importance of gratitude. We know that gratitude can be great for us at a personal level: lowering blood-pressure, reducing stress, calming tension, and improving personal relationships. But Skip points out that effective leaders practice gratitude intentionally. While saying, "Thank you" and providing end-of-project kudos are important, leaders need to cultivate both a personal awareness of gratitude as a leadership quality, and to encourage a leadership culture among all employees. As always, Skip's guests share real-world examples and tips to help you put their ideas into practice. Listen in... you'll be grateful for their thoughts.

Nov 2020

28 min 41 sec

Our panel of executive experts discuss Skip's most recent interview with Kary Oberbrunner and dig deeper on the idea of making your brain unhackable. 

Nov 2020

31 min 1 sec

We spend a lot of time, money, and effort on keeping our computers, bank accounts and even our phones from being hacked by malicious actors. But this week on "Aim Higher," I talk to my good friend Kary Oberbrunner about a type of hacking that's even more important and more insidious: the hacking of our brains. A computer hack is simply "unauthorized access" to your systems. Have you asked yourself, though, "To whom and what do I give access to my thoughts and attention?" Are you deliberate and careful about that? Kary's new book, "Unhackable" provides a great blueprint for taking back your attention and intentions and creating a mindset for success. Listen in as we discuss this important topic.

Nov 2020

29 min 57 sec

Our panel of executive experts discuss Skip's most recent interview with Jason Dorsey and dig deeper on the subject of generational context. 

Nov 2020

30 min 29 sec

Every generation has its strengths--and the role of leaders working with diverse generations is to leverage those strengths, make space for them to build bridges and engage with each other. That's the main message from Jason Dorsey, generation expert, author, and research guru. In this episode of "Aim Higher," Jason and I talk about how every generation has something to offer your business... if you take the time to learn from them. And since he's the foremost researcher on Gen Z, I know you'll want to hear what he has to say about this cohort who, at ages 16-24, are just now starting to enter the labor pool in full force.

Nov 2020

36 min 22 sec

In this last session of the season, as I sat down with two of my regular “Aim Higher” guests—Tammi Spayde and Drew Bordas—we realized how many of my guests noted that excellence is more about sustained, steady growth than any single, massive change. My hope is that, during this challenging year, our podcasts have been part of your ongoing, weekly commitment to rising above mediocrity. That whether it’s in your person life, your career or your leadership journey, you’ve enjoyed the challenge to “aim higher” as much as I have. Stay safe, and I hope you’ll join us next season.

Jul 2020

19 min 43 sec

In this episode of “Aim Higher,” my panel guests and I discuss a previous interview I did with golf legend Annika Sörenstam. She shares two ideas that are important for both individual accomplishment and success as a leader. The first has to do with how a simple phrase, shared at a key moment while she was very young, made a huge impact on her attitude. And the second is about how she overcame a fear— totally unrelated to the game of golf! —that might have derailed one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever seen. Please join Drew, Tammi and me as we talk about how you can use what Annika learned in her extraordinary career to help in your leadership journey.

Jul 2020

25 min 58 sec

Many successful people start from humble beginnings. But country music star Jimmy Wayne’s early life can only be described as horrific. As a child he was abused, abandoned and caught up in a foster care system that did him more harm than good. On this episode of “Aim Higher,” Jimmy and I talk about how these experiences shaped both his music and writing careers and his desire to raise awareness about foster kids—since the elderly couple who finally fostered him provided him the chance to complete his education. In his bestselling book, “Walk to Beautiful,” Jimmy says that his foster mom “changed every cell in my body.” His story inspired me, and I think it will inspire you, too.

Jul 2020

12 min 13 sec

Very few people have done as much speaking and writing on the topic of leadership as my friend and guest on this episode of “Aim Higher.” Mark Sanborn has written 8 books, one of which, “The Fred Factor,” has sold over 2 million copies. He’s been ranked the #5 leadership expert in the world by and I always learn something new from him whenever we get together. Mark shares a number of great points in this discussion. One all leaders need to take to heart is the ability to turn customer service failures into fantastic recoveries. He and I agree that you never get a better chance to impress a customer as when you respond to a problem. Listen to what Mark has to say on this vital subject.

Jun 2020

17 min 34 sec

On this episode of “Aim Higher,” I talk with Eric Zimmer, a behavior coach, podcast host and author who came back from being a homeless heroin addict to build a successful career and an extraordinary life. He and I discuss how some of our most important changes start with small, measured steps and daily habits rather than trying to “do it all at once.” That way, we can have a little success, build on it… and move forward. He uses the board game “Risk” as a metaphor to make this point, and it’s a great way of thinking about personal change. I very much enjoyed our talk, and I think you will, too. 

Jun 2020

12 min 36 sec

On this episode of “Aim Higher,” Skip talks with author and career advisor Steve Herz about three keys to becoming a powerful connector: authority, warmth and energy. Steve is President of The Montag Group, a sports and entertainment talent and marketing consultancy. Skip makes the important point that while connecting to others is incredibly important in our careers, it’s not really taught in college or business school. Steve agrees! And his book, “Don’t Take Yes for and Answer,” seeks to help fill that gap. Listen in as Skip and Steve talk about some ways that you can use authority, warmth and energy to help increase your ability to connect and succeed.

Jun 2020

26 min 34 sec

For 25 years, Tom Ziglar was CEO of the company that existed, in his words, "to put dad on the stage." His dad -- world famous author, speaker and motivational trainer, Zig Ziglar -- trusted Tom to take care of the business and "create the platform" for the company's success. But in this episode of "Aim Higher," Tom tells Skip how he set out on his own leadership journey, found his own unique speaking style, stopped reading others' leadership books... and emerged with a simple, yet compelling formula for success. Listen in on a frank, friendly conversation between two master storytellers who discuss how choosing to win, one choice at a time, truly can make all the difference.

Jun 2020

28 min 15 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” Skip’s panel focuses on the importance of physical health and wellness for leaders. Are you eating right? Exercising regularly? Getting enough sleep? In the words of Skip’s regular guest, Drew Bordas, “Working out helps me be the best version of myself as a leader.” Listen in as the panel goes over some simple steps for setting goals, staying on track and getting healthier.

Jun 2020

40 min 27 sec

What does it really mean to be a mentor? Or be mentored? In this episode of “Aim Higher,” Skip’s panel gets into some great details and specific recommendations that are often overlooked. If you want to find a great mentor, be a better mentor, or develop a successful mentoring program for your workplace, you owe it to yourself to listen in.

May 2020

32 min 59 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” I share my conversation with NBA All-Star Mark Eaton about what makes a winning team. After a 12-year basketball career filled with awards and records, Mark pivoted to share the lessons he’s learned through motivational speaking and his book, “The Four Commitments of a Winning Team.” The book is so packed with great advice that I actually read it twice, and I was intrigued by his personal story as much as his principles for teambuilding. During our talk, Mark shares the path he took from auto mechanic to professional basketball player, his struggle with fitting in due to his height, and the life-changing advice he got from Wilt Chamberlin. And we discuss ways that you can learn from his life experience to lead your own winning teams.

May 2020

24 min 17 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” I got the chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Max McKeown, author of “The Strategy Book.” Dr. Max, as he’s sometimes called, is also a researcher on culture and behavioral science, and he’s written several other books including “NOW: The Life Changing Psychology of Always Moving Forward,” “The Innovation Book,” and “Adaptability: The Art of Winning.” Max and I spoke primarily about what distinguishes his book – and my ideas about practical strategy – from a lot of writing and teaching about strategy from a kind of “theoretical, MBA” kind of standpoint. We agree that strategic leadership needs to make things happen, and it needs to engage with as many people on your team and in your organization as possible. As Max says, “Strategy is not a solo sport.” He’s got a lot of specific, actionable ideas in his book, and in our talk, for you to take back for your own leadership notes on building successful strategies.

May 2020

41 min 12 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” Skip and his panel take on the topic of leading remotely, which many managers and executives are dealing with for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What steps can you take to be more effective as a remote leader? Skip, Tammi and Drew have some good, solid advice and, as always, some personal anecdotes to share as well.

May 2020

37 min 10 sec

In this episode of “Aim Higher,” Skip and his panel of experts discuss some of what they’ve learned during the first two months of providing leadership during the time of COVID-19. While they agree that “everything has changed,” they also agree that some core principles of leadership remain more important than ever. Tune in to hear their thoughts and see if you agree.

Apr 2020

25 min 21 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” I had the chance to sit down with longtime friend Shep Hyken, a man who is a legend in the field of customer service research and training. Shep is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has also been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. We talked about his book, “The Cult of the Customer,” and how it fits in with his overall work on creating amazing experiences for customers. Shep has a great passion for keeping the customer at the center of every business discussion, and that holds true for leaders looking to improve their performance, of course. He shared some great, practical suggestions that you can use every day, and I think you’ll really enjoy what he has to say.

Apr 2020

41 min 37 sec

On a recent trip to Nashville, I got a chance to sit down for a great talk with my friend Rory Vaden. He invited me into his home for our discussion, which is a great metaphor for something he and I both believe and teach—that people inherently want to do business with people, not companies. We want real, personal relationships not just business contacts. He’s a living example of that ideal, and it was great to catch up with him and get his thoughts on personal branding, which he summarizes as “the digitization of reputation.” Along with his wife, AJ Vaden, Rory is co-founder of Brand Builders Group, a leader in the study of reputation management. Rory’s team works with entertainers, influencers and entrepreneurs to find their true voices, and become the kind of people that, as he says, “everyone wants to do business with.” If you’re looking to improve your personal brand, you couldn’t spend a better 30 minutes than listening in.

Apr 2020

35 min 47 sec

Talk about a jack-of-all-trades. This week on “Aim Higher,” I sat down with James Altucher. James is a stock trader, investor, writer, and entrepreneur. He’s worked for Showtime and HBO and newspapers. He owns a comedy club and he’s been a stand-up comedian himself. He’s a chess master. What’s the one thing that ties it all together? James says, “I focus on what I love doing, and make sure the idea is sustainable.” That’s it. And to do that, he told me that he takes many small, survivable risks. He describes risks as “the wall between the comfort zone and success.” Risk feels uncomfortable, he told me, because we can sense that there are failures on the other side of that wall. But that’s why success is there, too—because it’s not a crowded place. I’m grateful for having had such a wide-ranging conversation with James. In fact, we discussed gratitude and how we need to set ourselves “difficult gratitude problems” in order to build a capacity for more gratitude. James has a unique, powerful and always helpful view on leadership and life. Listen in. You won’t be disappointed.

Apr 2020

53 min 4 sec

This week on “Aim Higher,” my panel and I discuss the importance of resilience, both as a personal quality and for leaders. Personally, of course, we all need to be able to bounce back from life’s hardships. For leaders, though, it’s especially important to be able to find a balance between minimizing losses– sugarcoating a bad situation, as we say—and allowing a setback to turn into a disaster. Establishing a “resilience equilibrium” is a major factor for successful leaders, and my guests have some great thoughts on how you can find yours.

Mar 2020

31 min 42 sec

In this week’s episode of “Aim Higher,” I sit down with my panel of experts and we tackle the tough issue of leadership during a time of crisis. It’s not a topic that anyone really wants to talk about ahead-of-time. But if you leave it until the crisis hits? It’s too late. As we all deal with the many serious implications of the COVID-19 crisis, leaders in particular are looking for ways to help guide their organizations through this time of uncertainty and rapid change. My guests, as usual, have some helpful, practical advice for you to take back to your team.

Mar 2020

37 min 17 sec

On this week’s episode of “Aim Higher,” my panel of experts answers three “mail bag” questions from our listeners. We tackle the issue of a self-described “non team player” who tries to sharpen those skills but hits a roadblock. We hear from a new mom who is challenged by a boss who expects more late-night work than fits into a reasonable schedule. And, last, we take a look at the really interesting situation of someone who gets their dream promotion… only to find it may be a nightmare. As always, Tammi Spayde, Drew Bordas and Rebekah Kilzer provide great insight from a variety of perspectives. Have a listen.

Mar 2020

32 min 2 sec

I’ve known Michael Hyatt for years, have interviewed him before, and have written for his blog several times. It’s always a pleasure to sit down for a conversation with him, and this week on “Aim Higher” is no exception. Michael really differentiates between the idea of “having a vision” as a kind of nebulous, nice-sounding concept vs. a useful, real-world tool for guiding your organization. As a fellow fan of practical guidance and advice, I very much appreciated his thoughts on this topic, and I think you will, too.

Mar 2020

33 min 38 sec

How can you master your personal energy, presence and intention? Anese Cavanaugh, author of “Contagious You” and Skip’s guest on this week’s “Aim Higher,” suggests that the “how” may not be as important as the “when.” And the when is always… now. It is always the moment to start. Take a breath. Examine how you feel. What intentions are you brining into the room you’re in right now and to your leadership journey. Because that energy is going to be what is contagious about you. Skip and Anese talk about how leaders who are conscious of that energy can then take command of themselves and make much more of an impact. That’s what it means to be positively contagious. If you listen, you’ll get some good, practical advice on how to start with your inner game – taking care of your health, your self-talk, your self-kindness – and then move outward to being “positively contagious” towards others.

Mar 2020

30 min 33 sec

My guest for this episode of “Aim Higher” is Bruce Daisley, Twitter Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He joined the company in 2012 having previously run YouTube UK at Google. Bruce is the author of a terrific new book, “Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job.” I also highly recommend his previous book, “The Joy of Work.” Bruce has so many good ideas about how we can get away from the toxic treadmill of “more hours = more productivity.” He calls that mindset a “superhighway to burnout.” Part of the problem, he says, comes from leaders themselves, who claim that their secret to success is working 60, 80 even 120 hours a week. That’s just not possible for most people… and is actually counterproductive for almost everyone. I hope you’ll listen as we discuss the importance of sleep, how the “default mind mode” of boredom and relaxation can be our best creativity booster, the importance of building teams from the ground-up, and how to get back to the “magical creative version of ourselves” that existed before work environments began demanding so much of our time.

Feb 2020

36 min 47 sec

This week on “Aim Higher” my guests and I discuss the power of focus. So many people try to do too much all at once… and end up getting nothing done at all. The cure for that is an improved focus… on focus. In this episode I’m thrilled to welcome back to the studio Tammi Spayde, Drew Bordas and Rebekah Kilzer, and they each have some great advice on this important topic. What we agreed on was that, for us, improving our focus came down to three specific areas: eliminating distractions, remembering to focus on people as well as productivity, and the ability to shift focus as priorities and situations change. As always, we shared some humor as well as some very practical, day-to-day advice. So put down your second and third screens, and focus on this week’s “Aim Higher.”

Feb 2020

29 min 49 sec

This week on Aim Higher, Skip talks to author and researcher Tom Rath, who has spent more than 20 years studying how work can improve human health and wellbeing.  His latest book, “Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute to the World,” addresses a new way of thinking about the contributions we make through our life’s work. Skip asks Tom some important questions about how to change from a self-focus to an other-focus mindset. Tom’s answer? Think about how your talents can be applied to have a positive impact and influence on others—on what the world needs, more than what you think you want. It’s a powerful conversation: not just for leaders, but for anyone looking to find more meaning in their work.

Feb 2020

30 min 24 sec

Welcome to season two of “Aim Higher!” Our goals with this podcast are to help you tip the scale towards positive thinking and propel you towards greater success as a leader and in every aspect of your life. We’ll cover topics like focus, handling stress, getting more business, setting boundaries, wellness… and more. I’ll share the wisdom of great guests like serial entrepreneur James Altucher, wellness and leadership expert Anese Cavanaugh  and Twitter vice-president Bruce Daisley. And we’ve got a mailbag section where we’ll take your questions from Facebook, at, or anywhere where you can contact me—don’t be shy! I really hope to hear from you. And I hope you’ll join us for season two of “Aim Higher.”

Feb 2020

1 min 56 sec

Over the past few months, Skip and his guests have explored “The Nine Traits of Servant Leaders.” This week on “Aim Higher” they review the most important moments of the series, focusing on details, stories and advice that can really make a difference in your servant leadership journey. Don’t worry about “spoilers” here: if you’re new to the series, this is actually a great place to start. Then return to the first episode and follow along as this group of experts unlock the tools you need to become a truly effective servant leader relying not on “positional” but “personal power.”

Nov 2019

29 min 22 sec

William James, often cited as the “Father of American Psychology,” brings us today’s Wednesday Wisdom: “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” As a leader seeking to “Aim Higher,” I’d like you to flip that around, and think about it from other people’s point-of-view. What do you do to show appreciation and send it out into the world? Every day, try to start a note or an email with, “Thank you for….” and go from there. Be a person who gives appreciation freely, and it will make a huge difference in the lives of people you interact with, and I promise it will come back to you.

Nov 2019

4 min 20 sec