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Two sisters, Ema and Hannah, talk over the internet. Exploring life, work, creativity, knowing yourself and how to be in the world.

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In our fourth episode, we discuss the body. Building on the previous discussion of food (ep 3), Ema and Hannah take a wide-ranging look at how our understanding of the body is constructed spiritually and socially. Starting with a discussion of the construction of the body in yogic traditions, we move into our own experiences with embodiment, from the political to the deeply personal.

Apr 12

1 hr 6 min

In our third episode, we talk food (glorious food). How have our attitudes towards food changed over the course of our lives? What are the cultural and societal factors which shape our changing attitudes to food? How great are cucumbers?? Content warning: we discuss our individual histories with diet culture and eating disorders - if these are topics which you don't wish to hear about, you may wish to skip this episode.

Jan 18

59 min 9 sec

In our second episode, we talk about self care. Is there more to self care than facemasks and bubble baths? How do we practise self care as a community? How do we resist the commodification of the self care industry but still take care of ourselves? How much does our concept of the "self" impact the idea of "self care"?

Jan 2

57 min 37 sec

In our first episode, we tackle the theme of discipline. How do we condition ourselves to achieve our goals in life? To what extent do our disciplined practices work against us? How do we use discipline as modes of self expression and liberation?

Dec 2020

54 min 3 sec