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Join Simon Page, ADM Defence and Marine Procurement in PSPC, and formerly Associate ADM(MAT) in DND, in a frank discussion about the challenges and priorities the Government of Canada faces in defence procurement.

Nov 22

1 hr 5 min

Join Dr. Dave Williams, former Canadian astronaut and former CEO of the Southlake Regional Health Centre, in an inspiring discussion about how organizations succeed by redefining the role procurement takes on in large organizations.

Aug 4

44 min 29 sec

Join Alex McPhail, who spoke with Brett Kitchen, publisher of the Canadian Defence Review, Canada’s premiere defence journal. In today’s podcast, I asked Brett to share his insights on the influential role the CDR has held for decades in the Canadian defence industry, as well as the inroads the journal has made in the digital marketplace. Brett also explained the key to CDR’s success in the era of COVID.

Jun 7

12 min 53 sec

Join my discussion with Robert Gordon, Executive Director of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX), about the impacts cyber threats impose upon business, government, commerce, and society.  Former deputy director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and director at Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Robert brings both global insights and deep, applied knowledge to our discussion about cybersecurity. In our talk, Robert explains knowledge is the best defence against cyber threats, and how the velocity and dependability of knowledge transfer are critical to success.

Apr 12

40 min 57 sec

Join Alex McPhail and Jacques Comtois in a discussion about the secret sauce in defence contracting.  Drawing upon his years of executive leadership at L3, Bombardier, and Rolls Royce, Jacques shares his insights on success in the Canadian defence procurement landscape.

Mar 12

45 min 20 sec

Chris Pogue, Managing Director of Thales Canada Defence and Security, discusses how industry creates new value by engaging companies at all levels within the ecosystem.  Chris offers real-world examples showing how companies leverage ITB/VP offset strategies to create new advanced technologies with industry-wide applications.

Jan 27

45 min 26 sec

Stephanie Batstone & Leigha Cotton share their knowledge on how successful companies leverage the ITB/VP policy to their strategic advantage.

Dec 2020

42 min 4 sec

In this episode, Dave McMahon joins Alex McPhail to discuss how Cyber impacts business, government, individuals, and society.

Nov 2020

41 min 4 sec

In this first episode Alex McPhail, president & CEO of EXA, is joined by Ret'd Major General Jerry Pitzul to discuss what the EXA consulting group is, and the complexity of proposals and RFPs in Canada and internationally.

Oct 2020

57 min 35 sec