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Have you ever wanted to learn more about how Double H came to be in upstate New York? Or wondered what it's like to be a camper discovering the magic for the very first time? Or maybe what exactly it is about this place that makes people love it so much? We're gathering around the microphone twice a month to bring you the answers! Camp Legends will shine a light on the power of camp through storytelling and interviews with some of your favorite camp people.

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This week’s episode is our first-ever Counselor Corner episode.  We hear from some of the 2021 summer staff as they share their experiences at camp and why camp is so important to them!  Our counselors make the magic happen and for that, we are so appreciative.   Kate and Jacqui take some time at the end of the episode to share the gratitude they have during this Thanksgiving season.  We hope you enjoy Camp Legends: Counselor Corner episode!

Nov 24

41 min 35 sec

We had an amazing summer at Double H this year!  We hosted six weeks of summer camp at a reduced capacity and had an absolutely wonderful time being back on site.  Join Jacqui and Kate as they talk to campers who were at camp this summer, and reach out to an old camp friend!  

Nov 1

54 min 8 sec

Join Griff and Pezz this week as they reflect on how difficult times (showers) in our lives can end up bringing us good things (flowers) when we stop to recognize it. Listen as they interview a camper about how some "showers" in their life have brought about "flowers", share a song written by a camper with Hear Your Song and answer some questions about camp opening this summer. Finally, be transported to camp in your mind as former counselor Maddy McColl leads you through a beautiful visualization meditation. 

Apr 26

32 min 23 sec

During this episode, Jacqui and Kate talk about the changes they have experienced this past year and also talk to Dr. Gerry Florio.  Dr. Gerry is a Clinical Health Psychologist at Glens Falls Hospital and also provides Double H with psych-social support throughout the year.  Dr. Gerry talks about the changes he has seen over the past year, how to cope with those changes and why camp is so important to him.  Please enjoy!

Apr 12

52 min 52 sec

Join Pezz, Griff, and a whole slew of campers and counselors this week as they share how they find the joy that is all around them both during this crazy pandemic and every day in their lives. 

Mar 22

25 min 49 sec

It has been a year since we shut our doors to in-person programming and moved to virtual programs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We knew that this episode had to contain lots of joy, so we turned to two long-time Double H volunteers to bring us that joy.  Pat and Dom are amazing humans and camp volunteers and shared with us the magic and memories of camp and how they have coped with such a different and difficult year.    Get ready to laugh, smile, and take a trip down memory lane with the Martinos!  

Mar 8

1 hr 5 min

Join Pezz and Griff as they interview two different sets of people whose friendships started at Double H! First, Griffin and Regan show us the beautiful bond between campers that can arise at camp and continue beyond. Then, we have Marquise (Shamu) and Parker, whose counselor-camper friendship is one of mutual inspiration and respect. Also catch an exclusive recording of one of our camp songs, and this month's riddle! 

Feb 22

39 min 43 sec

Camp fills our hearts up with love and for this February edition of Camp Legends, we talk to three people who love camp in very meaningful ways.  Chris Woll and Kate Woll met at the Double H Ranch and Jacqui chats with them about finding love at camp and how camp has impacted their lives.  Dr. Ray Walsh is a camp legend and Kate talks with him about how his love of camp and the mission of camp-inspired their whole family to get involved with Double H.  Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 8

1 hr 4 min

The second episode of Camp Legends is a Kid Takeover edition. In this episode, Chris (Pezz) Pezzulo and Alex (Griff) Griffen interview two campers about their camp experiences, share the Double H story during Storytime, and try to stump our campers with some riddles! They ask an older camper, Jason, and a younger camper, Ellie, how they think camp began, and how their camp stories started. 

Jan 23

26 min

This first episode is focused on  "Camp Origins."  Kate Walsh and Jacqui Royael interview Double H CEO Max Yurenda and the daughters of our founders, Charlene Wood and Clea Newman and share what they learned "because of camp".

Jan 8

55 min