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The Talent Revolution is a podcast that explores the changing landscape of HR, talent development and professional growth possibilities for top tier job candidates. Host, ShaynaLee will interview leading influencers in the people professional field & premier sector specific talent, from progressive organizations that will share their experiences, forward thinking insight & expert guidance. Together we will discuss how to establish or advance positive, high performing employee centered workplaces and candidate experiences.

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Orrin Klopper the CEO of Netsurit, (an IT Managed Service Provider) discusses the “Dreams of the Doers” program, a company culture component that helps employees achieve their personal dreams and ambitions while they are fulfilling the broader business goals for customers by taking the burden of day-to-day IT operations off their shoulders. --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

44 min 8 sec

During this episode Dr. Kristina Dorniak-Wall, a Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp discusses bias in performance management tools and how applying the “science of people” can help you better integrate Diversity & Inclusion into the operational processes of your company culture. --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

53 min 21 sec

Gabriela McManus, the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Drizly, shares her extensive insight on and experience with, laying the foundation for a successful people operations department that will generate a high-performing, fulfilled and loyal workforce. --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

56 min 56 sec

Coach and Consultant Jacqueline Jasionowski of Shift Awake Group, discusses her insight on Conscious Capitalism and what businesses can do to integrate these principles into their company operations. --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 2019

38 min 15 sec

This episode features Mike Gertrudes the VP, Head of Engineering at NYC based Billie; a female-first body brand e-commerce start-up. Mike talks about his transition from the enterprise to startup sector and provides meaningful tips and insight on what to consider when contemplating an industry sector transition. Tune in to learn more about... 1. Why as a professional you should not be afraid to take the leap from corporate to startup. 2. Some of the differences between working in a startup versus working in corporate (specifically for a technologist).  3. What to expect at the start of your industry sector transition. --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2019

51 min 38 sec

Joseph Balbi Joe is an HR Search and Talent Acquisition Consultant from, PeopleNiche will share: How to create an optimal full-cycle Talent Acquisition experience for both the candidate and employer. Some key reasons why good talent leaves an organization and how to mitigate retention challenges. Tips for candidates to position themselves successfully through the TA process. --- Send in a voice message:

Sep 2019

1 hr 6 min