Palace Intrigue: Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Royal Family gossip.

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A daily news podcast about the Royal Family. What's new with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and the rest of the British Royal Family.

Even Prince Andrew.

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Kids can be so mean, and once compared Meghan Markle to Krusty the Clown.Meanwhile, are Kate & William on stand-by to host Christmas?

Nov 26

4 min 3 sec

The privacy minded couple expect to have a quiet day at home. Also, a look at their future plans which may not be as quiet.

Nov 25

6 min 19 sec

We'll be over hear eating our popcorn as Mark re-enacts Piers Morgan's comments about Meghan.

Nov 24

4 min 32 sec

You will totally think we made this all up.

Nov 23

6 min 9 sec

Meghan Markle may have left the UK to stay out of the spotlight, so she went on Ellen. Here's the recap.

Nov 22

4 min 17 sec

Hey what's that inside Kate's handbag? And is she trying to feed bugs to Prince William?

Nov 19

5 min 3 sec

Privacy minded Meghan Markle who left the UK so the media would leave her and Harry alone went on Ellen's show which airs today. She told a story about her old car and....smh

Nov 18

5 min 44 sec

A Youtuber wonders if Harry and Meghan are planning more "Fake Royal Tours"What it was like to work with Meghan on Suits.Oprah adds some latte to her favorite things list..but you'll never guess who is an investor in the company.

Nov 17

4 min 24 sec

You know, if you really want to be private, maybe don't ride around in a car shaped like a Hot Dog.Also Kate and William's photo-shoot was of course Fabulosly fabulous in a fabulous way.

Nov 16

4 min 41 sec

So the Palace says the Queen totally was going to hit Remembrance Day but she had a bad back. Sure Jan.

Nov 15

32 sec

When your focus is privacy, one way to stay private is to attend a red carpet event with Bon Jovi - and then wear red to it.Meanwhile, Charles is digging this PseudoKing thing, and was hanging out with Sir Elton John - and that was somehow less attention getting than wearing red at a red carpet event.

Nov 12

5 min 10 sec

Wait, what did Harry tell the twitter boss and how did Harry know these things?And was Meghan being deliberately manipulative?Two huge stories today!

Nov 11

6 min 4 sec

Harry is at the Intrepid today. Her Majesty will honor Remembrance Day this weekend. Will we see dueling royals trying to out remembrance each other?

Nov 10

6 min 16 sec

Meghan is speaking to the New York Times. Harry is speaking at the Intrepid. Our favorite privacy minded non-royals are in New York City as their quest to avoid the limelight continues.

Nov 9

6 min 14 sec

Hi this is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.Excuse me, how did you get this number?

Nov 8

5 min 31 sec

Oh it's another day in the Royal Family...a few stories about Harry & Meghan and how they must be up to something....and some Kate Is Wonderful fluff about her making veggie burgers. She's so wonderful that Kate. No wonder the Queen likes her.

Nov 5

4 min 31 sec

The Queen said none of us will live forever. Is she depressed and being morbid? No, she was addressing Climate Change. You know who else addressed Climate Change? Harry and Meghan. Of course they did. And you know who addressed Harry and Meghan addressing Climate Change? Piers Morgan.

Nov 4

4 min 13 sec

Hey is the Queen well or not? On the one hand she's supposed to be resting, on the other hand we're being shown pictures of her driving Jaguar. Anyway, will Her Majesty be up to thus Jubilee come next summer? And abdication is always a fun word to throw in a podcast description.

Nov 3

4 min 24 sec

Meghan Markle gave out some $25 Starbucks Gift Cards which is nice...unless one starts pondering that $25,000,000 Spotify Deal which has produced ONE episode so far.Meanwhile, Thomas Markle Jr. is always fun for a quote or two.

Nov 2

5 min 39 sec

With the Queen taking rest, Charles steps up to lead teh COP26 conference. The difficult unspoken it time for Her Majesty to abdicate?

Nov 1

6 min 14 sec

"Her Majesty's doctors have advised that she should continue to rest for at least the next two weeks. The doctors have advised that Her Majesty can continue to undertake light, desk-based duties during this time, including some virtual audiences, but not to undertake any official visits," the palace said in its statement Friday.

Oct 29

3 min 46 sec

It sounds like an episode of The Inbetweeners, but suitors used to discuss how fit Kate Middleton was...not that she's become some sort of horrible troll now. Also, she's wonderful and does the Halloween shopping for the kids.

Oct 29

6 min 28 sec

Was there a coordinated effort to bash Harry and Meghan on twitter. The evidence suggests...yes!Meanwhile, the Queen is being encouraged to slow down...which normally would be a lead story!

Oct 28

5 min 14 sec

Those loving glances, those soft embraces...what do Kate & William's PDA tell us about how Meghan Markle is plotting to take over the world? That last part is a joke.

Oct 27

5 min 23 sec

Adele was asked to pick between Harry and William and she picked....well we do want you to listen to the podcast.

Oct 26

4 min 55 sec

Hey Majesty is not stepping down and she also does not want your Oldies Award.

Oct 25

5 min 16 sec

Hr Majesty was briefly hospitalized. Conspiracy theorists wonder why the Royal Standard was still flying over the palace. And is it time for the Queen to start slowing down?

Oct 22

4 min 51 sec

Billie Eilish likes the Royals, "They were just very friendly and funny and sweet. I can’t complain.”Meanwhile, the Queen sometimes takes people hostage!

Oct 22

4 min 33 sec

Meghan Markle Was "Slightly Duchessy" on Deal or No Deal' according to Howie Mandel...meanwhile Meghan is on her way to creating a billion dollar brand.

Oct 21

4 min 55 sec

Shatner vs. William? Pass the popcorn.Kate and William might come to the USA in 2022. All American Royal Family podcasters welcome this. Maybe they could guest on Harry's podcast.And the Queen is giving up on her nightly Martini.

Oct 20

5 min 30 sec

Hey world leaders, the passive aggressive monarch is kind of annoyed you're not coming to the climate summit.Meanwhile, Madame Tussauds swapped out the Wax Queen

Oct 19

5 min 33 sec

A peek inside Harry and Meghan's estate. Charles doesn't know what to do with all the property. Her Majesty has a good year with the horses.

Oct 18

4 min 55 sec

"Prince Charles' Aston Martin runs on cheese and wine" sounds like a joke but it really does.Plus some daily Meghan and Harry stuff.

Oct 15

4 min 8 sec

Who wouldn't want financial advice from Harry and Meghan? Well good news they are entering the financial buisness, not to be confused with their Netflix Deal, their Spotify podcast deal (how is episode 2 coming along?) and Harry's book deal.

Oct 14

4 min 40 sec

Presumably the publishers would like Harry to spill some gossip in his upcoming books. The best card he has left to play might be revealing the royal racist.

Oct 13

4 min 48 sec

Rami Malek discusses his encounters with Kate Middleton and Prince William.More making fun of Diana: The MusicalAnd once again we don't mention You Know Who

Oct 12

4 min 51 sec

It's one of those rare episodes where we don't mention You Know Who - the new movie Spencer is getting mixed reviews for its portrayal of Princess Diana, but the musical Diana is getting ripped.

Oct 11

6 min 12 sec

Not Charles, not William, not Harry, not Meghan (well yeah not Meghan)'s Kate Middleton to whom Elizabeth trusts the future.Meanwhile, Kate didn't have the energy to be Meghan's friend.

Oct 8

5 min

Andrew Morton suggests that Diana casts such a large shadow over everything Harry does that she is actually the third wheel in Meghan Markle's marriage.

Oct 7

5 min 21 sec

Snoop Dogg even invited Harry and Meghan Markle over for Thanksgiving and promised them "something special." Please please accept this invitation for podcasters everywhere.Tina Brown has a book coming out about all the latter-day Royal know, the stuff we talk about on this podcast - Wills/Kate/Harry/Meghan. We say bring it on!

Oct 6

4 min 28 sec

Is there nothing Kate Middleton cannot do? She recently braved a tarantula, and William braved a half-pint of Guinness.Meanwhile Harry & Meghan's culinary adventures, and how Harry met when Katie Couric met him.

Oct 5

5 min 45 sec

They've done a lot of deals..but what do their business partners have to show for it? That's up for debate. When might we get episode 2 of the Spotify podcast?

Oct 4

5 min 36 sec

Is William a Harry?The Prince puts his foot down....on a soccer ball...and....the Queen will have none of Meghan's tiara nonsense.

Oct 1

5 min 13 sec

Her Majesty has been through some secret service drills over the years, and one time even skydived out of a helicopter with James Bond.Meanwhile, Prince Charles started a TV Channel.

Sep 30

5 min 24 sec

Onlookers thought Meghan did most of the talking while on the Sussex's trip to New York, with Harry tuning out and playing on his phone.When the trip was over, they reportedly flew home on a private jet.

Sep 29

4 min 36 sec

Some on-lookers say they saw cameras following H&M around, and it looked like Harry was wearing a microphone pack. Are the privacy minded royals making a documentary?Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan go for Southern Fried Chicken while William and Kate settle for burgers.

Sep 28

4 min 24 sec

Privacy Minded Harry and Meghan Markle came to New York City and kept a low profile by meeting with the mayor and the governor and attending a big concert, as private people do.Meanwhile, Kate was being wonderful at tennis.

Sep 27

6 min 38 sec

Harry and Meghan are all about privacy, and what better way to be left alone than to travel to New York City's Central Park for Global Citizen Live where Coldplay and Billie Eilish are sure not to attract any paparazzi.

Sep 24

4 min 43 sec

Ah, Kate. Who doesn't love Kate. Even Meghan Markle loves Kate. She is so perfect.Plus Diana's Astrologer thinks Diana would have liked Meghan. That's nice, but what about Kate?

Sep 23

4 min 57 sec

Hey The Palace wants you to know that the Queen supports BLM. Why would you think the Queen doesn't support BLM? Anyway did you get the memo? She supports BLM.

Sep 22

4 min 58 sec