Going Analog Podcast

By Dan "Shoe" Hsu and friends

Four gamers, four topics -- a board game discussion show hosted by Dan “Shoe” Hsu and his video game industry friends!

  1. 1.
    67: Post-quarantine gaming, elegant designs, content creation (guest: JonGetsGames)
  2. 2.
    66: Real-time board games, games partners disagree on (guests: 1 Minute Board Games)
  3. 3.
    65: What board games have taught us, themes, online sales (guest: BoardGameCo)
  4. 4.
    64: 3-course gaming, culling collections, & evolving tastes (guests: Red Raven Games)
  5. 5.
    63: Fave game names, tech in games, and conventions (guests: Rose Gauntlet)
  6. 6.
    62: Board games we changed our opinions on, invested the most in, have a hard time getting to the table (guests: Before You Play)
  7. 7.
    61: Board games that get you HYPED, our backlogs, livestreaming (guest: Paula Deming)
  8. 8.
    60: Learning/teaching pet peeves, favorite animal-themed games, Capstone Games (guest: Board Games in a Minute)
  1. 9.
    59: Separating art from artist, video game licenses, deckbuilding (guest: Boards Alive)
  2. 10.
    58: Fave things to do with board games (besides playing them), best components, and...jigsaw puzzles??
  3. 11.
    57: The 2020 Board Games of the Year episode
  4. 12.
    56: More party games, "old" games that need love, mechanics we seek out or avoid (guest: comedian Grant Lyon)
  5. 13.
    55: Party + gateway games, childhood memories, and house rulin' (guests: Plaid Hat)
  6. 14.
    54: Inclusivity, innovative gameplay, educational games that aren't educational games (guest: Elizabeth Hargrave)
  7. 15.
    53: Top 3 games we're dying to play, the board game café business (guest: Meepleville)
  8. 16.
    52: Spiel des Jahres 2020, Euro vs. Ameritrash...fight! (guest: Roy Cannaday)
  9. 17.
    51: RPGs, video games, and our ideal gaming groups (guests: Jon Gilmour, Ian Moss)
  10. 18.
    50: Best games, genres, and podcast moments -- our 50th episode special!
  11. 19.
    49: Unique deckbuilders, design vs. development, hobbies that should be board games (guests: Leder Games, Terrible Games)
  12. 20.
    48: Points? Who cares? Plus: Fave universes, illustration-based games, and social interactions (guest: Eric Slauson)
  13. 21.
    47: Fave themes, RPG-ish board games, designers' inspirations, cultural appropriation (guests: Sen-Foong Lim, Banana Chan)
  14. 22.
    46: Sleeper hits, games to play outside, genres we dislike (guest: Ruel Gaviola)
  15. 23.
    45: Streamable games, big-name licenses, and that X factor (guest: The Op's Pat Marino)
  16. 24.
    44: Politics, premium bits, and remakes (guest: James Hudson)
  17. 25.
    43: Pirate games, Forgotten Waters, losing interest in the hobby (guests: Plaid Hat, Tim Schafer)
  18. 26.
    42: 2P/solo games, failing co-op, roll & writes, Uwe Rosenberg (guest: Jamey Stegmaier)
  19. 27.
    41: Async digital games, designing during COVID, and more (guest: Emerson Emerson Matsuuchi)
  20. 28.
    40: Gaming (and publishing) in a COVID-19 world + The Crew (guests: Deep Water Games)
  21. 29.
    39: Classic games, culling games, and conventions (guests: Board Game Spotlight)
  22. 30.
    38: Is there a board game for everyone? Plus: The LOLest games, board game movies, and Kickstarter trailers
  23. 31.
    37: Mike Young (Plan B) explains why game publishing is so tough! Plus, our fave board game franchises and imports.
  24. 32.
    36: Celebrating 20 years of BoardGameGeek
  25. 33.
    35: The 2019 games of the year...and looking ahead at 2020
  26. 34.
    34: BoardGameGeek drops in to discuss Azul, Abomination, and BGGCON
  27. 35.
    33: John D. Clair (Ecos, Mystic Vale) explains how he designs board games. Also: Our fave Star Wars, deckbuilding, and engine-building games.
  28. 36.
    32: Rob Manuel (Indie Megabooth, ex-G4TV/Geek & Sundry) discusses what it takes to be a successful board game content creator, plus how to talk to non-gamers about board games over the holidays, why there aren't more negative game reviews, and some Ravens
  29. 37.
    31: Jerry Hawthorne (Mice and Mystics) talks world-building, plus kid-friendly family games, how game design taps into dopamine, and leftover legacy game content
  30. 38.
    30: Bebo (Be Bold Games) brings the strangest/coolest topic to date. Also: most anticipated Essen releases, the biggest problems in the industry, and games that are/aren't worth the setup time
  31. 39.
    29: Why are some games so hard to buy? Scott Morris of GTS Distribution explains the manufacturing/distribution process for us -- plus recent faves that we've been playing and some of the best worker-placement games (with a twist).
  32. 40.
    28: Nikki Valens (Mansions of Madness, Quirky Circuits) tells us how she goes from designing horror games to cute and adorable ones, plus our fave co-op games, how legacy games use legacy elements, and escape-room games
  33. 41.
    27: Scott Alden (BoardGameGeek co-founder) asks if there are too many games being published, plus the top 3 non-obvious things we look for in games, the baggage of BoardGameGeek reviews, and a rave about Japanese favorite Wind the Film
  34. 42.
    26: Dan Ackerman (Techlandia) chats with us about the making of his board game, how important winning is, the current state of board game media, and how the indie tabletop scene feels like the indie video game scene from five years ago
  35. 43.
    25: Post-Gen Con 2019! We team up with Board Game Spotlight to announce our games of the show, our favorite early prototypes, why we buy what we buy at the show, and building communities
  36. 44.
    24: Gen Con 2019 preview special! Our favorite Gen Con memories, what to plan for as a first-timer, lesser-known things to do there, and a bonus review of a unique new bidding game!
  37. 45.
    23: A pre-Gen Con Kickstarter glut, games we’ve purchased second (or third) editions of, and Epic Space Games
  38. 46.
    22: Grant Rodiek (Cry Havok, Farmageddon) can only save three games to play forever, plus the trials of an indie game designer, what kind of collectors we are, and Tokyo Game Market
  39. 47.
    21: Origins Game Fair, 2019 (Kenner)spiel des Jahres, and growing up with Steve Jackson Games
  40. 48.
    20: Nicole Amato (Cardboard Fortress) joins our chat! We discuss licensed board games, social deduction (without the lies), what it's like to co-design, and what themes we'd like to see more of
  41. 49.
    19: The OG crew are reunited, as Shoe celebrates some recent Kickstarter arrivals, Christina takes stock of the rise of the Roll & Write genre, Mike reflects on the role of ‘super filler’ games, and Nick pens a love letter to Castles of Burgundy
  42. 50.
    18: Our friend Laura Hubbard stops by to talk math in games, plus games about science (naturally), our favorite games to play with our significant others, and how we engage with early game prototypes

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