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QA Selling Online | Podcast About Private Label and how to start an online business selling physical products.Quin Amorim is the host of this Amazon FBA podcast, he started selling online in 1997 and he creates private label products and sells online, mostly at Amazon FBA.If you want to learn for free how to private label products and how to sel

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Jonathan Slain Recession Expert, Traction Implementer, Speaker, and  Bestselling author of, “Rock the RecessionJonathan coaches high growth leadership teams across the United States to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System®Jonathan was Valedictorian of his graduating class and had the highest GPA ever in the history of Shaker Heights High School, where he was also voted “Next Bill Gates and Least Likely to Lose his Virginity.”* Did your school mates get it right about Bill and your virginity?* your book came out towards the end of 2019 so it was the perfect timing for everyone who suffered a wealth downturn due to COVID* how did you get into recession* What is the Entrepreneurial Operating System?* what makes you different than other coaches?* You own the domain Was that the perfect find, or a big investment?* BTW love your video header on the website* Why should I look forward to the next recession? Opportunity in chaos?* What's the first step to prepare for a recession?* How do I write a recession plan?* If you have money in the bank during a recession, is it safe there?* How bad will the Coronavirus recession be?* When will the Coronavirus recession be over?* Is it possible to become recession-proof?* How does one get an awesome testimonial from Peter Diamandis on a book?Jonathan Slain's Book:“Rock the Recession: How Successful Leaders Prepare For, Thrive During, and Create Wealth After Downturns"Jonathan Slain's linkshttps://Recession.com code “FailFast” for your audience to use at to get 25% off ANYTHING that I sell on my Rock the Recession site (our workbook, our report, and our do-it-yourself recession planning kit). Social links where I’ll be linking back to your show and where you can link to in the show notes if you like:***** https://w...

Sep 14

36 min

Dan Murray-Serter Co-Founder at Heights, Plant Based Brain Pills Co-Founder at Heights,  Host of UKs Top Business Podcast, Secret Leaders* Hey Dan at one point you were the number 1 business podcast in the UK, is that still the case? How did you do that?* Secret Leaders is almost 5 years old! How did you get started in podcasting?* Is it true your dad told cambridge university to piss off?* What is the best thing that has happened to you since you started?* What was the biggest challenge you've ever had to overcome in business?* If you were to do this over again, what is the first thing you would do?* What is heights?* Brain food normally are fats, Do you have a plant based version for people like me?* Im guessing this is not a private label supplement, so how long does it take to research and develop something like this?* Did your own need for peak performance play a part in developing the product?* What did it feel like when you sold your first one?* I would try anything to get more Concentration, focust and creative thinking... but mostly focus* What part of what you do, you love the most?Dan Murray Serter's Links

Sep 8

41 min

Rob Horenstein is an experienced and successful Amazon seller who started fulfilling orders for his eCommerce stores from his college dorm room.After graduating Rob became interested in expanding his business by also implementing an FBA approach.Now he uses for all of his product research because of its simplicity and powerful features.Rob is currently combining his passions for videography and teaching others by creating video tutorials and educational resources for the company.Questions for Rob Horenstein* How did you get started with Amazon* Is it very hard to compete, since many of the top sellers recommend the tools they are affiliated with or that used to work 3 or 4 years ago?* Database research strategies. How to use the KPIs in Egrow's Database Research Tool?* Product tracking and rank tracking. Why are these tools important?* Upcoming markets and trends for Arab world Amazon FBA (ae , sa). What opportunity exists in these markets?* What are estimated sales metrics? How are they useful?* How to find a profitable product niche with the KW & Niche Tool? Opportunities for bundling items and starting a brand.COMPANY:Egrow.ioLINKS:www.egrow.io

Aug 31

41 min

Dee Deng is the co-founder and CEO of Right Hook Digital - an eCommerce growth & performance marketing agency; managing millions in ad spend for their growth clients across Australia and the USA.Obsessed over 'delivering wow' – Dee leads his agency team of 50+ while sharing his team's learnings & insights; educating brand owners on how to scale profitably and sustainably.Most recently, Right Hook has been listed as one of Australia's Fastest Growing Companies of 2019/2020 by the Australian Financial Review.Questions for Dee Deng* How did you get into marketing* Zen mind beginner mind book* Team of 50 how hard or easy is it to manage* What did you learn from your first failed venture that landed you broke in 2016?* What's it like building & running a 50+ person, international team?* Right hook name where did it come from* Why should entrepreneurs seek to understand principles over tactics/hacks?* How should you scale up your operations without the wheels falling off?* What is the eCommerce Revenue Engine and why does it matter?Links for Dee Deng

Aug 24

48 min

Chris Hamze took teelaunch from $800K in debt to one of the worlds top print-on-demand apps

Aug 17

32 min

Ian Sells is CEO and founder of Million Dollar Sellers MastermindIan has been growing and scaling businesses since 2004He sold an Amazon brand, he launched many more and also opened an Amazon consulting business, managing over $30 million in sales.He is the CEO and founder of (MDS) an elite, mastermind Amazon group with nearly 400 sellers representing over $4 billion in 2019 Amazon sales.Ian Sells is the co-founder and CEO of the online cash-back rebate and coupon marketplaceQuestions for Ian Sells* How did you get into selling on Amazon* What milestones in your career helped refine your selling strategy?* How do you weigh changing tactics between organic sales growth versus PPC and ad spending?* From your experience, what are the biggest mistakes sellers make?* We are living through 2 pandemics. Do you think there will be an end of the fake guru pandemic* Looking ahead of the COVID pandemic, how do you think it's shaping online buying and selling trends?* What is your favorite launch strategy* When managing multiple brands, what have been your best practices for streamlining processes and sustaining growth?* Do you have high hopes for Walmart as a 3pl platform?* What are some of the toughest decisions you've had to make as an online seller?* let's talk Rebatekey* did you do the codding or hired?* How do you keep the site clean from re-sellers?* How did your MDS group come to be so successful?https://Rebatekey.com

Aug 10

31 min

Alice Vaughn is the famous creator of Offensive Crayons, an adults-only box of crayonswith names like Boner Bill Blue, Miscarriage Maroon, and Privilege (White), the inappropriately- named crayons have been banned from Amazon for “insulting children and Caucasians”.Vaughn is also the co-host and producer of the popular comedy sex positive podcast, Two Girls One Mic: The PorncastAlice welcome to the show* How does someone get into the crayon business?* What the heck are offensive crayons?* How did you find your manufacturers and designers?* I searched Amazon and your brand name as big organic demand, but your brand is not there... and I see many opportunistic sellers trying something similar* Where else are you banned from?* What are some things that have made you viral?* You posted the "bad press" on the banner of your home page??* What do you think it is that makes a product go viral?* How have you overcome being banned from multiple platforms and still sell over six figures?* What's the deal with Amazon?* You used to work in trademark* What do people NOT know about the trademark that they should know

Aug 3

38 min

Private Label Law With eCommerce Lawyer Robert WrightRobert Wright is the founder of Wright Law Office, PLLC - a boutique virtual law practice that helps e-commerce sellers across the globe protect and scale their online businesses.Since launching his practice, Robert has advised thousands of eCommerce sellers on how to protect their personal assets, bulletproof their brands, weaponize their works, and safeguard their sales online.QUESTIONS FOR ROBERT WRIGHT* Why did you want to become a lawyer?* Why niche down to eCommerce (niche down because you did it years ago, today it would be niche up, lol)* If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?* What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when launching their business?* What’s the biggest failure you’ve had in business and how did you grow from it?* What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had growing your own business?*  What’s the most important thing a business owner can do when launching to protect themselves?* I shared the other day online how people could get Brand Registered with a pending TM* What kind of IP can a Shopify seller or Walmart protect*  Do entrepreneurs really need lawyers when they’re just starting out?* Let's talk about hijackers, Is there a way to get rid of them?* Your website is genius! Less is more and that is a funnel that does not allow the customer to get lostCOMPANY:Wright Private Label Law PLLCLINKS:https://www.privatelabelprotection.com

Jul 28

57 min

Raitis Purins Head of Marketing at PrintfulRaitis is the Head of Marketing at Printful, one of the market’s leading print-on-demand/ drop-shipping business with more than 800 employeesThe company has fulfilled more than 16 million items since its founding in 2013.Raitis joined the team 3 years ago and has since then led the winning marketing strategy and execution and scaled the marketing team from 5 to 50 people.He is responsible for content marketing, SEO, PPC, CRO, PR, and affiliate marketing.Questions for Raitis about Printful* First of all congratulations, I know you just became a dad* What is a print-on-demand business model and why is it growing globally?*  Besides Shopify can I connect Printful to other platforms like Etsy or Amazon*  After I get an order the process is automated?*  What 3 tips would you give to anyone starting an eCommerce store from scratch?* Is there a way for listeners to use print-on-demand to increase their brand recognition?* How important is SEO for a new eCommerce company?* Does Printful do FIFO first in first out, or can some clients gain priority?* What is the lowest hanging fruit for SEO for people starting out* What are printful's fulfillment warehouse services$5 off entering

Jul 24

33 min

The Founder of AMZ One Step - Saddam HasanHaving managed a portfolio of $200M+ per year  with a background in Financial Planning & Analysis, Saddam started selling on Amazon due to his passion for data analytics.He is very active in the FBA community organizing meetups across Canada.The Founder of AMZ One Step - the leading Amazon Listing Optimization Agency in Canada with 30+ Employees.Questions for Saddam Hasan* How did you get started with Amazon, were you a seller first?* How have the dynamics for creating a brand on Amazon changed over the last year?* How should sellers do proper research on their products?* Is it important to be Brand Registered on Amazon?* What's the best way to approach your listing images?* Is there a recommended pattern for the Title? (do you use the brand name if they are not known)* Are there any best practices for A+ Content?* What can sellers do to stand out in the search pages?* Do you suggest split testing on images & content? What is the best way to measure success?* Are there ways to improve indexing of keywords for your listing?* How beneficial is it to get a storefront designed?* What about videos? Are they important for all types of products?Links to Saddam Hasanwww.amzonestep.com

Jul 20

46 min

On this episode of QA Selling Online we speak to Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy.In this highly engaging episode Steven discusses a wide range of topics including launching a product, how to increase conversion rates and in his own words ‘never give up’.We hope you enjoy this episode of QA Selling Online and advise you to have a notebook ready as there are lots of tips to learn from Steven in this very informative episode.* 0 - 54 – Introduction to the show* 55 – 2.21 – Steven talks about making his YouTube videos.* 2.22 - 3.51 – Stevens's role as a television reporter.* 3.52 – 5.25 – Teaching chess* 5.26 – 7.40 – Does Ecommerce experience give you an advantage?* 7.41 – 8.31 – How Steven got into Amazon.* 8.32 – 9.53 – Momstir brand.* 10.00 – 10.56 – Hot Sauce! When a product fails.* 11. 00 – 12.28 – Let the margins make the decisions.* 12.30 – 18.31 – Launching a product.* 18.33 – 20.42 – Treasure hunt and external traffic.* 20.43 – 22.16 – Reviving a product.* 22.17 – 26.18 – Techniques to increase conversion rates.* 26.21 – 28.09 – Knowing your audience.* 28.10 – 31.15 – Hanging in there.* 31.16 – 34.10 – Sharing knowledge.* 34.11 – 38.00 – Favourite tools.* 38.01 – 43.10 – Problems with refunds and registration to Amazon.* 43.11 – 45.53 – Acknowledgements and promotion.LINKS:

Jul 15

46 min

How to sell on Amazon with on demand Private label products

Jul 7

12 min

A former US military intelligence officer - JONATHAN HAWKINSDirectly from Huntington Beach, California Jonathan Hawkins is the CEO of The Hashtag Agent.He was ranked in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the country.Jonathan received the Presidential Call to Service Award on behalf of President Obama, and presented to him by a US Army General, for his countless hours of philanthropic work.Also a member of the Genius Network, the highest-level marketing group in the world The Hashtag Agent is a social media training and consulting company developed specifically for the real estate industry. Our mission is to take the guesswork out of your social media strategy in order to create a business and life you love.* Tell me about your background* what is a military intelligence officer?* Why go into training and speaking?* What's the job of a real estate broker?* What makes The Hashtag Agent different from other social media training companies?* I heard you say something that really relates to me. It was about taking care of the people who already love your posts and your brand...* what are your favorite tools* How do you generate leads for your own business* What does it take to become a top 1% real estate broker* #WhoYouHireTrulyMatters why is this such an important hashtag?Social Media*****

Jun 29

42 min

Etienne Sanz de Acedo is the CEO of the International Trademark AssociationEtienne Sanz de Acedo is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Trademark Association (INTA), a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation He is responsible for the administrative operation of the Association’s offices, the supervision of all staff, and the development and administration of the annual budget.Mr. Sanz de Acedo holds a law degree from the University of Alicante, an LLM in European Community Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, an executive MBA from Instituto de Empresa Business School in Madrid.Company: International Trademark Association* INTA was founded in 1878, and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore, and Washington, D.C., and representatives in Geneva and New Delhi* INTA is led by a Board of Directors composed of up to 36 representatives of member organizations.* Members include more than 7,200 trademark owners, professionals, and academics from 187 countries.Questions for Etienne Sanz de Acedo* What global trends are challenging brand owners today (e.g., innovation, changing consumer behavior, emerging technologies), and how can they respond?* As counterfeiting proliferates around the world, how can brand owners, government officials, and consumers get ahead of the problem?* We often hear that entrepreneurs think of protecting their intellectual property last, rather than first—why should it be incorporated early on into their overall business strategy?* What's is the message entrepreneurs and small business owners need to hear?* Given that one of the greatest threats to brand owners is the proliferation of counterfeiting, do you see progress being made on that front?* What are consumer expectations, including emerging consumers like Gen Z, in terms of a brand’s corporate social responsibility, and are these efforts key to consumer loyalty and trust?* INTA has started its own podcast, Brand & does that relate to innovation and change, and the IP community?* Are there some countries in particular that you can point to where you are optimistic that new or pending trademark laws will significantly advance IP protection?* As brand restrictions spread to more countries and across various sectors, what are the implications for brand owners, consumers, local economies, and society at large?Links:www.inta.orgSocial Media: @INTA, GoINTA, INTAGlobal

Jun 26

25 min

Richard Fletcher, an online coach who’s helped people to get to 20k of business a week or two, just by tweaking their social media​Over the last 15 years, he's sold a vast number of products online - from physical products to info products, to high ticket coaching programs and was even a dating coach for menQUESTIONS:* What was your first business or side hustle (not necessarily online)* tell what is a dating coach - people would ask you how to date or find a date?* How much competition is there in dating coaching?* How did you get into selling physical products and where were you selling?* how did you jump from the $500 coaching to your $5K course* Tell me a little bit about your business What is “magic sauce”?* What makes you qualified to tell people how to run their business?* How do you actually make money then? Tell us about the 10K in a week guy?* What about the photographer? Who even pays fifteen grand for wedding pictures?LINKS to Richard Fletcher's content* FACEBOOK PERSONAL: FACEBOOK.COM/RICHARDGRAHAMFLETCHER* FACEBOOK GROUP: FACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/MAGICSAUCE/* LINKEDIN: LINKEDIN.COM/IN/RICHARDGFLETCHER/* INSTA: INSTAGRAM.COM/MAGICSAUCEMARKETING/

Jun 22

48 min

When new brands get on Amazon in 2020, they can't just type their brand name into the "brand" tab...Instead some people enter the word "Generic" or even "NA".This is a mistake and will make your life harder in the future.To know more please listen to this episode

Jun 17

7 min

Robin Dreeke was the head of Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI A 28-year veteran of US federal service, including the United States Naval Academy, United States Marine Corps, and 21+ years of working counterintelligence secret agent as well as a former head of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBIRobin received advanced training and experience in the area of social psychology and the practical application of the science behind relationship development and trust, ultimately leading the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis ProgramRobin Dreeke is also the founder of People FormulaRobin I was just starting to think my life was super exciting, and then I find out that while I was typing a few words on my keyboard you were out there convincing a Russian spy to switch sides* How does someone become a spy? Do you apply like a job?* Illegal Spies vs Legal Spies with diplomatic immunity (is there such thing as legal spies)* What benefits would you have from successfully recruiting a Russian spy? (your country)* Spies in the US are measured in the hundreds or thousands?* What can a spy working a normal 9 to 5 job and living what seems a normal life, what can they possibly gain?* Do the FBI and CIA share connections and information or internally are they like rivals?* Selling physical products or services can the same techniques be used* What are the things that will make another human trust you quicker* Is it possible to accurately read someone by their behaviors?* I always wanted to know How a special agent would feel when watching movies that make the FBI look like the bad guys?Robin DreekeBuilding trust - trainingRobin Dreeke Books:It's not all about me The code of trust Sizing people up The People Formula Training:

Jun 15

42 min

Amazon Product Bundles 2020There's a new feature being tested for Amazon FBA, that helps create bundles and bundle listings.So far it doesn't seem exciting. But...What if I told you, items in the bundle don't have to be sent to FBA pre-bundled!Amazon customers will visit the site and see a bundle, but your product is stored in the warehouse as single units, no matter the number of items.Until now, if you wanted to create a multi-pack, a single product, or a multiple SKU product bundle, you would have to send the inventory to Amazon already pre-bundled.So far so good, but there have been a couple of instances where we thought this could be used in a bad way. Some sellers may try to take advantage of creating multiple buy box combinations, therefore creating millions of new listings of branded items.Until now one of the rules is that bundles must consist of FBA items. All FBM (fulfilled by merchant) already had unlimited possibilities to create bundles, as long as they had a bundle UPC or a GTIN exemption.Amazon New Product BundleOne of the most exciting news ever unless the amazon seller as only one individual item and has no other product to create bundles on Amazon.If you don't have access to the Beta of the Amazon Product Bundle feature yet in 2020...You can already start preparing or planning on what bundles to create, what will be the price of your bundles, or if they will be in the same categoryThis will save so much time, and the most important thing is that it will free up cash flow from having to send in pre-bundled SKUs of your highest-priced itemsTwo more things before creating your product bundle on Amazon* Always check the Amazon Bundle Policy before submitting any new ones.* And... Always profit when Selling Online* Listen to our last episode with Norm Farrar

Jun 8

4 min

Norman Farrar is a serial entrepreneur who provides online marketing and managed eCommerce solutions for brands.He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and 20th Century Fox. SSince the early 1990s, Norman has focused on helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and unlock their business’s potential.* when you started in the '90s were you doing eCommerce full time?* Is there any room left on Amazon?* How can you ensure you are getting the best price when sourcing a product in China?* Do you feel like at some point it's bad to negotiate more on price?* What are your favorite Amazon launch & rank strategies?* What are the biggest mistakes Amazon sellers make on their listing?* Tell me about PrReach* In your case, Pr is not for Public Relations but for Press Release?* some of the newer people may not know what a PR is, can you explain* I used to get press releases on a monthly basis around 10 years go, do they still work?* All press releases I got were written back then, and tbh I never did video PR* How are the press releases distributed?* How many people do you have in your team?Norman Farrar' linkshttps://Honuworldwide.com

Jun 1

53 min

How to live stream products on Amazon, without showing your ugly face.Amazon Influencer Program is a program where Amazon verifies your social media like Facebook, IG, or Twitter and gives you a verified Amazon profile and the option to build your own Amazon affiliate store.I've been an Amazon influencer in the UK for a couple of years although I never used it or even logged in, but I also got the Amazon influencer store in the US in 2019 and have a VA building it up.I'm short the influencer is an affiliate that has a following and anyone who visits their store will get "cookied or Pixeled (for lack of a better word), then if they buy a product after this, the influencer receives a commission that could be 4% or 6% depending on your earnings and the product categoryThe beauty of this is that some influencers have access to amazon blog posts called "Editorial Recommendations" this is a feature called "Onsite Associates Program".When an influencer has access to that, they can write something like:The top 4 best collagen powders under $30 - and fill it with their top 4 recommendation.If you go to Amazon. com on a laptop and type collagen, you will find one of these posts on the first page.So technically any product entered into an Editorial recommendation list, will jump to the first page.Another thing Amazon Influencers can do is create the #FoungItOnAmazon hashtag.This hashtag is visible on the Amazon buyer menu and will direct anyone who clicks it, to the influencers choices in fashion and home decorSo if you are in one of those niches, get yourself in there.But to get to the live video as this is what this episode is about…Go through the Amazon influencer list and find people who have been creating videos of similar products.Make sure this influencer is not the face of a competitor do so all you have to do is look at the previous videos and see if they mention more than one brand in the same category.Contact those influencers and ask if they want to make a video of your product. In order to get a high reply rate back make sure to ask how much they would want.

May 25

10 min

Justin Goodbread has 20+ years of experience starting, buying, owning, and selling businesses. Justin is a two-time winner of the Investopedia Top 100 Advisor award and Exit Planning Institute’s Exit Planner Leader of the Year.Justin Goodbread, CFP®, CEPA®, CVGA®, owner of, is a nationally recognized financial planner, financial educator, wealth manager, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.Recently, Justin published his first book: The Ultimate Sale. In it, he shows business owners how to create long-term value and accelerate growth in their company with the ultimate goal of selling the business for top dollar when the owner wants to retire.QUESTIONS:* I have heard you say that business owners need to think about the end of their business at every stage of their business, including the startup. What do you mean by this?* How are businesses valued? * What are the things buyers and investors look for in a business?* How can our listeners assess which area of their business needs the most attention… the biggest bang for the buck?* What can our listeners do in their business that creates REAL value?* So, you work with many businesses. Which area would you say is the #1 problem area common to everyone?* Some might know they have this issue to some degree. How do they determine if they have these (or other) problems that are hurting their business?* What can they do about, especially if it is a recurring problem?* What is strategic planning?LINKS:** Facebook:* Twitter: @JustinGoodbread, @Knoxadvisor* LinkedIn:* Instagram: @financiallysimple, @JustinGoodbread* YouTube Channel:* Pinterest:

May 18

40 min

Yev Marusenko, Ph.D. - Founder - Zontracker* How did you get into marketing* You were doing marketing for a PL company in 2015?* Amazon Attribution is basically the Amazon pixel?* Can we use Attribution for Influencer?* What the heck is Zontracker* Attribution* Wharehouse storage is like having a physical location in google maps* It seems like You worked with or around data most of your business life is that a passion* How did you come up with your tool? (Amazon purchase tracking) (Amazon geo-rank)

May 11

53 min

Amazon Advertising With Brian Johnson - Canopy ManagementBrian has sold physical products online for 13 years,launched an Amazon-focused advertising consulting practice in 2015, and now managing over $250M in advertising. Brian founded several communities and companies related to Amazon PPC including Amazon PPC Troubleshooting community on Facebook, Amazon PPC Consulting Association, PPC Scope ad management software, Sponsored Products Academy professional training course, and the Canopy.Management advertising agency.QUESTIONS:* what has changed in the recent year for Amazon advertising,* what should large brands know about starting to sell on the Amazon channel?* can launches be done with only PPC* Conversion rate without reviews* performance of Old campaigns vs new campaigns* if I'm using 100 kW on an Ad and 90 are not getting impressions, is that ruining the other 10?* You used to do a discovery campaign on auto and then use that data for the manual PPC, is it still the best way?* I saw that you were doing something with Russell Brunson but I missed it, what was that?* Amazon charges me for ads several times per day in multiples of $500* Is there a way to see how much a competitor is spending or bidding?COMPANY:Canopy Management, Sponsored Products Academy, PPC ScopeLINKS:www.Canopy.Management

May 4

54 min

WILL ZHANG Expert in Software Engineering, Omnichannel App Development, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning..QUESTIONS for Will Zhang:* The name of your company is fintelics, what does it actually mean?* Recently fintelics became one of a few aws advanced level consulting partners, what does that actually mean as a business?* You are very knowledgeable and passionate about building cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solutions, what are they? What are the benefits of those?* You are able to achieve so much in such a little amount of time, you won awards, helped several enterprises and startups during your venture, how are you able to achieve so much in a rapidly changing industry in such a short period of time?* do you worry about machine learning an AI?* You won the award leading expert in omnichannel solutions, what does it actually mean?* What is the value of using blockchain from a public and private chain perspective?* What are the specialty or strategies that separate you from other consulting firms and development companies?LINKS: LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn - Zhang Twitter: Zhang Facebook -

Apr 27

37 min

Brent started AMZ Pathfinder in 2015 an Amazon advertising agency.Today he is here to talk about Amazon Ads during Covid 19

Apr 20

51 min

Amazon Sales with Google PPC Ads

Apr 13

10 min

Tim is a graduated developer with an MBA from a California State University.In 2008 he co-founded Octoline, a virtual PBX SaaS service. He later foundedJivoChat in 2012 with Nick Ivannikov (CTO).Combined with a set of CRM features and an internal company chat, JivoChat is a powerful tool to remove the hassle of providing omnichannel support for clients and making communications efficient and transparent.Since 2019, JivoChat has become a multi-national company with teams andmarkets located in Europe, North and Latin America and Asia. The JivoChat app is localized into 25 languages and has clients from almost every country.The JivoChat is a one-stop-shop app for all communication needs of small and medium-sized businesses. In minutes business owners can set up for their teams live chat on website, team email, company phone with SMS support, Apple Business Chat and Facebook accounts.Links

Apr 9

35 min

Joshua Dick has a B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and an M.B.A in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern UniversityOver fifteen years, Josh transformed a small family business into a global market leader in the coffee industry with customers in over 70 countries and distribution facilities on three continents.In the process, sales grew more than 25 times while earnings multiplied over 275 times.After the sale of the business, Josh moved to Florence, Italy where he now lives with his wife and three daughters.QUESTIONS:* How did you set out to build your dream job?* What is your philosophy on focusing on one thing?* What is the reason you wrote a book based on the metaphor of a lobster's molt?* How was your experience of expanding a business internationally with sales in 70+ countries and opening distribution centers on 3 continentsLINKS:www.joshua-dick.comIG: @JDGROWLIKEALOBSTERFB:

Apr 6

29 min

Burak Yolga, a specialist in international logistics, product sourcing, and navigating the complicated global marketplace – making him the ideal guest to talk about the implications of the Coronavirus on e-commerce seller QUESTIONS for BURAK YOLGA ⦁ Before we get into business, how are things in China, with Corona? Is it true that China has everything under control? ⦁ Is everything shut down right now? ⦁ When do you think will China open? (As a company owner in China, you must know the real situation?) ⦁ Life in China before & after Corona? (What is the current situation) ⦁ Are you ready for the year ahead? – When Corona is over, there will be capacity bottlenecks (both in factories and logistics providers?) ⦁ shipping essentials? ⦁ How to manage your global supply chain from China to the US in today's uncertain environment. ⦁ What should you pay attention to when selecting your freight forwarder? ⦁ how do you think this will impact future shipping worldwide and rates? ⦁ people are still afraid of sea freight as it seems complicated when a buyer hires a freight forwarder will this company take care of everything? ⦁ How much can a freight forwarder cost? ⦁ How should we negotiate with suppliers? ⦁ Selecting a freight forwarder do I have to worry about quarantines, fluctuations and port closures? ⦁ Amazing advice about harmonized codes ⦁ When it's time to ship FOB, DDP, Exworks, CIF (cost insurance and freight)COMPANY:Forceget Logistics⦁ a global logistics company with expertise in international parcel, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, based in China and Hong Kong.⦁ Forceget can assist you exploit global efficiencies providing large scale of products and services such as logistics, sourcing as well as auditing.LINKS:

Mar 25

45 min

It is very important to not change your products categories during this unfortunate event of dealing with Corona virusAmazon does not allow categories that are nonessential to ship products the FBA, and during that time they will have a very close eye on who is changing categories and why!If you already had a product in the wrong category before this, you may suffer the consequences In this episode, Quin shares some of the issues happening

Mar 24

7 min

Yesterday Amazon announced that they would be prioritizing FBA shipments.This means that certain categories will not be able to ship anything into Amazon FBA warehouses until April 5thSome of the more "Essential Categories" and products with high demand, will still be allowed to ship.What products am I able to ship to FBA?Amazon Seller CentralWe are prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers. Most of the products we are accepting at this time are in the below categories.Baby ProductsHealth & HouseholdBeauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances)GroceryIndustrial & ScientificPet SuppliesRemember:Listing products in an inaccurate category is a violation of our listing policies and may result in account suspension.

Mar 18

10 min

Larry Ludwig has had a long, successful business and entrepreneurial career. He is always at the forefront of technology, digital marketing, and online business.He helped create some of the first websites for the likes of JPMorgan Chase, LensCrafters, Minolta, T. Rowe Price, IBM, and ING Bank.In 1998, he went on to work for the successful startup Commerce One, where he helped integrate a B2B solution for companies, including Eastman Chemical and Schlumberger.In December 2009, Larry created the website Investor Junkie to help satisfy his own needs and the needs of others to find unbiased investment content. From scratch, he created the leading investing review and comparison site, generating revenue only from affiliate marketing. In July 2018, Larry successfully sold Investor Junkie for $6 million.When not joyriding in his Porsche 911 Turbo S, his current passion is helping other business owners leverage technology and digital marketing.* Today are there people who don't think affiliate marketing is a real business?* There are 2 ways to be in the affiliate business, Biz owner or Publisher, what's the best way?* How SEO is still an effective way to get traffic* Why you shouldn't rely on SEO for traffic only?* Why should every business do affiliate marketing?* How is building an online business changing?

Mar 10

39 min

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is a new program that allows sellers to store their inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers. When a customer places an order on, WFS picks, packs and ships the item(s) to the customer on a seller’s behalf. WFS also handles all customer support and returns for these orders.

Mar 3

8 min

Product video engagement metrics now in Seller CentralYou can now see viewership metrics for videos you have uploaded in the Video Management Library. Track your views and engagement data to create content to influence customer purchases.Product video engagement metrics now in Seller CentralYou can now see viewership metrics for videos you have uploaded in the Video Management Library. Track your views and engagement data to create content to influence customer purchases.

Feb 28

6 min

Does Amazon Still Profit When they Lower The Buy Box #342What are some of the ways Amazon can lower the buy box below cost and still make money?* Amazon owns the platform so they don't have to pay the same fees as a seller* Amazon gets premium rates from sellers who join the vendor program* Amazon can ask vendors for funding requests to pay for discounts on their own product#AmazonFBA

Feb 24

8 min

Amazon Attribution and Amazon Brand Analytics for FBA sellers

Feb 20

11 min

Miha Matlievski, The Fail Coach is Back

Feb 19

49 min

Inside your Seller Central, anything that happens is your responsibilityIf you are dealing with a marketing agency make sure they are not emailing your customers using the Amazon internal emailAll customer information you get inside your seller central is private and confidential information and you are not allowed to share it with any 3rd party websiteMake sure to listen to the whole Amazon Podcast

Feb 14

9 min

Harrison Hunter Reid is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, and world traveler. The purpose of his life is to be radiant love, share extreme abundance and inspire others to feel fully alive. Harrison is an expert in making things easy, actionable, and fun. He helps his students transform their health, take control of their minds, and create enterprises destined for success; all with ease. Harrison went from being fired from every job he ever had to currently running 2 businesses. One that is relieving the global obesity epidemic by selling snack foods that satisfy our cravings in a radically healthy manner. The other helps American financial institutions structure their benefit programs to instantly generate substantially more income for both their employees and owners.⦁ Were you always a successful entrepreneur?⦁ How do you stay so motivated, what drives you?⦁ Tell me abut the radically heathy snacks⦁ does Food affect Employee Performance⦁ What was the biggest challenge you've overcome?⦁ What is the excitement mindset?⦁ How do you approach food?

Feb 12

34 min

Here are some of the things you can do in 202 inside seller central when it comes to Amazon Sponsored Ads.* Targeting full categories or subcategories* Targeting competitor products* Targeting low review products* Targeting product with a higher price than yours, products that are nor prime eligible, or even ASINs that

Feb 5

15 min

Brent Zahradnik In the summer of 2015, he founded AMZ Pathfinder and started doing direct ad management for brands selling on amazon. Fast forward to 2020 and he has grown the business into an agency with 12 team members. They still focus entirely on amazon advertising in all shapes and forms and focus on the American and European markets with native speakers of all languages on the team.* AMZ pathfinder Is the original name or have you changed it?* What are some common mistakes sellers make* What are some myths about sponsored Ads* Would it make sense to create several Ads targeting only 1 keyword each* when someone is targeting the same keyword on Broad, Phrase, and Exact, are we outbidding ourselves?* what 3rd party tools do you use?* When you started in 2015 the average PPC was about 30 cents, can you still get any impressions at the rate today?* We are spending about $70K month on Amazon ads right now* What are amazon businesses doing wrong with their on-platform advertising? (like common mistakes seen across accounts we audit for instance) * What should they be doing in 2020?  * What is the right mindset or way to think about amazon advertising fitting into the bigger picture? * Where is amazon taking advertising in 2020 and beyond?Links:

Jan 31

48 min

In today's episode, Quin explains why you shouldn't have a huge image with thousands of pixels as the main image of your Amazon listingHow to get the biggest thumbnail possible, and how to account for the loading time of your images on visitors slower internets.Amazon Listing with 4000 Pixel Main ImageHow Amazon pages use "lazy loading" and your images will load blurry for the first few seconds, if they are too bigPlease listen to the show and remember to leave a reviewQuin

Jan 27

9 min

If you are going to launch a product on Amazon you should launch it, not just test launch it. A test means you are not fully committed, and when someone is not fully committed things tend to not have enough effort put into them.And DO NOT create your listings a month before your product is ready, because your listing creation date your be timestamped in the Amazon catalogMake sure to listen to the episode.As for the link promised for my speech in Edmonton here, it is:

Jan 23

13 min

Trish Saemann is a digital marketing expert who is intent on helping you make more money and absolutely love your clients.Graduating with honors from Georgian Court University and the internationally recognized Goldman Sachs 10ksb program.Trish Saemann is also the founder of two companies: GoBeyond SEO, a digital marketing firm, and "Creative Clarity", focusing on educational products for entrepreneurs and group coaching.* Trish, how did you get started? * What do you mean by saying "Get More Clients You Love?"  * What's the difference between this and a standard marketing plan?  * How does this plan help a business scale?  * What is something an entrepreneur can do right now to start getting more clients they love?* Why does loving your clients matter?  * Does your plan encourage entrepreneurs to turn down business? Isn't that dangerous?* How do you get clients for your business?* What are your favorite tools?* What's the most common mistake you see other marketers do?Links to find Trish Saemann: 1 - ProductivityG suite - Google suite of toolKajavi - TrainingTeam Work - Team managementTraining Course:

Jan 18

45 min

Amazon can't stop the click fraud

Jan 15

13 min

Steve Adams... The digital entrepreneur co-founder of SquidpixelsTHE “SALESMAN” YEARS, AS A CUTCO CUTLERY SALES REP* - Dropped out of college to follow his Mentor to Miami * - Earned Over Six Figures a Year Selling Kitchen Knives* - Became the #1 Sales Rep (Silver Cup Champion)* - Awarded a Rolex Submariner (Ultimate Club Member)* - Inducted into Hall of Fame (Court of Honor Member)THE “FRANCHISEE” YEARS, AS A MAGAZINE PUBLISHER* - Founded & Launched 3 Different Local Print Publications * - Grew EACH Magazine to Over Six Figures in Annual Ad Revenue * - Hosted a Weekly International Training (Making LIVE Cold Calls)* - Co-Founded a New Business with Wife as 50/50 Partners* - Grew from ZERO to Six Figures in 6 Months* - Purchased a Book of Business from another Creative Agency* - Currently Scaling w/ Double Digit Growth & Single Digit Churn

Jan 8

58 min

Rytis Lauris CEO of OmnisendRytis Lauris is a co-founder and CEO of Omnisend, the powerful marketing automation platform that's focused on moving eCommerce marketers beyond the generic email marketing tools.Omnisend is a bootstrapped business and is successful without any additional investments, and has become a top-rated app in the Shopify App StoreIt has also been listed in the G2’s selection of top 20 Products for Marketers 2019 and the top 100 Software Companies in EMEA. As a successful entrepreneur who has spent more than 10 years building and bootstrapping startups and being in the ecommerce field, Rytis discovered ecommerce marketers have very specific needs around automation.Rytis Lauris CEO of OmnisendSince 2014, Rytis has made it his mission to use Omnisend to help and empower small and medium-sized ecommerce merchants. He has shared his knowledge and expertise in numerous podcasts, such as The Top Entrepreneurs in Money, Marketing, Business and Life podcast by Nathan Latka and ecommerce Allstars podcast, and ecommerce conferences, including Litmus Live and Meet Magento.Today, Rytis has his hands full managing the fastest growing marketing automation platform in the industry, keeping this innovative tool on the absolute cutting edge of what technology can offer in terms of omnichannel marketing. When he’s not being an omnichannel powerhouse, Rytis can be found bike riding and achieving his personal goal of reading one book a week.Company - Omnisend* Omnisend is the all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps you sell more by converting your visitors and retaining your customers.* Reach your customers with personalized messages using our powerful automation workflows and boost your sales* Grow your subscriber list with a wide variety of signup forms and send converting newsletters created with the easy-to-use editor* Omnisend works with all eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and others.Questions:* What is omnichannel marketing and why is it so effective?* Why should eCommerce marketers rely on omnichannel marketing? * Why isn’t email marketing alone effective anymore?* What channels are the most effective?* How can personalized messaging improve eCommerce sales?www.omnisend.comSocial Media - @rytis.lauris

Dec 2019

42 min

How To Rank Big Keywords With a Special Search Find Buy, by Quin AmorimFind an influencer in your niche that will make a video challenge, explaining to the audience what to search for, and how.Almost as if the product was hidden on purpose.

Dec 2019

8 min

What are the 12 Days Of Nuggets? Over 40 influential online sellers share their best tips to grow a business or sell more.Quin Amorim and Mike Zagare explain it allThe main goal is to raise 1 Million Dollars to donate to a team of Ex CIA and FBI members who are fighting child sex slavery (Operation Underground Railroad) You can get all the free nuggets or donate at:*Please share this

Dec 2019

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David Hoffmann* David is a serial entrepreneur building multi-million dollar companies* He has led the international trade powerhouse Global Regency as CEO for over 15 years* he is considered an expert in China sourcing, supply chain, private label, and brand licensing.* In 2016 David launched under the Global Regency umbrella, to assist SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs with quality management issues and sourcing from China with a range of educational and mentoring programs and actual done-for-you services with his resources of +57 people in China* Experienced in business, operations, automation, digital marketing, David’s single biggest skill is his ability to master productivity and share the experience.Questions/Topics:* When did you know you wanted to take an entrepreneurialpath?* What have you taken from your early working expreience,to your startup career?* What are some hidden risks of importing from China?* Can you discuss success stories of business migrating toChina manufacturing, and the pro's and con's of such a move?* Biggest challenges of sourcing from China* Navigating trade shows and suppliers* S.M.A.R.T. questions to ask your suppliers* Intellectual property protection* 10 rules to do business in China* What does it take to do business in China?Company:GlobalTQM - Your Team, Your Office & Your ExpertiseOn The Ground In China.* MENTORING AND TRAINING Your shortcut to success, and doing it yourself, with access to professionals* SUPPLIERS & SOURCING Uncover the red flags & the hidden problems* NEGOTIATION TRAINING: Negotiate with suppliers like a pro* COMPLIANCE & LAB TESTING Avoid expensive recalls, damaging lawsuits & fake compliance documentsLinks:www.globaltqm.com

Dec 2019

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