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Kristen Ellis-Henderson is a founding member of all female rock band Antigone Rising. In 2015, the band created a nonprofit called Girls Rising. Girls Rising's mission is to empower girls and inspire boys to be all they can be. The Hangin' With Hendo podcast is an extension of Kristen's long running blog, where she will express her thoughts on the days events and on all that's happening in the land of Antigone Rising & Girls Rising. The first series of Hangin' with Hendo podcasts will focus on the band's upcoming Girls Rising Music Festival weekend, taking place June 21 & 22, 2019.

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Kristen lands a rare opportunity to speak with CEO Sarah Kate Ellis in this rather intimate quarantine episode of the Hangin' With Hendo podcast. 

Mar 2020

20 min 19 sec

Kristen catches up with former Antigone Rising drummer, Dena Tauriello, while she works out on her home elliptical machine. Dena talks about her latest broadway show gigs and the two giggle and reminisce about passing germs between bandmates during their 20 years of touring together as bandmates in Antigone Rising. 

Mar 2020

24 min 28 sec

Kristen talks to two original members of Antigone Rising - Penelope "Peppy" Kokines Sanborn & Suzanne Obolsky, about the early days of Antigone Rising and their upcoming reunion performance set to take place at the 2019 Girls Rising Music Festival at 2:35PM on the Branch Real Estate Group Main Stage at Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY on June 22!

Jun 2019

28 min 6 sec

On this episode, Antigone Rising accidentally leaves Nini at a rest stop and picks up Detective Giuliano Magnini, lead investigator on the infamous Amanda Knox murder case. The band is able to ask the Detective some hard hitting questions before turning around to head back and find Nini at a rest stop on I-95! 

Jun 2019

10 min 36 sec

Join the band for episode 4 as they interview their road manager, Amber Mallon, backstage in Dahlonega, GA at The Crimson Moon on 6/7/19

Jun 2019

17 min 53 sec

Kristen's special guest is Senior Vice President of Everything Auction Related June 21st, Lisa Cashman. The two actually make talking about auction items very fun and interesting, believe it or not. The ladies also clarify and differentiate critical issues and points surrounding the June 21 Game Changer Awards and the June 22 Free Day long Girls Rising Music Festival taking place at Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY.  Listen along for celebrity name drops like Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls, Kate McKinnon, Shawn Colvin, Psychic John Edward, Melissa Etheridge, Sophie B. Hawkins, Paula Cole and more as Kristen and Lisa brag about all the amazing swag that will be auctioned off at the June 21 Girls Rising Game Changer Awards!  How fun is that? Really fun. Buy your tickets for Game Changer Awards and learn more about Girls Rising Music Festival now!  #Hendo

Jun 2019

28 min 2 sec

Kristen sits down with sister, Cathy Henderson, and Girls Rising Music Festival Publicist Tara Butler Sahai, to talk about securing sponsorships and press for the festival. The podcast was recorded at GR Festival sponsor, The View restaurant in Glen Cove, NY after Kristen and Cathy presented sponsorship, vending and grant opportunities to the Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce. The trio do a lot of laughing despite the subject content, so take a listen!

May 2019

23 min 52 sec

Welcome to the first ever Hangin' With Hendo podcast, with a focus on the all encompassing upcoming Girls Rising Music Festival and Girls Rising Game Changer Awards taking place on June 21 & June 22, 2019. Kristen attempts to convey, via an improvised song, some of the confusion that seems to surround the festival and haunt she and her bandmates as they work toward their 6th annual music festival event.  Confusion continues to swirl around the Festival name change, from Girls Rising Beach Fest to Girls Rising Music Festival, and of course the ongoing saga surrounding the festival's move from the town's beloved Sea Cliff Beach to Morgan Park in the big city across the way - Glen Cove, NY.  Kristen helps listeners cast their worries aside with a whimsical musical number reminding us all that in the end, it's all just rock n' roll.  Be sure to stay tuned, as Girls Rising Music Festival Podcast 2 is undoubtedly on the way shortly.  Girls Rising Game Changer Awards will be held the night of June 21 at My Father's Place at The Roslyn Hotel. Ticket proceeds to benefit the work of Antigone Rising's nonprofit, Girls Rising.  Girls Rising Music Festival will take place on Saturday, June 22, from 12 noon to 10 pm at Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY - FREE all day with a suggested donation at the door.  Stick with #Hendo for timely updates with a comical twist, depending on your sense of humor capacity.  

May 2019

5 min 4 sec