Audiomoves by Peut-Être Theatre

By Peut-Être Theatre

We at Peut-Être Theatre love to dance, but lately we have been doing a lot of sitting at home.... So we created a podcast for little ones and big ones to move to! "Move around the room like there is a bird fluttering in your belly, wriggle your feet as if you have jelly knees, move your arms as if you are underwater seaweed… Join us as we bounce, jump and float!" These short accessible podcasts are designed to encourage children to move, dance and get creative with a screen-free activity.   Recommended for ages 4+ Creative Team Daphna Attias: Co-creator & Director Amelia Cavallo: Co-creator & Access Consultant Charlie Hendren: Co-creator & Performer Ellie Isherwood: Co-creator & Sound Design Maya Politaki: Co-creator & Director Michelle Yagi: Producer Evie Fridel: Podcast Illustration  We would like to thank Movement Director Ayse Tashkiran and  placement student Emily Orme from The MA Movement program at RCSSD, for their support and advice on this project.

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