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As working moms, Laura & Ashley always knew there was more to their identities. After a few bottles of wine and a lot of good conversations, Red Wine & Chaos was born with the mission to share their chaos so that others don’t feel so alone in theirs. With honesty and humor, Laura & Ashley will share their stories of parenting, relationships, health & wellness, and everything in between.

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Because this is an open and honest forum, it's no secret that part of our chaos is learning how to better ourselves. This week we both took a quiz to determine our boundary type. We take a closer look into each of ours and what they look like to us when we are balanced vs. out of balance. Join us as we review not 1 but 2 wines and as we break down what we learned from Terri Cole, author of The Boundary Boss, and how we are going to apply that to our real, every day lives. We encourage all of you to look at your own boundaries and what you can do to support them. And who knows, maybe there will be a Boundaries 102 episode in the future! The book and quiz are linked below!The Boundary Boss book - Quiz -


Dec 2

51 min

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! It’s been a wild week with the Kyle Rittenhouse case and you know your girls had some thoughts. Join us as we chat our thoughts on the verdict and what we feel the future will look like. With our busy schedules we changed up our recording studio for the evening so forgive the audio. There’s no wine this week, because responsible parenting. So we review a fantastic Cookie Butter Sweet Foam Cold Brew from Bigby! If you haven’t gotten one, RUN.


Nov 25

39 min 57 sec

The holiday's are magical and filled with love but the holiday blues are so, so real. This week we talk how we keep things together but are also open about how we pull ourselves out of a hole. If you're feeling the holiday blues, know you're not alone. Scream into a pillow, binge watch Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy, or go try a new wine (or coffee) and know we are here for you!This weeks wine - a beautiful Rioja. Spoiler: it's a 3 outta 3!For more Red Wine & Chaos, visit our website at


Nov 18

44 min 53 sec

We're back with another AITA episode and this time we brought a friend. What started as a girls night turned into Lar and Ash "voluntelling" our girl Steph, aka Weezy, that she was our next guest! Listen as we weigh in on the next round of assholes. There's no shortage of crazy this time around and Lar found some real doozies today, including baby mama drama, stabbings, and bold husbands. You don't want to miss it!For more Red Wine & Chaos, please visit our website: redwineandchaos.comHave an AITA story you'd like us to read? Want to be our next guest? Have something you want us to chat about? EMAIL US!


Nov 11

40 min 11 sec

Do you follow horoscopes and zodiac signs? If so, this episode is for you! If not, well this episode is also for you. Join us as we describe our zodiac signs and if they traits hold true to who we are. We also chat about our kids and their signs. What's your zodiac sign? Do you match up with what the zodiac says about you and your personality?This weeks wine: Ca-Bear-Nay out of CaliforniaFor more Red Wine & Chaos, visit redwineandchaos.comFor partnership information, please email


Nov 4

45 min 36 sec

Welcome to our new segment - Chaos Potpourri. Where we have a lot we want to talk about but can't narrow it down to one topic. This week we chat about Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, the COVID vaccine for kids, and all kinds of other random stuff. We're all over the place this episode but definitely embracing the chaos.


Oct 28

57 min 18 sec

We may not be professional advice givers but we certainly have a lot of opinions. This week we test our "Dear Judy" skills as we take on "Am I The Asshole" questions and weigh in with the rest of Reddit. In this episode we cover household chores, Halloween, squatters, and lazy baby daddies. We kept it pretty tame this time around but we make no promises for round two.Do you have an AITA story that you'd like us to weigh in on? Email us at Whether it's your story or someone else, we promise to keep it all anonymous. This weeks wine: Cabernet from The R CollectionDon't forget to visit our website for more chaos!


Oct 21

52 min 23 sec

This week we are tackling two things slightly outside of our comfort zone - Merlot and Fashion trends. Just because we love our hoodies and leggings doesn't mean we are completely oblivious to fashion trends but there are some out there that we just can't get behind (we're looking at you crop tops and mesh shirts). Join us while we chat about current trends, what trends we are excited to try, and Lar's biggest pet peeve when it comes to fashion. This weeks wine: A beautiful Merlot from Cafe Zoetrope out of California. For collaborations and sponsorship info, please email us at


Oct 14

54 min 29 sec

Everyone has loss. Everyone has grief. But that doesn't mean that grief is transferrable. Your grief is all your own but that doesn't mean you are alone! This week we chat about grief and what it means to us. Whether is grieving the loss of a parent, a job, or our old selves, we'll touch on how we feel when we're going through it and why it's okay to feel what you feel. Your grief journey is unique to you but please, don't hold onto it. Reach out to a friend or family member and let that shit out. And if someone does reach out, please stop saying "I know how you feel" because in that moment, they need your ears not your comparisons. Please visit our social pages (Facebook and Instagram) for articles, books, and TED Talks that are referenced in this episode.For more information regarding grief, or anything Red Wine & Chaos related, please email us at You can also visit our website:


Oct 7

46 min 43 sec

We all have a limit. Every single one of us. Emotional limits, physical limits, and mental limits are present in both our personal and professional lives. How do you manage when you hit your capacity? How do you wade through the mud to find the light at the end of the tunnel? It happens to all of us and it comes and goes like the waves. Join us this week as we chat about our limits and how we get through when we've hit our capacity. Don't be afraid to open a bottle of wine, dance it out, call us, or cry in the shower. There's no right or wrong way to get through it, you just gotta get through it. This week's wine: A lovely Pinot Noir from Bonobo Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. For promotional or sponsorship inquiries, please visit or email


Sep 30

43 min 24 sec

We spent one last wine night at Lar's house to bring you this weeks episode. With the cooler weather settling in, we are settling in to our fall TV line up and warm red wines - the perfect combo if you ask us! We are chatting all things fall TV - our returning favorites, some new shows we need to pick up, and even our favorite Disney movies. We may be TV junkies but these junkies are always looking for more. So, tell us what you're watching! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or send us an email at This weeks wine: a nice warm Cabernet Sauvignon that Lar has a hard time pronouncingFor more Red Wine & Chaos, visit our website -


Sep 23

51 min 38 sec

We know y'all know what a dad joke is but this week we are changing the narrative and giving you some of our best mom jokes! Join us as we share jokes and funny stories over a couple Bellini's made with Deep Eddy's Peach Vodka and Cupcake Prosecco. The jokes may be corny but that's what makes them funny! And if Matt is listening, we're sorry. This week's wine: Cupcake Prosecco and Deep Eddy's Peach Vodka


Sep 16

33 min 42 sec

Mom guilt. We all have it and we all wish we didn't. This week we talk about the our biggest mom guilt moments and how we manage those. We also give some ideas on how to cope with it and tips to manage it. And, if you need any sort of reassurance that you're doing a great job, just listen to Ashley's story about poop...again. For more Red Wine & Chaos, visit our website at www.redwineandchaos.comFor sponsorship and advertising inquiries, please email (we're looking at you, Charmin)


Sep 9

48 min 41 sec

Hold on to your wine glasses because we decided to invite the boys to join us for this week's episode - and by boys we mean LaVarr (10) and Oliver (8). We asked them a bunch of questions about their moms and here's what we figured out; LaVarr thinks very highly of his mom and Oliver likes to call his mom out. You won't be disappointed with this one AND you even get a very special review! Don't worry, we didn't give the boys wine. We may be "bad moms" but give us a little bit of credit. This weeks episode brought to you by an excellent Italian wine and Propel. While it's not sponsored by Propel, it certainly can be. You can email us at or visit our website for more information.

Sep 2

38 min 40 sec

We're back for another remote episode but the fun and chaos is definitely not lost. From juice wine and bad internet connections to a best friend quiz and a storm this episode has something for everyone. We keep it light with a little "how well do you know your BFF" quiz and I'm pretty sure we nailed it....but you'll have to listen to see for yourself. This weeks wine:Lar - Stella Rosa Black Cherry w/Belvedere (classy)Ash - Saracosa Toscana (almost certain it's a repeat)


Aug 26

53 min 18 sec

Welcome Back Winos! This week the girls are chatting about platonic relationships and what better way to break down these relationships than with a mutual friend who both Lar and Ash are in a platonic relationship with, TC Thompson. TC is a devoted husband, dad of two beautiful girls, and an all around joy to be around. Join them as they chat about why platonic relationships work, how they work, and why they are important. Full disclosure: things get loud, things get honest, and most of all things get chaotic. This weeks wine - A beautiful Pinot Noir from Joel Gott.


Aug 19

56 min 19 sec

Are we in a twilight zone? Didn't we just get through a pandemic? Well folks, it's here again but this time we have tools to combat it. However, not everyone feels the same. This week your resident winos are chatting about another possible shutdown, wearing your mask, and just not being a dick. It's pretty least they think so.The girls must still be recovering from Vegas because this week's episode embodies chaos and all the things that go with it. From several technical difficulties to lost internet connections to barking dogs, the girls push through to bring you another pandemic series episode. Send wine y'all, they need it!Loving the podcast? Visit our website for more Red Wine & Chaos: www.redwineandchaos.comFor marketing and partnership inquiries, please send an email to


Aug 12

53 min 14 sec

With Lar in Vegas, Ash is joined by their very good friend, Sarah. They talk what “mom friend” means to them and the difference between mom friends and “mom friends.” Sarah and Ash are on their way to surprise Lar - she has no idea they are in Vegas. It’s a short episode recorded from the Flamingo Hotel in and our drink of choice this week is water, so forgive the audio!


Aug 5

30 min 26 sec

The girls are a bit all over the place this week but with 'chaos' in the podcast title, that's to be expected from time to time! They eventually get to the wine review before discussing some of their favorite moments from the 2021 Summer Olympics. Ashley learns how to pronounce "dressage" (don't lie, you didn't know how to pronounce it either) and Lar talks about how cool Handball is. They also discuss the controversy surrounding Simone Biles - spoiler, they support her 1,000% - and how important it is to protect your mental health, especially on such a large stage. There's another special appearance by Kitty, Lar spills red wine on a white chair, and true to form, the chaos is abundant. For more Red Wine & Chaos, please visit their website: redwineandchaos.comHave something you want the girls to chat about? Send them an email:


Jul 29

53 min 52 sec

Light the flame, it's time for the Olympics! This week your Resident Winos are discussing their favorite events in the Olympics and sharing their thoughts on the Sha'Carri Richardson suspension. They give a few updates on things to come and Shotzy, a.k.a. The Felon, makes another appearance. Our wine this week is a fabulous Pinot Noir from J Vineyards out of California. Things to know!1. The girls are headed back up to TEN Media TV for a tequila tasting and review on Monday, July 26th at 9:00pm. Don't forget to tune in.2. Stay up to date on all our podcasts and everything we have going on by visiting


Jul 22

48 min 19 sec

Let's face it, realizing you're an adult hits you like a ton of bricks and there's so much we wish we knew. This week, the girls are joined by a very special guest, the third part in the "mance" (not a bromance and not a romance, get it), Ashley's husband John. They talk what their biggest learning lessons were when they turned thirty, what they are most looking forward to when they are in their 40s, and they even chat about money laundering 101. Join these three BFF's while they sip a bottle of Menage a Trois Pinot Noir and wrangle their kids AND the neighborhood kids.


Jul 15

39 min 55 sec

It's back to basics for Lar & Ash because social media is aggressive y'all! The girls realized that trying to do all the things all at once doesn't always work so they've adjusted their game plan and went back to what they know...each other. Staying true to form, they are brutally honest about their journey so far and how they are learning every single day. Like, share, subscribe and stay tuned. The chaos is truly just beginning!

Jul 8

48 min 17 sec

It should always be hot girl summer, don't ya think!? This week the girls are on their second bottle of wine (whoops!) and talking about all the reasons women should be able to dress for comfort without being ridiculed, assaulted, or catcalled. They may bounce around a bit this episode but they always come back to the underlying theme - just let women wear whatever the hell they want. It's hot and women are just trying to be comfortable enough that their thighs don't stick to bar stools!


Jul 1

43 min 34 sec

"I like the wine and not the label."Happy Pride y'all! This week the girls are chatting about pride and everything that comes along with it. As allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, Lar and Ash breakdown why it's so important to continue to push forward and be catalysts for charge. Because loving who you love shouldn't be a crime or a reason for exclusion and ridicule. There's even a bonus story about Shotzy in this episode - it'll blow your mind!Fellow winos - be true to yourself. Love who you love. And just know, that if you need a family or someone to love you for who you are, the girls are here for you! They have plenty of love and support to give. If you or someone you know is struggling with coming out or their identity, please visit for resources and information. You are not alone!


Jun 24

45 min 2 sec

Have you had "the talk" yet? You know, the one with your kids about the birds and bees? Got any advice? Last week Lar's little one had questions and she was unprepared with answers. Join them on this weeks episode as they talk about the chaos that comes from your kids getting older, more curious, and more inquisitive. When your kids bring up sex - and everything that comes with it - it can feel like there's a boulder rolling down a very steep hill...and you can't stop it even if you tried.Do you know someone who would love this podcast? A new episode is released every Thursday. Like, Share, and Subscribe! Would you like to partner with Red Wine & Chaos? Do you know someone who would like to partner with Red Wine & Chaos? For more information, please visit or email to get started!


Jun 17

42 min 47 sec

The girls always knew that communication was important but after starting this podcast and this business, they really get it now. This week Lar & Ash are talking about how important communication truly is between friends, business partners, and life partners. From knowing your audience to knowing your strengths and weaknesses, they touch on all things that make communicating easier - or more difficult. They even touch on communication in the workplace, which is a whole separate beast of its own. Hopefully you'll find some tips and tricks in this weeks episode to help you become a better communicator. Do you know someone who would love this podcast? Like, Share, and Subscribe! Would you like to partner with Red Wine & Chaos? Do you know someone who would like to partner with Red Wine & Chaos? For more information, please visit or email to get started!


Jun 10

44 min 58 sec

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with social media? Do you ever wish people would go back to talking about you behind your back!?This week Lar & Ash are talking all things social media. The struggles they have with it both personally and professionally. Everything seems to be so negative and "my way or the highway" lately and boy is it exhausting. Join the girls as they break down all the things they love, and hate, about social media. And for the love of all that is holy, can you please share more pictures of your puppies? Puppies make everyone happy!


Jun 3

44 min 17 sec

After being out of the chairs for far too long, Lar & Ash are so happy to be back, chatting with all of you and reviewing a brand new Pinot Noir!Change is scary and starting over is daunting - but they don't have to be! Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you need to seize them. Jump. Take the leap. This week the girls are talking about just that. From starting new jobs to kids starting new schools, Lar & Ash breakdown how they got through it and came out on the other side. It may seem overwhelming. It may seem impossible. But you can do it. Be bold and take the leap. You won't regret it...or maybe you will but that's why there's wine!


May 27

35 min 14 sec

Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh through it. On this week's episode, your resident winos are chatting with resident funny man Jason Douglas. Join them as they review a couple summer cocktails and talk about how laughter played a part in getting them through the pandemic. You can find Jason Douglas on Facebook. He and his catalog of comedians are available for all your needs!


May 20

57 min 10 sec

Sometimes, every so often, Lar & Ash have some pretty solid advice. However, today is not one of those times. This week the girls are going back into time to discuss what dating was like in their 20s vs dating now in their 30s. Ash got bored real quick and Lar clearly has a type. They also talk about what it's like dating in the tech era and how to date your husband of 10 years. While the dating advice might not be there, the fun and chaos definitely is.


May 13

46 min 9 sec

The "wine reviewers of the people" are back to celebrate moms this week with an Italian lesson, a TED talk, and a whole lot of interruptions (read: chaos). If you ask us, moms deserve to be celebrated every single day. That's why, on this weeks episode, the girls are encouraging all moms to find their groove again. Stop letting motherhood define you and start letting it be a piece of who you are and who you want to become. Start a garden, go back to school, take a dance class, start a podcast! Whatever you choose to do, just do it, and be happy.


May 6

41 min 38 sec

Music elicits so many different emotions and that's especially true for the RW&C girls. This week Lar & Ash are talking all things music. Their first introductions, their favorite (and not so favorite) concerts, and why music means so much to them. Lar even gets a little "too" excited when Ash mentions one of her favorite concerts. Think you know what it is? Stay tuned and find out. Correction Corner:1. Ash said the duet H.E.R. did was with Maxwell. It was not, it was D'Angelo. She knows that now and is upset that she screwed that up in the first place. Apologies to D'Angelo. 2. This is not a geography podcast. Don't judge us.


Apr 29

55 min 14 sec

If you have a child struggling behaviorally or with ADHD, you are not alone. This week Ash (with Lar's help) discusses her ADHD child's journey from struggle to diagnosis. It was a long three years but with people in their corner, Ash and her family were able to move forward with a happy, healthy child - even if there may be similarities to Ted Bundy in there (calm down, it's a joke!).


Apr 22

38 min 24 sec

MOM AND DAD OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, PICK A DIFFERENT EPISODE!If you didn't know Lar & Ash before, you're about to know them a whole lot better after this episode. And if you're related to them, in any way, you may want to skip over this one as the girls chit chat about sex and answer questions from one another. From one night stands to sex advice, they cover it all.


Apr 15

53 min 14 sec

This last year has tested everyone’s mental health and Lar & Ash were no exception. On today’s very special episode the girls are joined by Tené Robinson, a mental health advocate and CEO/Founder of Selfie Connoisseur. Listen as they talk the importance of raising awareness and breaking the stigma of mental health one selfie at a time. For more information on Selfie Connoisseur, follow Tené on the following platforms! IG: @_selfieconnoisseurFacebook: Tené Robinson Email: selfieconnoisseur@gmail.comWebsite: www.connoisseurshoppe.comIf you or someone you know is struggling with mental health needs, please utilize the information below. -National Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-TALK-Crisis Textline: Text CONNECT to 741741-The Trevor Project, specializing in LGBTQI+ :Text START to 678678-Between Friends, Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 1-800-603-HELP


Apr 9

1 hr 7 min

Friends don’t let friends do life alone and that’s exactly what the girls are chatting about in this weeks episode. From birthdays to golf outings and everything in between, join Lar & Ash as they discuss what makes their friendship special. Hold on tight (literally) to your girls, they make life so much fun!


Apr 8

31 min 20 sec

If you're on social media at all, you've probably recently heard all about Derrick Jackson (he spells it Jaxn... clue #1) - a textbook narcissist if you ask Lar & Ash. Join the girls as they discuss the situation and give their thoughts...and boy do they have thoughts. You'll definitely want to open a fresh bottle for this one.


Apr 1

44 min 23 sec

This week the girls are discussing their most chaotic virtual learning stories. Chrome books, rage fits, and poop walls...oh my! You can’t make this shit up, literally. Pour yourself a giant glass of your beverage of choice (trust us, you’ll need it) and be thankful it wasn’t you. Someone send Ashley some Clorox Wipes!


Apr 1

25 min 47 sec

This week we are talking about the mess that is the NCAA mens vs. womens March Madness tournament. Why does it feel like every time women take 5 steps forward they are propelled back 10 steps? In a month that is supposed to be dedicated to empowering women, here we are again fighting for equality. We couldn’t agree with Sedona Prince more…”If you aren’t upset about this problem, then you are apart of it.”


Mar 25

39 min 15 sec

This week we are toasting to Dan and sharing our journeys with cancer. While neither of us have had cancer personally, we know an awful lot of people who do - which is why it’s so important to listen to your body and talk to your doctor. So hug your loved ones, toast to all of those affected by cancer, and for the love of all that is holy wear sunscreen!


Mar 18

36 min 14 sec

This week the girls are talking all things service industry. From Student Sunday's to dating cooks, Lar & Ash will leave no stone unturned. The service industry can be a beast but it can also be a blessing. So open a bottle of Doohickey's California Red and save your Kohl's cash for another day because this episode is a beautiful mess that you don't want to miss.


Mar 11

38 min 40 sec

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! As strong, proud women who continue to #DoItAnyway, Laura & Ashley are excited to bring you this very special episode of Red Wine & Chaos - with a bourbon twist. Join them as they celebrate what makes women great along side their very good friend and FIRST guest, Anne. Pour yourself a "Lady In Red" and feel the burn from the burning bras of our past as we propel forward to create a more equal world.


Mar 8

48 min 8 sec

In the first episode of their pandemic series, the girls are talking romantic relationships during COVID. Whether you’re starting a new relationship like Laura or celebrating 10 years of marriage like Ashley, COVID has really put relationships to the test. Find out what worked for them in this weeks episode. So pour yourself a glass of Yuli’s Dream, ignore the screaming kids, and give yourself - and your partner - some grace.


Mar 4

31 min 32 sec

Passionate about bringing awareness and knowledge to systemic racism, Laura & Ashley couldn’t let Black History Month go by without discussing the need to do better. Watching the movie “American Skin” prompted them to have a vulnerable but real discussion regarding race and what they are doing daily to become catalysts of change. As a white mother to a Black child, Laura discusses what she’s doing, to the best of her ability, to prepare her child for the unfortunate world we live in. Ashley discusses what it’s like to raise her white child to be an ally to our Black community and part of the solution rather than part of the problem. They may not always get it right but they will never stop trying and they will never stop learning because people they love depend on all of us doing better. We hope all of you will join us and not be afraid to have the tough conversations that so desperately need to be had. Below you will find some resources to help navigate this very real issue. Please utilize these links and continue to have the conversations within your own circles. iCivics - Anti-Racism Resources - History Month Library (Google Drive) -


Feb 25

50 min 12 sec

How are the first couple months of your new year going? Do you have any health and wellness goals? Ashley & Laura do and they’ll tell you all about them in this week’s episode. Pour yourself some wine, grab a side of queso, and go for your run tomorrow.


Feb 17

43 min 8 sec

This week Laura & Ashley are discussing all the things you wish you knew about pregnancy and childbirth, before getting pregnant. Join them as they talk water breaking to nursing bras and everything in between. Grab a glass of your favorite wine because this episode is real, raw, and full of hysterics. If you’re queasy, you might want to pick up a book instead.


Feb 17

37 min 3 sec

Wine reviews with a twist! The first episode is here and what a journey it's going to be! Laura and Ashley give you a brief overview of what the podcast is all about and deliver their first wine review. Chaos is everywhere and it’s no exception in this episode. Stay with us, there’s so many more laughs to come!


Feb 14

25 min 35 sec