Saving You a Seat

Karen Joy Hardwick

Join Karen J Hardwick, leadership consultant, author, and lover-of-all-things-connection as she and her guests discuss how leadership starts with self-connection, emotional courage, and spiritual wholeness. If you want to join those of us doubling down on radical self-discovery, this is the podcast for you: the real-deal is on the table as leaders who are rabble-rousers, story-tellers, and straight-shooters dig deep into their true selves, chase slow in the face of screw-ups, rise up with resilience, and showcase grace and grit … We are saving you a seat.

Welcome to Saving You a Seat
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Join Karen as she chats with Scott Murphy,  former Executive Developer and Director of Board Engagement of The Boys and Girls Club of America and also Chief People Officer for Ogilvy, as they discuss the importance of connection in relationships, at work and in life. Scott shares how his own painful experiences fuel his fierce empathy towards others, as a leader and human being. This gift of empathy has allowed him to be a world-class, trusted advisor to CEOs, and one who encourages leaders to show up fully human. Tune in as Scott chats about how he connects deeply so people feel safe to show up authentically, sharing what brings them happiness and what breaks their hearts. To find more on Scott, visit his LinkedIn page @Scott Murphy.

Nov 25

21 min 45 sec

Tune in as Karen celebrates the release of her book, The Connected Leader. She talks about the writing process which occurred during a season that was bringing her to her knees, kicking her ass, and encouraging her to lean in even more to God’s Grace.  She shares some real-and-raw details and also an excerpt from the book as she invites us into the Connection Journey.

Nov 23

10 min 47 sec

Tune in as Karen sits down to chat with Mark Hawn, CEO of a luxury hospitality brand which focuses on bringing families together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in breathtaking Montana and soon, in the Bahamas. Reminiscent of the first day they met, Karen wastes no time talking with Mark about the real, raw, and joyful experiences that fuel connection. Karen and Mark discuss the joy of parenthood, the privilege of leadership, how sometimes, you metaphorically (and in Montana, literally) jump off a cliff to discover how letting go is life-changing. Mark and his team at The Ranches at Belt Creek work tirelessly to provide their guests with an experience that deepens connections; Karen has experienced this first-hand and shares a story about courage from her time underneath the big skies of the “last best place”. To find more information about the Ranches at Belt Creek, please visit: or check out @ranchesatbeltcreek on social media!

Nov 18

19 min 49 sec

Join Karen this week as she chats with Molly Fletcher, author of The Energy Clock, podcast host of Game Changers, and an in-demand motivational speaker. As a former sports agent, she earned the reputation of being the “female Jerry McGuire”. Join Molly and Karen, long-time friends and truth-tellers, as they discuss the gift of feedback, how family can keep us grounded, and how empathy is an antidote to the worry that can go hand in hand with loving and working with people as we navigate this messy life. To find more on Molly, visit @mollyfletcher on all social media platforms or visit Use the code: “SEAT” for a $10 off her coaching program reserved for listeners for Karen’s podcast.

Nov 18

23 min

In this episode, Karen chats with Jerry Colonna, author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up, former private equity guru, and CEO/cofounder of Karen and Jerry are both lovers of all things inner psyche, connection, and radical self-inquiry. Karen and Jerry dive deeply into the notion of suffering and how those who are unconscious about their suffering cause damage. Jerry speaks compellingly about the “hungry ghost”, who is constantly consuming, never satisfied, and can appear in all of our lives until we awaken, heal, and learn to be present. Karen and Jerry also discuss how suffering and violence are two sides of the same coin. While we may think of violence as physical, the most damaging form of violence is the spiritual and emotional violence we sometimes don’t even know we are experiencing or promoting. The violence we commit on ourselves (e.g., substance abuse, overworking, and disconnectedness) leads to violence in the world around us. Jerry closes out the episode by sharing his wild story of why he is known as the “consultant with the spider tattoo” in this can’t miss episode of Saving You A Seat. To find more on Jerry, visit his Twitter page, @jerrycolonna or check out

Nov 18

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Welcome to Saving You a Seat with Karen J. Hardwick

Mar 12

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