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Eric Berman is the founder/CEO of Brandetize, a full service, performance-based marketing agency that partners with esteemed thought leaders such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Phil Town, as well as consumer brands such as HeartMath, Aptera, Terasana, Davi Skin, Longbow and more . Additionally, Eric has consulted for venture capitalists and successful companies at all levels including Club Med, Vessel Health, Fenix Space, PeakLogic, and more.  Lastly, Mr. Berman was one of the co-founders of, Inc., the largest and most visited college site in on the Internet in the year 2000 (“the first Facebook”), where from September 1993 until June 2000, Mr. Berman helped the company raise $75 million, oversaw several acquisitions and helped managed the growth of employees from 3 to 400. Berman had served in a variety of positions there including Chief Operating Officer, VP Corporate Development, VP Business Development and Director of Sales.In This Episizzle, you'll hear:How Eric's first venture College Club was the top 40th site on the internet and how he was days or months away from an early retirement before the dotcom bust hit.How Eric pivoted to working with influencers like Brian Tracy and how he made Brian an offer he couldn't refuseHow Brandetize structures deals for their service with B2C companies and influencers to help them scale their business while reducing risk and increasing probability of success.What challenges Eric and Brandetize are facing now and how they plan to overcome those.Contact:  Web:  Brandetize.comFB:

Nov 16

39 min 21 sec

When life and business aren't going the way you want... OR when things fall apart and you get overwhelmed with mind traps and head trash, it's important that you know how to get recentered and start removing what's not working while reinforcing what is. Today's episizzle is with world renown expert Paul Hoffman.Learn more and claim some free gifts at and where Paul gives away one of his Success songs and 2 of my Tuning IN brain re-trainment experiences.  Also check out https://Goodmorninggreatday.comPaul Hoffman, “The Personal Discovery Architect,” is the visionary, chief inspiration cfficer and creator of Sculpting Your Life.Paul’s Sculpting Your Life Platform teaches the power of Rituals, Habits and Mindsets, so you are committed, disciplined, dedicated and determined to Sculpting The Masterpiece Known As YOU.Some of the many things that have helped shape Paul’s life, getting a basketball scholarship, being Pink Floyd’s and Emerson Lake And Palmers  tour manager, being restrained and put in a straight jacket, overcoming drug addiction and one more thing, Paul wrote the very famous advertising song…Have You Driven A Ford…Lately?He has spent the last 15 years teaching people how to RESET, REWIRE and RECODE their conscious and subconscious minds for success helping to identify the MINDTRAPS that Creep Into And Reside in your mind that wreak havoc on you on a daily basis.His courses, processes and Tuning IN Brain Retraining Technology have been downloaded by more than 3,000,000 people worldwide helping to create more wealth, ideal health, unstoppable self-confidence, clarity, focus, productivity and meaningful and powerful personal and business relationships on the road to success. He has spoken and shared stages with extraordinary thought, business and spiritual leaders including, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, The Dali Lama, Robert Allen, Stephen Covey, Marci Shimoff, Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Mike Koenigs, Alex Mandossian, Cynthia Kersey, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Beckwith and Marisa Peer just to name a few.So whether you experience his Sculpting Your Life System, DaySculpting, Sculptations Tuning IN Process, Strong Mind Strong Body Strong YOU, Daily Good Morning Great Day, The Circle Of Brilliance, Success Songs, or his One on One Mind  Discovery Experience …Paul empowers and inspires people to own their desire to have and live their Ideal Life.

Nov 3

1 hr 5 min

What are NFTs but more important, how can authors, experts, course creators and artists use them to provide unique value add to their audiences. Watch as I interview Jesse Krieger founder of POWERFANS NFT marketplace as he explains unique and powerful strategies. In the second half we bring in world reknown artist Ori Bengal on the hot seat as we come up with some soon-to-be released strategies for an artist using NFTs. SPECIAL:  As you'll hear in the last part of this episode, I am selling this episode as a special NFT on Powerfan. The holder of this unique 1/1 NFT will receive1 hour phone consult with me, Brad Costanzo: Value: $2,5001 custom portrait by Ori Bengal (digital & physical):  Value: $3,000+2500 PFAN tokens from Jesse and Powerfans:  Value TBD as price rises.Go to to bid on the NFT.

Oct 27

1 hr 29 min

This is a super short episode that I call a "Bacon Bit" Here's 1 quick tip to anyone starting a new side-hustle or business... This takes zero skill but will save so much frustration. (I wish I did it when I first started out)Gave this friendly advice yesterday and figured someone else, somewhere might find it just as useful. 

Aug 12

3 min 22 sec

Today I'm joined by Justin Cooke, cofounder and CMO of Empire Flippers as he explains the state of the digital business acquisition market now... specifically Amazon FBA and ecommerce businesses.He reveals How Covid and 2020 effected online business purchases and sales. Who's on a buying spreeWhat to expect when buying a business in today's market.How EF Capital is helping to match investors and investor/operators up and create a winning synergyAnd how EmpireFlippers is hiring . See more you're sick of building a business and ever thought that buying one might be an option for you, tune in now.  

Jul 31

1 hr

If you ever struggled to answer the apparently easy question "What do I want?" Then this is for you.If you know what you'd like to have, but you don't know what would DRIVE YOU, then this is for you.I've personally struggled with this question from time to time and recently helped a client work through this. This is a short solo episode with a few steps you can go through to help answer that question for you.At then end I posed a question for you...If I hosted a virtual workshop that went over this process in a lot more detail, so you could help discover what drives you and avoid the frustrating confusion of not being able to answer that question, would you be interested?  If so, email and mention this episode and say "tell me more" 

Jun 10

12 min 41 sec

Ever imagine what it would be like to own a second home (or two) in an international resort or vacation location?Would you want to buy it to live in a country with a lower cost of living while enjoying the high life of a condo on the beach?Would you rent it out and cash in on high yields in high demand locales?Would you do a combination of both? Live there for a few months and rent it out the rest of the year?This has been an investment strategy I've recently been pursuing and I invited the founder of Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA), Ronan McMahon on the show today to discuss how his company provides the information, tools and access to deeply discounted deals before they're presented to the public.Ronan McMahon is editor of Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) and a global real estate scout. He spends six months of every year on the road, finding and negotiating opportunities to buy low and make serious profit from capital appreciation, rental income, or a mixture of both.He does this both for his own personal real estate portfolio and for members of Real Estate Trend Alert. Only RETA get details of the best deals he finds worldwide—in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.One of his biggest strengths is identifying markets that are due for an upswing in values—but where other investors aren’t looking yet.I am a paying subscriber to their service and use it to educate myself on the possibilities of investing and potentially living overseas and I've gotten tremendous value from their resources.But in addition to the education, Ronan and his team scour these countries and leverage their relationships with established developers to create incredible deals on pre-development real estate in what Ronan calls “the path of progress.”Ronan also has a brilliant business model because he travels the world looking at real estate opportunities and leverages the RETA membership to secure these discounted investment properties, while sharing in the revenue from the developers.It's a win-win-win situation.Developers win because they receive a surge of demand and pre-sales for the properties they want to develop, thus de-risking their investmentRETA member-investors win because the economies of scale from the RETA membershipsRonan and his team win because they get paid for providing valuable deals and connecting investors with developers.In this episode episizzle you'll hear me satisfy my own selfish curiosity (as always) but it will also get your wheels turning about how you might be able to create a profitable business by matching up supply with demand.And if you're interested in learning more about Real Estate Trend Alert, visit and get his free report: 15 Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2021.

Apr 12

1 hr 39 min

Tax strategy can be a very dry discussion for most entrepreneurs. After all, we love creating new dollars, marketing and growth strategies which make it rain.But if you have a leaky bucket, all the rain will drain to the ground and you'll be left with a lot less than you made.But what if there were a way to reduce taxes or even eliminate them altogether the way many Fortune 500 companies do it?There is a way, in fact there are dozens of ways and strategies that are perfectly legal yet often ignored.That's why I invited Steve Moskowitz on the show today to discuss little-known strategies to help avoid (not evade) taxes.This is less of an interview and more of a conversation where you'll hear me ask specific situational examples that will show what's possible as well as how Steve thinks.If you're on the fence about this episode, wondering if the topic will be too dry to listen to, stop and give it a chance.Because if you're in business now you could be missing a lot of money you could be owed now as well as paying a lot that you could avoid.To contact Steve visit or call 888-TAX-DEALOther resources mentioned in the show. Steve MoskowitzSteve started Moskowitz LLP because he saw that while big corporations were consistently navigating the tax code to their advantage, smaller businesses and individuals were not. With prior experience as a CPA at a national accounting firm, and with extensive experience in the corporate world, Steve knew he could help smaller businesses and individuals by applying what he knew. He wanted to make a critical difference in businesses and individual lives that protected them from the powerful government and enabled them to keep and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of work that otherwise could be taken away from clients by the government in just one action.Today – together with a full team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and other professional staff – Moskowitz LLP helps business and individual clients across the country and overseas to resolve a wide variety of tax matters. The Moskowitz LLP team also creates strategies to utilize the tax code and relevant treaties to clients’ benefit, and provides ongoing tax support and tax return preparation. Unlike most firms, Moskowitz LLP clients pay a flat fee and are not subject to hourly rates.Learn more at

Apr 8

1 hr 28 min

Today we explore a saving and investment concept strategy that has proven to bring many advantages over traditional methods. It's called the Bank On Yourself strategy, made popular by author and advisor Pamela Yellen which uses a little-known type of insurance policy which provides guaranteed growth and tax advantages. I invited advisor Sarry Ibrahim on the show today to discuss how these policies work, who they're appropriate for and how to get the most out of them.If you're interested in speaking with Sarry, you can contact him at

Apr 6

51 min 47 sec

Patrick Riddle explains a powerful shift he made in his information publishing and marketing business by working with proven experts and partnering with them to create powerful front end offers and creating a proven method to market these products more effectively.If you currently sell "information" or courses, you'll want to listen closely to what Patrick says because he started where most do but has evolved his business in a way that provides him greater income, security and longevity.

Mar 29

51 min 24 sec

Nir Eyal  is the author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" and "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life".  Previously he taught as a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Design School and I’ve sold two technology companies since 2003.His expertise is at the intersection of psychology, technology, and business: “behavioral design" which encompasses user experience, behavioral economics, and a dash of neuroscience.Previously Nir worked in the video gaming and advertising industries where ge learned, applied (and at times rejected) the techniques used to motivate and manipulate users. He now writes to help companies create behaviors that benefit their users while educating people on how to build healthful habits in their own lives. In today's show, Nir gives me (Brad) a masterlesson hot seat on one of my existing businesses and how to create a more habit forming product while also discussing how we can become Indistractable (which is especially helpful for someone like myself).There's gold in this one. You might want to take notesVisit for more information

Mar 22

52 min 40 sec

Are you living where you're treated best?That's the question that the founder of, Andrew Henderson asks himself and his clients.If you're a location independent entrepreneur and ever wondered what it might be like to live in different countries around the world, or just another country that offers more flexibility, freedom, lifestyle and less confiscatory taxation, you're going to want to listen to this episizzle all the way through.What does it mean to be treated best?According to Andrew, the USA has the best "Brand" in the world, but that doesn't mean it has the best "product," especially for some people. The USA is a wonderful place in many respects, but depending on your socio-economic status it could be a nightmare compared to your options.And explaining the options is what Andrew does best.For instance, some people with lower incomes and savings could afford a much more comfortable lifestyle or retirement in a developing country where the cost of living is a fraction of the USA. On the other end of the spectrum, those with high incomes and wealth can also avoid the increasingly confiscatory taxation of the US and the other countries in the developed world.Evading taxes is wrong.Avoiding them however, through legal means is smart.Further the adventures and lifestyle you can create by understanding your options can open up a whole new world.This is a topic I've personally given a lot of thought to and today you'll hear me selfishly ask Andrew questions I want to know for potential moves I might make.And if you'd like to know more about this, Andrew has 3 resources to share with you here;How to get Portugal's Golden VisaHow to get Citizenship by InvestmentEU Golden Visa Residence by investment programsAnd I highly recommend reading Andrew's book, which you can order here on Amazon. 

Mar 1

41 min 54 sec

Ever wished you could remember everything you learn, take better notes, recall what you read and access it anytime?  You don't need to be a genius, you need a "Second Brain"... that's what Tiago Forte of Forte Labs developed, a systematic and comprehensive way to get more out of everything you learn with a uniquely effective way to take digital notes. This is a special video episode, so feel free to visit and watch He's the founder of and joins me on the show today as we geek out about knowledge. BONUS:  Part 2 Begins 35 minutes in as Tiago turns the table and interviews me (Brad Costanzo) about how to buy and sell course based products, what makes a company valuable and sellable and out-of-the-box ways to do creative deals and monetize your knowledge.   

Feb 15

1 hr 18 min

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the “Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” He’s a master of low-risk cashflow investing, specializing in simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. His ethos is to “create wealth without creating a job.” He recently published Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom on Amazon which you can get here: the span of 21 months, and before his 40th birthday, Justin’s investments drove enough passive income for both he and his wife Jennifer to leave their jobs. Following his simple investment values, Justin negotiated deals with over 100 companies, multiplied his net worth to over eight figures, and maintained a family-centric lifestyle in less than 2 years. Just 2 years later, he doubled his net worth again.  He now consults entrepreneurs and executives on lifestyle investing, with a forthcoming book and podcast based on his lessons and proven investment system that consistently produces repeatable returns.Justin began investing heavily in real estate and now owns several profitable real estate related businesses, including OrangeTheory Fitness franchises and a large portfolio of multifamily rentals. His entrepreneurial ventures include IFM Restoration, a residential maintenance and rehab company founded in 2016. IFM recently funded its Series A with S3 Ventures, the largest venture capital firm in Texas, leading the round.Justin is a member of Tiger 21 and a board member of Front Row Foundation International. He and Jennifer contribute to various causes privately and through their church, from fighting cancer to building clean water wells in third-world countries. Additionally, they sponsor multiple children through Compassion International. The Donalds are based in Austin, Texas, and love adventure-based international travel with their beloved daughter.Learn more at

Jan 14

1 hr 3 min

Many entrepreneurs and founders have recently realized that it makes more sense to buy a business than to build one from scratch. I like to think of this as the next evolution of skillsets for any entrepreneur because it helps you achieve inorganic and often exponential growth. On the other side, selling a business can be a massively impactful decision to any business owner's future and making sure you do it right is critical.That's why I invited Domenic Rinaldi on the show to talk about his experience in working directly with both buyers and sellers to help them navigate a complex transaction.Meet Domenic RinaldiAs owner and managing partner of Sun Acquisitions, and Domenic helps his clients both buy and sell businesses across a variety of industries.Since 2005 he’s been personally involved in over 300 transactions for businesses with enterprise values of $2 million to $50 million.In this episode we discussThe real risks that buyers and sellers face in the process of buying or selling a businessStrategies to prepare well before a purchase or a sale.How Private Equity (PE) groups are now dipping down into the small business market in their search for acquisition targetsWhich sectors are the hottest for sellers and PEAnd what to do if you're thinking about buying or selling now or in the near futureYou can get more information from Domenic by emailing him directly at

Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

Perry Marshall is one of the most expensive business strategists in the world. He’s guided clients like FanDuel and InfusionSoft from startup to hundreds of millions of dollars.I've personally been a fan, follower and customer of Perry and am excited to bring you this conversation.Today we discuss one of the most important things you can do to succeed and keep sane in the modern world and that is to detox from distraction.Perry shares the 7 criteria all business owners must  follow in order to do this effectively.If you like this you can read his newest book available on Amazon: DETOX, DECLUTTER, DOMINATE: HOW TO EXCEL BY ELIMINATION The book reveals how to grow your business 4X faster by eliminating 80% of wasted effort. This book is for business owners who are overworked, struggling to keep up with your ever-growing to-do list, often overwhelmed with getting things done. If you’ve wondered why you are working so hard to make so little money from your business, this book reveals the clear path forward. Beyond time management, you’ll discover seven steps to scaling a prevailing business to accumulate wealth that lasts for generations. Not only that, you’ll identify and change habits to develop the mental toughness you need to say “NO!” to tasks beneath your pay grade.And find out more at

Dec 2020

52 min 43 sec

If you are responsible for spending tens of thousands or more per month on advertising, you can't afford to miss this episode.Zach Johnson, founder and CEO of the new Ad Card (from FunnelDash) reveals an exciting innovation in financial technology that can be used by digital advertisers to help them scale their business in ways they never imagined... until now. The innovation doesn't stop at advertising your own business, if you operate a mastermind or agency with clients who spend significant money on ads too, you'll want to hear how Ad Card's co-branding partnership deals can help you revolutionize your business too. For more information visit

Dec 2020

1 hr 3 min

It's no secret that deadlines and scarcity in marketing help to increase conversions and spur sales. Yet many companies have abused false senses of scarcity and urgency and end up killing trust with their customers. Today Jack Born joins us to talk about innovative ways to use deadlines and scarcity in your marketing. Jack Born creates software that helps creators and online entrepreneurs maximize their sales through marketing automation. He’s the technical founder of, and several other software platforms.Jack also created the Tactical Triangle concept which simply and elegantly explains how to scale your marketing and reach a bigger audience. 

Nov 2020

1 hr 4 min

If I offered to show you how to turn a two sentences into a $10,000 plus course, coaching or service, using a backwards funnel, a 2-sentence Power Offer, and 10-minute Mini-Webinar... and spend up to 90 percent less on ads, would you take me up on that offer?If the answer is yes, listen to Joel Erway explain a revolutionary and simple framework to increase your revenues without complexity or overwhelm by focusing on Offer-Based Marketing. Joel Erway helps Experts semi-retire with million dollar courses. Since 2015 he has worked with and served thousands of paying customers, helping them launch and sell their courses using The Perfect Expert model framework. For more links and resources visit

Sep 2020

1 hr 2 min

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investing is NOT an area I understand well... yet. A few years back I placed about $5k into some coins and watched them go up and then back down. For the most part I ignored it. But after reconnecting with my friend and highly successful investor, trader & trainer, Tai Zen, he began showing me the macro case for having a portion of your assets in this market. Especially now as it looks like we're re-entering the bull market. I invited Tai to the show for this epic 2.5 hour class where I pick his brain on the topics I want to know. ATTENTION: This is a special VIDEO episode and you can watch at isn't about how to be a professional trader like Tai is, but more of a primer on his philosophies and wise investment strategies with sound risk management.Tai's backstory is equally as inspiring as his knowledge of cryptocurrency investing. We devoted a lot of time to it on purpose because it demonstrates what you can do when you take radical personal responsibility for your life.From being born in a poor Vietnamese fishing village, to picking fruit in America, working in sweatshops as a pre-teen, growing up in a drug-infested ghetto, spending approximately 14 years in federal prison….To getting out, working his way up from nightclub security to day trading student, educator and finally mastering the art of trading crypto currencies and showing others how to do it as well.There is no hype here, no BS, no get rich quick.But if you watch closely you'll get an amazing education in what it takes to succeed.HIGHLIGHTS (click the timestamp to jump to the topic in the video)3:46 Tai explains how we originally met and what it meant to him (Brad blushes)7:45 Tai's tells his inspiring origin story starting in a Vietnamese fishing village to getting hijacked by Thai Pirates and immigration to America working as a migrant worker12:24 Moving to Houston and getting in trouble for drugs to spending 14 years in federal prison18:50 Freedom and first jobs27:20 Brad explains why Tai's story is so inspirational31:00 When Tai discovered Bitcoin44:24 A big misconception about Bitcoin's ability to overtake the US Dollar and Fiat51:00 The market cap case for Crypto52:26 Why Bitcoin may be better than Gold for a store of wealth58:20 Bitcoin and Altcoins59:22 Important: What is the VALUE of bitcoin and cryptocurrency?01:01:05 Real world use case for blockchain technology01:07:30 DEFI what is Decentralized Finance, what are the risks, why is it important?01:16:00 How to PROTECT yourself from the Major Risks in cryptocurrency: Pumps, dumps, front running and manipulation?01:19:00 THIS IS TAI'S 4 PART FRAMEWORK FOR PROFITING WHILE PROTECTING YOURSELF01:46:00 Short list of some of the most well capitalized/funded coins which protects their development, Tezos, NEO, Cardano, Filecoin, Ethereum…01:51:00 The EASY way to dip your toe into crypto. The 2 Taifu Crypto Indexes01:58:00 Potential tax consequences of rebalancing01:59:30 Tax Deferred Investing in a Retirement Account02:05:45 Tai's training resources and courses and what to watch out for from the Youtube influencers who simply make money from ads and affiliate marketing.02:14:29 How to avoid FOMO and chasing hyped up altcoins02:15:22 How will you exit your profitable positions and what will happen? “How would you unload $1mm worth of Bitcoins and what will happen if you try?”02:17:45 The ONE simple strategy to use if you're busy and want to take advantage of 80% of the growth of the crypto market with zero research.02:25:30 How EARLY are we in the crypto bullmarket???02:26:07 How the bull and bear cycles work in crypto02:28:50 REALITY CHECK! If you get a hypothetical 10x return, if you're able to pull out 30%, you're doing fantastic.02:30:03 Summary and Sharing the LoveQuick Crypto Market   

Sep 2020

2 hr 36 min

George Bryant is a New York Times Best Selling Author & one of the most highly sought after digital marketing consultants in the world to teach his Relationships Beat Algorithms™ approach and the Lighthouse Method to business. He's also the hose of the popular Mind of George podcast.He has helped hundreds of the largest companies in the world and thousands of entrepreneurs ethically scale their businesses by deepening their relationships with their customers... and creating transformational breakthroughs that help them accomplish their goals.He believes a company’s financial success is directly dependent on the amount of value they share before AND after a purchase. Business is about relationships & touch points. The companies who put relationships before transactions will win. That is the Relationships Beat Algorithms approach.Here's a sample of the topics we covered:How George's Lighthouse Method works and why every business should use it to build, grow and scale their businessHow to understand your customer journey and create a better one for themHot to turn your customer service into a social media teamWhere you should and shouldn't put couponsHow and why George stopped selling subscriptions on the frontend of the product and still scaled his subscription businessWhy email is the ultimate killer app and why most people are messing it up2 incredible growth hacks George hasn't revealed anywhere else except to extremely high paid clients and partners.Why your job isn't to find customers but to be found by them (and how to do that better)How to use a surprise loyalty program*Listening to this episode with a notepad is highly advisedTo learn more, visit

Aug 2020

1 hr 36 min

Equity Crowdfunding (Reg A+) allows small business owners to raise investment capital using traditional and digital marketing from non-accredited investors and bypassing the headaches of roadshows and VC pitch-fests. Today's guest, Darren Marble is one of the world's leading experts in Equity Crowding and is embarking on an exciting new serialized program for that will follow 5 founders on the road from raising capital using this method all the way to a full NASDAQ IPO (initial public offering). And they're looking for entrepreneurs right now for the casting process (as of August 2020).If you own a business now, this could be a very fortunate episode to listen to because Darren and his company are currently casting new entrepreneurs to feature on Going Public which you can see more about by visiting GoingPublic.comDarren Marble – Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Director Crush CapitalDarren Marble is a serial entrepreneur. In 2018, Darren co-founded Issuance, a leading provider of software as a service (“SaaS”) solutions for Regulation A issuers. Issuance’s Regulation A clients have raised over $150 million to date. Beginning in 2015, Darren was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CrowdfundX, a financial marketing firm focused on direct-to-investor retail marketing in connection with Regulation A offerings. CrowdfundX was acquired by Issuance in 2019 and Darren remains the CEO at Issuance. Darren co-founded the Crowd Invest Summit and is a contributor to Business Insider, Inc. and CryptoSlate. His insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes and the Los Angeles Business Journal. Darren attended the University of California, Los Angeles from 1998 to 2002 with a focus on Psychology. 


Jul 2020

36 min 2 sec

Led Zepplin was wrong. She's NOT buying a Stairway To Heaven and on this solo-episode, Brad will explain WHY that matters to business owners who make offers to clients and customers. This is a core concept I teach all of my clients and it helps them understand a key concept when making offers. It also will help you make more and better offers. Listen closely and then send an email to describing your offers and any challenges you're having with getting them accepted by your clients or at prices that would make you happier. 

Jul 2020

13 min 43 sec

Building a business based on your expertise is an amazing career. If you're able to help individual or companies achieve transformational value, your value to them can be extraordinarily high.But most experts have no desire to be marketers, they simply want to provide their value to their clients. Marketing and business development simply come with the territoryEnter Jessica YarbroughJessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultants for entrepreneurs who want to sell high value products and services. Her background is in international business and she has built multiple companies.Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build their credibility online and attract high paying clients. She travels the world teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and helping them grow their influence and make the income and impact they desire.Free Training From Jessica:Discover How to Easily Enroll High Paying Clients Over the PhoneDiscover What 's Lacking In Your Business

Jun 2020

49 min 3 sec

In an epic return to the show, Carl Allen and his partner Adam Markley from the Dealmaker Wealth Society return to discuss how they help mentor aspiring dealmakers and business buyers learn how to take their entrepreneurial skillset to the next level.For the full shownotes visit: you've followed my podcast for any length of time, you'll know that buying businesses and creative dealmaking is by far my personal favorite topic.And in this episizzle, we'll cover the foundational reasons about WHY buying a business can often be superior to building one and dispel the myths that keep most entrepreneurs and business owners from every trying.We'll then dive deep into specific strategies about how to quickly find and acquire businesses or assets that open doors of opportunity wide open.And you'll meet my personal close friend and business partner, Adil Harchaoui as we transparently explain the exact industry we are pursuing a strategic rollup in and how we're planning to do it, while getting advice from two of the best in the business. 

Jun 2020

1 hr 48 min

Watch the video version by visiting times of uncertainty and grave dangers to our health and economy, two character traits will carry us through: Bravery and Reinvention. Companies, executives, entrepreneurs and employees are being forced to endure challenges, pivot their business models, change their ways of thinking and make bold moves. Few people personify both bravery and reinvention like today’s guest, Lisa Guerrero. Known by millions as the award winning Chief Investigative Correspondent of TV’s “Inside Edition” news show, Lisa consistently faces difficult situations with confidence and strength as she investigates and exposes corruption and deceit at every level of society.What most of her fans and followers don’t know is her heroic story of tragedy, triumph and reinvention at every stage of her career.Some Topics We Discussed Include:How losing her mother at a young age set in motion Lisa’s lifelong journey of courage and creativityLeaps of faith that have resulted in amazing and unexpected opportunitiesHow Lisa’s fearless approach to life helped her break into and succeed in diverse areas: from sportscasting and investigative journalism to country music and mosaic artCauses Lisa champions and the difference advocacy makes in people’s livesConcrete steps young people can take to make a difference in the world, even in the time of COVID-19 and social distancingTo learn more about Lisa or contact her for speaking, philanthropic activities or to simply follow her as she investigates injustice while  follow her on all major social media platforms @4lisaguerrero on Twitter and Instagram or visit her website:

Apr 2020

1 hr 3 min

Building a brand, getting exposure and being remembered can be confusing with so many options. Video marketing is one of the best and easiest methods to use, but it can be intimidating with all of the conflicting advice.Today I'm interviewing Dennis Yu who pioneered the “Dollar a Day Video Strategy” and other extremely effective tools to make sure you stand out with intimate and authentic videos without getting overwhelmed by the process.About Dennis YuDennis Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that amplifies exposure and sales of successful entrepreneurs via systems, analytics. He’s an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and has spoken over 730 times in 17 countries, spanning 5 continents.Listen closely as we dive into multiple strategies you can use immediately and go through Dennis's workflow to make it easy.As a special bonus to my listeners and subscribers, Dennis is giving a free checklist and training on video marketing.You simply have to send an email to with the subject line: “Brad sent me” and you'll get it for free. 

Apr 2020

51 min 6 sec

Want to build a large audience, email list and authority in a marketplace by piggybacking on the expertise of others? A "Virtual Summit" might be the answer you're looking for. Virtual Summits are simply online events where a host interviews multiple experts in a field one at a time and provides free access to the live "airing" of the summit to email registrants. The business model is to sell access to the on-demand recordings along with multiple bonuses.This is a powerful business model I personally have expertise in and have done multiple in the past. I plan on doing more in the future and that's why I invited Liam Austin to explain his method of doing virtual summits.Who is Liam Austin?Liam has launched and hosted 14 virtual summits and interviewed over 400 experts. He is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, which delivers one marketing tactic from a proven entrepreneur to your inbox daily. His mission is to make it easy for anyone to learn and utilize the strategies of proven entrepreneurs for their business.5 Core Benefits of Virtual SummitsGrow your email listsBuild relationships with the speakersBuild your own authorityGenerate revenueImpact and help a causeTo learn more about Liam Austin check out or

Apr 2020

50 min 10 sec

Frank "The Legend"  Shamrock is a retired 5x American professional mixed martial arts champion. Shamrock was the 1st to hold the UFC Middleweight Championship and retired a four-time defending undefeated champion. Shamrock was the No. 1 ranked pound for pound UFC fighter in the world during his reign as the UFC Middleweight Champion.He is a successful entrepreneur, film producer, executive coach and philanthropist supporting numerous charities and causes ranging from child protection to medical cannabis and mental health awareness.Frank has been a friend, client and partner of mine for the past couple years now since we met around the pool at Jesse Itzler's house and it's been a fun relationship ever since.What you might not know about Frank is that he's- Spent time "locked up" in prison- Upon release he faced a choice to go back to his old ways or develop himself as one of the world's best fighters and channel his situation into becoming a champion.- He dealt with the possibility of death every day for over a decade training with stone-cold killers- And he's found peace and reinvented himself as a successful entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist and advocate for the benefits of cannabis and ending the stigma of mental health.Other topics we coveredhow to deal with being forcibly locked up in prison and the necessary mindset to survivethe career crossroads Frank's father gave him when he exited prisonhow Frank became the first super student in mixed martial arts and used that to beat everyone who came his wayhow frank reinvented himself after his MMA careerthe secret to Frank's Plus Equals Minus system to learn anything faster and better.and moreYou can learn more at

Apr 2020

1 hr 24 min

Imagine being offered a chance to invest in a solid, debt-free, profitable company that was going to go public tomorrow at below market rates. Now imagine getting that offer twenty or more times a year. This is the model that Callum Laing and his team have been working on since 2015. By marrying the capital markets with the small business ecosystem, he shows you how you can start investing today in projects that have the fast growth of a tech company, the dividend policy of your favorite cash cow and the job impact that most governments can only dream of.And for entrepreneurs, he demonstrates a unique rollup strategy that has allowed him and his company to build a 9 figure business in less than 18 months in a very unique and innovative way. They call it "Agglomeration"This episode is one of the most advanced interviews I've done on the subject of acquisitions and the absolute definition of creative deal-making. After reading his book, "Entrepreneurial Investing: Connecting Sophisticated Capital with Talented Small Business" (which you can download for free below) I reached out to Callum so he can take me further and answer some big questions I still had. He answered each of them clearly and succinctly.If you're looking to really expand you mind to what's possible with creative dealmaking make sure to listen to this interview (or read the transcript below).Entrepreneurial Investing shows investors how to:• Connect with good, profitable small businesses• Ensure that your capital investment serves to grow business and invest in its people• Profit from small businesses while having all the liquidity and risk mitigation of a big PLCMeet Callum LaingCallum Laing is the co-founder and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC, a publicly traded company that acquires small businesses around the globe, leaving the founders in place.Callum has more than two decades of experience in starting, building, buying, and selling businesses in a range of sectors, including recruitment, sport and lifestyle, information technology, and telecommunications.He has published three best-selling books on business and investing, has interviewed and published more than 1,000 interviews with entrepreneurs and sits as High Commissioner to the World Business Angel Investor Forum, representing Singapore.Laing is also one of the pioneers behind the ‘Agglomerate’ methodology, which helps small businesses gain access to capital markets and connects investors with small profitable businesses.Links from the authorDownload the book Entrepreneurial Investing for free: - Idea to IPO in 12 months: you've read them, if you have got any value from them and are open to leaving a book review on, Callum makes a monthly contribution of school books to developing countries through for every review he receives (good, bad or ugly). So your review can make a big difference to a kids life.

Apr 2020

1 hr 10 min

We are in the middle of a pivotal moment for business owners, consumers and entire countries.There's a lot of confusion about what to do, what to avoid and how to pivot.In this short episode I reveal a few things I'm doing, how I'm helping my clients and 4 Case Studies Why You Shouldn't Cut Back on Marketing During An Economic Downturn...Dry Cereal:In the 1920’s, Post was the category leader in the ready-to-eat cereal category. During the Great Depression, Post cut back significantly its advertising budget and rival Kellogg’s doubled its advertising spend, investing heavily in radio and introducing a new cereal called Rice Krispies, featuring “Snap,” “Crackle” and “Pop.” Kellogg’s profits grew by 30% and the company became the category leader, a position it has maintained for decades.Imported Automobiles:The 17-month recession of 1973-75 was triggered by the energy crisis. In late 1973, the U.S. government issued its first miles-per-gallon report in which Toyota Corolla was second to Honda Civic in fuel efficiency. Since Toyota was experiencing strong sales, when the economic downturn hit, the temptation was to drop their ad budget, which they resisted. By adhering to its long-term strategy, Toyota surpassed Volkswagen as the top imported carmaker in the U.S. by 1976.Quick Service Restaurants:In the 1990-91 recession, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell took advantage of McDonald’s decision to drop its advertising and promotion budget. As a result, Pizza Hut increased sales by 61%, Taco Bell sales grew by 40% and McDonald’s sales declined by 28%.Technology:Amazon sales grew by 28% in 2009 during the “great recession.” The tech company continued to innovate with new products during the slumping economy, most notably with new Kindle products which helped to grow market share. In a first, on Christmas Day 2009, Amazon customers bought more e-books than printed books. As a result, in the minds of consumers, Amazon became an innovative company by introducing a lower cost alternative to cash-strapped consumers.ADDITIONALLY...If you're interested to see how I'm helping my clients use this time right now to build audiences and double down on authentic, intimate connection, email at and use subject line: "build an audience" to let me know.Good luck out there, stay safe and stay inside.

Mar 2020

8 min 58 sec

So, what would come to mind if you saw a big guy getting out of an expensive car with a t-shirt that says "Average Sucks!" ?Do you think "Damn right it does!" or "How arrogant you are?"These words are intentionally ambiguous to cause your brain to begin thinking. Because when this happens you're open to finding out the real meaning behind the words and how they can help you achieve your own full potential. Today I am joined by a very good friend of mine named Michael Bernoff.  I met Michael in 2011 when we were working on a business deal with my client and friend Drew Canole. Michael is a guy who is an absolute pro at understanding the way that the human mind works and how to use it to not only improve your own life, but to persuade others to improve theirs.He's one of the most dynamic public speakers you've ever seen and he has an amazing ability to help you uplevel your game and realize just how much more is capable of.  I have been to Michael's events, I've seen him work live and I am proud to call him a friend.Meet Michael BernoffMichael is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in the personal and professional development industry. He works directly with individuals as well as corporate executives who desire to transform their corporate culture in an ever changing marketplace. His passion for his work is limitless and his dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising.During his own journey of self-discovery, Michael studied and modeled effective leaders recognized worldwide. He focused their philosophies, strategies, and techniques that have consistently produced rapid and lasting change. By combining a variety of these proven disciplines and his own strategies, Michael has created his own programs that have enabled both him and his clients to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a life beyond limits.Visit him at MichaelBernoff.comShow Highlights:Yes, Average Sucks, but not THE average, your average.If you've ever felt you should be a bit further along in life than you are, this will hit you between the eyes.The number one fear of high performersHow to use your identity as a tool to shape your reality How to change your perspective to view yourself the way you are, not the way you were to see how you can be.Hear Brad's 3 biggest aspirations and criteria for a life well lived.

Feb 2020

34 min 5 sec

Rome Za is a warrior in every sense of the word. And I'm proud to call him a friend. His family immigrated from Chechnya when Rome four years old to escape threats to their lives and was brought up in NYC where he found trouble early on. But after a life changing experience with the magical medicine of psilocybin mushrooms at age 17, he experienced a massive shift that sent his life into a new and productive direction. Rome is a Holistic Nutritionist, Neuro linguistic Programming practitioner, movement / Brazilian jiu jitsu professor, writer, speaker, and coach! Since 2011 he's helped transform the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of thousands of people around the world by focusing on healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mind.He teaches students how to get unstuck, create a clear vision, and execute that vision into every area of their life and how to calm their spirit and transform their bodies and minds into lethal weapons. Rome is also one of the founders of the extremely high quality supplement company DrIanStern.comWhere you can see many of the products mentioned in this episode.Rome's 6 Week Guided Academy in Costa RicaBarehearted: My Journey With Vulnerability And Self-Love

Feb 2020

58 min 7 sec

This episode has 2 great bonuses for you. Bonus #1. Since it's a VIDEO interivew, you can Watch it by going to #2:  Get a Free ticket to Rich's 24 Hour Livestream and much more by visiting: and use Codeword:  BACON to unlock the vault. Rich Schefren is the founder of Strategic Profits and one of the guys I turn to when I want insights on what's working and what's coming up.In this episode you'll hear Rich talk about- unique ways to create and channel customer demand- how to rapidly learn and integrate new information-how to protect your business from some very big dangers happening right now from big tech and the platforms that digital marketers rely on most.And you can see what Rich is doing next by visiting and use Codeword:  BACON to unlock the vault. 

Feb 2020

1 hr 6 min

Here's a unique episode, today I'm going to share an idea I have about creating a new venture. I'm giving you ALL the details and my 3 part process for planning out any creative venture (which you'll learn about how to use yourself).I'll share the idea, the plan and 3 of my biggest questions and critiques of the plan in return for hearing your feedback about it.Seriously, I want to hear from you and what you think.Listen to this short episode and then either email me at or leave a voicemail at the bottom of this page: and let me know what you think.If you do, you'll be on a short list to notify the minute I release this new project. And as mentioned at the very end of this one, if you're interested in more details on my Ideation Intensive process, shoot me a note on that too.

Jan 2020

16 min 33 sec

This podcast has been responsible for some remarkable business opportunities since I started it in 2014. But many people notice that I'm not selling ads and sponsorships or making direct offers so they wonder how I'm monetizing it.The fact that this show, without direct monetization has produced over a half million dollars in profits in the past few years surprises many people because they can't understand how it makes money.Today I'm going to explain a bit more about how that works and I've brought on guest Luis Congdon from Thriving Launch podcast to help discuss other unique ways to monetize a podcast besides the well-known methods of sponsorships or direct sales of products.Luis is an accomplished podcaster, course creator and digital marketing expert and his show has changed his life in more ways than one.Listen in closely especially if you've ever considered creating a show but have been on the fence or if you haven't considered it but you're open to having your mind changed.Additional links featured in this episode include:Thriving LaunchBrad's Digital Marketer Guest Post on Instant ROI from PodcastingFive Star Freedom SystemAnd if you have any questions for Brad OR would like to discuss how to launch your own podcast specifically for B2B lead generation, send an email to and ask for information about this.

Jan 2020

54 min 15 sec

Happy New Year, in this short episode I'm going to fill you in on what's been happening lately and what to expect with the new format changes to the podcast.For feedback, please email or visit and scroll down to leave me a voicemail that I might just play on the air. 

Jan 2020

5 min 46 sec

One of the most popular topics I cover on this show involves deal making and buying businesses. Once you have the realization that it can be much more advantageous to buy a business than to build one. And if you really want a great payday, that happens when you sell.Today's guest, Micahel Bereslavsky bought his first site back in 2004 for $120 and sold it to a larger affiliate business for $2500. He then started to purchase more sites for cashflow before flipping them.As of today's date, Michael has a Flippa page 52 transactions totaling $604,961.In this interview I went deep into Michael's acquisition strategy and criteria to discover how he finds, negotiates, manages and then flips his deals.I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.About Michael BereslavskyMichael Bereslavsky is the founder and CEO of Domain Magnate. He’s been involved in various internet-based businesses since 2004 and quickly graduated from building, promoting, and monetizing websites to buying and selling them. With over a decade of experience, Michael and Domain Magnate has managed 300+ successful deals.  

Nov 2019

40 min 13 sec

WealthFit is the Netflix for learning wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, business, and mindset. In this episode, host Brad Costanzo talks with Dustin Mathews, the Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer of WealthFit, an online learning startup focused on teaching all the stuff you never learned in school about money, investing, and entrepreneurship. Dustin talks about some of the educational components behind WealthFit and its vision to revolutionize financial education and lead people to true wealth. He also shares how the WealthFit business model works and teaches on how to create real value proposition for the audience.Some Topics We Discussed Include:Dustin’s storyWhat is WealthFitThe vision of WealthFitThe WealthFit business modelDustin’s budgeting courseBalancing business, family, and everything elseLearn more about Dustin Mathews and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How To Review The Show »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Nov 2019

36 min 43 sec

It takes an amazing amount of energy and clear thinking to thrive in today's business world. Energy and vitality are fundamental to feeling good and performing well. If your chemistry is off, you're pushing a boulder up a hill.I know this because for several years, my chemistry was off. From nutrient deficiencies to low testosterone, I had no idea what was causing my drops in peak performance until I met today's guest, Gary Brecka, founder of Streamline Wellness and went through a comprehensive diagnostic and health performance protocol.Now, after over 6 months under Gary's health protocols, I've never felt or looked better in my life.Click here to see the photoOn this incredibly revealing and transparent episode, we dive deep into what it means to really take control of your health and wellness and more importantly optimize it for high performance and amazing vitality.So how do we achieve optimal wellness.? How do we bring out the physiological superhuman inside of each one of us? Live longer, sleep deeper increase our response to exercise improve our mental clarity skyrocket our libido and have true waking energy?Listen to this episode to discoverHow Gary used to predict when people would die, down to the month, for insurance companies based on their biomarkers, and he was accurate.Why the most important information in a blood test is what's NOT on the resultsThe role the Vitamin D deficiency plays on all parts of the bodyHow Brad leverages testosterone replacement therapy and growth peptides to supercharge his performance and recoveryHow to iohack your energy in the morning without any supplements or medicationsWhy Grant Cardone became a patient and a big investor in the companyThe 3 pillars of optimal health that most people missThe real culprit behind Alzheimers Disease and how to prevent and potentially reverse itHow to safely stimulate humane growth hormone with two advanced growth peptidesHow to build strong muscles quickly by leveraging heat shock proteins in the sauaWhat clinical dehydration means and how to fix it (hint: it's not how much water you drink)And so much more.This two hour episizzle goes into depth, no surface level advice here. You may want to take detailed notes.Better yet, contact Gary at and tell him that Brad Costanzo sent you!

Oct 2019

2 hr 4 min

Some apps get such explosive growth while others languish in the app store. Today's guest, Sean Casto of, knows how because he's helped launch and market thousands of apps to achieve millions of downloads. Sean dives into the 7 pillars to creating a million dollar app as well as the 10 Step Skyrocket Method to making an app go viral. He also differentiates organic traffic versus social traffic, and which one makes the biggest impact on your downloads. Tune in today and discover what it really takes to make it big in the world of mobile apps.Some Topics We Discussed Include:The 7 pillars to creating a million-dollar appThe 10 Step Skyrocket Method to making an app go viralOrganic vs Social and what makes the biggest impact on your downloadsHow to increase activation and engagement in your appWhat it really takes to make it big in the world of mobile appTo learn more about Sean and how you can increase the downloads of your app, click on and the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

46 min 52 sec

In order to capture the attention of a potential buyer, you must sell the problem that you have solved in your company and not the product. In this episode, host Brad Costanzo talks with John Warrillow about the questions you need to ask yourself in order to have a profitable exit when selling your business. John is an entrepreneur and author with over twenty years of research experience into the small and medium business (SMB) market. He founded The Value Builder System to level the playing field for business owners as they approach their exit. On today’s show, John reveals the best and creative ways to effectively sell your business and make a profit out of it.Some Topics We Discussed Include:How to know your PRE Score: “Personal Readiness to Exit” and why it mattersImportant questions to ask yourself before you ever decide to sell your businessThe biggest reasons owners decide to sell their businessJohn's upcoming book about how sellers can better negotiate with sophisticated buyers to ensure they get the best price and terms possibleValuing a company on revenue vs earningsLearn more about John and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

45 min 12 sec

These days, attention is currency. If you own a business or are trying to build a personal brand (or both) you need to get discovered. But creating enough social media content to stay cool and relevant can be expensive and time consuming.Creating short, snackable social media content is one of the most effective things to do but it's a pain to manage it all.That's why I invited Shaina Weisinger on, the founder of Repurpose House to explain how they show marketers the full potential of their content by turning blogs, videos, and podcasts into shareable video and images for every social media platform.To see samples of Shaina and Repurpose House's work, visit Shaina Weisinger is the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House, which turns long-form content into optimized videos and images for high engagement social media strategies.Shaina has a background in video production for digital marketing and is on a mission to show content creators the untapped potential and repurposing power of the content that they already have.She has taught about content in many publications including DigitalMarketer, Inc., and Startup Nation, and continuously offers valuable takeaways by interviewing industry experts from world recognized brands such as Godaddy, HubSpot, MarketingProfs, and more through her video podcast, The Content Coalition. 

Oct 2019

36 min 22 sec

There is a process when it comes to growing your business; but before that, it is important to think about marketing first. Brand development and marketing strategy consultant, Benjamin Shapiro, dives deep into some of the strategies that he uses to help growth-stage companies. He shares how to build an effective marketing strategy and shows the importance of understanding your identity and customers' needs. Benjamin also tells us the story of him becoming a marketer and the lessons he learned from working with eBay before he took off to do his own business. He now hosts and produces the MarTech Podcast and shares the growth strategies he uses for it.Learn more about Benjamin and get the full shownotes at Topics We Discussed Include:How Benjamin became the marketer he is nowWhat lessons he learned from working at eBaySome marketing tips and tricksWhat MarTech Podcast is all aboutHow to start podcasting the right wayBenefits of partnerships, networking, and sponsorships to growing your podcastSome technological solutions and strategiesLove the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

52 min 48 sec

Building a business selling products on Amazon is one of the simplest, proven ways to create a business. But although it's simple, it's not necessarily easy. Today's guest is Jason Katzenback, the Cofounder of Amazing which provides the most successful training program for building a successful Amazon business. It’s about more than just learning how to sell on Amazon, it’s a program designed for building an entire physical products business. In today's episizzle, Jason breaks down what's working, what's not, and what it really takes to build a business the right way without getting trampled by complexity or competition.Some Topics We Discussed Include:Significant development with Amazon in terms of making money, doing ads, and driving trafficFactors that could kill your Amazon business and what to do with themProduct sourcing adviceHow much is a realistic startup capitalBest promotional strategiesWhy choose niche vs broadWhat happens when you do everything rightThe Amazing courseLearn more about Jason and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How To Rate and Review Us»Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today: Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

1 hr 7 min

Acquisition and positioning are significant when selling your business, as well as knowing your cash flow before buying another company you are interested in. In this episode, Terry Lammers of Innovative Business Advisors discusses techniques and ways for you to be able to sell your business or buy another company effectively. With your company, it is not about sales and net income; instead, it is all about gross profit and especially cash flow. He elaborates to you the reasons why, as he also emphasizes how having the right business advisors and team is crucial in helping you successfully buy or sell your business.Some Topics We Discussed Include:Considering acquisitions on your businessImportance of right banking relationshipsHow “Planting Seed” is important in making conversations to competitors about selling their businessAdvisers on Acquisitions and Dispositions sidesCash flow as an important thing on getting a loanRecurring revenueServices provided by Terry LammersHow to run business from a financial businessLearn more about Terry and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

57 min

Finding the right people who will surround you while building your business to the top is a key move towards long-term success. David Osborn, the Cofounder of Gobundance, shares how he came to be one of the largest franchise owners of Keller Williams Real Estate. David also talks a little bit about some of his journey and what it has taken him to build not just his real estate career, but also switching over to a new business model. Learn more from David as he relays his experiences in creating his company to becoming a successful franchise owner.Some Topics We Discussed Include:How David went from being bankrupt in his twenties to joining Keller WilliamsThe convenience that technology has provided in making business transactions faster and betterHow David learned how to hire people through Gary Keller’s Recruit SelectWorking with Pat Hiban as his accountability partnerHow Gobundance was bornFinding influence from successful peopleHow accountability is formedGaining a success and peer partnerHow opening up problems to a group can make you strongerHaving live meetings and outdoor events with the teamDavid’s thorough process of dealing with documentationLearn more about David and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:baconwrappedbusiness.comBacon Wrapped Business FacebookBacon Wrapped Business LinkedInBacon Wrapped Business YouTubeBacon Wrapped Business Twitter

Oct 2019

41 min 30 sec

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in generating leads. Jimmy Coleman, the Chief Giving Officer of Grow and Give, teaches on how to get the best out of the platform and turn contacts into clients in the shortest time possible. Creating a system on LinkedIn that generated over $2,000,000 in the first year of the startup he was a partner in, Jimmy has made a great mark in the industry.After seeing these methods work in several industries, he launched a separate business dedicated towards sharing the techniques that uniquely creates twenty inbound leads every day. Learn more strategies on how you can widen your reach and acquire leads, drive more traffic to your site, and earn more for your business by joining us today.Some Topics We Discussed Include:How he came to invent his LinkedIn SystemBiggest mistakes people make in advertising themselves or their businesses in LinkedInTeaching about breaking the common rules in generating leadsThe automation aspects of prospectingBest practices and platforms in lead generationHow podcasts can put you in a great position for your leads and clientsTaking advantage of the "birthing" thing: on LinkedInBringing traffic to your inboxThe kinds of posts that bring a lot of engagementLearn more about Jimmy and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Oct 2019

1 hr 11 min

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and as a CEO or entrepreneur, building an effective sales team can be critical to your success. We've had episodes talking about how to sell, but this is focused on how to build sales teams that can help you scale. Today's guest is Mark Evans, the founder of Standard Sales Company. He's helped multiple companies build a 7-figure sales team and individuals reach the seven-figure sales mark and beyond. Launching his book soon called "Raise Your Standards: The Definitive Guide to Building 7-Figure Sales" He has a free resource for you called 15 “SALES TEAM ACTIVATORS” THAT WILL TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FROM 6 TO 7-FIGURES IN 90 DAYS OR LESS at

Sep 2019

29 min 50 sec

Did you know that 97% of customers never complete an online course? Customers that don't complete courses don't get results. Customers that don't get results don't stick around and continue to purchase more or tell their friends.The industry, soon to be $350 billion according to Forbes, is saturated with mediocre information products. It doesn't have to be this way. Today's guest, Marisa Murgatroyd, will explain how she disrupted the online education industry and has her sights on the way the world learns by "experiencifying" the process of learning and getting results.Some Topics We Discussed Include:Why info products and course sales are falling and what to do insteadCritical elements that will transform any online course into a viral phenomenonHow to create “super-sticky” online courses that sell like gangbusters and deliver massive resultsHow to “experiencify” your online courses and create raving fans for lifeHow Marisa gamified her way to 700+ pages of testimonials for My Online CourseHow gamifying her launch lead to $1.5M in salesLearn more about Marisa and get the full shownotes at the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Bacon Wrapped Business Community today:Bacon Wrapped Business on FacebookBrad Costanzo on FacebookBrad Costanzo on LinkedInBrad Costanzo on YouTubeBrad Costanzo on Twitter

Sep 2019

1 hr