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We are for the dreamers and believers of the world who want more out of life! We all have 1,440 minutes in each day and we want to suck the juice out of every single minute! Here is our podcast full of tips, strategies, stories and just ways to be better and TRIUMPH over any area of our life we set our mind to! Welcome to The Triumphant Life Podcast and way of life!

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All too often, we look at celebrities or online "GURUS" as if they are superhuman. But they aren't!! They are no different than you and I! So what if we started making YOU the HERO just like them? And the best part, you hold the pen to this whole story! Check out this episode where I break it all down! 

Sep 8

16 min 26 sec

How does change happen? How do you achieve the BIG goals and dreams you have? Follow these two simple steps and start making BIG changes in your life! 

Aug 24

14 min 24 sec

MAP 🗺 > STRATEGIES & TACTICS. "The MAP" and end destination of where you are actually going... is 1,000 times more important than the strategy of how you are going to get there! “If you don’t know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere” - Henry A. Kissinger .... With a quick Google or YouTube search, you can find thousands of ways and strategies to grow your business. Or a quick scroll on social media, you will get hit with another 10 sponsored ads with another “strategy or tactic”. But, what those videos can’t do, is get clear on WHAT you want in life and out of your business. Only you can. Only you can architect your “Business & Life by Design”. But once you do, when you get so clear on your vision you can see it & feel it, It will pull you towards it like a heat seeking missile locked in on its target . And once you are locked in, the strategies and tactics are easy! Because you will know WHY you are doing them and WHAT you are doing them for! Its "THE MAP 🗺: of where you are actually going and we dive into this topic in this episode! In it, we share 3 steps to get CLEAR on your map and set you up for the BIGGEST year ever! 

Mar 22

23 min 14 sec

We are beyond proud to introduce you to one of the raddest dudes...  Mr. Khari Harper! Khari is the true definition of an Entrepreneur and someone who us out chasing his dreams and creating the business and life he wants and deserves! Khari is a very proud black man, who was put into the foster care system as a young child and at age 10, he was adopted by a white family. He is a very special person and his attitude on this is incredible. He has taken many L's (losses) in his life and believes you just have to take them on to get to the WINS! It's that exact attitude that Khari has taken into his businesses and made him extremely successful!  Being a black man, raised by a white family gives Khari such a beautiful perspective on so many things going on in this world, especially this year in 2020 and the Black Lives Matter movement. Khari's father was a New York firefighter during 9-11, who on his day off drove to the towers, parked his car on the freeway and ran to help. He is a TRUE HERO! Which gives Khari such a different perspective to see the world through his eyes and his background, which makes him so special! All of us here at the Triumphant Life are beyond PROUD and honored to share his story, insights, experiences and this episode with you! 

Oct 2020

50 min 41 sec

Let me set the stage for this episode. Our host Nicky T and our guest Terrence Burner are in the middle of the 75Hard Program (75HARD.COM). It's a super tough program that includes committing to 2 -45 minute workouts per day (one outside), drinking a gallon of water, reading 10 pages, following a diet, no cheat meals, no alcohol and taking a progress pic every single day for 75 Days straight! And failing to miss one item on the list means starting all the way back at Day #1!  Nick and Terrence are doing this program together and took some time to share the lessons they have learned so far about discipline, commitment, success, business, life and all the insights they have had so far on this journey! Now, this episode is NOT about them one bit... but them sharing lessons they have learned so far that can help you in your fitness journey, business growth and just life in general! Check it all out in this jam packed episode. 

Sep 2020

1 hr 11 min

In this episode, we are honored to have on Shane Kipper! Shane teaches "self love" and the importance of gratitude in your life! He dives into all of it on this episode and shares with us a step by step strategy to be more grateful in our everyday life!  Plus, Shane shares his personal story of "burning his ships" and chasing his dreams! Shane flew out to San Diego for a 3 day mastermind and never went back! So in this episode he shares his mindset on that and betting on YOU! 

May 2020

43 min 14 sec

Welcome to our first ever "DOUBLE" podcast episode! Instead of doing 2 separate recordings, Nate Palmer the Founder of N8 Training Systems and I jumped on to record an episode for both The Triumphant Life and his podcast, The Million Dollar Body. Nate is a personal trainer and nutritionist and we are so honored to have him on for the 2nd time! In this episode, we cover "The Four Foundations" of the Triumphant Life: Body, Mind, Spirit and Income. We also cover morning routines, how to maximize your body and mind for more energy and how to THRIVE in Life and Business!  At the time of this recording, we also touch on the covid-19 crisis and how to change your focus and come out of this stronger and better than ever!  Enjoy the episode!

Mar 2020

46 min 1 sec

Welcome to Season #2, Episode #2. And I have to say, this might just be my FAVORITE episode ever! Let me set the ground work for this episode...  Right before I recorded this, I had just ran the "Golden Gate Bridge" in San Francisco. This was a bucket list item of mine my whole life and I was able to finally do it and cross it off my list! After it, I was so inspired I pulled out my phone and recorded this for you, since I think the lesson here can really add a ton of value and energy to you life.  In this episode, I talk about YOUR bucket list items and things you will regret "not doing" when you are 80 years old sitting in a rocking chair. I also get into the topic of "You only live once", which I couldn't DISAGREE with more! You don't only live once... you only die once!  So, live life! Every. Single. Day.  

Nov 2019

11 min 55 sec

Welcome to Season #2 of The Triumphant Life Podcast! Wow I can't believe it's almost been a year since we dropped our first episode. Since then, we've been able to help A LOT of people in many areas of their lives. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your messages, reviews, shares and kind words about this podcast! It is my life's GREATEST honor being able to help and serve YOU! So what's in store for Season #2? More Inspiration, Motivation, Strategies, Stories and Guest Speakers! I've got some killer episodes lined up for you to help make change in ANY area of your life. So let's kick off Season #2 in true "Triumphant Life" Style. I felt starting off this season with the "Adversity" episode was very fitting of me and this podcast. This podcast was born out of the most adversity I had ever faced in my life and is actual the reason for the name, "TRIUMPHANT", because we must "TRIUMP" over the adversities we face in our lives.   Shocked the positive and inspirational podcast is tackling this topic? Don't be. Adversity is a way of life and we are all thrown curve balls and things we don't want or aren't expecting. So to help with that, we take on "The 4 Steps to Handle Adversity" in our Season 2 kick off episode! Enjoy!

Oct 2019

18 min 15 sec

Ready to change in a certain area of your life? In this episode, we are truly blessed to have our guest, Nick Marion on to go over his "Stage of Change" method. Nick has over 90,000 hours logged as a personal trainer and now coach and business consultant. So he's seen change! He shares with us how to make change in an area of your life and how to maintain it! 

Aug 2019

40 min 54 sec

No matter what area of your life you are looking to improve in, someone else has already been there! Tony Robbins said it best: "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." So if you want to get fit or lose some weight, find someone who is already fit and ask them for help! Want to make more money or blow your business up? Reach out to someone who is already doing it! Want a loving and lasting marriage? Go seek out a couple who's been married for 20 years and can't keep their hands off each other! Make sense? That's exactly what the "Standing on the Shoulders of GIANTS" concept is all about! In this episode, we share with you how you can shrink down the learning curve and save you months of not years and fast forward your results by asking for help! Enjoy! 

Apr 2019

25 min 54 sec

To grow in ANY area of your life, you have to become more! No matter if that is fitness, family or business! Developing a GROWTH mindset and learning is the only way to make this happen and can speed up your goals and dreams! On this episode, we are "On Location" in Nashville, TN and had 2 very special guests on, Mr, James P Engel and Erik Kelly! Both of them are committed to learning and growing and sharing their knowledge and wisdom with others. And once you hear them drop some incredible thoughts on this episode, you will see why too! Enjoy! 

Feb 2019

30 min 53 sec

You are NOT your past! You are not your past mistakes! But all too often, we let those past mistakes define us and slow us down. BUT NOT ANYMORE! In this episode, we use "The Time Machine" exercise to use those past mistakes and lessons learned to fuel you to create a new beautiful future and story for your life! 

Jan 2019

23 min 40 sec

Do you need more ENERGY each day? Silly question right! We all need more energy to take on any goal or challenge we are working on! Whether that's a health/fitness goal, business or income, family & relationship goals or just feeling better... we ALL could use more energy each day. And we aren't talking about a "double expresso" shot either! In this episode, we are truly honored to have on Nate Palmer to go over how we can get more energy using morning and nighttime rituals. He shares with us his step by step plan to sleep better, wake up feeling more refreshed and how to start each day with "INTENTION". Nate Palmer is the Author of "Passport Fitness", the Founder of N8 Training Systems and the creator of the "Million Dollar Meal Plan".  Here's how to get in touch with Nate: Website: Million Dollar Meal Plan:

Jan 2019

40 min 4 sec

We are so excited for this episode, where we go over "The 30 Day CHALLENGE!". How do you make change in ANY area of your life? It starts with getting momentum and building confidence in yourself! In this episode, we share with you a 30 day Challenge system that can help you change your life, 30 days at a time! Enjoy!

Dec 2018

23 min 31 sec

Sometimes our goals and dreams seem so far away and they may seem overwhelming! And that makes it hard to just get started. In this episode, we share with you tips, ideas and strategies to get started on any goal you are working towards and how to break that down to daily actions and to build momentum! We cover all that plus a whole lot more! Enjoy!

Dec 2018

38 min 54 sec

We are so excited to finally launch our podcast and this is the kick off episode. And in true Triumphant Life style... we did it OUR WAY! Raw, real, un cut with puppies in the background, lol! And no better way to kick off this show with our good friend, Andrew Hangartner!

Nov 2018

26 min 40 sec