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TCEA’s weekly podcast, where we sit down with educators and experts to discuss everything from big ideas to useful tips for your most-used ed tech resources.

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We're taking a brief hiatus for the summer, but be sure to keep up with the latest from TCEA online and at our TCEA events.

Jul 8

2 min 52 sec

We all want to implement teaching strategies that accelerate learning. Finding the right methods, however, can be a challenge. We're here to help, as TCEA's professional learning experts dig into the research to find what's most effective in teaching.

Jul 1

19 min 8 sec

We're marking our 90th episode by sharing some thought-provoking and useful clips from our most recent TCEA Elementary Technology Conference.

Jun 25

24 min 28 sec

During the pandemic, the ways educators communicated with parents and guardians changed. Guest speaker Nadia Tamez-Robledo of EdSurge explains how, for some parents of special education students, it was a change for the better.

Jun 18

27 min 44 sec

Violet Christensen and Courtney Groskin join the club to explore what learning coaches have discovered about supporting teachers and student during the pandemic, and what lessons they hope to carry forward.

Jun 11

32 min 6 sec

This week’s guest speaker is Danielle Sullivan, National Director of Content and Implementation at Curriculum Associates. She takes us through the meaning behind self-care for educators, and how you can develop healthy ways to recharge and reconnect with your work and your passions.

Jun 3

37 min 28 sec

Summer is an important time in education. It's a chance to relax, catch up, and even keep learning. Miguel Guhlin explains how TCEA's more than 50 streamlined, self-paced courses can help you get ahead in the new school year.

May 28

36 min 54 sec

Susan Rivers, CEO and Chief Scientist of iThrive Games Foundation, talks to the club about the power of simulation activities to help build social-emotional learning, civics education, and critical thinking skills in secondary students.

May 20

42 min 6 sec

This week, TCEA's Dr. Bruce Ellis talks about different ways to provide inspiration and maintain positive relationships with students at the end of a challenging school year.

May 14

37 min

Dr. Stepan Mekhitarian, Interim Director of Innovation, Instruction, Assessment and Accountability at Glendale Unified School District, discusses lessons on blended learning, differentiation, and formative assessment learned during remote learning.

May 6

32 min 13 sec

This week, we get an update on broadband, online assessment, and more happening at the Texas Legislature, courtesy of TCEA's own Director of Governmental Relations, Jennifer Bergland.

Apr 29

43 min 46 sec

Jatong and Ali, two high school students from Georgia, stop by the club to talk about how they developed Ingenify, a nonprofit tutoring website for and by students.

Apr 22

23 min 58 sec

This week, TCEA's own Diana Benner discusses emotional health, gratitude, and ways students and educators alike can practice behaviors that improve our outlook.

Apr 15

28 min 50 sec

Meghan Whittaker of the National Center for Learning Disabilities is our guest speaker this week. She explores a new toolkit from NCLD all about mindsets, tools, and best practices for distance learning for students with learning differences.

Apr 8

33 min 35 sec

This week, TCEA's own Dr. Bruce Ellis looks ahead to summer — what we can learn, how we can refresh, and he shares some tools that could help make your summer more enjoyable.

Apr 1

33 min 44 sec

In this conversation from TCEA 2021, Ari Flewelling, AKA Ed Tech Ari, talks through tech, bias, and the social aspects of learning.

Mar 26

39 min 14 sec

Vernon Wright shares ways to connect and rejuvenate in this in-depth conversation from TCEA 2021.

Mar 11

43 min 42 sec

From TCEA 2021, Kasey Bell examines the changing ways education is delivered — and what educators can expect in the future.

Mar 4

43 min 19 sec

Ken Shelton joins us to discuss equity, inclusion, and diversity in depth.

Feb 26

46 min 6 sec

David Chan of IDEA joins us to talk about the TCEA + IDEAcon event, instructional tech, and more in this interview from TCEA 2021.

Feb 15

41 min 44 sec

Dr. Kate Biberdorf (aka Kate the Chemist) is a professor, a science communicator, and a 2021 TCEA Featured Focus Thought Leader, talks breaking down barriers and stereotypes, sharing your message of learning, and finding new ways to engage learners.

Feb 3

30 min 48 sec

Hamish Brewer, known as the skateboarding principal and a 2021 TCEA Featured Focus Thought Leader, talks leadership and gives us a preview of what he'll present at TCEA 2021.

Feb 1

17 min 14 sec

Creative media consultant, digital designer, YouTuber, photographer, master woodworker, and 2021 TCEA Thought Leader Claudio Zavala, Jr. talks creativity and gives us a preview of what he'll present at TCEA 2021.

Jan 28

27 min 26 sec

Olympian, leadership consultant, author, and 2021 TCEA Featured Focus presenter Bonnie St. John gives us a preview of her Convention talk, and tips on staying resilient.

Jan 21

27 min 32 sec

TCEA's Director of Government Relations joins us to discuss broadband access, technology and materials funding, and more.

Jan 14

37 min 14 sec

We're wrapping up the year with stories, insights, and gratitude from the TCEA staff to everyone who helped make learning happen in 2020.

Dec 2020

18 min 19 sec

Santa Claus — yes, the Santa Claus — joins the club as we review TCEA's annual live chat with the magic man from the North Pole.

Dec 2020

16 min 26 sec

Technology coach Kyle Niemis introduces the club to five of his top formative assessment tools, from least to most complex.

Dec 2020

23 min 32 sec

Peggy Reimers, TCEA Director of Professional Development, visits the club to share some fun digital tools and resources to bring Thanksgiving into your class.

Nov 2020

22 min 48 sec

Children's book author Charise Mericle Harper speaks on embarrassment; how young people experience it, and how they can share those experiences and build understanding. 

Nov 2020

27 min 32 sec

TCEA Director of Professional Development takes us through the world of text-to-speech sites, tools, and add-ons in this meeting of the club.

Nov 2020

31 min 6 sec

In this two-part episode, Darcy Bakkegard and Michelle Blanchet introduce us to the Educator's Canvas, a simple tool designed to help educators solve problems large and small.

Oct 2020

23 min 20 sec

In this two-part episode, Darcy Bakkegard and Michelle Blanchet introduce us to the Educator's Canvas, a simple tool designed to help educators solve problems large and small.

Oct 2020

21 min 26 sec

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit, Nick Hoover, like many, started collecting useful digital teaching resources. He joins us to discuss running his website, Amazing Educational Resources, and how remote and hybrid teaching might affect teaching and learning in the long term.

Oct 2020

27 min 58 sec

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. Meghan Whittaker of the National Center for Learning Disabilities rejoins the club to discuss data regarding disproportionate effects across racial groups, and what educators need to know.

Oct 2020

28 min 11 sec

Our guest speaker, Noel Foy, discusses how we can help students manage stress and anxiety — and how neuroscience can help.

Oct 2020

30 min 28 sec

Travis Squyres of TCEA's ROBO-SIG visits the club to talk about teaching robotics and computer science, even in remote learning, and an upcoming event bringing these topics together.

Sep 2020

20 min 42 sec

Looking to practice robotics while teaching remotely and in hybrid environments? TCEA's Katie Treat and Peggy Reimers take us through the changes we've made to our robotics contests.

Sep 2020

24 min 46 sec

TCEA Director of Professional Development Diana Benner is back to help define misconceptions about SEL, and how to best integrate social and emotional learning in the remote classroom.

Sep 2020

21 min 52 sec

Diana Benner rejoins the club to discuss helpful ideas to maintain connections with parents and guardians during remote learning, as well as some of the tools that might help.

Sep 2020

19 min 46 sec

Diana Benner joins us to outline the best practices for establishing beginning-of-the-year norms during remote learning.

Aug 2020

25 min 12 sec

TCEA's Jennifer Bergland discusses local and state efforts to increase internet access for students learning remotely.

Aug 2020

18 min 28 sec

TCEA's Jennifer Bergland takes us through some of the policies and procedures being shared by state agencies and policymakers.

Aug 2020

21 min 3 sec

Ed tech coach Kyle Niemis take us on a tour of his top picks for remote learning tools. 

Aug 2020

24 min 52 sec

TCEA Director of Professional Development Dr. Bruce Ellis tells us more exciting ways of using Flipgrid for online learning.

Jul 2020

17 min 20 sec

We're joined by TCEA Director of Professional Development Dr. Bruce Ellis, as he tells us exciting ways of using Flipgrid for online learning.

Jul 2020

21 min 20 sec

TCEA Director of Professional Development Miguel Guhlin takes us through new courses designed to provide proven professional learning.

Jul 2020

24 min 10 sec

Guest speaker Meghan Whittaker, Director of Policy & Advocacy at the National Center for Learning Disabilities, discusses the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the challenges of remote learning for students with learning disabilities, and more.

Jul 2020

24 min 54 sec

This week, we're joined by Heather Vaughn of the Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin to discuss programs meant to teach students the power and challenges of civic engagement.

Jul 2020

29 min 48 sec

Amanda DoAmaral, CEO of Fiveable, joins the club to discuss teacher attitudes toward the coming school year.

Jun 2020

22 min 23 sec