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SoulTalk is a thought-provoking podcast about what really matters in life. It is a deep exploration into life's biggest questions: who we are, why we are here, and where we are going? Kute Blackson will get personal, sharing practical wisdom on how to live your most authentic life, as well as deep dialogues on purpose, health, love, money, sex, spirituality and success.

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“When your freedom and peace are not dependent on anything outside, this is power."   Episode Summary: We have so many ideas of what we think true harmony is. Harmony is not simply infinite peace or the absence of conflict. True harmony includes conflict. True harmony embraces the wholeness value. Listen to this episode and learn how to find true freedom and harmony in these times of conflict, chaos and division. It is only in real freedom and harmony that you can guarantee inner peace and joy within.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to access freedom in times of division and chaos. The definition of harmony and how to find true harmony within yourself. The importance of unity. What we do to reinforce our ego. Beliefs that keep us stuck and how to move through them. How to find real peace in the world.   Some Questions That I Ask: What do we do in times of chaos? How do we find peace within ourselves during these times? Is there real peace and how do we find it on this planet? How do we find freedom? What is “power”, and how do we find power?

Nov 30

20 min 55 sec

“Once you're connected to your soul, you begin to love yourself enough to want to heal yourself because the light of the soul is overwhelming.”   Episode Summary: Dr. Gabriel Cousens, known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live, plant-source nutrition, functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally. Listen to this episode and learn how to reconnect with your soul, avoid illness and find your purpose in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to overcome the fear of death. The 3 keys to discern between your intuition, your deeper knowing and your ego at work. How to embody, feel and see that the soul is eternal. The 6 foundational keys for a spiritual passing retreat. Important causes for illnesses and steps to move through your healing journey. A 7-day mental detox cycle. How to become liberated.   Some Questions That I Ask: How do we know the voice of God? How can someone who might be struggling with the fear of death overcome that fear? How can someone make that shift from knowing the soul is eternal to actually feeling it? If someone has a life-threatening illness or diagnosis, should they not have a goal to beat the terminal illness or wait for whatever will happen to happen? Can you give guidance on how to move through the healing journey to someone listening in and going through a physical illness or disease? How is it possible for someone to be enlightened and yet do evil? What are your thoughts on fasting and can you share some advice on how to do it right to experience the full benefits.   Find out more about Dr. Cousens work here:

Nov 23

1 hr 4 min

“If you want to have good relationships, don't expect people to mind read, drop those expectations and projections, communicate how you feel without blame, expectation and entitlement.”   Episode Summary: In relationships, we sometimes expect our loved ones to be psychic. We expect those we love to know what we want and know how to respond to our needs without giving any direction. If they don’t, we often get upset, feel unloved, rejected and hurt. Can you relate? Listen to this week’s episode as I share mistakes we make in our relationships and ways to make it easier to deal with conflicts and build stronger and healthier relationships.   In This Episode You Will Learn: Important ways to understand what you desire and focus on what you really want. How expectations can create disappointment in relationships and what to do to overcome this. How non-communication sets us up to fail. A key reason why we do not communicate in relationships and how to move through that. How your interpretation of an experience becomes your reality.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is the major mistakes people make in relationships? What sets us up to fail in relationships? How important is growth and maturity in a relationship? What are some of the effects of our own attachments, projections and expectations in our relationships? What do people do to betray themselves in relationships?

Nov 13

15 min 11 sec

“When we are loving ourselves, we are filling ourselves up with love to share with others and that’s the most beautiful thing that we can do on the planet.”   Episode Summary:  In this episode, Margaret Paul, author of "Diet For Divine Connection”, talks about the importance of getting in touch with our feelings and learning to love ourselves to improve relationships and heal emotional wounds. She shares the 6 steps of her inner bonding process and the connection between our diet and our spiritual health.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to overcome self-abandonment. 2 key questions to ask yourself when working with your beliefs. The reason we resist loving ourselves and how to shift it. What the “inner child” is and how to access it. How to cultivate a deeper spiritual connection. The one key trait to look for in a partner when it comes to relationships.   Some Questions I Ask: How would someone get to be present with their feelings when they are painful? How would someone who is atheist connect with their higher self? How can someone start to feel love for themselves? How does someone unravel from being addicted to care-taking? Is there an important piece of wisdom that you could give when it comes to relationship?   Find out more about Margaret's work here: 

Nov 13

1 hr 2 min

“True ‘genius’ is when you can tap into your unique abilities and bring them out in a way that they move other people to lead better lives.”   Episode Summary:  I am honored to have one of the world's leading experts in psychology, personal growth and relationships, Gay Hendricks, on SoulTalk this week. For 45 years, Gay has been a leader in the field of relationship transformation and body-mind therapies. Listen to this episode and learn how to remove all the limitations in your life and work with the creative assets of the Universe to enable you to manifest your deepest desires without the stress.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to discover the genius in you. Key action steps you can do to connect with your genius. The 3 limiting beliefs that can keep us from achieving greatness. How to turn off negative thinking. The 2 most important things to know about taking a big leap in your life. The role of fear and how to deal with it when it comes to achieving your desires.   Some Questions That I Ask: What do you mean by genius? Can everyone tap into their genius? How can someone create a sustainable living doing what they love? How can we expand our capacity to receive? How can someone shift a limiting belief? What advice can you give to someone dealing with negative thoughts? How do you stay creatively alive and not get bored?   Find out more about Gay's work here:

Nov 9

1 hr

”Real self-love comes from knowing who you are and when you know who you are, you step outside of the limitations of your ego and identity and tap into the greater dimension of the power of your soul.”   Episode Summary:  Self-love is a state of appreciating oneself, having a high sense of regard for your own well-being, your own happiness. Self-love though can sometimes be taken out of context when it is used as the excuse to appeal to certain behaviors that aren’t good for you, such as addictions, indulgences, or ways of being that can end up being detrimental rather than uplifting and loving to oneself.  Listen to this episode and learn about real self-love, the limitations and danger that it can bring if allowed, and how to tap into the greater dimension of the power of your soul.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The difference between self-love and ‘real self-love’. The definition and foundation of self-love. Keys to harness your own self-love and ways of being. Two important ways of being that is essential to accessing ‘real self-love’. The boundary between self-love and self-centeredness. How knowing who you are is a key to having self-love.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is self-love? What does self-love mean to you? What are some limitations of self-love? What are some excuses we make in the name of self-love? What are some dangers of self-love? How can we expand our self-love and reach our full potential?

Nov 2

16 min 44 sec

"The people that really make a change are the people that move up into courage or acceptance.”   Episode Summary - ‘Letting go is natural. Surrender is natural. Holding on is unnatural.’ Hale Dwoskin is the New York Times best-selling author of "The Sedona Method," and the cofounder of Sedona Training Associates, an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques. For over four decades he has dedicated his life to helping people eliminate their suffering and discover the truth of who they truly are. Listen to this episode and learn how letting go makes you feel amazing and gives you more mental clarity to realize your true nature and purpose in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: What psychological suffering means. How to experience the truth of who you really are. Simple exercises to help you choose inner state of mind. A simple non-dual technique to help you let go easily. How to let go and feel at peace within yourself. How to let go and be a good parent.   Some Questions That I Ask: Can you describe the Sedona method to someone who does not know about it? What do you think are the barriers to people who genuinely want to let it go? What would you say to someone who cannot let go? Where do we draw the line between letting go and having standards/principles? How do we realize our true nature? Can you speak to the relationship between anger and social justice/injustice? Is there a danger when you let go?   Find out more about Hale's work here:

Oct 26

1 hr 7 min

“Regardless of what is happening, you're either contributing to the negativity or contributing to the upliftment and evolution.”   Episode Summary: This week marks our 200th episode of the SoulTalk podcast!!!! It’s been almost 4 years now and what a journey we’ve been on! Whether you’re new to SoulTalk or have been listening from the beginning, thank you so much for your support and love in this evolutionary time. I hope you’ve been inspired to live an even greater, more fulfilling life. On this momentous week, I would like to share a few nuggets to help you stay positive during these crazy times. We may not have control of what's happening in the world, but we must continue on this journey with hope and trust in the Universe, in life itself. Listen and be inspired to put life into a new perspective and choose how you will contribute.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How perspective determines our experience. A few techniques to help you heal in these difficult times. How to work through the shadows of life. An important focus to embody when facing challenges. How to embrace healing in your life. How to create your own reality during the most difficult times.   Some Questions That I Ask: Why do we have to trust the Universe during these times? How much control do we really have in our lives? Why have we incarnated at this time? What can we do to take action within ourselves and make a shift on the planet? How can we look at these times as opportunities rather than challenges?

Oct 19

20 min 49 sec

“We have a tremendous amount of choice on how we respond, whether we take it to heart or we let go of it.”   Episode Summary: Sharon Salzberg, a meditation pioneer and industry leader and New York Times bestselling author, joins me this week sharing a great reminder, that there is no small act of kindness, and we need to do our bit to make this world a better place. Listen to this episode and learn how to cultivate a sense of self-compassion and self-love because you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to clear negativity out of your mind. How to work through and heal physical pain in your body. How to deal with the fear of dying. Simple mindfulness practices that are beneficial and valuable to anyone’s well-being. How to cultivate a deeper sense of self-compassion and self-love.   Some Questions That I Ask: How much of life do you feel we are in control of? How can we create the conditions that might be more conducive to make the right choices? How do we start shifting our relationship with negativity and fear? How do we deal with the fear of death or death of a loved one? How can someone paralyzed with fear get rid of it and move past it? Is suffering necessary for spiritual growth?   Find out more about Sharon's work here:

Oct 15

45 min 23 sec

"Mindfulness is that spacious attention that says, yes, this is what's here and who I am as the loving witness of it all.”   Episode Summary: 'Love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at it’s best is love.'  Jack Kornfield, Author, Buddhist practitioner, Spirit Rock Meditation Center founding teacher, and one of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West, joins me this week to share his deep wisdom on how to heal from pain, trauma and addiction in life. Listen and learn how to heal yourself and the world through love, compassion, forgiveness and letting go.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to let go of the pain and traumas of life. A key practice to help you forgive yourself, and others. How to develop compassion and tenderness even in the most difficult times. What is the real meaning of mindfulness and of meditation and the difference between. How to navigate through an overwhelming impulse or addiction. The role of plant medicine in spiritual development and the healing process. A few misconceptions and myths about the term enlightenment and where to find your true internal bliss.   Some Questions That I Ask: What are some of the reasons you see that prevent people from letting go? How can someone let go? How do we develop compassion? How can someone move through an emotion? Can you define what you mean by mindfulness and perhaps the difference between mindfulness and meditation? How can someone who is going through addiction learn to let go and save themselves? How does plant medicine affect our consciousness? Can you share your insight or your perspective as a spiritual teacher on what is happening in the world, the virus, people losing their jobs, lock downs, etc. What is happening on planet earth?   Find out more about his work here:

Oct 12

57 min 39 sec

“True leadership is really about how you live your life, even when no one is watching.” Episode Summary: There seems to be so much division in our world today, from the pandemic to global warming and climate change to political upheaval. We often look to other people, leaders, presidents, mayors, etc, to be the ones to fix the problems. But the reality is, no one is coming. And if change is going to happen, it has to start with you. Listen to this episode and learn how to distinguish yourself as an enlightened leader. Regardless of who you are, your job, education, gender etc, we are all leaders. The world is in need of an even deeper meaning in the word leadership - enlightened leadership. Learn what this means and how we can all embrace this part of ourselves in order to truly give back and make the world a better place.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The meaning of being a true leader. The 3 keys to being an ‘enlightened’ leader. The importance of sharing your unique gifts with the world. The difference between leading with your ego and leading with your true soul identity. How being an enlightened leader can help produce a revolutionary impact in solving world problems.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is enlightened leadership? How and what must we do to become enlightened leaders? What can we do to make this world a better place? What questions must an enlightened leader constantly ask themselves? What are some attributes an enlightened leader must cultivate?

Oct 5

19 min 39 sec

“The physical universe is filled with the fertilization of love, and it is what nourishes life itself.” Episode Summary:  I am honored to have my guest this week on SoulTalk, Guru Singh, a celebrated third-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician. Listen to this episode and be inspired to move through the uncertainties of life, awaken to your purpose and access a deeper courage within.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to deal with fear, uncertainty and changes on the planet. How to stay mentally prepared with the uncertainty of life and to trust in the present moment. The difference in how to live in your inspiration rather than in your desperation. The best technique on how to take a deep breath. The 3 main pitfalls that can happen along your spiritual journey.   Some Questions That I Ask: Can you tell us about your near death experience? Can you share some understanding of the nature of life and reality that came through during your near death experience? Why do humans forget their infinite nature? What is your guidance on dealing with uncertainty in life? How can someone going through loss during these times feel abundance in their life? What is the one thing you can tell someone feels stuck in a loop with so much negativity? What is the biggest pitfall along the spiritual path?   Find out more here:

Sep 28

1 hr 11 min

"True joy is bringing your attention to the inherent beauty, inherent privilege of what it is to be alive in this moment.”   Episode Summary:  What is joy? Do you feel joy in your life? Joy is one of the most powerful states of being and a true reflection of freedom. I believe that we incarnate into this human existence to learn, to be joyful and not to suffer. Listen to this episode and learn what robs us of our joy in life and the things we can do to feel real, authentic joy in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The essence of joy and what it means to feel real, authentic joy. Important lessons we learn when we incarnate into this human existence. Key reasons why we suffer and are robbed of joy. 3 questions to ask yourself to remove the blocks that prevent us from feeling real joy. How can you cultivate more joy in your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is joy? What makes us feel joy? Do you feel joy in your life? What makes us truly free? What are some things that rob us of feeling joy?

Sep 21

21 min 22 sec

“When you open to the magic of the Universe, there’s a lot in the unseen. But you can change your destiny. You can change your karma. We all have the power to determine our own destiny.” Episode Summary:  I’m excited to welcome back New York Times Best-selling author of ‘Calling In The One’, Katherine Woodward Thomas. Katherine joins me this week to share her in-depth wisdom on love, marriage and life. We dive into her brilliant concepts in her book, ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ and learn how to create greater levels of beauty, goodness, well-being and love in your relationships and life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to see the opportunity for growth in a challenging relationship. How to evolve your relationship and life to the next level. The main reasons people breakup their relationships/marriages and how the brain is functioning during that time. The 5 keys to what she has famously termed, “conscious uncoupling”. How to forgive someone when they have been abusive to you. The steps needed to take to process grief and to let go.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is “conscious uncoupling”? What inspired you to write the book about “conscious uncoupling”? How can someone know if their relationship is over? Why do people attack each other after a breakup? How can someone who has had a broken heart process that grief? What advice can you give to people who cannot access love? Is there a ‘one’ for everyone? Is there someone for everyone?   Find out more about Katherine's work here:

Sep 14

1 hr 3 min

"The best thing you can give the world is being the most magnificent version of yourself.” Episode Summary:  After working with hundreds of thousands of people from around the world over the last 18 years, I have found three core beliefs that tend to stop us from manifesting our goals, dreams, and desires. Listen to this episode as I share about each one and learn the affirmations and remedies to help you manifest your full potential. Remember, it's only when you become aware of something that you have access to shifting it, to transforming it, to releasing it, to letting it go. Let’s do this.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The 3 beliefs that stop you from manifesting your full potential. Reasons you attract negative things in your life and how to shift this pattern. How it can be a struggle to feel a sense of self-worth and ways to overcome this. How to open your heart to manifest and receive the good things in life. The benefits you get from celebrating other people’s success.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can we transform our beliefs? Why do people work so hard to become worthy? What are you settling for in your relationships? What are some of the effects of living in lack and scarcity? What are some ways to begin to shift your energy? What are the benefits of giving? What are some affirmations and remedies people can do to make a shift to transform their lives?

Sep 7

22 min 42 sec

"Higher consciousness means we act in light rather than act in darkness.” Episode Summary: Dr. Tony Nader is a Harvard and MIT trained medical doctor and a globally recognized Vedic scholar. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s successor, Dr. Nader is the head of the international Transcendental Meditation organization in over 100 countries. He joins me with a profound perspective and awareness about the important things in life. Listen and learn how to develop your full potential in facing situations and circumstances that arise in your life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The evolution, role and accessing different dimensions of your consciousness. The 3 major states of consciousness and how to access the highest state. How to deal with small problems that can overwhelm us. His perspective on psychedelics and reincarnation. How to grow and evolve without suffering. A few simple things that can help raise your consciousness.   Some Questions That I Ask: What do you mean by consciousness? Can you share a bit more about the highest states of consciousness and how we can access them? What does it mean to meditate? What effect do psychedelics have on our nervous system? Is suffering necessary on the spiritual path? Are there certain things people can do to raise their consciousness?   Find out more about Dr. Nader here: and  

Aug 31

58 min 33 sec

"The degree to which we don't allow ourselves to feel grief is also the degree to which we limit our heart's capacity to feel joy, bliss and happiness.”   Episode Summary: All feelings remain present until fully felt. As human beings, if you are truly living fully and authentically with an open heart, grief is unavoidable. Listen to this episode and learn the importance and the art of grieving where you acknowledge your pain and your grief to help you come through the other side in a more expanded space, with more joy, bliss and fulfillment.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to face loss in your life and the importance of feeling your grief. The relationship between grief and intimacy. The implications of doing a spiritual bypass rather than grieving. How to manage the waves and layers of grief and loss. The parts of grief that you need to go through in order to heal.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is grief? Is it unavoidable? What is the grieving process? Why should we open ourselves to feel grief/loss? How does one unblock themselves to acknowledge grief? What are the benefits of grieving and dealing with a loss?

Aug 24

19 min 57 sec

“Fall in love with your humanness. See where that love affair takes you and honor it humbly and brutally.” Episode Summary: Jac O'Keeffe is a spiritual leader, author, and trailblazer in the exploration of consciousness. Jac joins me this week to share her deep wisdom and perspective on spiritual awakening and enlightenment to help us fall in love with our humanness. Listen to this episode and learn how to reconnect with your true self and fulfill your greatest purpose in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: What enlightenment is and some misconceptions about enlightenment. How to detangle yourself from compulsive relationships and thoughts. How to forgive yourself from something you did in the past. How to identify the difference between a mental illness and a spiritual awakening. The reason that there is a purpose for everything that happens to us. What taking a leap of faith looks like.   Some Questions That I Ask: Are enlightenment and awakening the same thing? How can someone forgive and love themselves if they’ve done some really bad things in the past? Why do enlightened people, spiritual leaders abuse their power? Is the world an illusion? Is there one God? If so, why is there so much evil in the world? How to manifest in the world when you’re connecting only with your divine spirit and not your ego, ‘I’? Find out more about Jac's work here: 

Aug 19

1 hr 15 min

“Complete integrity will bring you everything you've ever wanted.” Episode Summary:  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live life wholly, undivided, with honor and no regrets? This week, get in the flow with best-selling author and life coach Martha Beck. I am super excited to have her back on the show sharing about her new book, The Way of Integrity. She shares with us what happens when we’re living in alignment with our true nature and how we can become disconnected from it. Listen to this insightful episode and learn how to let go, live life wholly with complete integrity, and find the path to your true self.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The steps in an integrity cleanse. 6 top reasons that drive people to seek change in their life. How to use your pain to live in integrity. How to deal with the fear that arises from within. Simple steps to deal with depression, anxiety and any emotion you are stuck in. How to raise your children with their integrity in tact. How to stay inspired despite all the challenges of the world.   Some Questions That I Ask: What does integrity actually mean? What is an integrity cleanse and how is it done? How does someone distinguish between what is real and what is not real? How can someone start the radical change to live in integrity? What happens to those who don't know they are out of integrity and believe everything is fine? What is the difference between joy and pleasure? Are there any questions that we can ask ourselves in the exploration of integrity and coming back into integrity?   Find out more about Martha's work here:  

Aug 16

1 hr

"There is a power when you dare to go slow.” Episode Summary: Most often when you reflect on your life, you will realize that life has a way of working itself out. Often though, when we don't get what we want, we start pushing harder. Realize that in that moment, from our current level of consciousness, we're not always able to see the infinite grace and possibilities of how life is unfolding. Listen to this episode and learn how being still, going slow and listening to your internal guidance will move you to even greater heights and possibilities.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The important steps to begin going slower in your life. How pushing too hard doesn’t always give you the result you desire. The reason we sometimes don’t feel satisfied after an achievement and yearn for more. The importance of being still to manifest your desires. The main reasons why pushing and forcing things to happen results in not trusting divine timing.   Some Questions That I Ask: What does it mean to go slow? What happens when we go slowly? What are some of the benefits of going slow? What happens when we go fast? What happens when we allow life to synchronize?

Aug 10

18 min 4 sec

“The more we hold on to things that are slipping through our fingers, the more we get rope burns.” Episode Summary: I am honored to have my guest this week on SoulTalk, Lama Surya Das, one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars and leading spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhism. Learn how to remain open and see how life can be so beautiful, marvelous, mysterious and magical. Listen to this episode and be inspired to make the most of your life and appreciate all it is offering you, even in its challenges.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to deal with loss in your life. What karma is and how it can affect us. How to gain wisdom through bad experiences. How to find peace within. What “reincarnation” means and what goes into the next lifetime.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can someone who is going through a challenging time find peace within? What insight do you have to help someone deal with loss? How does someone going through challenging moments see God? Can someone change their karma and how can they do that? What is the difference between karma and destiny? What happens when we die?   Find out more about Lama's work here: and

Aug 3

1 hr 3 min

"We must reframe and shift how we see the challenges, difficulties and problems of the world as opportunities and an invitation from life for each of us to step up and give our gift.”   Episode Summary: There’s a famous saying, ‘We must be the change that we seek in the world.’ In this week’s episode, I share how each of us can make an impact on the planet and how if we seek change for the world, we must take action ourselves, no matter how small the action step. I encourage each of you to listen and learn how to make the needed impact on this planet that will affect generations to come. The time is now.    In This Episode You Will Learn: How to make an impact in a world full of technology and resources. 4 questions to ask yourself about how to make a difference on the planet. How to prioritize and set yourself up to win. How to be a good steward and change agent. Daily actions you can do to make a difference in the world.   Some Questions That I Ask: How do you really make an impact? Who is a change agent and how can they be identified? How can one become a change agent? How can we turn the problems and difficulties of the world around to make an impact? What actions can one take right now to make a difference?

Jul 27

23 min 4 sec

"Spirituality is an inner exploration with the goal of creating inner freedom.” Episode Summary:  I am honored to have this week’s guest on SoulTalk, revolutionary futurist, Peter Russell. This one is deep folks! So get ready to take notes as Peter shares about exploring our consciousness and what he has discovered over the years about consciousness and its value in our world. Listen to this episode to learn how to ignite and reconnect with your own consciousness to deepen your relationship with others and life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: What ‘consciousness’ means and how to have a deeper exploration. Key steps to cultivate your awareness. What enlightenment is and how your consciousness can be ignited. A method of meditation you can use to raise your consciousness. Basic misconceptions about spirituality and enlightenment. What is true prayer and how to cultivate your practice.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is conscious and consciousness? What is the difference between awareness and consciousness? How is ‘awareness’ then aware of itself? Is there a difference in the quality of consciousness between people? What is the difference between spirituality and authentic spirituality? Is there value in prayer?   To learn more about Peter's work:

Jul 20

1 hr 11 min

"Forgiveness is for the judgment in which you're perceiving yourself for doing what you're doing.”   Episode Summary: As humans we carry resentment, judgment and guilt from things that we feel we should have been, done or handled differently. So when do we stop resenting ourselves and feeling guilty? How do we forgive ourselves for what happened in the past and move on? Listen to this important episode around self-forgiveness and redefining your feelings, judgments and how you perceive yourself to create a freer you!   In This Episode You Will Learn: The reason we carry resentments and the repercussions. How to unhook yourself from being unforgiving. 4 important keys to self-forgiveness. How guilt can affect your life and crucial reasons to let it go. How to elevate your consciousness. What causes self-judgment and the impact it has on your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is forgiveness? What is guilt and why do we have it? Why do we judge ourselves and how can we stop it? What are the causes of not forgiving yourself? What will make someone think they are unlovable and how can one grow out of it? What can we do as humans to evolve?

Jul 13

18 min 30 sec

“When you don't honor yourself, you are denying the divine from expressing itself through you.” Episode Summary:  Are you ready to explore the possibility of living a life that’s led by love instead of fear? Get in the flow of living your best life this week with Anita Moorjani, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Dying To Be Me’, where she speaks about her near death experience (‘NDE’)  and surviving cancer. Listen to this powerful episode and learn how to receive love, share love and simply be yourself in order to connect with your deepest desires.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The challenges of living in a multicultural environment and how to deal with it. The consequences of being a people pleaser. How to empower yourself during challenging times. Important steps needed to access inner freedom and self-love.  The misconceptions of doing God’s work and making money. What it means to reincarnate. What is karma and how it can affect your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: How did you deal with being diagnosed with cancer and the 4 years of living with it? What did you learn from the near death experience? Did you learn the root cause of your cancer? How can someone access freedom and self-love without a near death experience? How can someone with so much self-hate begin to make that shift to loving themselves? Can you elaborate on the notion that we sometimes hear “selfish is not spiritual”? How does destiny and karma come into play in the healing process? What happens when you die? With all that is going on in the world, how can someone move through life without the fear of death? Find out more about Anita's work here:

Jul 3

1 hr 25 min

“A book gives you an opportunity to express your soul, an opportunity to express what you’ve learned.” Episode Summary: Have you ever felt the urge to write a book? Have you ever felt the world needs to read your story? If you answered yes to these questions, then this week’s episode is for you. I will be sharing some tips and advice on how to write a best-selling book. If you want to be that best-seller and make your mark in this world, listen to this episode. You will be inspired.   In This Episode You Will Learn: A key reason and what it means to write a book. The 3 important steps to be inspired to write your best-selling book. How to motivate yourself to sit down and write. Communication techniques that will help you in the writing production process. The most important lesson - How to follow your soul while writing your book.   Some Questions That I Ask: What are some things to note before starting to write a book? What are the reasons why people do not follow through when they begin writing? What is the importance of feedback in writing a book? Do we need to give ourselves timelines in writing a book? What are the repercussions for writing for the wrong reasons?

Jun 29

28 min 34 sec

“Authentic power is the ability to move through the world with an empowered heart, without attachment to the outcome.”   Episode Summary: Get ready to transform your consciousness this week with the Master teacher, frequent Oprah guest, and New York Times best-selling author, Gary Zukav. This interview is truly special for me as I've been inspired by Gary and his work for over 20 years. Listen to this episode and learn how to tap into your authentic power and transform your consciousness to reconnect with your passions, get curious about the unknown, and stay connected to your deepest goals in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: What it means to align your personality with your soul. What multi-sensory perception is and how it can help us evolve. The evolution of a new consciousness in our society and how to deal with it on different levels. 2 important tools to develop your authentic power. The difference between evolving by external power and evolving by authentic power and how each can affect your life differently. How to make the frightened part of your personality lose it’s power over you.   Some Questions That I Ask: Why is this epic transformation in human consciousness occurring now? Why is there so much pain, suffering and breakdown in the world? What are the steps one can take to develop authentic power? How can someone process their emotions without getting lost in them? How can someone overcome the feeling of aloneness? How can someone make responsible choices when there are other factors that might be preventing them? How can someone discern and know the right person to evolve and grow with?   Check out Gary's new book, Universal Human, and his next online seminar called Journey To The Soul happening on July 21-25th. Find out about all here:

Jun 23

1 hr 21 min

“Love is what you are. It's your essence. It's not something that you need to get.” Episode Summary:  How have you been limiting your love? At our very essence, we are love. Love is not limited. And when you are committed and dedicated to loving fully in your life, you can move through anything. Listen to this episode and learn how to overcome your love blocks to enable you to love more authentically without blocks or barriers and propel you to the next level of your life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How the quest for love can either limit or expand your life. The motivating factors for our drive to get love. The 3 main love blocks and how to overcome them. The limitations attached to love and how they can affect your relationships. How your actions and inactions define your relationships and how you love.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is Love? What are some of the myths about love? How do we betray ourselves for love? What do people do to limit love? What are some of the shifts one has to do to get their breakthrough in love? What are the benefits of loving authentically?

Jun 15

18 min 24 sec

“No matter what, give it your best shot. We have one life. Live with no regrets.” Episode Summary: Find your life connection with Krishna Das who is also known as the 'Yoga Rockstar'. I am honored to have him on SoulTalk to teach us how to find that life-giving connection that we need to enable us to live life with no regrets. Listen to this special episode and get ready for your evolution.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The key benefits to chanting. The art of humbleness. How to free yourself from projections. How to keep your work alive in the midst of monotony. How to move through pitfalls along the spiritual path.   Some Questions That I Ask: How did your evolution start? How can someone struggling, surrender and move beyond themselves? How do you deal with a closed audience when you’re performing? How do you keep your energy alive in your music? What are some misconceptions or pitfalls along the spiritual path? Learn more about Krishna Das' work:

Jun 9

1 hr 9 min

"Goals are the vehicle to take you on an adventure and a journey of learning, evolving and facing parts of yourself so that you can grow, expand and become more of who you really are.” Episode Summary: What if there was a new way of setting goals? What if goal setting was an antiquated, outdated paradigm that was in fact limiting your ability to fulfill your highest destiny? In this episode, I speak about the next level of goal setting, a new paradigm and evolution - the art of soul setting. Listen and learn how to begin the process of soul setting and move through any limitations to catapult you to your next level in manifesting your goals, dreams and desires.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The difference between goal setting and ‘soul setting’. What questions to ask yourself when you are soul setting. Three limitations that can get in the way of soul setting and how to overcome them. How to manifest beyond the limited ideas of the mind and get into a state of flow. How to tap into your infinite possibilities.     Some Questions That I Ask: What is the art of soul setting and how do you start? What is the difference between what our soul wants and what our mind wants? How do you allow life to live through your soul setting? How can you manifest an unlimited life? What is it that life is seeking to manifest through you?

Jun 1

21 min 15 sec

“If you're living always in your defenses and masks, you can’t find your soul’s journey. You've got to peel away the layers. Otherwise you'll never get to the heart.” Episode Summary: Our real purpose comes from our real presence. So if we're not having presence as a whole being experienced, if we're fractured and fragmented, we're not going to notice the work that needs to be done within us and we're not going to notice the impact we have on the world around us. Listen to this episode and learn from the Enrealment activist, Jeff Brown, as he teaches us all about living the authentic human experience.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to find the courage to let go what is not true in your life. How to cultivate the art of patience. How to identify and authenticate your inner voice. How to develop boundaries. How to deal with and overcome challenging and dark emotion in a healthy, authentic way. A new perspective on some myths and misconceptions about spirituality.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can you find the courage to let go of what is not true in their life? How can you deal with their internal pain and trauma? How do you know when your inner voice is authentic, real and not just your mind making up something? What is grounded spirituality? What are some of the misconceptions and myths you have heard about spirituality?

May 25

58 min 8 sec

“Life is the classroom for your soul's evolution.” Episode Summary:  In making decisions, we have to do it wisely. Years from now, the decisions that you're making in this moment will come together and compound over time to impact and create your destiny. Listen to this important episode as I share keys to making authentic decisions to avoid regrets and to live life fully.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The 3 Keys to making authentic decisions. How your decisions today will impact your future and the best steps to making the right ones. How you can affect change with the decisions you make today. Different ways to deal with fear in the decision-making process. How so-called ‘mistakes’ can be your greatest lesson. How to live a life with no regret.   Some Questions That I Ask: What are bad decisions? And what are the consequences of bad decisions? What is the fear factor in decision-making and how can you deal with it? What are mistakes and how can you overcome them? What can you do about everything that is going on around you? What can you do to avoid regrets in the future?

May 18

19 min 57 sec

“You do not have to be perfect. Find your bliss and let that be your compass.” Episode Summary:  Today, I’m diving deep with the amazing Elizabeth Lesser, bestselling author and co-founder of the Omega Institute. Elizabeth shares how not being perfect is a perfect way of teaching and being; how allowing feelings of grief and letting go can bring more life to your life; and key ways to manage people and the art of team building. Listen to this special episode to find your faith, find your bliss and find the magic of living in the unknown to truly appreciate the life your living.   In This Episode You Will Learn: Two important ways to deal with fear. How to deal with the unknown and a key mantra to help guide you through it. The art of managing people and team-building. Key takeaways in dealing with different personalities at the workplace. The stages of grief and an important distinction to help you get to the other side of it. How to keep the faith when your life experience isn’t going how you planned.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can a person who has a vision deal with fear so that they don't let fear stop them? What have you learned from managing people, team-building and dealing with all the different egos and personalities? What advice would you give to someone feeling hopeless, someone who has lost their dream and not sure where to go in these hard times? How do we deal with grief and loss and letting go? What can we do if we are not passionate about something? How can we find our passion? Find out more about Elizabeth Lesser's work here:

May 12

1 hr 7 min

“There is a deeper impulse of how life is seeking to express itself through you. The more you can be open to that and allowing life to lead you, that’s where the magic happens.” Episode Summary: As I record this podcast episode, my new book, The Magic of Surrender is being released and launched into the world. I'm really excited and privileged to be sharing this book with you. I’m excited about this topic of surrender and helping redefine what surrender can mean in your life. I have to confess as we begin the exploration on surrender, this book is not the book I thought I was going to write. Listen to this episode as I dive deep sharing life wisdom I received in writing this book and how you too can live surrender as one of the greatest ways to live a life of flow, abundance and yes, magic. Let’s go!   In This Episode You Will Learn: A new definition of surrender. How to surrender to what is available rather than what our conditioning is telling us. The one thing you must give up in order to surrender to life. How to deal with control as a way of opening yourself to surrender. The 3 key ways to get unstuck and move into the flow of life, to surrender. The most important phase that you must go through between accepting and surrendering and the key steps to help you move through it.   Some Questions That I Ask: How did the book come into fruition? What is surrender? How does one begin to surrender? How do we get to the magic? What are you trying to control in your life? Why is surrender so difficult sometimes? What lies are you telling yourself? What truth are you hiding from? What is the message of your pain? How can you get into the flow of surrender? What is it that life wants to express through you?

May 4

43 min 22 sec

“I believe that we're given the opportunity to navigate the storm so that we can turn around and bring many others through their storm.” Episode Summary:  Lisa Nichols is known as one of the most requested motivational speakers in the world. Her story is inspiring, and she will get you pumped and motivated to live your best life. In this episode, Lisa dives deep sharing how to move through, and even thrive in difficult times. You will feel inspired to use her practical daily methods to help you get through your most challenging moment and come out on the other side even stronger, clearer and more alive.   In This Episode You Will Learn: Tips on how to thrive even in the darkest of times. 3 questions to ask yourself and actions to take to help you get clear on what you want to achieve. Daily methods to help you move through difficult situations in your life and unravel the gifts they bring to your life. Key steps on how to move through bitterness when you are wronged. How to move through cultural differences and different viewpoints to bring you to your next level of consciousness and awareness.   Some Questions That I Ask: How have you navigated the past year through the pandemic and managed to stay sane, motivated and thrive giving your gifts to the world? What are some of your key lessons? How does someone get in a zone and get clear on what they really want authentically in life? What did you access within yourself in moments of wanting to give up that kept you going? How do you move through the bitterness when you are wronged? How can someone navigate through different viewpoints that can be detrimental? Learn more about Lisa's work here:

Apr 27

1 hr 15 min

"When you can really accept there is no such thing as perfection, it frees you up to be perfect in your imperfections.” Episode Summary: Are you in a constant pursuit of being perfect in your life? Worried you’re going to make a mistake? Overanalyzing everything? In today's episode, I dive deep into this thing called perfectionism where I will explore how this can limit your life in so many ways and the keys to moving through this kind of thinking to more freedom, more joy and more acceptance in life. Listen to this short, powerful episode where I share key steps to overcoming the need, the addiction to being perfect. Life is short. Have no regrets. Embrace it all.    In This Episode You Will Learn: The signs to look for that lead to perfectionism. Key action steps you can immediately apply to help you move through perfectionism. The key underlying intention of our drive to be perfect. How to shift your relationship with your so-called imperfections. The game-changing element to make peace with to resolve your relationship with perfection.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is your relationship with perfectionism? How does someone become a perfectionist? What are the keys to moving through perfectionism? Is there such a thing as perfect art? What are the gifts you see in your imperfections?

Apr 20

23 min 11 sec

“While you may not understand how you created a situation you're in, what you do understand is that you're a Creator.” Episode Summary: Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author and creator of the wildly popular “Notes from the Universe”. In today’s enlightening interview, Mike talks about how your thoughts become things and the key action steps in manifesting miracles in your life. Listen to this episode and be inspired to use visualization and positive thinking to manifest anything you want as well as key concepts to help you work through your fears and live the life of your dreams! In This Episode You Will Learn: What it means to be an ‘unintentional manifestor’ and how to shift this to one of empowerment. How karma is and is not related to your current reality and how to shift your karma to create the life you want. Specific things you can do to work through your fears on a daily basis. A new way of defining enlightenment. Key action steps that are important to take in order to manifest miracles in all areas of your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can we move out of victim consciousness? How much does karma come into play with our outcome in life and how can we shift it? What do you mean when you say thoughts become things? Do all thoughts become things? How can you relate the concept of thoughts becomes things with the COVID situation happening around the world today? Is there a way to unhook yourself from a negative thinking loop cycle? What are some of the best ‘hacks’ or secrets to creating a money miracle? How do you know when it’s time to give up on your dream or to keep going?   You can click here to find out more about Mike's work:

Apr 13

1 hr 4 min

“What I am at my core, beyond mind, beyond body, beyond personality, what I am is what you are. And at that deepest level, we are one.”   Episode Summary:  If you had the opportunity to sit down for tea or coffee with me, what are the questions you would like to ask me? This is Part 3 of my ‘Coffee with Kute’ segment where I answer some of your intimate questions submitted to me personally about the following: what real love is, how to discover your true gifts, how to live in the present moment, and how to manifest anything you want yet remain open to all possibilities life is offering. Grab your cup of tea or coffee and let’s go!   In This Episode You Will Learn: 4 ways to define what real love means to you. How past conditioning can separate us from feeling and giving real love. How to deal with challenging people in your life. 3 key ways to discovering your true gifts. A life-changing mindfulness meditation that helps you become present. A strategy to manifest anything you want and seek for your highest good.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is real love? What is unconditional love? When and how did you discover your gift? How do you stay present all the time? Ask yourself: Where is my attention right now? What is your intention? How can you set an intention but allow life to flow?

Apr 6

28 min 27 sec

“Every time you admit that you are unable to do something, it gives the Universe space and permission to do for you what you admit you can't do on your own.” Episode Summary:  Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher and highly attuned empathic healer, inspiring and transforming lives of people around the world. In this heart-centered episode, Matt teaches us how feeling more loved, awakened and empowered will open us to the greatest possibilities in life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How the art of healing will transform your life. How to unhook yourself and become smarter than your ego. How to surrender to life in order to create the life you want. Keys on how to love yourself just as you are. How to shift the major milestone markers and use them to transform yourself. Which spiritual myths to let go of in order to be more free within yourself.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can someone who is addicted or stuck in a behavior unhook themselves from that treadmill? Can a human being live without ego in this human domain? What is surrender? Why is it so scary for us? And how do we do it? How much of our life is pre-determined? And is it possible to shift the major milestone markers in our lives? What are some spiritual myths we need to let go of? What is the relationship between reward and punishment?

Mar 31

1 hr 23 min

"Happiness is your natural state of being when all of you is working in harmony, when all parts of you are integrated.” Episode Summary: What is happiness to you? We often don't question happiness. We get into the process of life on a hamster wheel, chasing the idea of happiness and doing the things we think will make us happy. But happiness is much more than what we see, do or chase. Listen to this episode and learn what true happiness is and some simple hacks to make you the happiest person alive.     In This Episode You Will Learn: What true happiness really means. The 5 main myths about happiness. 6 simple daily happiness hacks that will activate your own internal sense of happiness. What happens when you suppress your sadness and how it will affect your happiness. How the pulsation of life can affect your happiness level.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is this elusive thing called happiness that we're chasing? Why is it that people who have every reason on the surface to be happy seem to be miserable? How can your unhappiness be a gift? How can you cultivate a happy life?

Mar 23

27 min 25 sec

“It's the people that consistently live congruently by what they value most that build momentum that's unstoppable and changes the world.”   Episode Summary: Dr. John Demartini is a fount of knowledge, gathering his findings from great minds of science, business, finance and health to help people around the world live a more inspired life. He has a unique way of evaluating situations, challenges and crises to create opportunities to thrive in life. Listen to this episode and learn how to create your highest values to maximize your full potential, embrace all sides of life, the positive and negative, to bring you to a place within yourself that is of high self-worth and value.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to set your highest priorities that can help you fulfill your mission on earth How to go beyond the subjective bias of society and move into . 13 questions on how to refine your values in every area of your life. How to deal with your negative thoughts in a way that will empower you. The 7 most important areas of your life and how to maximize each area.   Some Questions That I Ask: How do you move past your subjective bias? How do you identify your highest priority and highest priority actions? How can you access their sense of self-worth? How can you begin to refine what your values are? What is positive thinking and how can you begin to harness that?   GET YOUR FREE GIFT HERE:

Mar 17

1 hr 2 min

“Sex is the divine impulse to know yourself in the physical form.” Episode Summary: There has been so much repression, shame and disconnection from our sexuality and spirituality, from our sexual energy and our spiritual energy, that I feel it has created a split inside of our own consciousness pushing sexuality into the shadow aspect of our own psyche. We're going to be diving deep today, transforming our perception and our relationship to sex in this special episode today. Let’s go!   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to describe sexual energy. How to transform your relationship to sex. The 3 ways to transmute your sexual energy to become more creative, focused and motivated. The 4 levels of sexuality and understanding them. How to transform sexual energy to benefit all areas of your life in a healthy way.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is sex? What is the relationship between sex and spirituality? How does one get addicted to sex? What are the levels of sexuality? Is sex sacred? What is the connection between sex and the divine? What is sexual transmutation?

Mar 10

21 min

“The only belief that matters is that if you put time and energy into getting better at something you will actually get better.” Episode Summary:  Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of wellness, encompassing body and mind, Tom created Impact Theory to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world. Listen to this episode as Tom teaches us practical and simple steps to build your ‘hunger’, your ambition, and to set realistic and achievable goals to keep yourself at your optimum level.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The 3 ways to build hunger, ambition and drive. How to develop the growth mindset. The key component of your drive and how to acquire it. How to unlock the potential within yourself even when things aren’t working in your life. How to identify, craft and set the right goals for you. Tom Bilyeu’s 25 beliefs for a successful life.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can people access and develop hunger, ambition? How can we develop our drive and follow through on what we’ve started? How can someone discern what the right goals are for them in this moment of their life? What are your key beliefs that have made you successful? What is the biggest mistake you have made and how did you navigate through it? What are some of the important elements in choosing a spouse or a life partner?

Mar 2

1 hr 6 min

“People will treat you how you teach them to treat you.“ Episode Summary:  The foundation of your life is based on the foundation of your own self-esteem and your relationship with your self-worth. Self-esteem is at the root of your experience of yourself and other people. We tend to experience life at the level of our self-esteem, and the quality of our life will be at the quality of our self-esteem in terms of how we see ourselves. Listen to this very important episode as I dive deep into the signs of low self-esteem, and how to rise above and change your narrative to believe that "You are enough, just as you are."   In This Episode You Will Learn: The basis of self-esteem and how it has an enormous impact on your life. How your self-worth can affect every single relationship in your life. The 6 signs to look for that indicates low self-esteem and self-worth. How self-esteem can affect bringing into your life: abundance, purpose, career and relationships. 3 important keys steps to shift your self-esteem narrative and create the life you want.     Some Questions That I Ask: What is the basis of self-esteem? What are the signs of low self-esteem? Are there remedies for low self-esteem? Are there implications for basing our self-esteem on things around us? How can you shift your narrative to increase your self-esteem?    

Feb 23

15 min 57 sec

"The best way to express our spirituality is by serving others and making a difference in people’s lives." Episode Summary:  Ready to serve but don’t know how? Join my special guest, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, author and international speaker whose universal message brings together the spiritual healing traditions of the East and West. Dr. Levry's teachings have inspired, transformed and awakened audiences and students around the world. Listen and learn how to destroy your karma with love, and discover what real service can mean for you.   In This Episode You Will Learn: What spirituality is and the key way to express it. Two principles of the Universe that will bring rhythm to your life. How suffering, disease and pain come as a result of misuse of free will. How to meditate at the highest level possible to bring a different way of thinking that can heal all of creation. A simple method of rhythmic breathing.   Some Questions That I Ask: How do you define Spirituality? Why is there so much suffering in the world? What are the first steps to move beyond the sense of feeling separate? How can we make a shift? How much of our life is destined and how much is free will? How can we ensure that what we intend is in alignment for our souls highest evolution? What is the pineal gland and how do we activate it? Guest links:

Feb 22

1 hr 22 min

"Meditation is not going to change your life, it is going to change the way you are handling and interacting with your life." Episode Summary: Emily Fletcher, Broadway star to creator of the Ziva meditation technique and author of Stress Less, Accomplish More, talks about the danger of not managing our stress and the tremendous benefits of meditating just 15 minutes a day. Listen to this episode and learn how to not only change your life but change how you handle and interact with life!    In This Episode You Will Learn: Different methods to help you manage your stress. The 3 categories of meditation and how to implement them in your life. How to deal with incessant thoughts that pop up in meditation. What a ‘successful meditation’ looks like. The 6 benefits of meditation that will change how you handle and interact with life.   Some Questions I Ask: What gave you the courage to make that leap from Broadway? Was there fear of going into the unknown? What do you mean when you say meditation and what is the real essence of meditation? What is a person supposed to do with their minds when they sit down to meditate? How do we deal with feelings that may come up as we meditate? Are there any specific, tangible ways that you have found helpful to deal with the stresses of life?

Feb 16

1 hr

“The more you love, the more your heart expands. The more your heart expands, the more your capacity to love grows, and the more life will give you to love as an exchange.” Episode Summary:  Love is the foundation of human existence. We write songs about love. We read novels about love. We watch movies about love. We write poetry about love. Whether we are aware of it or not, love is the underlying foundation and motivation for us. As human beings, a life without love would probably not be a life worth living. So with this month’s theme of Love, many of us are most likely going to be talking about love, and showing love in different ways to our loved ones. Listen to this episode and learn about the three main love blocks and how to overcome them to help you expand your soul to the next level.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The 3 main love blocks and how to overcome them. How love can limit or expand your life. The most important aspect of love. How attachment and expectation can affect how you love others. How different definitions of love can affect your communication in all of your relationships.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is the underling foundation and motivation for us as humans? What parts of yourself have you been giving up for love? Is there anywhere in your life where you are trying to control as a way to prevent yourself from getting hurt? Do you have any expectations in return of your giving love? In what ways are you limiting love in your life?

Feb 9

24 min 53 sec

“All emotional pain is a thought being produced in your brain that's disconnecting you from your soul.” Episode Summary:  In this up close and personal episode with my friend and one of my favorite authors, Dr. John Gray, who opens his heart and shares with us how he dealt with the death of his wife, showing us how our chemical reactions of love and anger can affect our lives and how we can integrate these deep feelings. He also shares how to balance our hormones to function at a higher level and the keys to ecstatic lovemaking. Listen to this juicy and informative episode and walk away with a deeper understanding of your body, your emotions, your relationships and deep intimacy in your life.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to manage the loss of someone you love deeply and heal in order to love again. What happens to our brain when we fight and feel angry. How to protect your testosterone and estrogen levels to keep them balanced to function at their highest level. How to integrate our deepest feelings when we feel sad, angry or even happy. How to really love fully and accept that deep love in your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: What is the best way to deal with the loss of a loved one and the grieving process? How is it limiting to assign these gender roles and identities and ways of being with men and women? How can we know when it’s time to balance our levels of testosterone and estrogen in our body? How can we integrate our feelings better instead of rationalizing them? What are the keys to ecstatic lovemaking?

Feb 1

1 hr 12 min

“You have the opportunity to see how deeply you can go into this moment and experience the inherent bliss, the inherent joy, the deep sense of aliveness that is within you.” Episode Summary: If you had the opportunity to sit down for tea or coffee with me, what are the questions you would like to ask me? It's time for Part 2 of my ‘Coffee with Kute’ segment where I answer some of your intimate questions submitted to me personally about how to stay motivated during the lockdowns of this pandemic, exploring the subject of religion, and what the true meaning of giving is and how to share your gifts with the world. Grab your cup of tea and coffee now and let’s flow! Enjoy.   In This Episode You Will Learn: How to create a routine that will help you stay motivated and focused during the lockdowns at home. How to cleanse the energy and aspects of your life that no longer serve your highest. How to trust the timing of Universe to grow and expand into your best version. The difference between giving and receiving from a place of authenticity. How to live your life and practice your spirituality fully on your own terms. How to heal your past experiences by accepting the true love that lives within us all.   Some Questions That I Ask: How can you remain positive when it feels like "Groundhog Day" in this quarantine? What aspects of yourself have you suppressed? How can we begin to get closer to what we need in our life? What is the source of happiness? How can we find the balance between giving and receiving? What are your thoughts around the Bible? Do you practice it and believe in it? What is the definition of healing to you?

Jan 26

38 min 4 sec

"If you can take that thing you're passionate about and attach it to something bigger than yourself, then that has all kinds of additional peak performance benefits.” Episode Summary: Get in the flow this week with one of the world's leading experts on high performance, Steven Kotler. I am honored to have him back for the second time on SoulTalk where Steven reminds us of the importance of recharging our energies to achieve everything we have always wanted. Listen to this episode and learn how to reconnect with your passions, get curious about the unknown, and stay excited about your truest, sincere goals.   In This Episode You Will Learn: The 6 steps to practice everyday to find your passion and expand your potential. How to keep your brain at the minimum level to perform at your best. How to get in the flow of your life by setting the right goals. How to achieve anything, from your day to day actions to your biggest challenges. How to master your mind and body to achieve its maximum performance in your life.   Some Questions That I Ask: What are intrinsic motivators and why are they so important? What can we do if we are not passionate about something? How can we find our passion? How do we get out of a feeling of hopelessness to thinking about a promising future? How can we improve our life during these challenging times? How can we stay motivated for this coming year?

Jan 19

1 hr 13 min