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Welcome to the The Epic Table, a podcast where Dan Churchill cooks for the some of the world's most remarkable thought leaders, experts, and A-list celebrities — follow along and learn from these exceptional people as they share their lives and experiences over unique, home-cooked meals created by the Healthy Chef himself! You can watch full episodes of the podcast on Dan's YouTube!

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“Genes load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger.”Team, today world-renowned Professor Paul Franks joins us to discuss diabetes, genes vs lifestyle, the nature vs. nurture idea, precision nutrition and more! Professor Franks received his B.S. from Brunel University, his M.S. from Exeter University, his M.Phil. from Cambridge University, and his Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Clearly, the man is a weapon. He focused his education on epidemiology, biostatistics, and genetics and then concentrated his research to study Type 2 Diabetes, specifically lifestyle interventions to improve health. Currently, he is the Genetic Epidemiology and Deputy Director at Lund University Diabetes Center in Sweden, the Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology Unit., and he is an Adjunct Professor at Harvard Chan School of Public Health in Boston. Professor Franks is truly one of the most knowledgeable people I have had the privilege to talk to in this space. He is also an elite athlete having run 50ks at 11 years old and having completed his first Iron Man at 21. In this episode we discuss what disease is, specifically diabetes, and how it is affected through genes, lifestyle, and the ways we can prevent it. Specifically, we discuss:How to eat, train, and get good sleep all in a way that is healthy, disease preventative, and ENJOYABLE. In this episode we breakdown the nature vs nurture mythHow can we adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes and improve our performance when the foods offered to us are in direct contradictionDoes our current science telling us how to improve the way we eat decrease mortality or do we need a better approach?We dive into using machine learning to find the best optimized food for individuals to combat diabetes We explain precision nutrition and how it can be used to prevent diseaseWe discuss the struggles in accumulating strong nutritional dataAnd Professor Franks provides a rule of thumb to ensure you are eating healthy:Less processed foodsPlant centric Everything in moderationLegends! I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from professionals such as Professor Paul Franks, and I owe so much of this opportunity to you my epic team so I want to say THANK YOU!You can find Professor Paul Frank’s info below:Professor Frank’s TwitterProfessor Frank’s Harvard Page

Nov 24

1 hr 9 min

Have you ever wondered what the director of Women's Health thinks about health? Team, an absolute legend is joining us today! In this episode Liz Plosser, the Editor-in-Chief at Women’s Health joins us to provide an inside look at how COVID has changed so many of the ways we approach health, and what new health trends we can see forming. Liz identifies many ways that COVID has affected people’s behavior such as people becoming more prone to exercising outdoors, doing home workouts instead of returning to gyms, and we discuss the future of wearables in the health industry. Liz is genuinely one of the most bad-ass people I know. Not only is she the Editor-in-Chief at Women’s Health, but she is also the author of Own Your Morning. This book will help you gain the tools you need to unlock your full potential. In this episode we discuss:Should I count calories?Should I track my sleep?How has COVID affected habits?How has COVID changed self-care routines?What is a good self-care routine?What should I add to my morning routine?How to start a morning routine and stick to it?What is your perfect morning routine?What is meditation?How to meditate?When should I meditate?I truly hope you can take away some key additions for your morning routine to help you own your day and improve your life. If you are interested to share your experience owning your mornings, use the hashtag #ownyourmorning. You can find Liz’s links below:Liz Plosser’s InstagramOwn Your Morning

Nov 16

50 min 19 sec

My mission in life is to help people love their food and love their health at the same time - Dr. LiTeam! Today we have a true legend paving the way when it comes to using food to prevent disease and ultimately make us healthier and happier individuals! Today we are joined by Dr. William Li. He is a physician and a research scientist, the founder and leader of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a renowned speaker, and the New York Times Best Selling Author of “Eat to Beat Disease.” Dr. Li does amazing work. The Angiogenesis Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization disrupting disease through angiogenesis, the process the body uses to grow new blood vessels. Their mission is to find a common denominator behind diseases to find a single arrow that you can send through all of them at once. His groundbreaking work has impacted more than 74 diseases including cancer, diabetes, blindness, heart disease, and obesity. Dr. Li has a diverse approach to combating disease. In his work as a physician, he also developed a dedication to prevent, not only treat, disease through food. Through this dedication, he decided to focus on writing his book “Eat to Beat Disease” where he collided the worlds of life science and cuisine to learn how to achieve great health through the science of food. In today’s episode we specifically dive into:How food can cure cancerWhat bioactives are and how they affect our cellsHow to understand the actual bioactives of food to know which foods yield the greatest benefitsBioactive chemicalsHow to understand the micronutrients in foods through their geographical location and other key factorsHow food actually solves medical problems on the cellular levelAnticarcinogenic foodHow to make healthy food simpleLegends, I was truly blown away by the deep dive into bioactives in today’s episode. I hope you found it as fascinating as I did. Connect with Dr. William Li through the following links:WebsiteMasterclassInstagramPurchase his book: Eat to Beat DiseaseThe Angiogenesis Foundation

Nov 10

1 hr 7 min

Team! It’s marathon season! As I gear up to run the NYC Marathon to raise money for City Harvest, it’s time to get dialed on all things marathon prep. In today’s episode, we dive into the primary variables to focus on to achieve your ultimate performance. One of the primary things to nail is eating enough food. Studies have shown that going from recreational running to marathon training, women on average adjusted their overall energy intake requirement by 40% and men increased theirs by 15% due to their increased training. Overall, individuals going into a marathon are significantly under fueled, and that dramatically affects performance. So how do you know how much you should consume? First, you need to understand your body and how it responds to food. The simplest way to understand the ratio you should be shooting for in your meals is 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 20% protein. While approaching this ratio, increase your food quantities to the extent that feels comfortable as you increase your exercise load.The second major component is hydration. On the topic of hydration, we are looking at electrolytes. When we are training for a marathon, we sweat a lot. When we sweat, people tend to immediately drink a lot of water. This is great, however we need to specifically focus on our electrolyte levels. When you train, you typically lose 200 - 700 milligrams of sodium per hour. We need to be increasing our sodium, potassium, and magnesium intake to improve our performance. Specifically, we discuss:How much food should I eat when training for a marathon?How many carbs should I eat when training for a marathon?How much protein do I need when training for a marathon?How does sleep affect my performance?How to train for a marathon?What are electrolytes?Why are electrolytes important?What are the major electrolytes?In the episode, we also dive into sleep and its importance for your training and performance.The electrolyte supplements I recommend:LMNTBPN Athletic GreensDonate to City Harvest

Oct 27

31 min 48 sec

Legends! Today is a big one. In today’s episode Dr. Steven Lin joins us to explain the nuances of oral health and how it affects our wellbeing overall. This episode is super important. Dr. Steven Lin is a functional dentist working to end tooth decay and gum disease, help people train their bodies to breathe for better sleep, and improve their overall oral health. The conversation between Dr. Lin and I covers how our teeth show the impact of the food we eat, the effects of a high-processed western diet on our oral health, the origin of modern dental diseases, the dental structure and the modern complications surrounding it, the connection between our gut health and oral health, and much more. Specifically we dive into:How is overall health related to oral health?How our teeth shows the impact of our foodThe foods that cause the current problems related dental diseaseA compromised oral biome directly translates to a compromised gut microbiome: DysbiosisAirway dysfunction leads to sleep apnea due to a loss of architectural support in our jawsHow does poor dental health affect overall health?Why is oral health important?How does poor dental health affect overall health?And we discuss how the teeth provide our most ancient records of human ancestryI really enjoyed learning about the real and important effects our oral health has on our overall health. I hope it provides you all with valuable insight.For more, follow Dr. Steven Lin at the below links:Dr. Steven Lin’s InstagramDr. Steven Lin’s Book

Oct 13

1 hr 9 min

Team! Today, all of you legends are in for a treat! Joining us live in the studio kitchen we have Erik Conover! Erik is a fellow Centr legend who used the app to train like Chris Hemsworth for 30 days. Through this process, he made a YouTube video, it went viral, and he ended up meeting Chris in person and crushing a workout. This is all amazing, and his success in his personal brand is motivating, but that’s not the only thing we are here to talk about today. In today’s episode, we dive into who Erik is behind the camera, what his true passions are, his success story, and we hit on a lot of things he has never publicly shared before. Erik received a rowing scholarship to Northeastern University, fell in love with filming and editing, moved to NYC, built his brand while working a day job, ended up quitting his day job, to ultimately arrive at the place he is in today. His story is full of valuable insights and takeaways. If you care about finding a balance between your physical and mental health and being successful at your work, then this is the episode for you. Specifically in the episode, we focus on:The core of what makes you, youHow to build a strong inner foundation for your lifeSetting strong foundationsThe benefits of journaling How journaling can help you in hard timesThe relationship between physical and mental healthHow Erik flipped the switch and transformed his physical and mental healthErik’s lowest lowHow to improve your mental healthHow does mental health affect physical health?The power of visualizationThe power of visualization and how Erik has used itHow to visualize and then manifest your goalsMeditation for visualizationHow to be a successful content creatorHow to build a successful audience and still fulfill your passionsThe value of relatable, honest, and vulnerable contentIdea Based vs. Personality Based creatorsThe importance of seeking discomfort Humans have become so uncomfortable, and we need to become uncomfortable to growBeing uncomfortable makes you feel aliveThis episode covers everything from how to succeed as an entrepreneur and a creative living in NYC, to how to improve your physical and mental health, to how to visualize and achieve your goals. This episode is full of value and I hope you receive some from it! Check Out Erik’s work below and watch his 30-day Centr Power transformation below!Erik's Links:Erik's YouTubeErik's Instagram

Oct 6

1 hr 7 min

My Epic Table team! Today, a beast, a weapon, a stellar athlete, an incredible businessman, and a wonderful human joins us. His name is Adam Klink! As a Division 1 athlete, Adam’s plan was to pursue a career in Major League Soccer. However, he suffered from concussions that forced him to stop playing contact sports and this dream was shattered. In today’s episode, we dive into Adam’s story. We focus on how he pivoted from soccer to CrossFit, built his body into a “hybrid athlete” with extreme levels of fast-twitch muscle, and on his ability to run a sub-five-minute mile. We also chat about how he began coaching and moved into the world of business. Adam has achieved so many amazing things thus far in his life, including becoming a Division 1 athlete, becoming the head coach of CrossfitKrypton, making it to six individual appearances at CrossFit Regionals, and competing a year at the MACC Semifinal. Most recently, Adam has begun a new chapter in his life as the Lead Partnerships Manager for Bare Performance Nutrition. Adam’s journey from an incredibly hardworking highschool athlete, to a Division 1 goalie for Rutgers, to a CrossFit beast, to a CrossFit coach, to an athlete and now the Lead Partnerships Manager for BPN is incredible and full of valuable takeaways for you in your life. In the episode we specifically dive into: How to approach eating for performance vs. aesthetics Should I count calories?What should I eat to train like an athlete?What should I eat after a workout?How much should I eat as an athlete?How to build a successful teamHow to find the right people to work with for your brandHow to build a successful relationships with your brand partnersHow to build a successful teamHow to build value within your teamHow to build a strong community Legends! As you just heard, Adam has a motivating story. One that makes you want to wake up, work as hard as possible, find a way to achieve your goals, and Go One More. You can find Adam at the following links, including his favorite supplement:Adam’s InstagramAdam’s YouTube

Sep 29

1 hr 19 min

Team! We have had an incredible last couple months of guests on the show! I wanted to take an opportunity after announcing the launch of Charley St’s Plant-Based Chorizo and Bolognese to recap some of the main takeaways from three of our recent episodes. I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Tyler Jean who, being an absolute weapon, has his B.S. in Cell Molecular Biology and as of 2021 is now a certified Naturopathic Doctor! Dr. Jean became a doctor mainly due to his personal dedication and experience working to address generalized anxiety, asthma, eczema, and ADHD. Secondly, Simon Hill is the founder of Plant Proof which is an amazing podcast and resource created on the foundations of scientific evidence in the field of nutrition to help people adopt more plants into their diet in the best way possible. Simon is also a best selling author and renowned nutritionist who is the plant-based food contributor for Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app, Centr. Lastly, the amazing Camilla Bazley is an incredible fitness coach who has built her personal brand from the ground up. She has worked with incredible companies including Speedo and is my personal coach for marathon training and swimming. Coach Camilla, as she is known in our community, struggled with an eating disorder in the past that changed who she was and led to a long road of recovery that has resulted in victory. The eating disorder resulted in liver function, stress fractures, and  the loss of her menstrual cycle. Camilla battled and came out victorious with the ability to be an advocate and spokesperson for positive eating and training habits as well as mental health. There isn’t anyone better to learn from on the subject of eating disorders than Coach Camilla. Key Takeaways from Dr. Tyler Jean’s episode: The three main factors to look for when choosing fats (cooking oils and more) for your mealsSmoke pointLevel of ProcessingOmega 6 to Omega 3 ratioWhat is the best cooking oil?Avocado oilGheeCoconut OilKey takeaways from Simon Hill on:How much soy should you eat?Is soy bad for you?Does a plant-based diet help with recovery?How to improve your strength and lean muscle mass on a plant based diet while eating to improve your longevity and help the planetHow to improve your gut health through plants and plant fiberKey takeaways from Camilla Bazley on:How to overcome an eating disorderEveryone is susceptible to getting an eating disorderShould I count calories?How to get the right help for you when overcoming an eating disorderLegends! You can find the links to each of these amazing guest’s platforms and work, below:Dr. Tyler Jean’s InstagramDr. Tyler Jean’s websiteSimon Hill’s InstagramSimon’s WebsiteCamilla Bazley’s Instagram

Sep 22

29 min 8 sec

My amazing team! I am so excited to finally bring you the Charley St founder trio! Should we get that embroidered on some shirts? After over 100 episodes, the time has finally arrived to share the story of Charley St. - our struggles, victories, mistakes, key takeaways, and more - with all of you. On today’s episode, Kieren, Kale, and I recap our lives before Charley St, the process of starting the restaurant, the challenges and victories we have faced thus far, and we specifically highlight how and why we set out to create a MILLION DOLLAR FOOD PRODUCT: Charley St’s just-launched plant-based chorizo and bolognese.  Before you read any further, watch our new YouTube video HERE that explains much of the “why” behind this new launch!In the episode, we specifically we discuss:How to start a restaurantOur steps to success and the mistakes we made along the wayThe experience of being a small team, doing everythingHow to build a successful teamYou have to be friends, and execute at a high levelHow to address cultural differences in the workplaceIntegrating Australian methods into American cultureHow to adapt How to run a restaurant during covid-19We were the second restaurant in all of NYC to halt all expensesHow to create a good menu itemThe Chorizo was placed on the menu, became wildly popular, and is now our first CPG productWhat is the best food packaging?Our packaging is at the forefront of sustainability practicesWe use:Greencell foam (dissolves in hot water without leaving harmful chemicals)Mailer boxes that are highly recyclable and sustainably harvestedAnd our amazing pouches that are edible, made out of plant fiber, and breakdown in industrial and backyard compost processes.How to launch a successful food product How the plant based Chorizo and Bolognese came to be!Legends! You can pre-order the plant-based Chorizo and Bolognese HERE!Follow the journey of how we created these products on:YouTubeInstagramPinterestWebsite

Sep 12

1 hr 8 min

Epic Table Family! It is a big day for the Epic Table and Charley St. community. Today, we launch our MILLION DOLLAR FOOD PRODUCT! In today’s episode, I discuss the launch of our brand new plant-based Chorizo and Bolognaise, which are alternative meat products that have been created by the community, for the community. I can’t possibly explain how excited I am for you to try them! As of now, we have re-launched our YouTube channel and have a brand new series out for you: “How to Create a Million Dollar Food Product.” This series is designed to help you understand how we have created our Chorizo and Bolognaise products in the hope that our story will help any of you looking to create your own product and supply valuable insight into our brand. In this episode we specifically dive into:Creating our MILLION DOLLAR FOOD PRODUCTMy passion for helping you legends eat foods that are going to be delicious and improve your health and performanceHow creating a product for our menu has turned into the most supported item by the communityWhy our new products are made by the community, for the communityWhat is in the plant-based Chorizo and BolognaiseCharley St.’s famous Chorizo made out of plant-based whole foods (Go to the website for exact ingredients!)More than twice as much dietary fiber as the other main competitors in the industryTake out of the freezer and cook instantly!!!The Chorizo and Bolognaise’s environmental impactEntirely plant based, whole food ingredients!Packaging is so clean you can eat it!! (More to come on YouTube)The manufacturing location of the Chorizo and BolognaiseWe are making this amazing product right out of Charley St.!!We will be moving into a larger facility soon in NYCLegends! I hope you can feel the excitement, gratitude, and joy I feel for this special moment. I want to give a massive shout-out and thank you to the amazing Charley St. community for bringing this moment to fruition. I am through the rough at the fact that you can now take Charley St. home!So, head over to charleyst.com, check out our new website, pre-order the amazing products, and know how much we care about you. AS YOU ARE READING THIS, episode 1 of our new YouTube series “How to Create a Million Dollar Food Product,” is NOW LIVE and if you subscribe in the next 5 days, you have a chance to WIN 1,000 DOLLARS!This is just another thank you to all of you. 

Sep 9

43 min 37 sec

Legends! In the studio today I am joined by the legendary Rich Roll. Rich is a primary thought leader in society, with a podcast ranked in the top charts for years and a  social platform reaching millions, Rich is truly a voice for the people. Being able to learn from Rich as a friend is truly an honor and a blessing. In this episode, we gain a vulnerable and in-depth look into who Rich truly is. We dive into his story from a Division 1 swimmer in college to battling with drugs and alcohol all the way to how he maintains emotional sobriety now in the midst of his success. Rich is one of the most impressive, supportive, and caring humans I have met. He graduated from Stanford University and Cornell Law School, became a lawyer, and was making good money. At the age of 30 Rich had hit rock bottom working as a lawyer in the hopes to prove himself to his family and peers. He became a workaholic for 10 years striving to please others while neglecting himself. Through this low point, he reached the age of 40, had a heart attack scare, was addicted to junk food weighing 50 pounds overweight, and wasn’t happy. He had a wake-up call. Rich became a vegan, focusing on the energetic benefits of plants and how to eat for performance. In his 40’s Rich became one of the first vegan ultra-endurance athletes paving the way for those to follow. In 2008 and 2009, Rich competed in the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii which is one of the world’s most daunting and grueling endurance races on the planet. He was a top finisher. Later in May of 2010, Rich completed the EPIC5 Challenge: completing 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in under a week. He also became one of the world’s fittest men. These are incredible physical feats that many couldn’t even imagine achieving and these are just one aspect of who Rich is. In 2012, Rich launched his book Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself, and became a #1 bestselling author. After publication, Rich launched his podcast The Rich Roll Podcast which resides in the Itunes Top-10 List. Rich is a legend. In the episode we specifically discuss:How Rich Roll became plant-basedHow and why he started running ultra marathonsHow he began building his business after Finding UltraHis journey into creating The Rich Roll PodcastThe power of rehabHow to increase aerobic capacityWhat activities increase aerobic capacityHow to train for an IronmanHow should a beginner train for an ironman?How do you train for a half Ironman?Currently, Rich is helping thousands transition to plant-based diets through the in-depth discovery of their bio-individuality met with his incredible service, Meal Planner, which provides customers with recipes, videos, articles, meal deliveries, and everything you could need to make a healthy transition to veganism. Connect with Rich via his:WebsiteInstagramPodcastAnd get his:BooksMeal Planner

Aug 25

57 min 55 sec

Hi team! Today’s episode is an epic one to listen to if you’re interested in improving your performance. I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Amy Shah, aka the Fasting MD, who focuses on the benefits of fasting and finding a balance between Western and Eastern medicine. Dr. Shah studied at Cornell University for nutrition, Albert Einstein Medical School, Harvard Hospital, and did her fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She faced challenges when it came to her interests in how hormones and nutrition affect the body, due to the “lack of basic science.” Dr. Shah felt pressure from the higher-ups in her medical training to not pursue her interests and rather focus on studies that were “more scientific.” She didn’t let this stop her. Instead, Dr. Shah decided to start her own practice and build her personal brand to focus on how food, sunlight, circadian rhythm, exercise, sleep and more affect our immune system and gut health. I am big on this. Dr. Shah is someone who values western medicine but also sees the benefits of ayurvedic and eastern medicine when it comes to finding ways to optimize our performance and make us happier. Dr. Shah recently released her new book I’m So F’ing Tired which dives into how she optimizes her health and provides tactile steps for you to do the same. In this episode we specifically discuss:How to fastWhat is circadian rhythm fasting?Is fasting a good way to lose weight?Should women fast?Is fasting bad for women’s hormones?Is it good to work out fasted in the mornings?What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?The benefits of natural lightWhat are the benefits of natural light?Is natural sunlight good for you?What are the health benefits of natural light?The health effects of stressHow stress affects healthWhat is hormetic stress?How stress becomes burnoutDr. Amy Shah has been discovering an amazing and simple way to optimize your health and be happy. She is huge on energy and places maintaining positive energy right at the top of her priorities. Purchase Dr. Shah’s health products, her book, and connect with her at the following links:Dr. Amy Shah’s WebsiteInstagramProductsBook

Aug 17

1 hr 6 min

Team, today we are joined by a longtime friend and favorite on this podcast: Simon Hill. Simon Hill is the founder of Plant Proof which is an amazing podcast and platform focusing on the science behind a plant-based diet. Simon is also a best-selling author and renowned nutritionist who is the plant-based food contributor for Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app, Centr. Simon recently released his new book The Proof is in the Plantswhich another legend of the podcast, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, referred to as “an essential reading for all of humanity.” Simon also has his own plant-based restaurant in Bondi, Australia, called Eden. In this episode, Simon talks about the health benefits associated with a plant-based diet, and how to successfully transition to support your bio-individuality. Specifically, we discuss:How you can build lean muscle on a plant based dietHow you can get enough enough protein on a plant based diet to achieve your fitness and health goalsHow plant based diets improve your gut health Why a plant based diet is better for the environmentWhy plant based diets are better for recoveryThe effects of soy on the bodySpecifically What happens when you eat too much soyThe plant-based food industry growthAnd the best foods to heal the thyroidSimon is one of the leading nutritionists and health professionals in the field of plant-based diets. If you are looking to adopt more plants into your diet, transition to be fully plant-based, or pivot to a more plant-centric diet, this is most definitely the episode for you! You can follow Simon and order his amazing new book at the following links:Simon Hill’s InstagramSimon’s WebsiteThe Proof is in the PlantsThe Plant Proof Podcast

Aug 11

1 hr 51 min

LegendsI’m absolutely thrilled to bring you all today’s episode with Hellah Sidibe! Hellah is one of the most positive, inspiring, and hard working people I have ever had the privilege to talk to. Hellah has been running every day, consecutively, for the last four years. In total, he has currently run over 1500 days straight! Hellah grew up in Mali, Africa, in a place where some people don’t even make a dollar a day. Recently, Hellah completed his first transcontinental run. He ran from LA to NYC in 84 days, totaling 3061 miles across the nation. In doing so, Hellah became the first Black person to ever complete a transcontinental in the US, and through partnering with Soles4Soles, was able to provide thousands of kids back in Mali with a new pair of shoes. Hellah is someone who genuinely makes this world a better place, his energy is unmatched and his commitment to living a healthy and happy life is truly motivating. This man is truly unique. In this episode we specifically discuss: The origin of Hellah’s gratitude and happinessHellah’s story, growing up in Mali and becoming a semi-pro soccer player, to becoming a transcontinental ultra runnerHow Hellah mentally prepares to run every day no matter the conditions and how he pushed past the mental block he experienced before starting to run during the transcontinental We discuss how Hellah stopped making excuses and instead focuses on controlling the controllableWhy Hellah went plant based and how he fuels his body and recovery with plantsAnd how he became a creator and we discuss his love for the creative processThis man is truly a legend in every sense of the word. Connect with Hellah and follow his journey:Hellah's YouTube ChannelHellah's InstagramHellah's Website

Aug 4

1 hr 15 min

Team, today we are joined by the legend himself, Kaj Larsen. Kaj is a Navy Seal, war correspondent, journalist, and producer, who has worked for Vice News and CNN, He is also the founder and CEO of Crossfit Santa Monica. Today we get into the nitty-gritty, discussing how Kaj became a Navy Seal, we learn how he acquired all of his attributes and what it's like to "try out" for the Navy Seals during hell week. Kaj goes into detail about his 5 mile run underwater. Kaj is someone who is truly invested in making the world a better place and has an extraordinary character.Specifically we discuss....What is hell week for Navy Seals?How hard is Hell week for Navy Seals?How long can Navy Seals hold their breath?How can water and wildlife be conserved? Do you have to jump out of a plane to be a Navy Seal? Resources...Force Blue - https://forceblueteam.org/ Check out Kaj's website - https://www.kajlarsen.com/ Check out Kajs Gym CrossfitSantaMonica - https://www.crossfitsantamonica.com/ Follow Kaj on Instagram ( @KajLarsen - https://www.instagram.com/kajlarsen/ )Check out Ten Thousand - https://www.tenthousand.cc/collectionsCheck out the Ten Thousand Instagram ( @Tenthousand.cc) - https://www.instagram.com/tenthousand.cc/ )

Jul 29

1 hr 17 min

We are back with another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Kurt Seidensticker, former NASA aerospace engineer, development lead at Motorola building the first version of the internet, and now founder and CEO of Vital Proteins. Vital Protein is a brand dedicated to helping people live a fuller and more vibrant life. Kurt opens up about his journey as a NASA engineer to Founder and CEO of one of the biggest protein brands worldwide. Kurt talks about his lead role in developing and managing cell systems globally. We dive into Kurt’s amazing story of how he discovered the epic health benefits of collagen as a life-long runner, he refused to let his body deteriorate to the point where he could no longer train the way he loves to. Instead, Kurt took the initiative to research how he could optimize his body to continue running for the rest of his life. We unpack the ins and outs of scaling a business and what led to the unbelievable growth of Vital Proteins. Specifically, we talk about:What it's like to be an engineer at NASA? What does a NASA engineer do?What are Collagen Peptides? What is the best way to consume collagen?What does it mean to be Vital?What are the benefits of taking glycine?Is glycine good for anxiety?Resources:Vital Proteins website Vital Protein's Instagram

Jul 21

1 hr 2 min

Team, today we are joined by Dr. Tyler Jean who, being an absolute weapon, has his B.S. in Cell Molecular Biology and as of 2021 is now a certified Naturopathic Doctor! Dr. Jean became a doctor mainly due to his personal dedication and experience working to address generalized anxiety, asthma, eczema, and ADHD. Through his Naturopathic work, he had an epic “aha” moment and became dedicated to something we love here at The Epic Table: Bio-Individuality. As a division 1 swimmer at UCSB, eating the standard American diet, he saw the need for a shift and began testing numerous alternative diets. He eventually transitioned to fully vegan for 18 months and now eats a plant-centric diet. Dr. Jean saw how we can work with our bodies through focusing primarily on our food intake to ultimately optimize ourselves to be in balance and prevent disease.In this episode we specifically discuss...Dr. Jean’s passion for educating on foodHis drive to continuously learn past his research on type 1 diabetes and cell molecular biologyThe relationship between our parasympathetic nervous system and the food we eatHeart Rate Variability and specifically how, through a naturopathic lens, we can become more resilient to stressorsShould we be drinking alcohol? How to apply fats from your pantry into your foodResources...Dr. Tyler Jean’s Instagram -(@Functional.Foods https://www.instagram.com/functional.foods/)Dr. Tyler Jean’s website -(https://tylerjean.com/)Dr. Tyler Jean’s Recipe eBook - (https://tylerjean.com/recipe-book-landing-page/) 

Jul 14

1 hr 11 min

Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by the one and only, Camilla Bazely A.K.A Coach Camilla! Camila Bazely is my dear friend and fitness coach. Camilla struggled with a severe eating disorder which took a huge toll on her physically and emotionally. Camilla began her days by running 10 kilometers every day whilst fasting. This eventually led to serious health problems including liver dysfunction, stress fractures, and loss of her menstrual cycle. What Camilla thought was a healthy practice, turned out to be a serious eating disorder. We dive deeply into how her mental health was affected, how the eating disorder affected her social life, and what it took to get Camilla back on her feet. If you or a loved one struggles with an eating disorder, this episode is definitely for you.Specifically, we talk about...How does anorexia affect female athletes?Intermittent fastingWhat is classified as an eating disorder?How Camilla overcome her eating disorderResources...Follow Coach Camilla on Instagram! ( @Coach_Camilla - https://www.instagram.com/coach_camilla/ )

Jul 7

1 hr 27 min

Team, today we have Hunter McIntyre, a goliath of a man joining us to talk shop about everything from his journey to becoming a professional athlete, currently holding 7 Obstacle Course Racing World Titles & ranked as one of the top 50 fittest athletes by Sports Illustrated, to founding his own business: HAOS Training. Recently, Hunter broke the Murph Challenge world record and finished first at the HYROX global fitness race becoming the national champion. We dive into Hunter’s success story, the ways in which physical rehab transformed him, and how he forged his own path to becoming a professional athlete. Hunter’s life story is full of important takeaways. If you are looking to improve your performance as an athlete, build better habits, and or start building your personal plan, this is the episode for you!Specifically, we dive into...How physical labor in rehab instilled a ferocious work ethic in HunterThe importance of having passion and purpose behind everything you doThe dichotomy between working out for pleasure and training for purposeWhy maintaining consistent goals and challenges is crucial for developmentBeing a hybrid athlete, one that runs competitive times and competes in strengthBalancing running and weight trainingEating and training for performance, not aestheticsTraining vs Working outResources....HAOS TRAINING - https://haostraining.com/Hunter’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/huntthesheriff/Hunter’s website - https://huntermcintyre.com/about

Jun 30

1 hr 1 min

Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Sergey Young, longevity investor and visionary with a mission to extend the lifespans of 1 billion people worldwide. He is also the founder of the $100M Longevity Vision Fund, which specializes exclusively in longevity and helps to accelerate longevity breakthroughs. Sergey's ultimate goal is to reach the age of 200 and find an affordable way for others to do the same. We chat all about longevity, what the word means and how to achieve it. We dive into what drove Sergey to change his daily habits for longevity, and Sergey highlights key factors, including healthy eating and a positive mindset. We also learn about what the future holds in the science behind "growing young." If you are somebody that wants to live until 200 years old, this is the episode for you!Specifically, we discuss...· Are supplements good? What are the best supplements to buy?· How lifestyle affects overall health· Habits that lead to a long life · What is the "Longevity Mindset"?· Understanding genetics· How genetic editing can help people suffering from disease· How eating more plant-based protein boosts longevityResources... · Check out Sergey's website - https://sergeyyoung.com/· Preorder Sergey's book ( https://www.amazon.com/Sergey-Young/e/B08CVMWTZ3/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1 )· Check out Sergey's Instagram ( @SergeyYoung200 https://www.instagram.com/sergeyyoung200/)· Check out the episode with David Sinclair ( https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/david-sinclair-how-to-live-to-150-years-old/id1460410277?i=1000478320437)

Jun 23

1 hr 5 min

Team, today we are joined by Dan Buettner, founder of Blue Zones, National Geographic Fellow, New York Times best-selling author, and award-winning journalist. In this episode, Dan gives us the recipe to live a long and healthy life. We learn that some of the key ingredients to longevity include a healthy social circle, finding purpose in life, and maintaining a healthy diet. Did you know that 1 in every 4000 people will live to the age of 100? If you want to help shorten the gap, give this episode a listen and share it with loved ones.Specifically, we chat aboutWhat are Blue Zones?What are the people of Blue Zones eating?The importance of happiness and social connectivityIs it beneficial to take supplements?Healthspan vs lifespan: what's the difference?Are people who live with purpose happier?The importance of keeping a healthy social circleResources...Blue Zones website - https://www.bluezones.com/Purchase Dan's Books - https://www.bluezones.com/books/Check out the episode with Team Sherzai - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/team-sherzais-guide-to-eliminating-alzheimers-disease/id1460410277?i=1000508450093 Check out the episode with David Sinclair - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/david-sinclair-how-to-live-to-150-years-old/id1460410277?i=1000478320437Dan's Instagram (@DanBuettner - https://www.instagram.com/danbuettner/)

Jun 9

42 min 52 sec

Team, today we are joined by Angie Asche, MS, RD, CSSD! Angie Founder and CEO of Eleatnutrition, sports nutritionist/dietitian for athletes nationwide, and author of Fuel your Body: How to Cook and Eat for Peak Performance. Today we talk all about eating for performance, not looks. Angie shares with us key components she analyzes when meeting with clients. We talk about the importance of fueling your body with enough food to get that extra rep in or to increase endurance. Angie gives us insight into supplements that are beneficial to achieve more muscle growth and that aid in quicker recovery. If you or someone you know wants to better their relationship with food, give this episode a listen and check out Angie's book!Specifically, we talk aboutHow Angela Asche uses food to produce better athletesWhy you may be undereatingHow Angela educates her athletes on metabolismTotal daily energy expenditureWhy we need to consume more fiber and proteinHow to properly absorb vitamin DWhy you need K2 to absorb vitamin DWhich supplements Angela recommends and whyHow creatine benefits muscle growth and cognitive function.How food intake affects hormonal changesIs Athletic Greens a good supplement for Athletes? Is Athletic Greens NSF approved?Resources...Check out Angela's Instagram (@Eleatnutrition https://www.instagram.com/eleatnutrition/ )\Angela's website- https://www.eleatnutrition.com/Eleatnutrition Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eleatnutritionEleatnutrition Twitter - https://twitter.com/eleatnutritionGet a copy of Fuel your Body here - https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781572842960Athletic Greens - https://athleticgreens.com/epic

Jun 4

1 hr

We are back with another installment of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Harpreet Singh Rai, CEO of Oura. Founded in 2013 in Oulu, Finland Oura is an app that measures sleeping patterns and performance with the help of a very stylish ring! Today Harpreet and I touch on his journey through university studying MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), how he tirelessly worked with investment banking companies, and how Harpreet's relationship with Oura began. Harpreet goes into detail about what sparked his interest in sleep and fitness. We also talk about the mechanics behind Oura, and why optimizing sleep is key for crushing everyday tasks.Specifically, we chat about...How we can use our bio-individuality and Oura's data to optimize sleep and performance.The benefits of getting more sleepThe importance of listening to your bodyHow does the Oura ring work? Why Oura chose a ring to monitor sleepThe accuracy of sensors in wearable technologyHow the data from wearable technology can help improve the quality of our livesHarpreet touches on some of the data collected across the world during COVID and the election in the US.Health risk management and how Oura is helping athletes in the NBA.The future of OuraResourcesOura website (https://ouraring.com/)Oura Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ouraring/)

May 26

1 hr 15 min

Team, today we are joined by Dr. Jessica Peatross, a functional medicine doctor focused on finding the root cause of disease. She is a leading expert in treating mold toxicity, Lyme disease, cancer, and much more. In this episode of the podcast, we go over how Ozone therapy works, and how the treatment is used to prevent infection. Dr. Jess also touches on the importance of taking care of the liver. The liver can be the answer to why so many of us are vulnerable to hayfever and other allergens. This episode is very good for those of you looking for a holistic way to heal from disease!Specifically, we discuss... Ozone Therapy: why is Ozone therapy illegal? Where is the practice legal?How does Ozone therapy benefit the body?Mitochondrial dysfunctionMosquitoes and ticks: who are they attracted to? What can you do to avoid them?Zinc and lithium orotate vs the bodyHow trace minerals optimize healthSeasonal allergies: how they affect us and what triggers allergiesHow poor liver function can result in sensitivity to allergensResources... Check out WellnessPluss by Dr. Jess - https://app.drjessmd.com/ )Dr. Jess's Instagram (@Dr.Jess.MD - https://www.instagram.com/dr.jess.md/ )

May 19

54 min 44 sec

Team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Dr. Vivan Chen, a UK-trained double-certified doctor with over 14 years of clinical experience. Dr. Vivian Chen is devoted to helping clients find the root cause of their issues and fixing them by altering lifestyle choices. She's helped improve the lives of patients with high blood pressure, Type-2 diabetes, and chronic fatigue. Today we chat all about environmental toxins, how they harm the human body, and how to avoid them. Dr. Chen also talks about her experience with reversing her daughter's allergies and we dive into the best way to wash your veggies.Specifically, we talk about...Benefits of a plant-based diet, How to adapt the plant-based diet.B12 deficiencies, is B12 deficiency serious? Should you supplement B12?What causes Immune dysregulations?Does Mercury cause autoimmune disease?Which organs help filter out toxins from the bloodstream?The most effective way to detoxify your body, foods that may help.What are Phthalates? How phthalates affect fertility hormones.Dust allergies, Why dust is harmful.How to properly wash your vegetablesResources...Instagram (@Plateful.Health) - https://www.instagram.com/plateful.health/?hl=enCheck out Dr. Vivan's website - https://www.platefulhealth.com/How to reduce toxins - https://www.platefulhealth.com/reduce-toxinsHow do you know you need a detox quiz - https://www.platefulhealth.com/opt-in-5651d89e-c28f-4ce3-acdf-213a12c34f76

May 13

1 hr 15 min

Team, we are back for another episode of The Epic Table podcast! If this is your first time here, this is a podcast dedicated to inspiring conversations withthe world's most remarkable health experts and thought leaders. Today we are joined by Jeremy Hills, former Texas running back, and top athletic trainer. Jeremy is known best for his work training athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Jeremy had a dream of making it to the NFL, but after sustaining an injury at the University of Texas, reality kicked in and he had to think about a complete career change. In this episode, Jeremy talks about the odd jobs he took to stay alive after being injured, we learn how Jeremy found his true calling as a trainer upon being let go from his job at a medical sales company, and Jeremy gives insight into his first job as a personal trainer, which came from working with his former high school football team for free. After years of consistency, hard work, and perseverance, an opportunity came to help former Longhorn and All-Pro Earl Thomas recover from injury, which helped catapult Jeremy's career. We also talk about how the path he chose led him to open the Kollective, a training facility devoted to hard work, working out, networking and much more.Specifically, we discuss...Jeremy's experience playing with the Texas Longhornsthe reality of being an elite athleteWhat it takes to learn from the bestHe discusses what it takes to get athletes ready for the NFL CombineThe journey & process of transitioning from medical sales to training high-level athletesThe challenges of figuring out your purpose in a new careerResources...Kollective Website - ( https://thekollective.com/ ).Insatgram - (@Kollective.inc https://www.instagram.com/kollective.inc/?hl=en).(@JHills5 https://www.instagram.com/jhills5/?hl=en).Check out Jeremy's Website - ( https://www.jhills.com/ ).

May 5

1 hr 7 min

Team, today we are joined by Drew Harrisberg, exercise physiologist, sport, and diabetes educator. After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Drew hit rock bottom but after years of resilience and understanding his situation, Drew was able to bounce back happier and healthier than he was in the past. In this episode, we chat all about Drew's experience with Type-1 diabetes, and the mental impact that had on him mentally. Drew talks about the different diets he tried from a young age up until now. We even get insight into his training schedule and how he maintains his blood glucose levels. Drew is an all-around legend with the goal of empowering the masses with the knowledge to defeat autoimmune diseases.Specifically, we discuss...What is Type 1 Diabetes? How does it affect the immune system?What is the Keto diet? Drew's experience with the keto diet.We touch on food and diabetes; Can you reverse diabetes with food?What is insulin? How does it affect the body? What does it mean to be insulin resistant?Resources Drew's Instagram (@Drews.Daily.Dose - https://www.instagram.com/drews.daily.dose/)Check out Drew's website - (https://drewsdailydose.com/)Episodes similar to this oneHow to Reverse Diabetes with Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta - (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-reverse-diabetes-robby-barbaro-cyrus-khambatta/id1460410277?i=1000504453394)Eliminate fat, eliminate high blood glucose with Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta -(https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/eliminate-fat-eliminate-high-blood-glucose-robby-barbaro/id1460410277?i=1000506741601)

Apr 28

1 hr 34 min

Hey team, Welcome back to the Epic Table Podcast! Today I reflect on Fueling for performance in a previous episode with Nick Bare Founder and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition. He breaks down how counting calories can have a harsh effect on your mental bandwidth. We also go over maximizing your gut health with Megan Rossi Ph.D., RD, APD. Megan also breaks down what poop anxiety looks like and how to minimize the smell of poop with poop pure. Lastly, we dive deep into how improving sleep quality can better your diet and overall well-being with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.If you want to listen to the episodes mentioned click the links below!Rangan Chatterjee, M.D.'s Mindfulness, Mindset and Movement tips to feel better - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rangan-chatterjee-m-d-s-mindfulness-mindset-movement/id1460410277?i=1000514416150How Ironman athletes better their relationships with food, Nick Bare - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-ironman-athletes-better-their-relationships-food/id1460410277?i=1000516353495A Guide to Maximizing Your Gut Health with The Gut Health Doctor Megan Rossi-https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/guide-to-maximizing-your-gut-health-gut-health-doctor/id1460410277?i=1000515252315Thanks, Team!

Apr 21

42 min 47 sec

Hey team, welcome to the Epic Table podcast! If this is your first time here,  this is a podcast dedicated to bringing on the world's most remarkable health experts and thought leaders to inspire you. Today we are joined by Nick Bare, Founder, and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition, former army officer, host of The Bare Performance podcast, and YouTuber. Nick is also the author of “25 Hours a Day”.  In today’s episode, We learn about Nick’s beginnings as a military officer and how he built a seven-figure business whilst on active duty! Nick touches on his experience being diagnosed with an eating disorder at a young age, and how that sparked his interest in fitness and nutrition. We also dive into Nick’s experience competing in the Austin marathon and the IronMan triathlon, and what motivated him to run a sub-3-hour marathon. Specifically, we discuss:The leadership skills Nick took away from being in the militaryWhat does it take to be an entrepreneur? How Nick built his business from the ground up whilst in the militaryHow and why Nick started a YouTube channelWhat is Intuitive Eating?The mental toll diet tracking can haveHow long is an ironman? How Nick ran an 11-hour IronmanWe learn about Nick’s relationship with food todayAnd what it means to have a healthy relationship with foodLinks: Nick’s Instagram Bare Performance Nutrition Instagram Check out Nick’s Book “25 Hours a day”  BPN WebsiteThanks, Team!

Apr 8

1 hr 10 min

Team, today we are joined by Megan Rossi! Megan is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a PhD in gut health from the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Queensland, Australia. Megan is also a leading research fellow at King's College London where she is exploring nutrition-based therapies in gut health, these include prebiotics and probiotics, dietary fiber and food additives. Megan is also the author of the book "Eat Yourself Healthy" and her latest book, "Love Your Gut". Today we chat all about the gut-brain connection, Megan's early years, and what galvanized her into demystifying the the gut. We also touch on how to observe your stool using the Bristol stool chart and more!Specifically we talk about...How gut bacteria influences the severity of COVID-19Why dietary fiber is needStool samples! What can stool samples tell us about an individuals gut health?We look at the Bristol stool chart and learn about 6 types of poop textures!What does unhealthy poop look like?What is the gut brain connection? What are three ways the gut communicates with the brain?Is gut health connected to mental health?How preservatives affect gut bacteriaWhy the frequency with which you poop matters.Poop PurèWhy is our poop brown?Resources....Check out Megan's website - ( https://www.theguthealthdoctor.com )Instagram (@TheGuthealthdoctor https://www.instagram.com/theguthealthdoctor/?hl=en )Pick up Megan's latest Book, "Love your gut" - ( https://www.theguthealthdoctor.com/books/)

Mar 31

1 hr

Team, we are back with another episode of the Epic Table podcast. Today we are joined by Rangan Chatterjee, M.D. , British physician, author of 3 #1 Sunday Times bestselling books and Host of the Feel Better Live More podcast! Today’s episode is all about human emotion and the affects of stress on diet, Dr. Chatterjee also touches on why he practices medicine and why he want to help 100 million people, we also focus on the topic of Vitamin D deficiency and how to fix it. If you or someone you know struggles with diet or is looking for mental clarity, this is the episode for you!We also discuss…Time restrictive eating, can intermittent fasting improve mood? The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, How to correct a vitamin deficiency. Importance of routine, why is routine important? Rangan, M.D suggests practicing Mindfulness, Movement and Mindset exercises to improve the quality of your wellbeing. Why we eat? How does stress affects eating habits? The affects of sleep on eating habitsResources…Dr. Chatterjee’s website - https://drchatterjee.com/about/Listen to the Feel Better Live More podcast - https://drchatterjee.com/blog/category/podcast/Check out Dr. Chatterjee’s titles including, “FeelGreat Lose Weight: Long Term, Simple habits for lasting and sustainable weight loss” - https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?i=stripbooks&rh=p_27%3ADr+Rangan+Chatterjee&s=relevancerank&text=Dr+Rangan+Chatterjee&ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1Dr. ChatterJee’s Instagram - (@DrChatterjee https://www.instagram.com/drchatterjee/)Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDnwlb3IQDPJtFysPUJbDFQ?sub_confirmation=1Thanks Team!

Mar 25

1 hr 7 min

Legends, today we have Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, gastroenterologist and New York Times best selling author of Fiber Fueled. Last time on the podcast, we talked all about gut health as it pertains to inflammatory foods, good vs. bad bacteria, and gut health-boosting foods vs. supplements. Today we discuss how to mold your gut to be the best it can be, we chat all about the gut-brain connection, and Dr. B schools us on histamines and how they affect the gut. Today’s episode is packed full of information, so make sure to share with a loved one and take plenty of notes!Specifically we discuss…Which foods are highest in histamine? What are the symptoms of histamine intolerance? What are histamines? Origins of histamine.Prebiotics + Probiotic = PostbioticsShould you take Probiotics? What's the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Is apple cider vinegar a probiotic or prebiotic?What is the gut-brain connection? What are signs of an unhealthy gut?Genetics and Epigenetic of Celiac disease Resources....The Plant Fed Gut Online Course - https://theplantfedgut.com/course/Dr. B’s Instagram ( @TheGutHealthMd https://www.instagram.com/theguthealthmd/?hl=en ).Check out his website ( https://theplantfedgut.com/about/ ).Check out Part 1 with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz! (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/secrets-to-a-healthy-gut-with-dr-will-busiewicz/id1460410277?i=1000479409527)

Mar 17

1 hr 9 min

Team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! We have a very special episode featuring ex-navy seal and author Rich Diviney. Rich has over 20+ years of experience completing over 13 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout his career, he acquired many leadership roles such as Commanding Officer of a Navy Seal command. After his retirement in 2016, Rich spends his time working with Chapman & Co Leadership Institute, a company dedicated to creating outstanding leaders. Rich also works with Simon Sinek, inspiring leaders of corporate organizations to create a healthy environment where workers can explore their potential and feel valued. Rich is also the author of the book "The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance," a book dedicated to understanding how people can successfully function during times of stress.Specifically we discuss...How do navy seals become mentally tough?High-performance teams and how to build themWhat it's like to be a navy seal?Skills vs. Attributes and developing attributesFear vs. anxietyResources....Simon Sinek - https://simonsinek.com/optimist/rich-diviney/ Chapman & Co - https://www.ccoleadership.com/team/rich-diviney/Instagram (@Rich_Diviney) - https://www.instagram.com/rich_diviney/"The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance" https://theattributes.com/buy/

Mar 10

1 hr 18 min

Team, we are back for another exciting episode of The Epic Table podcast! We are joined by John Joseph, Musician, author, Ironman Triathlete, and New Yorker. John is best known for his lead singing role in his band the Crowd-Mags in the 1980-2000s. Most importantly, John is a plant based athlete, and has crushed 12 Iron Man triathlons! John is an outstanding storyteller, detailing his early years growing up in the Lower East Side of New York City, the trauma he faced, and how he turned his life around. This episode of the podcast is explicit, so if you're surrounded by kids or easily offended this episode might not be for you.Specifically, we discuss… What do plant-based athletes eat? How did John get into the plant-based lifestyle? What is the Iron Man? How many kilometers/miles are in an Iron Man Triathlon?Who are the Brains? How did John meet the Bad Brains? How did the Bad Brains influence John?Why is John plant-based?Why did John become a Hare Krishna? What do Hare Krishnas eat?To learn more about John…- Check out John's booksThe PMA Effect - https://www.amazon.com/PMA-Effect-John-Joseph/dp/0998344745Meat is for Pussies - https://www.amazon.com/Meat-Pussies-How-Guide-Dudes/dp/0062320327The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon - https://www.amazon.com/Evolution-Cro-Magnon-John-Joseph/dp/0980065704- Youtube “Hard Truth with John Joseph” - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGy-7a2mGbzfZYMNjOk-gRQ- Instagram (@JohnJosephCromag) - https://www.instagram.com/johnjosephcromag/


Mar 4

1 hr 16 min

Hey Team! Today we are joined by Gin stephens, intermittent faster and host of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast. Gin is also the author of #1 Amazon best-seller Delay, Don't Deny, and her book Feast Without Fear. Today we talk all about intermittent Fasting! Gin tells her experience with fasting, how she influences other women to safely fast, and we dive into the different stages of fasting.Specifically we talk about…What is Fasting? How Gin Fasts throughout the dayHow to make fasting work for youWhat is Autophagy? Is autophagy good or bad? what are the different stages of fasting? How should women intermittent fast?What to avoid when fastingIs fasting safe during pregnancy?Can you drink coffee with cream whilst fasting?Listening to your bodyIf you want to know more about Gin, you can check out…The Intermittent Fasting Podcast - https://ifpodcast.comIntermittent Fasting Stories - https://www.intermittentfastingstories.comDelay Don't Deny - https://www.amazon.com/Delay-Dont-Deny-Intermittent-Lifestyle/dp/1541325842/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1585169011&sr=8-2Feast Without Fear - https://www.amazon.com/Feast-Without-Fear-Delay-Lifestyle/dp/1977820182/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1585169011&sr=8-6Gin’s Website - https://www.ginstephens.com

Feb 24

59 min 58 sec

Team, we are back with another installment of The Epic Table podcast! We are joined by award-winning neurologists, Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai aka Team Sherzai. Team Sherzai is responsible for one of the largest clinical studies on Alzheimer's at Loma Linda University Medical center. The duo, who are happily married, are co-authors of the book The Alzheimer's Solution, a book dedicated to sharing their hands-on research, equipped with an extensive step-by-step guide to preventing Alzheimer's disease and information on improving cognitive brain function.Specifically, we discuss... What is Alzheimer's Disease? What is the main cause of Alzheimer's?How to prevent Alzheimer's disease and how lifestyle plays a huge role in Alzheimer'sThe difference between Alzheimer's and dementiaWhen does Alzheimer's disease start? What are the beginning stages?How Inflammation, lipid dysregulation, oxidation, and glucose/energy dysregulation damage the brain.How to sharpen brain cognitionGood stress vs bad stress, and how they influence brain functionResources...Preventing Alzheimer's Our Most Urgent Health Care Priority: Sherzai AZ, Parasram M, Haider JM, Sherzai D. Alzheimer Disease and Cancer: A National Inpatient Sample Analysis. Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord. 2020 Apr-Jun;34(2):122-127. doi: 10.1097/WAD.0000000000000369. PMID: 31990712.Alzheimer Disease and Cancer: A National Inpatient Sample Analysis, https://journals.lww.com/alzheimerjournal/Abstract/2020/04000/Alzheimer_Disease_and_Cancer__A_National_Inpatient.4.aspxlearn more about Team Sherzai - https://teamsherzai.com (Website), https://www.facebook.com/SherzaiMD/ (Facebook), @SherzaiMD https://www.instagram.com/sherzaimd/ (Instagram).

Feb 17

1 hr 23 min

Welcome back to the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Dr. Ethan Kross, award winning psychologist and professor at the university of Michigan. Dr Ethan is doing some truly amazing work navigating our understanding of how to harness our inner voice. We talk all about the power of the inner voice, Why negative self talk is bad for us, and how to harness this voice to live a better life. If you or a loved one is going through a rough patch in your life, definitely check out this episode of the podcast!Specifically we talk aboutNegativity and why it’s actually importantHow to understand and deal with negativityWhat is Chatter? How can we recognize it and use it to our advantage?How many times a day should we initiate inner speech?Does everyone have an inner voice?Resources….Buy Ethan's book "Chatter" - https://www.ethankross.com/chatter/Instagram (@EthanKross) - https://www.instagram.com/ethankross/-https://lsa.umich.edu/psych/people/faculty/ekross.html

Feb 10

53 min 36 sec

Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by the legend himself, Shawn Stevenson! Shawn is a health and wellness expert who struggled with an incurable degenerative disc disease which set him back greatly. Upon receiving a wake-up call from within, he was able to turn his life around with three simple lifestyle changes revolving around sleep, diet and exercise. Shawn is also the founder and host of The Model Health Show, which aims to educate listeners on a wide variety of health related topics.In this episode we discuss...Different types of body fat and how these fats are metabolized in the bodyBrown Fat vs Visceral FatWhat does nocebo mean? What is the difference between placebo and nocebo? The importance of changing your perspectiveThe importance of the gut microbiomeHow to diversify the gut microbiomeHow the microbiome affects mood; the Gut-Brain connectionHow to improve the gut microbiomeWhat causes inflammation of the hypothalamus?One way to repair the blood brain barrierResources.. Shawn's Instagram (@ShawnModel https://www.instagram.com/shawnmodel/)Eat Smarter ( https://eatsmarterbook.com/)Check out Shawn's Website ( https://themodelhealthshow.com/)

Feb 3

1 hr 15 min

Team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Cyrus Khambatta, PhD and Robby Barbaro, MPH, both of Mastering Diabetes, a book packed full of research to help individuals master living with diabetes. Robby Barbaro, who has Type 1 Diabetes, graduated from the University of Florida and is the cofounder of Mastering Diabetes. He worked at Forks Over Knives for six years before changing paths in 2016 to coaching people with diabetes. Also living with Type 1 Diabetes, Cyrus Khambatta earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003, then earned a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. We chat all about diabetes and food on this episode, touching on why what you put in your gut matters! This episode is all about the correlation between fats and carbohydrates! We learn how carbs and fat affect blood glucose levels, If you are concerned about diabetes, if you have it, or curious about it, this episode is for you.Specifically, we discuss...What. is insulin? How does it affect the body? What does it mean to be insulin resistant?We touch on food and diabetes; Can you reverse diabetes with food?What are the 3 types of fat? What fats should diabetics avoid?Are sugars bad for you?Resources...Mastering Diabetes: The revolutionary method to reverse insulin resistance permanently in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes and Gestational Diabetes https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/book/Robby Barbaro's Instagram ( @Mindfuldiabeticrobby https://www.instagram.com/mindfuldiabeticrobby/?hl=en )Cyrus Khambatta's Instagram ( @Mangomannutrition https://www.instagram.com/mangomannutrition/ )Mastering Diabetes Instagram ( @MasteringDiabetes https://www.instagram.com/masteringdiabetes/ )The Plant Fed Gut Online Course - ( https://theplantfedgut.com/course/ )

Jan 27

1 hr 32 min

Hey Team! Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we have Dr. Will Cole, one of the leading functional medicine practitioners nationwide. He is the author of Ketotarian, The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan to Burn fat, Boost energy, Crush Your Cravings, and Calm Inflammation, The Inflammation Spectrum and his new book Intuitive Fasting: The Flexible Four Week Intermittent Fasting Plan to Recharge Your Metabolism and Renew Your Health. Today Dr, Will Cole breaks down Intermittent fasting and the benefits if done correctly. Specifically we discuss...What is intermittent fasting? How do you intermittent Fast? How long should you intermittent fast? The different types of fasting? Which is best for you? How does Intermittent fasting affect performance? Can you workout whilst fasting? What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? What can you eat or drink whilst intermittent fasting? Resources... Dr. Will Cole's website ( https://drwillcole.com/). Intuitive Fasting:The Flexible Four Week Intermittent Fasting Plan to Recharge Your Metabolism and Renew Your Health ( https://drwillcole.com/intuitive-fasting ) The Art of Being Well Podcast - ( https://drwillcole.com/podcast ).

Jan 13

59 min 12 sec

Team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Cyrus Khambatta, PhD and Robby Barbaro, MPH, both of Mastering Diabetes, a book packed full of research to help individuals master living with diabetes. Robby Barbaro, who has Type 1 Diabetes, graduated from the University of Florida and is the cofounder of Mastering Diabetes. He worked at Forks Over Knives for six years before changing paths in 2016 to coaching people with diabetes. Also living with Type 1 Diabetes, Cyrus Khambatta earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2003, then earned a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 2012. We chat all about diabetes and food, touching on why what you put in your gut matters! We talk all about insulin, how to regulate insulin levels, and how it affects the body. Overall, this episode is packed full of information on how to approach diabetes. If you are concerned about diabetes, if you have it, or curious about it, this episode is for you.Specifically, we discuss...What is diabetes? What are the early signs? What causes it?What. is insulin? How does it affect the body? What does it mean to be insulin resistant?We touch on food and diabetes; Can you reverse diabetes with food?What are the 3 types of fat? What fats should diabetics avoid?Nutrition suggestions for Type 1 DiabetesWhat are Beta Cells? why do Beta Cells Die?What happens to beta cells in type 2 diabetes?Resources...Mastering Diabetes: The revolutionary method to reverse insulin resistance permanently in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes and Gestational Diabetes https://www.masteringdiabetes.org/book/Robby Barbaro's Instagram ( @Mindfuldiabeticrobby https://www.instagram.com/mindfuldiabeticrobby/?hl=en )Cyrus Khambatta's Instagram ( @Mangomannutrition https://www.instagram.com/mangomannutrition/ )Mastering Diabetes Instagram ( @MasteringDiabetes https://www.instagram.com/masteringdiabetes/ )The Plant Fed Gut Online Course - ( https://theplantfedgut.com/course/ )

Jan 6

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Team, we are back with the very last episode of 2020! Today we have Brian Mazza back for another installment of the Epic Table podcast. We talk about his latest triumph running 50 miles to raise over $81,000 which will cover fertility treatments for individuals who are experiencing infertility. Brian opens up about the pain he experienced throughout his run, he opens up about the adversity he faced with infertility and why he wants to crush the stigma behind male infertility. We also get insight into how Brian trained and dieted to maximize his ultramarathon performance. If you are interested in learning what it takes to overcome any battle, you should tune in to this episode!Specifically we discuss...What is infertility? Can infertility be cured? What Brian did to crush the stigma behind infertilityHow to train for an ultramarathon, How Brian trained to run 50 miles.How to achieve your dreams and goals, Brian talks personal growth and development, planning and mindset leading into the run.What is the best running style? How did Brian adjust his running style? Resources..Instagram (@BrianMazza) https://www.instagram.com/brianmazza/?hl=enhttps://brianmazza.com/Donate to Run for a Chance (https://s010.med.cornell.edu/wcmc/make-a-donation.html?dept=Run%20for%20a%20Chance) https://ivf.org/news/run-chancehttps://www.instagram.com/hpltraining/https://www.hpltraining.com/

Dec 2020

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Hey Team, welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we are joined by Jordan Mazur, M.S, RD, Coordinator of Performance Nutrition for the San Francisco 49ers. Today we chat all about Jordan's journey from university to present day, and he stresses the importance of pursuing what you love and loving what you do. We talk about performance nutrition, the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, and we touch on health trends in the world of nutrition. If you are someone who aspires to become a dietitian or would like to know about the field, Jordan has a wealth of knowledge and is truly passionate about what he does, tune into this one.Other topics we discuss...What is the role of a dietitian? A Day in the life of a dietitian.How do dietitians make meal plans?How do dietitians source their food? What is sustainable food sourcing?Jordan touches on how NFL players recover so fast and How dietitians help NFL players with recover after injury.What does the blood tell us about our biochemistry? Are blood tests a good indicator of health?The Gut micro-biome, How can you improve your gut health.What do stool sample tests tell us about our gut microbiome.What is magnesium? What foods are high in magnesium?ResourcesInstagram @JordanMazur ( https://www.instagram.com/jordanmazur/)Twitter @FuelCoachRD ( https://twitter.com/FuelCoachRD )

Dec 2020

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Hey Team, Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we have Obi Vincent an epic Cross lifter who resides in South London. We talk all about functional training, Obi’s relationship with food and how his mentality changed when he learned about food diversityTopics we discuss….- Functional training, What is Cross Lifting?- How to diversify your meals? How food can affect how you train.- Are calories really important? How many calories does Obi consume dailyResources- https://www.instagram.com/obi_vincent/ (IG)- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSxzVDrViaWSTBa5DJDfVg (YT) 

Dec 2020

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Team we are back with another episode of the Epic Table podcast! Today we have entrepreneur, trainer and fitness influencer Devon Levesque! Devon is the definition of a warrior and someone who is truly dedicated to spreading awareness about mental health. Recently Devon bear crawled 26 miles in 20 hours and 48 minutes to raise funds for FitOps foundation, a non profit organization that helps veterans build fitness careers as personal trainers, coaches etc. Devon also completed the bear crawl in memory of his father who took his life when he was 16 years old. If you want to know more about how Devon trained and dieted for his bear crawl marathon this truly inspiring episode is for you!Specifically we discuss....What is bear crawling?Why purpose is important, What was the motivation behind bear crawling 26 miles?How to train for bear crawling a marathon and what to eat.Tips for reducing your anxietyWhat is FitOps? How they help to give Veterans purpose through the power of fitness.Resources..Devon's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/devonlevesque/Devon's Website - https://www.devonlevesque.com/devon-levesque-app

Dec 2020

51 min 58 sec

Today we have Mary-Alice Quinn, AyD, CAS! Mary-Alice is a certified Ayurvedic doctor running her own private practice where she blends Ayurvedic nutritional therapies, personalized herbal remedies and body therapies which guide her clients to achieving and maintaining a healthy and balanced life. She is a Ayurvedic doctor member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, a professional member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine dedicated to spreading awareness about Ayurvedic medicine through public workshops, teaching and writing.Today we discuss...What is Ayurvedic medicine? What is an Ayurvedic diet? The history of Ayurvedic MedicineWhat is the difference between Traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine practices?How is diagnosis done in Ayurveda? What are the treatments?Resourceshttps://maryalicequinn.com/Thanks Legends!

Nov 2020

56 min 30 sec

Hey team, today we have Lisa Bryan on the Epic Table Podcast. Lisa Bryan is the CEO and Founder of Downshiftology a blog dedicated to inspiring positive lifestyle and healthy eating changes. Lisa had a career as an executive for health care companies which demanded the majority of her time, not allowing her to focus on her own health and well being. After being diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, Lisa realized her lifestyle was taking a huge toll on her own health resulting in her resigning as a health care executive and beginning a new career path. Through her platform Lisa is able to share healthy recipes, kitchen advice and cooking tutorials for all to enjoy!Specifically we discuss...Taking action against disease, taking control of your health.Whole food dieting, nourishing your body, check the labels when shopping for groceries. DownShifting what does it mean? How to approach. Getting creative with meal plans What motivates Lisa? Resources https://downshiftology.com/https://www.youtube.com/c/Downshiftologyhttps://www.instagram.com/downshiftology/https://www.facebook.com/downshiftology

Nov 2020

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Team we are back for a third installment of the Epic Table podcast with Dr. Steven Lockley! We are continuing our popular topic of sleep and circadian rhythm. Steve is the expert in the field of circadian rhythm and I wanted him back on to outline the role it plays in how we can execute our daily activities. With our circadian rhythm having a direct impact on our sleep, in this episode we dive into how food can impact your sleep quality. If you want to learn more about Dr.Lockley you can check out his app TimeShifter which ultimately tells you how to beat jet lag ( https://www.timeshifter.com/the-science-of-jet-lag ) or Instagram ( @TimeShifter https://www.instagram.com/timeshifter/ ).Specifically we discuss Food and Circadian RhythmHow timing effects digestion/metabolism Intermittent fasting and circadian Rhythm Performance and Circadian RhythmSeeing and avoiding light at the right timeListening to your body What is Chronotype? How does Sleep pressure effect quality of your circadian rhythm clock.Caffeine Vs Circadian rhythmSleep Inertia Resources Andrew W McHill, Andrew JK Phillips, Charles A Czeisler, Leigh Keating, Karen Yee, Laura K Barger, Marta Garaulet, Frank AJL Scheer, Elizabeth B Klerman, Later circadian timing of food intake is associated with increased body fat, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 106, Issue 5, November 2017, Pages 1213–1219, https://doi.org/10.3945/ajcn.117.161588Jennifer L Kaczmarek, Salma MA Musaad, Hannah D Holscher, Time of day and eating behaviors are associated with the composition and function of the human gastrointestinal microbiota, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 106, Issue 5, November 2017, Pages 1220–1231, https://doi.org/10.3945/ajcn.117.156380Part one with Dr. Steven Lockley – https://danchurchill.com/podcast/circadian-rhythm-sleep-foundation-dr-steven-lockley/Part Two Dr. Steven Lockley - https://danchurchill.com/podcast/sleep-can-affect-performance-dr-steven-lockley/

Nov 2020

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Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table Podcast! Today we have Sophie Jaffe, Founder and CEO of Philosophie, health and wellness expert, Raw food chef and Yoga teacher. If you're someone who wants to sharpen your mind and body connection or wants to develop healthy habits that have a positive long term effect, you should tune in to this episode of the podcast.Specifically we coverAdding superfoods into your diet.We talk all about entrepreneurship and starting a business at a young age.How to deal with emotions in a healthy way.Filtering out negativity in our relationships and food.Trusting your gut instinctWhat is self love? How do you find it?Resourceshttps://www.thephilosophie.com/https://www.instagram.com/sophie.jaffe/https://www.facebook.com/philosophielove

Nov 2020

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Hey team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we have fitness model, Nike Master Trainer and yoga instructor, as well as the creator of Flow into Strong, Alex Silver-Fagan (aka ASF). We chat all about her transition from living the chaotic New York City nightlife lifestyle to becoming a fitness mogul, and Alex explains how she got into the world of bikini modeling - and how that was a catalyst for her bodybuilding pursuits. We also get insight into ASF's approach to yoga, and we learn a very special breathing technique ( 00:32:42:16). If you want to learn more about Alex you can check out her website ( http://www.alexsilverfagan.com/about/ ) or instagram @AlexSilverFagan (https://www.instagram.com/alexsilverfagan/).Topics we cover Why do we train?Why is it important to exercise in general, and how can we balance our training styles?The importance of breath in yogaAdditional ResourcesHow Food and Breathing Can improve our brain health with Dr. Andrew Huberman -https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-food-breathing-can-improve-our-brain-health-dr/id1460410277?i=1000488587782

Oct 2020

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