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The CFG Podcast

The CFG Podcast brings together charity finance professionals, leaders and experts to explore key issues in charity finance and the sector.

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Ahead of their session at the CFG Annual Conference, CEO of War Child Rob Williams and Leadership Coach and Business Mentor Nicki Deeson join CFG’s Joanna Strumilowska to explore overlap areas and differences in thinking between CEOs and finance directors, an especially relevant issue during COVID-19. View the presentation slides for this podcast at

Jul 2020

13 min 1 sec

Whether you’re looking to review your charity’s investment policy or starting from scratch, this episode will help you to understand the essentials. David Ainsworth speaks to Isobel Fraser and Ian Enslin from Waverton Investment Management who provide some helpful guidance and top tips when it comes to preparing your charity’s investment policy.   Disclaimer: Nothing that we say in this podcast is prescriptive and we are not providing specific investment or legal advice. Investors should be aware that investing comes with its risks, and that the value of your investments can go down as well as up. 

Jan 2020

27 min 6 sec

If you’re beginning to explore charity investing or have years of experience in this space, there’s valuable food for thought in this podcast, especially for charity finance professionals, senior leadership teams and trustees. CFG’s David Ainsworth was joined by Ben Palmer of the Brooks Macdonald Charities team to discuss some of the key trends and issues around impact investing, and how charities can develop a positive and inclusive approach. 

Nov 2019

30 min 17 sec

International Finance Director Nicki Deeson speaks to Richard Sagar from CFG about the well-documented challenges facing Amnesty International, and discusses the personal impact within the organisation.

Oct 2019

24 min 35 sec

Paul Winyard, Senior Policy Officer at NCVO speaks to CFG’s Richard Sagar about the work of the independent Charity Tax Commission and their recommendations for Gift Aid reform.

Oct 2019

18 min 27 sec

Richard Bray of Charity Tax Group and Cancer Research UK talks to CFG’s Richard Sagar about the Gift Aid landscape, with a practical and strategic look at this important tax relief, the role of online giving and technology, and the future of Gift Aid in the sector.

Oct 2019

25 min 35 sec

Abby, Cordelia and Jessica from CFG chat to Laura Wright, CEO of The Postal Museum, about her career in the arts and her transition to an independent museum.

Sep 2019

18 min 55 sec

Zoe and Abby from the CFG team chat to Florence Schechter about the Vagina Museum, their crowdfunding campaign for a new premises and plans for the future.

Aug 2019

12 min 49 sec

Charlotte Morgan is Museum Manager of Cynon Valley Museum, which is ran with the help of a team of passionate volunteers in the local community. In the second of our Entrepreneurial Spirit in Independent Museums series, Zoe and Abby of CFG speak to Charlotte about Cynon Valley and its transition to becoming an independent museum.

Jul 2019

17 min 33 sec

Emma Chaplin, Director of the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) chats to Zoe and Abby at CFG about the variety of AIM membership, the cultural richness they bring to local communities across the UK, and their big finance challenges and opportunities.

Jun 2019

13 min 22 sec

In the first of our podcast episodes, Charity Finance Group talk to Jonathan Orchard, Partner at Sayer Vincent, about approach to risk in charities, and what charity finance professionals need to consider when diversifying income streams. We also talk to CFG Chief Executive Caron Bradshaw and Director of Business Development and Events Dawn McNish about how the approach to risk and strategy has evolved at CFG - plus we ask them what their top pieces of advice are in developing risk strategy.

Feb 2019

22 min 10 sec