Get Wisdom

Brian Kelly and Karl Mollison

Karl Mollison, a scientist and inventor, has discovered the means through which a tiny percentage of people throughout history have successfully made direct contact with God. With this channel open, Karl has done what any reasonable person in such an unusual and surprising situation would do: ask endless questions! Why is God invisible to us? Why is there rampant evil in the world? Are there dark unseen forces working against us? Why has God not intervened to stop it? Why do good people suffer? How do we heal our physical, emotional and spiritual ills EFFECTIVELY? What is the destiny of humanity and what must WE do to get there? Get Wisdom is the show that brings divine answers he received directly to YOU. A reasonable person wouldn't miss it! Each show is packed with fascinating explanations from the Almighty about life’s deepest mysteries, and practical information, solutions that work, to transform your life for the better, find your true purpose, and make it count!

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Why is arrogance a common fault? Why does excessive pride lead to contempt for others? Is arrogance a cover for deep insecurity? Do the arrogant fully believe their exaggerated self-appraisal? Are some aware of their arrogance, while others are clueless? How do light beings avoid arrogance and its pitfalls? Why is it the arrogant can’t seem to stop and think about what they’re doing? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help overcome the toxic and corrosive influences of arrogance, and assist us in seeking and valuing humility rather than revenge. Join us!

Dec 3

54 min 20 sec

At this time of great difficulty with the pandemic and the aftermath of suffering, some are asking, where has God been? What can Creator say to restore people’s faith in the divine? How can people avoid blaming themselves or one another for their lot in life, and find a way forward? What can Creator say to people who are abandoned and alone and need to connect with someone? How can people, as just one person, ever help do something to improve the world? Creator explains what it takes for people who need a miracle to summon one from the divine realm, through partnering with the divine. Join us!

Nov 26

53 min 2 sec

What caused Archangel Lucifer to fall from grace; was he corrupted by too much power? If absolute power corrupts absolutely, how does Creator avoid corruption? Given the 13.7 billion year age of the universe, when did the War in Heaven occur? How did Lucifer become a leader of the angels? Was he a victim of his own success? Why did Creator not stop Lucifer from turning toward darkness? Creator explains how human empowered prayer and requests for divine healing can solve the problem of evil by rescuing Lucifer and the fallen angels, and that it will depend on us, and not just Creator. Join us!

Nov 19

55 min 18 sec

Is unconditional free will unique to the Milky Way Galaxy? How does it serve us to be free to do anything we choose, if we must face consequences? Do light beings stay in divine alignment by being empathic? Is punishing a group for one member’s bad behavior, non- divine? Does the self-correcting realm of light beings lead to staleness? Is the Human Free Will Project an answer for complacency, or boredom? How do pain and risk-taking serve us? Creator explains how empowered prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol provide the roadmap and instructions we need to prevail and reach our destiny.

Nov 12

55 min 33 sec

What are cords and what role do cords and cording play in human life? Can cords be both helpful and harmful? Do cords survive death and stay connected to souls in limbo? Do cordings develop with friendships, but also between enemies? How can we stay corded to someone across multiple lifetimes? Does cording to past trauma explain emotional disturbances like PTSD? Does cutting cords truly break our link to old karma or just a misconception? Creator explains how empowered prayer and divine healing are needed to repair the karmic baggage in the way of human happiness and progress. Join us!

Nov 5

56 min 8 sec

Have remote viewers independently confirmed the existence of Lucifer? If Lucifer creates chaos, what was his role intended to be? Is the story true about Lucifer’s fall from grace to lead the fallen angelics? Did Lucifer create evil throughout our galaxy? Why did the intuitives see Lucifer as being part physical? Did Lucifer corrupt the physical extraterrestrials? Are these interlopers exploiting the fallen to harm us? Creator explains how the empowered prayer and divine healing protocol we have been taught can heal the interlopers and save humanity, if enough people get involved. Join us!

Oct 29

55 min 23 sec

How does a great song come to be? Does the songwriter reap karmic rewards? Can obsession with music be divinely inspired? Will music heal and transform us? Can departed composers still benefit from their musical contributions? Why are there so many starving would-be musicians? Is music opposed by dark forces? Does music listening improve our karma? Are great musical collaborations divinely inspired? Do fallen angels lose interest in music? What was the origin of Adolph Hitler’s interest in art and music? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing bring music to our lives. Join us!

Oct 22

56 min 10 sec

Do people become friends because they see the same truth? Why do only true friends touch our hearts? Our friendships are limited by our limited time; how big a network do we maintain as a being in the light? What drives friendship among light beings? Is a true friend someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face? Is understanding and being understood the best thing about true friendship? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can build more satisfying friendships, and are the most valuable gifts we could give to our friends. Join us!

Oct 15

56 min 36 sec

Carlos Casteneda wrote intriguing stories of encounters with a Mexican shaman. Did his shaman friend fly about, and materialize objects in his hand? Can advanced metaphysical abilities best be learned in the dream state? What did he overlook, in common with most indigenous peoples? Were his accounts of the spirit existence of sorcerers accurate? Were warnings justified about ancient ruins and their contents being dangerous? Creator shares how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are a safer and easier way to achieve the goals pursued by the shamanic seers. Join us!

Oct 8

56 min 32 sec

Creator interprets insights of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, who survived internment in four Nazi concentration camps. Is love the highest goal to which people can aspire? Is love as strong as death? Are we doomed to suffer endlessly between extremes of distress and boredom? What is the greater meaning in the sacrifice of people in the death camps who gave their last scrap of bread to another in need? How can people grow spiritually in the face of great evil? Creator gives a deep analysis of the meaning of human suffering and its consequences, including a silver lining. Join us!

Oct 1

55 min 17 sec

Why does nature seem so devoid of compassion? In our culture, why do the weak prey upon the weak? What is behind the dynamic when familiarity breeds contempt? Why do so many people facing hardship seek an alibi rather than overcome their limitations? What makes the artist and the revolutionary both react to dissatisfaction, but in opposite ways? How can fear cause people to surrender their liberty? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help people become genuine creators rather than fearful controllers. Join us!

Sep 24

56 min 4 sec

Can the accounts of people having a near-death experience teach us about death and the process of transition? Why do near-death experiences happen? Are there differences observed by atheists having a near-death experience? Are near-death experiences of encounters with divine beings actually real? What role is played by the divine realm when a person returns to the living following a near-death? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help us prepare for, and eventually experience, a smooth transition back to the heavenly realm when our time comes to pass on. Join us!

Sep 17

55 min 48 sec

Are all psychopaths predators who prevail through manipulating and exploiting the people around them? How do psychopaths develop an inability to give or receive love? How can psychopaths develop such a talent for lying without hesitation, and continue to lie even when exposed? Do psychopaths ever heal their disorder? What happens to children of a psychopath, and their spouses, and how can they be helped? Creator explains why the plight of the psychopath is the ultimate destiny of non-believers living in a Godless culture, but their healing is possible with divine help. Join us!

Sep 10

56 min 44 sec

Have you ever met a psychopath—someone without a conscience? Do you know how to tell? What inner defect makes a person a psychopath? Do psychopaths just become criminals or are they found among politicians and heads of organizations? Are psychopaths humorless, but good at faking it? Is inability to accept responsibility for mistakes typical of psychopaths? What explains their lack of creativity, other than deviousness in exploiting others? Are psychopaths human predators? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help the worst among us return to divine alignment. Join us!

Sep 3

57 min 18 sec

Is depression a unique problem of physical humans? Do light beings in heaven get depressed? Is depression just a chemical imbalance in the brain or is there always a much deeper reason? Do conflicting beliefs and negative self-limiting beliefs cause depression? How can faulty beliefs that hold us back be changed? Does God ever get discouraged about the slow and uncertain progress of humanity in dealing with the interlopers working against us to darken our beliefs? Creator explains how to cope with disappointments when there is no one there to help you, and how forming a divine partnership through prayer and healing is the best answer. Join us!

Aug 27

56 min 22 sec

Is prayer always worth doing? What determines if a prayer will be acted on? Does saying, “Bless you,” when someone sneezes do anything? Is there a way to guarantee that happens? Will using a time-honored prayer, like the Rosary, be effective for someone with shaky belief? In what ways might praying the Rosary be strengthened? What are the rules of engagement for the divine realm in answering prayers to God versus someone in the light, like Mother Mary? Creator explains breakthroughs in how prayer and divine healing can be empowered more greatly than at any time in history. Join us!

Aug 20

54 min 43 sec

Is a life devoted to recreational pursuits ideal? Is the belief, He who dies with the most toys wins actually true? Are risk-taking adrenalin junkies exceptionally brave? Are video games harmless recreation or an addictive evil? Do contact sports promote savagery? Is the push to make every activity of children ultra-safe misguided? Is gambling non-divine in more ways than one? Why do so many fun projects go unfinished? Creator explains how prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol help us find truly uplifting pursuits and avoid entertaining but potentially damaging pitfalls. Join us!

Aug 13

56 min 33 sec

Does Creator agree with the proverb: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Is passive entertainment, like watching television, a benefit or waste of time? Is playing games to determine winners and losers actually non-divine? Is there a sinister source of competitiveness in the world? Is good sportsmanship a test of divine alignment? Is recreation crowding out spiritual pursuits? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help us live balanced lives so fun and recreation play an important fulfilling role, rather than a distraction and sidelining of divine objectives. Join us!

Aug 6

55 min 33 sec

Can a health crisis that needs a miracle be preplanned to teach us? Is a miracle healing more likely for someone living in divine alignment? How does human belief influence whether a miracle can happen? Why is divine healing often maddeningly slow? Can love make healing happen? Can praying publicly with witnesses enhance the likelihood of miracle healings? Creator explains why it is easier for the divine realm to prevent illness than cure it, and why Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are ideal tools for achieving both goals. Join us!

Jul 30

56 min 41 sec

Why did the divine realm bring about a miracle healing in each of the reported stories we will share? Can our inner flaws and weaknesses, and even mistakes in other lives we’ve lived, limit getting divine help? How much influence do prayers of loved ones have in saving a life? Will group prayer be more powerful in requesting a divine rescue? How can journeying to a place of miracles, like Lourdes, make a difference? Creator explains why healing miracles are possible using the principles of empowered prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Join us!

Jul 23

56 min

Some science fiction robot characters are very human-like, yet real alien robotic Greys are emotionally detached. What does that tell us? Are binary computers we use still quite primitive compared to alien technology? Are there implantable nanotechnologies that both monitor and control us? Are wi-fi signals we depend on dangerous, but could be made safe? Can love be programmed within artificial intelligence? Does creation of self-determining artificial intelligence carry risks? Creator warns us about trusting extraterrestrials, and why we need divine help, but must request it. Join us!

Jul 16

57 min 6 sec

Because Creator does not lead, the revelations that come forth as prophecy or upliftment must always be in answer to a free will human request. This is a follow-up program of probing what God is like by asking the Creator to comment on what seem to be perceptive famous quotes about the Divine. As usual, Creator does not disappoint—not only giving deep interpretations, but even fresh insights we might never guess about the workings and agenda of the divine and our relationship to God. Much is revealed about the human dilemma and how we can better our lives and the world as a whole. Join us!

Jul 9

54 min 16 sec

What can quotes about God from notable people reveal about the Divine? Do they sometimes hold deeper truths? Can bold claims be true about what is possible through faith? What does the Almighty expect of us? What are the rules you need to know about partnering with the Divine? Creator expands on a number of insightful quotes to explain why and how the Divine interacts with us to carry out its agenda. This explains the balance needed to repair our lives and reach an even more glorious future through empowered prayer and divine healing requests using the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Join us!

Jul 2

55 min 57 sec

Are those who cannot remember the past condemned to repeat it? Is the recording of history even accurate, or flawed? Does historical truth emerge despite many conflicting accounts, due to divine intervention? Is there a sinister reason even very recent history is not being taught in the schools? Why is there such a lack of curiosity about the past? Are there divine lessons in the history of World War II battles? Has history been redone through time travel? Creator explains how the divine can heal across time domains using human intention launched through prayer and healing requests. Join us!

Jun 25

54 min 33 sec

How does the Law of Karma deal with the problem of evil? Are innocent victims to be exalted, or are they not truly innocent? Was Jesus Christ an innocent victim, and why was he victimized for preaching love? Does punishing perpetrators create more harm than good? Is the movement to “defund the police” a symptom of a deeper problem? How can victims of trauma who feel and are treated like they’re “damaged goods” be healed? Is healing their perpetrators a necessary part of the equation? Creator explains why empowered prayer and divine healing requests are the true tools of enlightenment. Join us!

Jun 18

57 min 33 sec

Is divine protection given to everyone, even non-believers, to assist their life mission? Do negative extraterrestrial interlopers have a divine life plan before they incarnate? Do people with heavy karmic burdens from prior lifetimes get extra protection? Can you give us examples of a miracle save? How does the divine protect someone engaged in something non-divine, like combat? How many times during an average life does the divine prevent an untimely death? Creator explains ways to amplify prayer and divine healing requests to obtain divine protection for today’s hazards. Join us!

Jun 11

56 min 6 sec

What is the difference between faith and belief? Is enlightenment just reaching a state of being in sync with reality? Who determines what reality is? Does Creator know everything? How does faith lead to enlightenment? Do light beings struggle with faith? What caused the fallen angels to lose faith? Do light beings, and even Creator, still seek enlightenment? Is taking a leap of faith courageous? Creator explains how our access to the infinite power of Creator is limited solely by the strength of our belief, and why prayer and divine healing requests are paths to true enlightenment. Join us!

Jun 4

57 min 28 sec

When returning to heaven, how much do we worry about those left behind? What happens to the deep subconscious, and conscious levels of the mind? When a soul-based being is cut off from divine support because of misconduct, is the soul destroyed? Can the higher self that psychics talk to actually be an imposter? Do higher selves incarnate? What kinds of emotions do light beings have? Do souls differ in wisdom? Creator explains Jesus Christ’s important words “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” and how we can start now through prayer and healing. Join us!

May 28

55 min 41 sec

New observations of extraterrestrial UFOs are being reported, and the U.S. military is now admitting they are real—but are these benevolent beings? Is there an Extraterrestrial Alliance influencing the Earth, and can it be trusted? Who governs galactic politics and did this give rise to the evil in our world? How many worlds have been subjugated by predatory extraterrestrials, and how many destroyed? Will that happen here? Creator explains our galactic history and power structure, how it will govern our future, and what we need to do to keep our world safe. Join us!

May 21

56 min 18 sec

How common is severe boredom, and what are the consequences? Do plants get bored? Do planets get bored? Does God get bored? Is solitary confinement inhumane because it is weaponized boredom? Were fledgeling military time travel experiments sabotaged by mind-shattering boredom? Is being in the nothingness as an earthbound human soul failing to return to heaven, at a minimum, torture from extreme boredom? Creator explains how boredom among malevolent advanced extraterrestrials contributes to their depravity, and why their healing is the most urgent priority for humanity. Join us!

May 14

56 min 34 sec

Why do some people bounce back from adversity but others become troubled? How does our karma affect our resilience in response to trauma, and our ability to heal? Why do some people who handle a severe trauma well, crumble from a repeat episode—will divine healing help avoid that? Why do some stand strong when confronted and others run away—is that weakness or wisdom? What can we do when coping strategies backfire and work against us? Some pray for strength and others for deliverance—which is better? Creator explains the role of prayer and divine healing to help us control our lives. Join us!

May 7

55 min 27 sec

How out of alignment and harmful is hypocrisy? Is being hypocritical following an Anti-Golden Rule? Is hypocrisy both in alignment with and caused by the darkness? Is the cynical projection that one’s hypocrisy is no different than what others do a valid excuse or a trap? How commonly is hypocrisy of people due to a serious personality disorder? What are the consequences of parental hypocrisy on their children? How does Creator see the level of hypocrisy in politics and the consequences? Creator explains the tools we need to contend with hypocrisy, and what is at stake if we don’t. Join us!

Apr 30

55 min 3 sec

Is it the need for acceptance that makes us want to be part of a consensus group? Is it normal to feel one must be a part of the “right” or “correct” consensus group? Does past life trauma promote consensus membership to have greater safety? Why do people automatically disbelieve and strictly avoid information coming from outside their consensus group? Who is to blame for creation of warring factions and the resulting prejudice in today’s world? How can prejudiced thinking be overcome? Creator explains why our world is under siege and how your prayer and divine healing requests can save it.

Apr 23

56 min 16 sec

What are elves, and if they are real, why don’t most people see them? Were elves a divine creation, and if so, for what purpose? What do elves really look like? Elves are said to be troublemakers sometimes—what do they think of human beings? Have people been harmed by elves? Can elves be possessed by spirits, like people can? How can disputes with elves arise over human presence and activities at certain locations? Creator explains the ways of these intriguing creatures and how we can use prayer and divine healing to balance our mutual existence and respective roles within Gaia. Join us!

Apr 16

57 min 30 sec

Why have many psychics over the past 50 years predicted massive earth upheavals? Many predictions are now overdue—are we safe? Will electromagnetic wave technology trigger earth changes? What caused the Great Flood of Noah’s day and the Mayan civilization to disappear? A massive California earthquake is predicted for this spring—what can we do? In what areas of the world should people prepare for prolonged power outages? Why do psychics predict there will be no humans on the earth beyond the 21st century? Creator explains why our future depends on prayer and divine healing requests. Join us!

Apr 9

57 min 41 sec

Interacting with others has many rules and pitfalls. How can people develop a knack for doing the right thing more often than not? If an action done while being a good Samaritan ends up causing harm, how is the karmic responsibility sorted out? How can parents and teachers strike the right balance to promote growth and learning but avoid being overprotective? What are the complications and mitigating factors when one causes the death of another? Is there something sinister behind the current complications in simply asking someone on a date? Creator explains why human psychology is still largely a mystery, and how divine intervention through prayer and healing requests can make all the difference. Join us!

Apr 2

56 min 36 sec

What causes irrational coping strategies that defy common sense? What is the impact of past-life trauma on quirky behavior? What kinds of fears, phobias, and obsessive behaviors come from a hidden inner awareness of our deep past? Why do people become hoarders? How do troubled relationships suffer because of past life mistakes? How can we replace outdated beliefs from old trauma? What changes people when they hit rock bottom? Creator explains why our hidden past is not hidden to the deep subconscious and represents a critical healing need that partnering with the divine can overcome. Join us!

Mar 26

56 min 47 sec

How rare is profound psychic ability, and is it on the increase? How do some people acquire sudden profound psychic ability after being struck by lightening or other trauma? What happens during a Kundalini awakening that can enhance intuitive sensing? What is the downside of having great psychic ability? What causes schizophrenia and makes sufferers so sensitive intuitively? Creator explains why a great intuitive awakening is planned to happen, but only when humanity has healed enough using the right tools. Join us!

Mar 19

56 min 37 sec

Do people become corrupted to harm themselves and others? Is this just “original sin” appearing? Is being vulnerable to corruption a failing or a strength? Why does inner corruption cause a sense of entitlement, and blaming of others? Why do corrupted people sensing they are doomed, find that liberating? How and by whom, is inner corruption orchestrated? Creator explains why most physical illness is caused by karmic trauma, while most emotional problems, mental illness, and odd physical symptoms are caused by dark spirits; this is why deep healing requires divine assistance. Join us!

Mar 12

56 min 38 sec

Is self-confidence really freedom from anxiety and doubt? Is enlightenment self-confidence based on truth as opposed to arbitrary beliefs? Is self-confidence that's based on what the self “is” more important than what the self can “do”? Is evil a response to low self-confidence? Is evil a crisis derived from a belief in extreme self-vulnerability? What is the difference between the self-confidence of Hitler, versus the self-confidence of Gandhi? Creator explains how karma, nurturing, and discipline work to instill self-confidence, and the role of divine healing in gaining self-empowerment. Join us!

Mar 5

57 min 30 sec

How can we truly understand what it means to have an eternal soul? What does the famous quote: “I think, therefore I am” prove about humanity? How can we balance quantity versus quality in how we spend our lives? Why is there fear associated with the possibility of an eternal existence? What are the pitfalls we need to avoid in using our time? Why do atheists still struggle with dismissing the concept of eternity? Creator explains why even with the promise of eternity, time is of the essence for humanity to achieve its current divine mission, and what each one of us must do now. Join us!

Feb 26

57 min 23 sec

Why are open minds so few and far between? Do people become phony by trying to fake having an open mind? Is the closed-mindedness of adults a result of childhood trauma? Does the pain and humiliation of childhood ignorance make people avoid seeking help? Does fear of being ostracized make people vulnerable to mind control manipulation? How does the pain of past lives keep us from expressing who we truly are in the current life? Creator explains why seeking the highest truth, and healing obstacles in the way, can guide our lives powerfully, and effectively. Join us!

Feb 19

57 min 6 sec

What is the appeal for both men and women of the fictional spy, James Bond? Was the author, Ian Fleming, divinely inspired? Are there dangers to the soul from making a living spying, with a “license to kill”? Are consequences from the moral compromises of spying prevented if done for a higher good? Do people plan such duty and accept the risks before they incarnate? Is there a divine message in depicting Bond fighting powerful archvillains? Have women been spies throughout history? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can eliminate the need for and compromises from spying. Join us!

Feb 12

57 min

What is the true reason dogs became humanity’s “best friend”? How can dogs thrive living with another species? Is there a hidden explanation for why some dogs and people can’t get along with one another? When is it a good idea to get a dog a canine companion? Do dogs remember their past lives? Do dogs have psychic ability? Are dogs flexible and cooperative, or just conditioned to obey? Why do dogs sleep 16 hours a day—or are they somewhere else? Can dogs suffer from spirit attachments? Creator explains why dogs are here to teach us about love and set a standard for us to emulate. Join us!

Feb 5

56 min 34 sec

Everyone appreciates the need for motivation, but much less is understood about complacency. Why do we become complacent? Are we being manipulated? Is complacency hard to overcome because it serves a purpose? What are the hidden costs of complacency? Can hope provide motivation, and where can we find it? Through the blessing of being able to communicate with the Almighty directly, we have an important update with Creator’s perspective on motivation and complacency. Creator explains what we can do to overcome inner weakness and thrive instead. Join us to learn how!

Jan 29

55 min 4 sec

What is the difference between stubbornness and persistence? Do both require discipline, even if misguided? What underlies stubborn resistance to authority? Why are people most stubborn about their politics and religion? Are bad habits and obsessions forms of stubbornness? Can the subconscious stubbornly resist authority of the conscious self? Is that a clue to why temptation can overrule reason? Is subconscious stubbornness being weaponized to undermine humanity? Creator explains the role of prayer and divine healing in overcoming hidden obstacles to true self control and happiness. Join us!

Jan 22

55 min 7 sec

Do we really understand what causes anger and whether it serves or harms us? What is the difference between anger and hate? What happens when we nurse a grudge, and can it be harmful? What are the consequences of being consumed by hate? Is having a lust for revenge ever justified? Creator explains the karmic risks of seeking vengeance, the short and long-term consequences for both body and soul from seething with anger or hatred, and why a divine partnership through prayer and divine healing is the best solution for regaining happiness. Join us!

Jan 15

57 min 43 sec

What are intentions and how do they shape our reality? Do our intentions affect others indirectly, without conscious awareness? How does the Law of Cause and Effect interact with our intentions? Will understanding the workings of intention make us smarter? Is our uniqueness a cause or a consequence of our intentions? Can evil intentions be cancelled? How does the power of intention govern accuracy of psychic predictions? What must be added to make an intention influence reality? Creator explains ways to amplify prayer and divine healing requests through the power of intention. Join us!

Jan 8

56 min 31 sec

Where do feelings of trust originate—is intuition involved? Is there a divine lesson in the saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me? Why do some people have blind trust and misplaced faith in their discernment? How is trust gained and lost? Can both our trust and distrust be manipulated by others without our knowing? How does negativity from other lifetimes undermine our ability to trust? Creator teaches about balancing trust and distrust, strengthening discernment, and protecting yourself from manipulation by partnering with Creator to receive divine healing. Join us!

Dec 2020

56 min 40 sec

What is the true meaning of Christ’s statement: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves?” Are there other biblical warnings about following the wrong leaders? Sheep in the center of the herd are arguably safer; is it better to be a centrist in life and politics, or can it be a shirking of duty? Have we been called to be shepherds—neither wolves nor sheep? What was truly meant by calling Christ the “Lamb of God?” Creator teaches about not trusting what is on the surface, and the role of prayer and divine healing to stay safe. Join us!

Dec 2020

55 min 33 sec