Mindful Creatives

By Kim Tran-Flores

"Mindful Creatives" interviews successful individuals who use Mindfulness to bring well-being into their lives and inspire their creative work. If you live a very busy life, if you feel like you’re always looking after everyone else other than yourself, if you struggle getting into your creative flow… Then check out the episodes for some fun conversations with real people who have relatable stories and valuable tips to help you be more present, at peace and inspired to create. Background: Kim Tran-Flores, founder of Kimlligraphy is a Modern Calligraphy artist and Mindfulness advocate. As a mum, wife and business lady, life can get very busy. Kim was 7 months pregnant when she launched Kimlligraphy’s first calligraphy workshop. Many who come to her workshops lead hectic lives. Some are mums, teachers, employees, entrepreneurs, creatives… They all realised the value of taking time out for themselves, to give themselves some “me-time”. This inspired the "Mindful Creatives" podcast. Don't forget to subscribe for more episodes! Learn more about her Kimlligraphy at: instagram.com/kimlligraphy

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