Hemispheric Views

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Contrary to stereotypes, not all tech enthusiasts are the same. Join the business-savvy Andrew Canion (https://andrewcanion.com/), tech-creative Jason Burk (https://burk.io) and podcast researcher Martin Feld (https://loungeruminator.net/) as they take a light-hearted approach to technology, media, food, cultural differences and family life. Hemispheric Views is released fortnightly (bi-weekly) with a general run-time of around 45 minutes. We also make exclusive content available for paid supporters through our One Prime Plus (https://www.patreon.com/HemisphericViews) membership program. With hosts from New South Wales, Western Australia, and Oregon in the United States, you’re sure to hear different hemispheric views presented in a fun and enjoyable spirit. Subscribe today!

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