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Episode 0: Join Us in the Listening Chair
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Hosts (meg and miranda) and Intern (editing guru,Carly) explore their top lessons learned around life calling from season three guests in the season 3 finale. Enjoy! . Follow us on Instagram, friend.  .   The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College of Kansas. 

Apr 10

21 min 26 sec

Professors and authors, Phil and Justus share on a tweet that sparked a small movement, why Ross on 'Friends' doesn't portray the role of professor well, and how the arts help us to better understand God. . How can horror films help to strengthen our Christian walk?  . How does one eliminate self-doubt?  . What did Justus Hunter tweet that led to a small movement that is preventing burnout among pastors one tired soul at a time? . CS Lewis and bad dreams?  . How many words a week fo each of these authors commit to writing? . Can ones vocation just happen? What does this feel like? . In what ways is ‘Ross’ from ‘Friends’ a horrible portrayal of a professor? . What is one thing that Justus always makes time for even when he does not feel balanced? . All of this and more as authors and professors, Dr. Justus Hunter and Dr. Phil Tallon got cozy in the listening chair podcast.  . Find comfort, courage and clarity in your own life purpose by subscribing to each episode and keep reading for more on Justus and Phill. . Justus Hunter is the Assistant Professor of Church History at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. . Phil Tallon is the Assistant Professor of Theology and Interim Dean of the School of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University. . They co-authored the new book with Seebed,  The Absolute Basics of the Wesleyan Way. It’s an equipping read for new Christians, confirmation courses, families, and membership courses at your local church. 

Apr 3

42 min 52 sec

Coach to entrepreneurs, @Tamrluc helps you to let go of the unrealistic standard that your journey is supposed to be linear and SO much more in this episode.  . How do you learn to trust your intuition? . How does she see her first business failing in 2008 now? . What is the perk of taking college classes just for fun? . How did her mom leaving an abusive marriage help Tam to be sustainable as an entrepreneur?  . Why did her parents tell her to bypass college altogether? . Get cozy in the listening chair and find courage and clarity around your own life purpose and keep reading for more on @tamrluc: . Tam helps entrepreneurs create a bestselling book super fast and use it as a tool to help them make more sales (no matter what they sell). Imagine... enjoying more credibility, and standing out from the crowd. Yes, we can help you with that. Tam started her story as the child of very successful entrepreneurs. Their family business was where she learned about  the benefits and freedom of owning a business. But after starting her own , she couldn't figure out why hers was so mediocre. Then she lost everything. Her marriage tanked. Parents passed. She was bankrupt, sleeping on a friend's couch and completely lost. What saved her was writing her first book. What she learned from that experience taught her everything she had missed in all the years of business. Now she will teach you how to build a 6-figure business with the same knowledge. . Explore Tam Luc's Work here: . GET HER  BOOK: 

Mar 27

36 min 43 sec

Counselors, Hilda and Danica, explore the five stages of life-change, how to feel more in control, the differences between ritual and a routine, and the necessity of both. . How do we gradually get rid of the negative stigma around therapy? . What does the kid's movie, 'Leap' have to do with mental health? . How does one know that he/she/they are made to go into the field of social work?  . How do counselors stay sustainable through stressful days? . What steps do Hilda and Danica take to turn up the volume of the Holy Spirit in their lives? . All of this and more is explored as Hilda Davis and Danica Moore got cozy in the listening chair. Find comfort, courage and clarity in your own life purpose by popping in those earbuds and keep reading for more on Hilda and Danica. . Dr. Hilda R. Davis is Founder of Hilda R Davis Creative Wellness: wellness for the whole person. She believes that wellness is what God intends for her clients. Through spiritual resources, supportive counseling, and interactive training Dr. Davis offers men and women a sacred space where the integration of their faith with their wellness goals lead to their flourishing. She works with clients face to face and long distance through technology to offer programs and ministries to congregations, government and private agencies, and educational institutions. Her work in local congregations led to the publication of her book for African American women, Live Healthy & Be Well: Create an Action Plan, which offers Bible stories, meditation, and activities that lead to a wellness action plan. She has also written a health and spirituality blog for the Upper Room, an agency of the United Methodist Church called This Joy I Have. Please visit her website: Davis received her doctorate in Religion and Psychology from Vanderbilt University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church. She has a daughter, Erin A. Grimes, who makes her proud and a “pure-joy” four-year-old granddaughter, Ryan Liliana. . Danica D. Moore, MSW, LSW is a licensed social worker, having graduated with her Masters from Temple University School of Social Work, and is also the Founder of Therapeutic and Wellness Consulting (TAWC). She believes that healing and happiness are the birthright of everyone and has spent the last nearly 20 years creating safe spaces to support clients pursue that path. As an expert in trauma and wellness, Danica’s work crosses a variety of settings with diverse clients including community, corporate, non-profit and faith-based. She has worked with individuals, groups and couples. She operates within a strength-based framework, using evidence-based practices such as CBT to promote transformation and healing. The work that Danica does is life-changing and transformational that all begins with taking the first step to connect. From there, she walks the path with you that arrives at your best healed self.

Mar 20

42 min 33 sec

Owners of @AllegoryGoods, Jess & Chad share on how working with your spouse improves intimacy, the top mistakes of entrepreneurs, and how beautifully they create with leather and wood.  . Where is the fun in uncertainty? . What is the perk of arguing with your spouse in the car?  . Does Leather have memories? . Why does only 1 idea from Chad's 25 actually come to fruition? . Are there really customers that you *don't* want? . Is it possible to not hear God, while also seeing how God is at work? . How is the Christian faith carried out differently when one is an entrepreneur?  . Does planning meals and journaling actually affect your income? . What are some top mistakes that entrepreneurs make?  . All of this and more is explored as Jess and Chad got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast. Join us on your fave platform and find comfort, courage, and clarity around your own life's purpose today.  . #leathergoods #penmaker #allegorygoods #allegorypens #handmadeleather #craftsman #tellabetterstory #foutainpen #custom #christianpodcast #christiancalling #lifepurpose #soulpurpose  #maker #handmade #shopsmall #shopchicago #shoplocal #journaling #writing #leathergoods #craftsmen #leatherjournal #penswithastory 

Mar 13

39 min 15 sec Instructor, non-profit founder, Author and podcast host of 'Progressive Southern Theologians', Marc shares on being a first-generation college student, teaching on race and racism and how harmful theologies made him afraid to pray. . In what ways have churches got it all wrong when it comes to race? . What never made sense to him a kid that ended up leading to his career? . Do those who live in Louisiana always wear Marti Gras beads? ;) . What is one pivotal step to eradicating poverty in the Delta?  . What drives him to help make higher education more accessible to disadvantaged youth? . What happened at a revival when Marc was a teen that offered much clarity?  . All of this and more as Marc Boswell got cozy in the Listening Chair podcast.  . Explore more or Marc's work including his upcoming book here: . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS.       

Mar 6

42 min 28 sec

Are all HR people annoying like Toby from ‘The Office’? . What surprising lesson did serving under a weak boss teach Jamie? . How did Jamie find faith in God after he lost it as a marine? . What advice from his mom does he wish more folks would adhere to? . Is HR work a form of ministry? . In what ways is Cowley County arguably THE best place to live? . All of this and more is explored as the HR Director of Winfield, KS Jamie Chism got cozy in @thelisteningechair podcast. Pop in those earbuds and find courage, comfort and clarity on your life purpose today as well! . [KEEP READING FOR MORE ON JAMIE] . Jamie Chism serves as Director of Human Resources for The City of Winfield, and is a member of IPMA-HR and SHRM boards. He received his Bachelor of Science from Southwestern College in Pastoral Studies and Business Management before getting his Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development from Friends University. He has been an adjunct professor teaching business and psychology courses at both Friends University and Southwestern College.  A strong advocate for promoting the strategic value of people in the achievement of organizational goals, and a strong supporter of maximizing everyone’s potential through the use of performance management techniques and tools.

Feb 27

31 min 2 sec

What do the comedian  Hannah Gadsby and a bike have to do with Kristin's spiritual life? . Is it possible to *not* know the mission of your life but still have a strong relationship with Jesus? . How did Kristin know that it was time to leave her 20+-year-career in higher education and become a life-coach?  . How is life coaching different than therapy? How do you know when you need which one?  . Does it serve us or hinder us to believe that each person has one life purpose? . How does one keep their faith as a central part of their life while understanding/wrestling with their sexual orientation?  . What matters way more than the college major that you choose? . What is one popular Christian view that could potentially hurt one's view of God? . All of this and more as life coach, @kristinandersonwolff got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast. Find comfort, courage and clarity around your own life purpose today on your fave podcast platform or in the link in our bio today. 

Feb 20

42 min 18 sec

How does God speak to us when we are afraid? . What is the main fear of potential foster parents? . What is a helpful reframe for ‘learning-disability’? . Are we all closer to becoming addicts than we think? . What does one have to choose to maintain sanity while fostering 20 kids in two years, while serving a caseload of 42 kids as a Special Education teacher?  . What steps can a parent take when schools are closed down to show up well for their kids as teacher/employee/parent? . All of this and more explored as foster care mom and SpEd teacher, Lacey Whetstone got cozy in the listening chair podcast.  . Pop in those earbuds and find comfort, courage and clarity in your own life’s purpose today on your fave podcast platform.  . [KEEP READIN’ for MORE on LACEY] . Lacey is a wife, mother, and teacher.  She has 6 children ranging in age from 1-16.  She works full-time as a Special Education Teacher.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, singing with her husband,  reading, and attending her children's sporting events.    Her goal in life is to leave the world a little bit better than she found it many years ago.   . The Listening Chair podcast is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern Collge of Winfield, KS.  .

Feb 13

29 min 1 sec

What is one thing that makes Christians uncomfy, but Jesus’ life was full of it? . Why is it dangerous to be an activist?  . How did Carol know that it was time to leave her role as an art teacher and evolve vocationally? . When is age a deterrent to walking through different doors of opportunity? . About what subject do christians needs to be louder? . How did a judgy pastor change everything for Carol? . What mindset greatly hinders one’s spiritual journey? . All of this and more is explored as Micah Corp founder, Carol Windrum got cozy in the listening chair podcast. Pop in those earbuds and pull up a seat to find comfort, courage and clarity around how God is calling you on your fave podcast platform.  . {KEEP READIN’ FOR MORE ON CAROL:} . Carol Windrum is an ordained United Methodist clergy who served in social justice ministries in the Nebraska Conference and then the Great Plains Conference of the UMC until she retired in 2013.  As creator of the Micah Corps, Carol has mentored many young adults in how to link faith with social justice.  She remains active in advocacy efforts addressing the climate crisis, immigration, peace/nonviolence, economic and racial justice. She and her spouse live in the inner city of Omaha and enjoy kayaking, camping and movies.   . Explore Micah Corp Here:  . The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of The Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Feb 6

39 min 2 sec

How do we know when God is speaking to us through prayer? . Does the Holy Spirit move through patterns in our life?  . What is a sustainable motivation for missionaries to stay the course? . How many days can a family with 2 kids last living in a trailer?  . What is a perk of coming alongside those of different religions in missionary work? . How does growing up in Kenya give one a unique worldview?  . All of this and more is explored as (@crazyshermans and @mosaic_intl) Brittany, Mark, Francis and Vickie got cozy in @ThelisteningChair podcast. Pop in those earbuds and find comfort, courage, and clarity in your own life purpose on your fave podcast platform today.  . Mosaic International Ministries Founders of Mosaic International Ministries - Work side by side with pastors in developing countries to help them meet concrete needs in their communities.  . LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:    The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Jan 30

41 min 42 sec

What changes within us when we challenge the system? . What steps can the church take to dismantle racism?  . Why is Sunday school scary for some?  . What happens when lawmakers and churches partner together to serve their community?  . What mystical experience changed everything for Eliezer when he was 14? . What was the worst advice he got when he was choosing his career? . All of this and more is explored as Rev. Dr. Eliezer Valentín-Castañón got cozy in the listening chair. Keep reading for more on him and how he serves.  . The Rev. Dr. Eliezer Valentín-Castañón, an Elder in the United Methodist Church since 1994, has served churches in Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. In 2013, Pastor Eliezer was appointed as the Senior Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Frederick, Maryland, where he currently serves. Prior to coming to Frederick, he served the Monrovia Charge in the Central Maryland District. In 1994 he was appointed to the General Board of Church and Society in Washington, DC, where he worked on public policy issues. In 2005 he was appointed to the General Commission on Religion and Race, where he worked with local churches, annual conferences, and jurisdictions on developing a greater appreciation for the Church’s diversity, and to dismantle racism. . Pastor Eliezer enjoys preaching and teaching God’s word, leading people to a deeper relationship with the living God and a commitment to transforming the world. For him there is nothing more rewarding than sharing God’s message of personal and social holiness and praying for those hurting in church and in society. . The Listening Chair podcast is  a ministry of The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Jan 23

23 min 40 sec

What is at stake when we don't hold high standards for our news sources?  . What is the greatest gift teens give our society? . How do you know how God might be calling you to serve others? . Why will we always need libraries even though we have Google?  . What could go wrong if communities don't have libraries? . What type of wiring is needed to be a successful librarian? . All of this and more is explored as Tabitha Hogan (@thoganlib) , got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast. Tune in w/ the link in the bio or on your fave podcast platform and find comfort, courage and clarity in your own life purpose today! :)  . KEEP READIN' FOR MORE ON TABITHA: Tabitha Hogan is the School Library Media and Technology Specialist at a public school in Kansas.  She has a Masters in Library Science from Emporia State University, with an undergraduate from Newman University in Management Information Systems.  Her first career was in Information Technology for a large manufacturing organization. . In order to seek a more meaningful purpose, she completed the ‘Transition to Teaching’ program, gained experience as a Computer Technology teacher and now has found her professional home as a librarian and technology coach.  Her focus is on nurturing curiosity, teaching students to make use of the complex and limitless information landscape to form knowledge, and to become ethical contributors to the world of ideas.  She lives in Winfield with her husband, a fellow teacher and rancher, and three children.

Jan 16

40 min 41 sec

What are some songwriting tips to get your songs featured on @Freeform, @ABC and @NBC shows? . How do you know that you are creating something along with the Divine? . Are there more pros than cons to having a super-unique sound as a singer-songwriter? . Where does one find grit and stay determined with a long-term illness? . Is lockdown during a pandemic the ideal time to make a music video on the empty streets of LA?  . Why would Barrett make a horrible but hilarious life coach? . All of this and more is explored as @_motelparadise_ (Barrett Johnson) got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast. . Hop over to your fave podcast platform today and find courage, comfort, and clarity in your own life's purpose today.  .  Three years ago, Southern California based songwriter Barrett Johnson had a mystical experience that changed his life. He sold all of his possessions except a guitar and a suitcase.  Recently, the nomadic songwriter took to the empty streets of Los Angeles for the music video, “Desert Island Living Room,” to tackle why we’re so lonely when we’re only a wall away. His latest project is called Motel Paradise.  Barrett’s songs have been heard on ABC’s Nashville, NBC’s Parenthood, and ABC’s Private Practice. Johnson's second band—Man of Leisure—with longtime friend Josh Hanson, released their first single, “You Are My Home,” which played on Freeform's The Fosters. The song has since been heard over 2.5 million times on Spotify alone. . This episode is sponsored by the What If Project Podcast.  . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Jan 9

43 min 30 sec

What is one question that Christians should always be asking, but aren't asking it often enough?  . How can you cultivate a feeling of belonging when you feel so different than others? . In what ways did God point her toward serving others by researching Muscular Dystrophy?  . How can our differences with others serve our relationships? . What unique thing about COVID jumped out at her long before the general public in the US noticed? . What is one easy step to take during this odd time that helps your fellow neighbor?  All of this & more w/ @NyashaGracious in this ep. Read below for more on her and then pop in those earbuds for courage&clarity in your life purpose! :)  . She studied Physics at Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS and received her Bachelors of Science in 2015. After graduating with her BS she spent a year in Chicago to participate in an NIH funded Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) at the University of Chicago.  . While there she was involved in a quantitative radiomics research of multi-parametric breast MRI. Following her postbacc, she went to UCLA to pursue her PhD in the Physics and Biology in Medicine (PBM) program.  . Her research interests lie in the design and analysis of diffusion cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cMRI) techniques with a focus on cardiac biomarkers that may aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of cardiac disease. Her current work aims to determine cardiac biomarkers most sensitive to microstructural remodeling in Duchenne (doo-shen) (Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), and more specifically, biomarkers that are indicative of early disease progression in this population. . Follow her on Instagram @NyashaGracious 

Jan 2

34 min 23 sec

Can we mishear God?  . What sustains you in hard days when you start nonprofit organizations on two different continents?  . Are African villages just like small Kansas farming towns? . What is one thing that Pastors should never feel bad about, but often do? . How does one make time for the thing that causes them the most inspiration?  . What makes the song 'Abide With Me' extra influential to Jacob? . All of this and more is explored as United Methodist Pastor, missionary and non-profit founder, Rev. Jacob Maforo got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast.  . Are yous seeking clarity around what God wired you to do on your time on earth? Then pop in those earbuds and find that comfort and courage that you seek! . Connect with Jacob and the Building For The Future Conference here:

Dec 2020

42 min 45 sec

What does family life look like when both your parents are in and out of prison and drugs are in the mix? . What is a benefit of sharing our wounds of others? . Does God speak through bugs? Through flowers? Through frogs? . How would you celebrate guesting on Good Morning America? . What are 2 steps to unleash your creativity?  . All of this and more is explored as writer and photographer, Amiee Berry got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast.  . Find comfort, courage and clarity around your life's purpose on your favorite platform today and keep reading for more on Aimee.  . Amiee Berry is an innovative, intuitive  and  fun-loving creator with words and photographs. Her photography business is Amiee Berry, Photography + Film and she has an upcoming inspiring memoir which is a book for adults who were once kids of broken homes who are hungry to heal their brokenness. As a child of one addict and two incarcerated parents, she shares how God heals even the deepest of wounds around abuse, neglect and broken promises. . Be in the know of Amiee's upcoming book today.  . Follow her on Instagram here: . The listening chair is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern Collge of Winfield, KS. 

Dec 2020

39 min 3 sec

How do you know if it's time to take a less conventional path? . How do you make different choices than what your parents would prefer without losing their respect?  . What good can come from underused cattle pastures? . How did sheep and rollerblades bring host, Miranda, and Brandon together as kids?  . Can sheep wear roller-skates? . How is FFA spiritual for kids and teens? . What do soil and the coming kingdom of Christ have to do with each other? . All of this and more is explored as restoration ecologist, Brandon Hall got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast.  . Find courage, comfort and clarity in your own life purpose on your fave platform today! . This episode is sponsored by the Things Not Seen Radio Show.  . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Dec 2020

37 min 48 sec

What teaching in the church is most harmful to how we view our talents?  . What is behind one limiting belief around money for those entering a career around the arts and entertainment? . How can you find your next big idea? . What do you kids need from us in order to find their own life callings?  . How does podcast Magazine serve podcasters? . All of this and more is explored as @eric_nevins got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast! :) . Pop in those earbuds and find comfort, clarity, and courage in your own life purpose today and keep reading for more on Eric and his work! . After years of working in the financial industry, Eric Nevins launched his podcast, Halfway There, to tell the whole story about the spiritual journey. He quickly found the community podcasting is known for and started a group to bring Christian podcasters together.  Eric founded Get Curious Media to serve Christian businesses and ministries launching their own audio content platforms. He holds a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary and still lives in Denver with his wife, four kids, and a wonder dog. . This episode is sponsored by the Things Not Seen Radio Show with Dr. David Dault.  . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship. 

Nov 2020

34 min 53 sec

How did Sandra know to lead her faith community as only an 8-year-old? . How do we feel the comfort of God after the loss of a child?  . What steps do you take toward success when you are working for someone whose actions are immoral?  . What are some signs to look for when it is time to change your career? . How is the church viewed differently in the Congo as compared to the church in America?  . Does God really not waste any of our pain? Can a victory be found in every heartache? . What steps will be taken to bring her dream of a clinic for kids with sickle cell disease to life? . All of this and more is explored as Bishop Scholar of Southwestern College, teacher, and future medical student, Sandra got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast.  . Pop in those earbuds and find courage, comfort and courage in who God made you to be today! . Today's episode is sponsored by the Things Not Seen Radio Show with Dr. David Dault.  . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College of Windfield, KS. 

Nov 2020

38 min 25 sec

What does a mystical moment with God look and feel like? . How was life as a New Yorker back in the early spring of 2020 with COVID? . How can we avoid spiritual and professional burnout? . What are some unique needs for women in ministry in 2020? . How can the matriarch of the Christian faith, Julian of Norwich's advice help us during COVID-19? . What is a HUGE perk of a pandemic when it comes to our spiritual life?  . Does Beth give lessons on being the coolest modern-day mystic we know?  . All of this and more was explored as consultant, instructor, pastor and content creator, @revbethperry got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast. . We're a podcast that's all about exploring the spiritual undertones of all careers and helping you find courage, comfort and clarity around your own life's purpose.  . Earn a practical ministry certification in Women's Ministries with Beth:  . Stay connected with Beth on Instagram at @RevBethPerry or at . This episode is sponsored by the Things Not Seen Radio Show with Dr. David Dault. Explore it today 

Nov 2020

37 min 28 sec

Can the skill of play be taught? . What strengths make an effective youth minister? . When is silence the smartest response? . How do churches waste a lot of money? . How much fun can one have with gum and a laundry basket? . How do you know that you are near professional burnout? . All of these and an AWESOME opportunity for those who want to serve teens in their community is shared as Brian Lawson got cozy in @thelistentingchair podcast. . Brian Lawson, has spent over 16 years serving in youth ministry and in the last few years, he has sought to create healthy youth and children's ministers who lead thriving programs. .  Brian Lawson is a writer, content developer, host of the Making Sense of Ministry podcast, and serves as the Director of Student Development at the Youth Ministry Institute. Brian is a graduate of Warner University, where he received a Master of Ministry with a focus in organization culture, team-based leadership, change, conflict, and peacemaking. . In this episode, Brian invites you to earn a Certification in Youth Ministry in January 2021.  . This episode is sponsored by the Things Not Seen Radio show with Dr.David Dault. 

Nov 2020

36 min 24 sec

It's our 2nd live homecoming show here at Southwestern College but our first live-streamed podcast episode.  . There was ALOT more audience participation this time as we went live on Facebook and a lot less charcuterie, because, well, you know--COVID. :P . We were so thankful that the following Builder alumni agreed to get cozy in @ThelisteningChair: Marquis Hodge ’19 (@quis_25_), Gayla Rapp ‘85, and Steve Short ’78.  . They shared their favorite memories as students, how their time at SC strengthened their faith, and how they’ve been innovatively tending to others in COVID-19 as one who works in contact tracing in Texas,  as a minister in Kansas, and as a doctor who served in New York.  . Pop in those earbuds and find comfort, courage and clarity in your life purpose through diverse stories of others today!  . This episode is sponsored by Things Not Seen Radio. . The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Oct 2020

55 min 45 sec

Does God use ALL of our crises for good? . If all doors that were opened by others seem to be closing, does that mean that it's time for you to build your own door? . What is one thing that God is calling each of us to give? . How can the spiritual practice of biblical storytelling help you to better hear God? And how is it different than just reading the Bible? . What goes wrong when we view Christian spirituality in a 'one-size-fits-all' kind of way? . When is seminary NOT the right choice? . How do you know that it's time to change jobs? . Can any of us be free to be who God made us to be if we aren't all free to do so? . Does God care about our varying personalities?  . All of this and more is explored as author, Biblical storyteller, computer programmer, registrar and instructor, and sixth-career clergyperson, Beth Galbreath got cozy in @thelisteningchair.  . She also has a gift for you with a FREE biblical storytelling course at Enjoy! . Pop in those earbuds and find comfort, courage, and clarity in who God made you to be.  . This episode is sponsored by the What If Project Podcast with Dr. Glen Seipert.  The Listening Chair podcast is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. 

Oct 2020

37 min 9 sec

Just in time for Halloween, @Etsy artist, 'Elaborate Deceptions' owner, Tyler is here with your ideal, one-of-a-kind Rat Fink mask AND MORE! . As he got cozy in @ThelisteningChair podcast, we explored the following: . Is God the real "monster maker"? . What characteristic makes the best Rat Fink mask? . What does a hands-on faith look like? . How do you enhance your creative process? . What impact does playing guitar at a rehab facility have on your life? . Is there such a thing as 'safe fear'? . What does Tyler believe is central to the good news that Jesus taught? . Join us on your fave platform for podz, and find comfort, courage in clarity with your life purpose today.   10:14 This episode is sponsored by the Youth Ministry Institute. Explore how they can serve you at today.   10:14 The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College of Winfield, KS. Explore more at

Oct 2020

34 min 37 sec

@kaileemykels got cozy in @thelisteningchair podcast and, Lord, have mercy, things.Got.Real. (Real quick!) . We got real around the following: . Why some Christians struggle to accept the drag community and cohost, Meg (BFFs with Kai since high school show choir) shares openly about her discomfort with it.  . What are some signs to look for if you were made to be a conductor? . What does the creative process look like for one who was the first drag entertainer to perform on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol building (May 2012) and the Red Rock Amphitheatre stage (July 2017)? . What can most churches learn about the vulnerable hospitality created within the drag community? . What guidance did their Grandma give them that helped them to love and fully accept themselves as queer? . What are the unique needs of music educators in order to be sustainable professionally? . What is spiritual about the classical composer Hans Shubert?  . And so much more! . Keep readin' for more on Kai, friend.  Joshua Kai Brown AKA Kai Lee Mykels, or simply Kai, (they/them) is a non-binary queer conductor, drag entertainer, comedian, and lover of life.  . They serve as the Music Director and Lay Pastor of Mission and Innovation at 1st Christian Church COlarado Springs.  Kai has been the Artistic Director of Out Loud since January 2017. Kai is proud to be part of GALA Choruses and a member of the American Choral Director Association.  . This episode is sponsored by the Youth Ministry Institute. Explore how they can best equip you for you in youth and children's ministry here: . The Listening Chair Podcast is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship at Southwestern College. 

Oct 2020

37 min 14 sec

How do you choose the perfect college major? . Can Don Draper teach us anything about feminism? . What are some signs in your life that you might have been made to be a  college professor? . What beliefs around motherhood and pregnancy have been passed down to us from our religious upbringing? . If your life purpose has more to do with just your job, of what else does it consist?  . What systems of support in America do working Moms sometimes forget to take advantage of? . Get cozy in@thelisteningchair with Dr. Ann Duncan of @gouchercollege for these and keep reading for more on her and her work!  . Follow her on Twitter at: @ann_w_duncan. .  Ann W. Duncan (Ph.D., University of Virginia) is Associate Professor of American Studies and Religion at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. Her research and teaching focus on intersections of religion and public life including religion and politics, new religious movements, the religious “nones” and motherhood and American Christianity. She has authored articles in various journals including the Journal of the American Academy of Religion and Nova Religo  and is co-editor of Church-State Issues in America Today, 3 vols. (Praeger, 2007) and The Universe is Indifferent: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Mad Men (Cascade, 2016). She is currently working on a book manuscript about spiritual birth movements in the United States. . This episode is sponsored by the What If Project podcast with Dr. Glenn Seifert! Check it out today! . The Listening Chair is a ministry of the Institute For Discipleship  at Southwestern College of Kansas.

Oct 2020

31 min 42 sec

What happens when we argue with God? . How can the sting of gentrification be lessened in urban areas?  . What is one thing that would benefit churches to do, but very few know how? . What spiritual lesson awaits us in pulling weeds? . Why do so many Christians view investing in real-estate as the opposite of good stewardship? . How can local churches reimagine and maximize the use of their space in 2020?  . What does it mean if a child likes to invent contraptions that make life easier?  . All of this and more is explored as we get cozy in the listening chair with Ram Gonzales.  . Head on over to your favorite platform and find comfort, courage and clarity in your own life purpose today.  . Connect with Ram and his non-profit, Urban Lazarus. . Support us now on Patreon! . Today's episode is sponsored by The What If Project Podcast  with Dr. Glenn Siepert.  . [KEEP READING FOR MORE ON RAM:] Ramiro is the CEO of Westside Development Corporation and Managing Partner of Urban Lazarus Real Estate Partners which invests in small-scale inner-city real estate projects to advance neighborhood revitalization, accomplish community objectives, and provide partnership opportunities for property owners looking to sell their distressed properties. .  Ramiro has spent most of his career in public service as a policy analyst and leader in developing programs and policies to facilitate the redevelopment of Downtown San Antonio.  . He’s facilitated over $80 million in real estate redevelopment projects and has employed creative strategies to remove regulatory and financial barriers to ensure project success. He’s advised elected officials on appropriate strategies for redevelopment and has presented to various community stakeholders as an advocate for the continued support of urban revitalization projects for the benefit of the city as a whole. . The Listening Chair Podcast is part of the work of the Institute For Discipleship.  

Sep 2020

33 min 28 sec

Here's what we'll explore with author and podcaster, Casey alexis: . How does the Holy Spirit speak to us through dreams? . What are some practical tips to have more confidence? . What can Eve from the Bible teach us about thriving as a woman in 2020?  . How do you tell if you are just part of a religion or if you are in an authentic relationship with Jesus? . How can you grow while having hard times in your marriage? . All this and more in explored with Casey Alexis who runs the @Being.Eve podcast.  . Being Eve is a digital gathering spot for the everyday woman who seeks to do more than survive, she wants to thrive! Our goal is to inspire, encourage and equip you as you find commonalities within the lives of everyday extraordinary women who share their stories on God, life, love, purpose, and everything else in between. Join them as they celebrate the authenticity of our womanhood in sisterhood! . Casey's book, 'Being Eve in Adam's World' just dropped on Sept 17. Grab a copy of that as well. . A huge thank you to this week's sponsor, 'The What If Project' Podcast with Dr. Glenn Siepert.  .

Sep 2020

31 min 33 sec

This week's sponsor is The What If Project.  ^^ Check them out! How does one hear God while grieving the loss of a parent? . What is spiritual about a CNC machine shop? . Can a high school teacher's feedback point us toward our life's purpose? . How does one cultivate more positivity in his life?    This and more is explored as we got cozy in the Listening Chair for SEASON 3! . Please enjoy our interview with CNC Machinist and Programmer, Dustin Lingle. WHOA, did he bring some major wisdom for us around how our parent's defined Christianity affects us more than we know.    Dustin graduated from Stephenville High School in 2010, the same year as Miranda. He is a CNC machinist/programmer at MetalTek International in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He has been in machining for 6 years, and has also worked in oilfield, aerospace, and other various industries. He also spent 2 years working as a conductor for Union Pacific Railroad. Father of two boys and husband of 8 years to Meagan, he grew up in a small baptist church north of Stephenville. Both of his parents were very active in the church and spent most of his youth heavily involved in that church. Soccer is his go to happy place. Both of his boys play as well. The Listening Chair is an outlet of the Institute for Discipleship (IFD). Please rate, leave a review, and SUBSCRIBE! We're also hoping you'll consider supporting us on Patreon!

Sep 2020

36 min 2 sec

What does it mean when you have a growing number of questions in your faith life? . What guests most surprised us this past season? . Which guest gave us the silent treatment and we're still mad? ;)  . Which answers were the most perplexing? . How many letters are in Miranda's full legal name? 15? 32? . How will season 3 be different? . What career field are we most excited to explore? . Should YOU get cozy in the LIstening Chair? . . Join us in this season 2 finale as we share our hopes for season 3 and what brought us the most joy and surprise from season 2. . . Sadly, COVID-19 kept us away from our studio at Southwestern College, so we had to record from our home. Oh, yes there were plenty of interruptions from offsprings and our k9 loves, but like all of us who are now working from home--we stayed positive, stayed the course and GOT IT DONE! (And edited out the interruptions to assure a pleasant experience for your ears. . . Thank you, Dear Listener, for joining us on this journey as we explore how stories of career, vocation and God's voice intertwine and new episodes will start dropping again in September. (We'll be back in the studio recording new ones in July.) . Comment or DM us on the ole' social media if you or someone you know needs to get cozy in the Listening Chair as a guest and Listen with you soon! . #christian #christianpodcast #discipleship #vocation #dreamjob #lifeplan #lifepurpose #purpose #goals #careercoach #careercounselor #classof202 #whattodonow #2ndcareer #podcastonfaith #godcalled #lifecalling

Apr 2020

25 min 55 sec

Could you imagine being an eleven-year-old in your mom’s clinic and prescribing meds when your mom stepped out?  . How would you move differently if you lived in a place where it was looked down on to be a Christian? . How are pediatricians different from other doctors?  . Could the root of all of our greatest challenges in life be the same issue/trigger?  . What is one thing that God always does no matter what life is throwing at us? .  How can we take professional risks even when we are nervous?  . All of this and more is explored as Dr. Hilary Mawia gets cozy in The Listening Chair. Please your ears on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever else you get your podcasts on. Want to know about Hilary and her work, keep readin’! . Dr. Hilary Mawia is a believer, wife, Pediatrician, and alumni of Southwestern College who was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar. She moved to Winfield at age 18 to attend Southwestern where she majored in Biology. . After graduating, she studied medicine at Ben Gurion University, Medical School for International Health in Beer Sheva, Israel where she met her now-husband, Jenya Shavkov while volunteering at a Messianic Jewish Church. Upon graduating from medical school, she moved to New York City to pursue her residency training in Pediatrics at Harlem Hospital, New York.   . After residency, as a new wife, she felt God directing her to return to Israel to support her husband while he finished his studies in Architecture. Currently, Hilary is preparing to start her fellowship in Neonatal Intensive Care at Soroka Hospital in Israel and loving her life as a housewife to her husband, Jenya and dog-mom to their Shar-pei-Pitbull mix, Macho.

Apr 2020

37 min

Could you imagine being a pre-teen who drove a hearse for your Dad’s funeral home?  . Was the church more or less political 40+ years ago? . Why do so many young clergy professionally burn-out too soon?  . What can go wrong when you get distracted and begin doing work that God didn’t make you to do?  . When does it pay off to play small professionally?  . Could the author of 6 books that have sold over 2 million copies *really* have been the underdog in the ‘race’ for the seat of Bishop?  . All of this and more is explored as the co-author of DISCIPLE Bible Study and the founder of our Institute for Discipleship, Bishop Richard Wilke gets cozy in the Listening Chair Podcast.  . Want to know more about him? Keep reading and listen on spotify, itunes, or wherever else you get your podcast on.  . Bishop Richard Wilke (Dick) is a retired UM bishop and is the author of 6 books including DISCIPLE Bible Study which he co-authored with his late wife Julia Wilke. It has nearly two million graduates in more than 10,000 congregations from 30 denominations and is available in several languages. . Dick served thirty years in ministry in Kansas, leading rural, suburban, and university congregations. For eleven years, he was the senior pastor at First United Methodist Church in Wichita, a downtown congregation with a statewide televised ministry. . He is currently serving as Bishop-in-Residence at Southwestern College in Winfield KS, which also holds the Institution that he and Julia founded (that also hosts this podcast).  . The Institute for Discipleship was formed as an extension of the Wilkes’ life-long ministry and service to the Church immediately after the Wilkes finished writing the fourth and final DISCIPLE manual. Richard resides in Winfield, Kansas, and the couple has four children,  nine grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Apr 2020

33 min 20 sec

What can go wrong if we separate the secular and sacred in our life? . What is an impressive amount to squat at the gym? . Can the gym be therapy? . Is grief involved when you outgrow a church? . How many books can one read in one week?  . What makes the podcast,'Book Ish' different than any other podcast out there?  . All of this and more is explored as Michelle Collins got cozy in the Listening Chair podcast. . Michelle is a Budding Psychologist, Podcaster and Gym Rat. . She is a wife and mother to 4 grown children. She served in the US Marine Corps and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology as well as additional degrees in Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling. An introvert dedicated to fitness of both body and mind, Michelle possesses the rare ability to participate in a discussion and see both sides without disparaging those with whom she might disagree. . She is currently writing a book on the grief cycle applied to religious deconstruction. Her book comes out in 2020. She hosts the podcast, “Book Ish: The Cannon Continues” that's dismantling the sacred/secular divide book by book.   

Apr 2020

49 min 24 sec

****This episode includes a SUPER-SWEET giveaway for listeners! :)**** . What would it be like to be in business with a good friend who's skills are different than yours?  . What is Alpha & Omega Con and why is it more fun than Comic-Con? . What is one thing that all great storytellers do? . How can X-men develop our spiritual health? . What is this I hear about a giveaway? Can you tell us more about that? . All of this and more is explored as co-founders of the illustrated novel and comic book company, Eggizo Entertainment, Jerrell Conner and Jeroll Rodgers got cozy in the Listening Chair.  . They also want to invite listeners to join them in a special sampling of their first novel; “The Trials of Samson”. Available as a FREE download on our website, or pre-order a copy of the full paperback version today. . Connect with them and their work here: and to know more about them, keep readin'.  . Jeroll Rodgers / Creative Director - new to the world of Comics, Rodgers’ background actually began working with in a low-income housing development with at-risk youth. Having always been a fan of Batman, X Men and so many other legendary Superhero genres, Rodgers envisions the Eggizo universe full of characters that people of all ages and backgrounds can connect with. Working alongside Conner, Rodgers assists in the creative and business development of Eggizo. . . Jerrell Conner / Art Director / Visual Development / Branding - Creator of the graphic novel series Revelations: The Prophets. Conner has worked in the Arts & Entertainment industry for over 15 years with clients such as; EA Games, IMAX, Machinima, MTV, Interscope, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Reach Records, Universal, Starbucks, and Disney. . . WHO IS EGGIZO? Eggizo Entertainment was co-founded by Jeroll Rodgers, Jerrell Conner, and Frederick K Price Jr in 2015 when the three came together and combined concepts and stories that Rodgers + Conner had been developing for a couple of years with stories that Price had been writing since 2010. All to form one massive universe of characters and story-lines that showcase dozens of significant historical figures with an authentic and completely fresh approach. Today Rodgers + Conner continues to expand on the Eggizo universe. Telling new stories across the medium of Comics, Novels, and Educational books!

Mar 2020

46 min 46 sec

What does a German pastor think of the patriotism of most American churches? . What is this religious movement that started in the UK and now is in the US known as the 'Fresh Expressions' movement and what do yoga mats have to do with it? . What is one easy way to hear God? . What do millennial pastors do things differently than former generations? . All of these and more are explored as Rev. Damian Carruthers got cozy in the Listening Chair podcast.  . Connect with Damian on Insta today at @Damian_1989 and to know more about him and his work, keep readin'!  . Damian Carruthers is a Pastor in the UMC Germany and is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary of Washington DC. He was appointed as a pastor of probation to a three-point charge in the North of the Black Forest and was ordained in May 2019. . During his studies at the Theological (methodist) School of Reutlingen he found is calling in a special ministry called Fresh Expressions of Church.  He loves to think about different ways of being Church especially for people outside the church. His superintendent saw his love for this kind of ministry and gave him a special appointment for this kind of work in the Black Forest.  . He is 30 years old now and lives alone, but he loves to share his free time with other people and to show them where God is already at work in their lives.

Mar 2020

47 min 8 sec

Does dub-step belong in sanctuaries?  . How does one worship in the midst of losing a loved one to suicide?  . What is the one thing that is missing from most contemporary Christian songs? . How does the venue affect the performance of the musician?  . All this and more is explored as a solo pop-artist turned band frontwoman, Andrea Hamilton Binley got cozy in the Listening Chair podcast. Join the conversation on Spotify, apple podcast or wherever else you get your podcast on.  . Listen to Binley on Spotify today keep readin’ to know more about their work. . . Southern California-based worship band Binley exists to serve the global Church by creating energetic, genuine worship experiences. Lead singer Dre (Andrea Hamilton Binley), who works as a part-time worship leader at Inland Hills Church in Chino, Calif., started the band to serve local churches and young adult events with relevant, upbeat music. Observing for years that fresh, catchy songs could draw people in and create real encounters with Jesus, Dre recruited co-singer Brandon Gill, and the two began to co-write and lead together. The band’s first two singles have been placed on more than 20 Christian pop playlists including Spotify’s Official New Christian, and Premier Christian Radio in the UK.

Mar 2020

46 min 36 sec

A film guru, critic, and pastor joins us in the chair. Rev. Jacob Sahms shares about his work with , and, hosting film viewings at his church to promote social activism, and his interviews with Harry Connick Jr., Ann Curry and others!  

Mar 2020

43 min 46 sec

What does the author John C. Maxwell have to do with serving at-risk teens on the streets in the Philippines? . . Are Church people apathetic on such issues as environment and poverty? . . What skills are needed to crush it as a Community Development Worker? . . What does modern-day evangelism with Gen Z teens look like? . . All of this and more is explored as LJ Basilio got cozy in the Listening Chair. LJ is a Community Development worker—Education Officer at Kapatiran -Kaunlaran Foundation Inc. and President of National United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines. He shares on teaching literacy to at-risk teens, how author, John C. Maxwell helped him, and what modern-day evangelism on the streets could look like.  . Connect with LJ today! 

Feb 2020

30 min 20 sec

What do the great outdoors have to do with your ability to forgive? . How do those who serve in the funeral industry deal with the emotionally difficult parts of the job? . What are the differences between the funerals of those who have a religious faith and those that don’t? (Hint: there are 2 main differences.) . What is spiritual about the famous Cliffs of Moher in Ireland? . When training to be a mortician, what do the assignments look like?  . How does the show ‘family plots’ affect our faith lives?  . All of this and more is explored as our friend, Graham Donals got cozy in the listening chair. We love to explore the spiritual undertones of all skill sets, the journey that folks take in choosing their career, and we learned so much as we had our second guest who serves in the funeral industry join us in the studio. Listen to our friend and mortician, Chandra Snively from season 1 share here.  . Graham is a husband and dog-dad who has always enjoyed religion and theology. . However, the weight of his sins and his lack of biblical knowledge kept him from pursuing religion directly. It wasn’t until he entered the funeral industry that he determined that you don’t have to major in religion in order to do the work of God.    He has a heart through his work as a Funeral Assistant at Miles Funeral Home, for working with folks of all religions in their times of grief. When he’s not serving as a Funeral Director, he is in school to become a mortician. He finds that being able to be there at a family’s hardest time is a rewarding and spiritual calling. 

Feb 2020

30 min 50 sec

Can first impressions always be trusted? . How should our kids explore their vocational calling? . What’s the downfall of listening to music while dirt biking?  . What is the one surprising thing that host, Miranda has in common with Matt?  . Is the meaning of life *really* relative to one’s talents? . Is there any better last name than ‘Machuga’? . All of these and more are explored as BFFs, Matt & Mike got cozy in the Listening Chair. Enjoy on your favorite podcast platform today. . Matthew Distefano is the author of 5 books and co-hosts the Heretic Happy Hour and The Bonfire Sessions podcasts. He blogs for Patheos and can be reached at He is also a rapper and has an EP coming out soon.  Michael Machuga is the co-author of A Journey With Two Mystics with and co-hosts The Bonfire Sessions podcast.  He also is pretty rad at dirt biking. 

Feb 2020

43 min 35 sec

Are you working more hours than you prefer? . Would you take some tips on how to make more memories with your family and work fewer hours? . Would you like one tip for your business to stay ahead of the ever-evolving technologies? . Do you want to be more creative than you currently feel? . If so, then you need to get cozy in the Listening Chair Podcast with @LeeMatthewJackson. :) . Lee’s a speaker, podcaster, and WordPress guru who builds community through education and martec (marketing technologies). He shares on leading worship at church, tips for your biz to stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology, and one way that Walt Disney boosts our creativity. . . Connect with him at today. . .

Feb 2020

45 min 21 sec

Is the modeling industry about more than just vanity? . Is there anything spiritual about this type of work? . What are some hilarious moments that go on backstage during a runway show? . What is one of the quickest ways to fail as a model? . Alleigh has modeled in Kansas, New York, and Italy, and also owns a modeling agency . She shares how modeling is not all about vanity, the quickest way for one to fail at this type of work, and her most helpful line of self-talk. Connect with her agency today at 

Feb 2020

30 min 23 sec

Do you view the role of a lawyer as spiritual? Theological? . . What life lessons can we learn from sailing? . . Do you have a loved one in your family that is aging and you want to make sure that you preserve their dignity in their final years of life? . . All of these questions and more are explored as Adam Dees got cozy in the Listening Chair Podcast. . . Adam Dees is an elder care attorney practicing in Hays, Kansas. . . He is a 2011 graduate of the University of Kansas, School of Law. Adam was a general practitioner of law for five years in Goodland, Kansas before joining the team at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice, P.A. . Adam’s practice focuses on preserving families’ assets and efficiently transferring those assets from one generation to the next. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Elder Law Section of the Kansas Bar Association. . Adam presents seminars to the public about estate planning for families in all situations. He enjoys spending time with his spouse, Alyssa; their children, Rachel and Kay; and their dog, Simon. He also enjoys camping and sailing. . The focus at Clinkscales Elder Law Practice is to help families not only with their current needs, but also plan for the future. Clinkscales emphasizes Life Care Planning and Long Term Planning—holistic approaches to assisting families dealing with chronic illness, issues of aging, and preparing for the future. . Connect with more at

Jan 2020

37 min 52 sec

“America’s manufacturing economy, if it was measured by itself when compared to other country’s entire economies, our manufacturing economy alone would rank #8 in the world. Manufacturing is way more significant than we realize and our culture needs to make a shift to realize this.”  . Machinist, author, 501c3 founder, and owner of Iverson & Co., a Des Plaines machine tool distributorship & rebuilder, Terry brings the heat in this episode as he shares the best kept secret in manufacturing today is the abundance of opportunities that await a new generation. He also shares the most helpful thing that parents could do as their kids begin to seek their career and several inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs that are crushing it in the manufacturing industry.  . Connect with Terry’s non-profit that was built to “Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation”, ChampionNow at  . Explore the work of some of his partners at  . Buy Terry’s book here.

Jan 2020

36 min 5 sec

What is one of the oddest pieces of advice that you could get as a parent? . How is a spiritual director different than a pastor?  . If you’re entering into a career field that is less common, what is the biggest roadblock and how do you overcome it? . All of this and more is explored as musician and spiritual director, Ann Chua got cozy in the listening chair podcast. . . Connect with her at  . . Anna holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation from Asbury Theological Seminary and is a certified Spiritual Director through the Center for Spiritual Formation in Pennsylvania. She is a wife, mom, Spiritual Director, teacher, and musician.    Though native to Kansas, Anna currently lives in northeast Nebraska where her husband is appointed in the Great Plains UMC. Aside from work or study, a few things that she enjoys giving her time to are spending time with family and friends, singing and playing music, laughing and playing with her daughter, listening to podcasts, reading, and traveling.  

Jan 2020

48 min 4 sec

What are two things you should do to find community if you are experiencing a life transition? . What does faith lived out in the public school system look like when you are a teacher?   A graduate of Southwestern College and math teacher a Truesdale Middle School in Wichita, KS, Myron answers these and also shares the one thing that all teachers should do the first week of class, the weekly Skype sesh he never misses, and his college basketball coach's advice that still follows him.    Connect with Myron today on Instagram.

Jan 2020

40 min 40 sec

We had a blast guesting on their podcast this past summer, and our title of this episode is sweet revenge for the title they gave our episode. :P    Dust and Fish host the Bible Belt Bros Podcast. It is a Funny and sometimes informative podcast about church culture and stuff. These two friends live in Tulsa, Oklahoma in what some people may call the Buckle of the Bible Belt.   Dusty is a former Youth Pastor, former Small Business Owner, and now an SEO Website Guru. Fish is kind of a preacher's kid, a Veteran of War, and now a nerdy Real Estate Agent.    In this episode, we share on why Kansas is superior to Oklahoma,are hobbies usually opposite of our careers, how to thrive in fantasy football and what there is to learn about God while serving in the military.   Connect with the Bible Belt Bros wherever you get your podcast on!  And join Fish in caring for our veterans at

Dec 2019

45 min 7 sec

Take the Listening Chair Podcast team with you on your holiday travels and hear a sneak-peek of upcoming shows, the intern's attempt to stump us in a round of rapid-fire questions and why there are so many podcasts on Harry Potter. . Do your earbuds want more? Join us back here Saturday for our hilarious conversation with the Bible Belt Bros (from the podcast by the same name), Dusty and Fish.  .  

Dec 2019

40 min 4 sec

As the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church's Program Executive for Youth Engagement at the World Council of Churches in Switzerland, Joy shares on the hilarity of talking in her sleep, the out-of-date mission practices of most churches, and on how becoming a missionary has just left her with more questions for God than ever before. . . Connect with her and her work today. 

Dec 2019

39 min 39 sec