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Jennifer Perri, a.k.a. ” The Smart Money Gal”, is a Holistic Money Coach, Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and Best-Selling Author with over 15 years of industry experience. Jennifer helps women transition from trauma to triumph and develop a healthy and empowered relationship with money. This will equip them will the confidence and tools necessary to make smart financial decisions for themselves and their families. She has been cited for her knowledge and has appeared on sources such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The Boston Globe, Newsweek, Fortune and Forbes.

In addition to her hands-on work in the field with clients, she was a contributor to the Amazon bestselling book, “Dare to Succeed” with Jack Canfield, creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Some of her other works have been featured in Little Pink Book, Wall Street Select, Huffington Post, Newsweek and various other circulations.

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In the latest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer addresses the most prevalent myths surrounding someone's relationship to money. If you're struggling to create the level of wealth you desire, the issue might be between your ears. It's easy to blame your circumstances, but how you handle your relationship with money is all on you. You have the potential of accumulating all the money you need and more. But first, you need to get your mind on your side. So sit back, relax, and allow Jennifer to debunk the top eight money myths and provide solutions for reversing the various mindsets associated with these myths. Visit the link below to take Jennifer's money personality quiz: ( Timecodes: 0:04 - Overview on topic of the day 2:00 - Jennifer's work in financial and mindset coaching 4:54 - Myth 1. Money is the root of all evil 7:39 - Myth 2. Only greedy people want a lot of money 10:47 - Myth 3. People won't like me if I have a lot of money 15:00 - Myth 4. I'm not good with money 18:00 - Jennifer's money personality quiz and how to access it 21:00 - Jennifer's background and matter-of-fact personality 24:38 - Myth 5. I grew up poor 27:00 - Myth 6. I'll have time when I'm older to worry about finances 29:17 - Myth 7. I'll just give it all away now 30:06 - Myth 8. I don't deserve to be wealthy 31:15 - Recapping the eight money myths 33:00 - Closing remarks Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Sep 16

33 min 43 sec

In the latest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer addresses the concept of "financial transparency" and why it is paramount to consider when it comes to your own finances. The phrase "financial transparency" ultimately means that you're not actively hiding anything. You're being honest about your finances overall, as well as their performance, even when it is subpar. In this episode, Jennifer highlights the key drivers of financial transparency and how each plays a varying role in your overall portfolio. Additionally, she explains the importance of incorporating financial transparency within your relationships as well! So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation that can help you gain confidence when it comes to your own financial portfolio. Also, if you would like to speak with Jennifer personally and gain a stronger understanding on this concept, please visit her website to book a session. Timecodes: 0:24 - What is financial transparency? 2:49 - Be completely honest about your finances 4:40 - Smart financial decisions start with you 6:39 - The first step is to identify how you relate with money overall 8:00 - Now, how do you relate to risk with your money? 9:46 - Know what resources are available to you 12:50 - Think about what is unique to you and your current situation in life 15:00 - You need to have the confidence to ask questions 16:00 - The importance of having financial transparency within your relationships 18:50 - Understand how pensions and social security works with your spouse 23:19 - Having financial transparency with your financial professional as well 29:38 - Five tips for establishing financial transparency 33:25 - Closing remarks and how to book a session to speak with Jennifer Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Aug 24

35 min 22 sec

In the latest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer brings us a special episode surrounding the topic of money mindsets, specifically how to unlock the millionaire's mindset. For our entire lives, we've been told that the only way to make money is to win the lottery or work harder. That's simply not true. The odds of winning the lottery are slim and there is not a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much money you have. Your money mindset can either catapult you to wealth or keep you in poverty. Want to learn that mindset and use it to your advantage? Then sit back, relax, and enjoy today's episode! Additionally, you can sign up for Jennfier's specific course on Unlocking the Millionaire Mindset by clicking the link below: ( Timecodes: 0:20 - Topic of the day 1:18 - Why Jennifer went into mindset coaching in the first place 5:10 - People get stuck and only want to go through the motions 7:00 - Listening to other people and also the bad voice in your head 8:16 - Getting rich by winning the lottery or "working harder" 10:15 - You should never settle 12:26 - The money myths you've believed 14:30 - Money isn't evil 18:05 - Avoid the security mindset 22:00 - "I'm just fine without money" 24:20 - Recapping the money myths 25:05 - The importance of an abundance mindset 29:30 - Your inner and outer worlds 32:15 - Closing remarks Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer

Aug 9

33 min 26 sec

What if you could stretch your $5,000 budget into a $10,000 vacation? With some research and planning, taking a nicer vacation than you think you can afford is well within your reach! In the newest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer explores each of the main expenses when traveling on vacation: transportation, lodging, time of year, and even vacation packages. Stretching your vacation dollars is easy if you do your homework. By considering that your main expenses are likely transportation, food, and lodging, you can make substantial efforts to minimize those costs and leave room for more of the fun stuff! So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation on how you can stretch your vacation dollars as a whole. Timecodes: 00:20 - We all deserve a vacation 01:30 - Deals are everywhere 02:14 - Tackling airline pricing and logistics 05:50 - Search for lodging that is providing deals, coupons, and additional offerings 08:33 - Consider a cruise or any all-inclusive vacations for budgeting reasons 10:45 - Keep an eye out for group rates 12:00 - Consider little trips to enjoy the things already located in your area or state 15:10 - Pack carry-on luggage only 16:30 - At the end of the dat, your kids only want a change of scenery and to be with you 18:30 - Establish your overall budget first and put any leftovers back into savings 21:00 - Let's celebrate these moments and share them with The Smart Money Gal Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Jun 8

23 min 32 sec

Getting married is a happy and exciting time. With so many things to consider with your significant other, one of the issues that can put a damper on the positive energy is money. Financial issues can create a lot of stress and even animosity in a new marriage. In this installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer addresses this concept and provides ten helpful tips for newlyweds to get their finances in order. It can be much nicer to discuss the topic of money before it becomes a necessary issue and tensions are high. So sit back, relax, and grab your notebook because these tips are sure to help you start your marriage off on the right foot! Timecodes: 00:42 - Overview on today's show topic 01:12 - We are about to be in a massive wedding season 03:00 - We want to avoid financial animosity and stress 03:36 - Tip 1: Agree on a set of financial rules and goals 04:20 - Tip 2: Create two wills! 07:00 - Tip 3: Put all your financial cards on the table 08:20 - Tip 4: Control your expenses 10:25 - Tip 5: Talk about handling any family financial issues 12:00 - Tip 6: Update your beneficiaries 13:15 - Tip 7: Create a budget together 14:40 - Tip 8: Decide on a banking structure 17:25 - Tip 9: Choose one person to pay bills and schedule meetings to go over them 19:00 - Tip 10: Decide on a limit for purchases that don't require collaboration 20:20 - Recapping the 10 tips for newlyweds 26:26 - Avoid the drama and have open communication up front Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

May 4

28 min 37 sec

In the most recent installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer Perri takes a different approach. April marks financial literacy month and this episode centers around the topic of communicating with your children about money. It's important to openly talk about wealth, values, and financial success in a way that you can share it with your children and grandchildren. By utilizing the strategies outlined in this episode, you can not only teach your young ones to understand and appreciate money, but grow a stronger relationship with them while doing so. So sit back, relax, and allow The Smart Money Gal to provide easy, helpful suggestions and resources. Timecodes: 00:10 - April is financial literacy month 01:15 - Offering financial literacy courses through The Smart Money Gal Academy 04:14 - The two basic, but important questions 06:58 - Simple conversation starters 09:30 - Teach your kids the ABC's of money, so they can avoid D and E 11:00 - Identify your financial values first 14:30 - Involve your kids in family discussions 18:00 - Talk about a time when you made a financial mistake 19:57 - The ABC's of investing 24:15 - The three buckets of money management 27:57 - Creating a family mission statement 29:48 - Don't be afraid to talk with your children about money Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Apr 6

31 min 41 sec

Divorce is stressful. Financial challenges are stressful. Combining the two is enough to keep anyone up at night! Financial issues can be quite complicated. It’s difficult to give a lot of blanket advice, since divorce laws vary so much from state to state.  Typically, your attorney and financial consultant will be your best sources of information regarding your finances during the divorce. Ensure you get advice from a qualified source and use it. Your friend, neighbor and your parents are not qualified sources.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy an insightful conversation surrounding smart financial strategies to utilize if you ever dealing with divorce. Timecodes: 00:30 - Overview on her work in the topic of divorce 02:05 - How Swan Financial handles the financial side of divorce 02:55 - Only take advice from the experts 05:53 - Understand your budget 08:57 - Avoid making any major financial decisions during this process 12:07 - Be smart (and frugal) 15:00 - Keep track of your credit report 17:52 - Create a road map for YOU 20:30 - Who the Divorce Divas are and how they can help you 24:14 - Announcing her new e-book "Surviving Divorce" 25:30 - Recapping her smart strategies for handling the financial side of divorce Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Mar 9

27 min 54 sec

In the latest installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer Perri welcomes a close friend and grief specialist to share her experience with overcoming loss and fighting adversity. Jen Santaniello lost her husband to a rare form of Lymphoma. As tragic as her loss was, it came at the worst time as well. Not only was Jen laid off from her job, but she was also left to raise two children with a third on the way. Jen shares her story of loss, but also the steps she took to empower herself and find solace. She strived to achieve the life her husband would have wished her to have. In fact, Jen has made it her mission to help other widows and widowers by sharing her experiences and offering strategies to cope. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a heartfelt conversation with two women striving to empower those around them. Timecodes: 00:17 - Jennifer enjoying the work she does alongside other wonderful women 01:50 - Introducing Jen Santaniello 02:45 - The story of Jen becoming a widow 05:50 - Her husband being diagnosed with rare form of Lymphoma 08:00 - "I don't want to decide if my husband lives or dies" 10:00 - Going back to talk to her kids and tell them their dad wasn't coming home 12:15 - Did having those final conversations with her husband make it easier to cope? 15:15 - How she was able to move through the despair and find joy again 21:15 - What didn't work for Jen in her recovery journey 23:20 - What made Jen want to build a business around helping other widows 26:00 - Launching a coaching program to help her clients 29:00 - How you can get in touch with Jen and utilize her services Resources: Facebook Group): Widows & Widowers Seeking Happiness ( ( (Signature Course): How to Enjoy Life + Be Happy Again: Strategies for Young Widows + Widowers ( ( (Coaching): 6 Months of Coaching with Jen Santaniello ( ( Jen’s email: Phone Number: (857) 272-2007 Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Feb 9

31 min 32 sec

To kick off the new year, Jennifer dives into the importance of setting goals, not resolutions. A new year beautifully symbolizes a new chapter opening in the book that is your life. But while so many people like you aspire to achieve ambitious goals, only 12% of you will ever experience the taste of victory.  Listen as Jennifer explores the different reasons as to why resolutions fail. By following the rationale on her four reasons, you can begin taking steps to ensure your goals for 2021 are met! Timecodes: 01:00 - The importance of setting goals, not resolutions 02:00 - The top two resolutions for 2021 03:50 - The four reasons why resolutions fail 06:40 - Reason 2: You don't believe in yourself to make the change needed 08:26 - Reason 3: You don't have any social support 11:30 - Reason 4: You know what you want, but don't know why you want it 14:20 - What it means to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2021 22:00 - You have to be patient when setting goals 25:00 - The 5 Day Goal Setting Super Boost Challenge and how to join Resources: (Buck Naked Money Facebook Group) Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Jan 4

27 min 36 sec

In this installment of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer explores The Wonder Woman Effect and how it can limit women from having a clear focus on their finances. In all of our closets, we have a proverbial cape that we tie on and fly out the door every time someone needs us. Regardless of what is going on in our personal lives, we stop what we are doing to provide help to those in need. And while being selfless can be a noble character trait, it can inevitably catch up with us. Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to highlight the top four things "Wonder Women" can do to reinforce their own financial empowerment. Timecodes: 00:15 - I could get in your face in today's podcast 03:00 - What is The Wonder Woman Effect? 06:00 - Being selfless can finally catch up with you 09:00 - The four things inhibiting financial empowerment: #1 The Herd Mentality 12:00 - #2: Seeking Approval 16:50 - #3: Lack of Involvement 21:40 - #4: Financial Independence 25:00 - It's your own fault if you're not in the right financial position 27:30 - We're dealing with unprecedented times and I'm here to help Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Dec 2020

29 min 39 sec

In her second edition of The Smart Money Gal, Jennifer Perri dives into the complex financial nature that 2020 has thrown our way. In a time with so much uncertainty, it's important, now more than ever, to have a strong relationship with your finances. Take the necessary steps now to ensure financial stability moving into the new year. Jennifer's topics include the importance of access to essential documentation, establishing a personal cash flow plan, making cutbacks where necessary, and establishing financial goals for 2021. Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to shed some light on productive strategies to get your finances in order for 2021. Timecodes: 00:48 - We need to step back and unpack all that has occurred in 2020 02:00 - Essential documents and their importance these days 05:20 - You need to be reviewing your beneficiaries and the documents impacting them 10:00 - We have more time to make our finances a priority 11:15 - Examine your personal budget or cash flow plan as you enter 2021 14:00 - Cutbacks and how we should be viewing them 16:22 - Start saving towards next year's vacation or financial splurge 18:44 - Make 2021 your year! 21:00 - It's okay to ask for help to achieve your financial goals 23:50 - What kinds of things are easy to cut from your budget today? 26:00 - We are 100% responsible for the decisions we make Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Dec 2020

28 min 18 sec

The GoFundMe platform has exploded with popularity over the last few years, with numerous individuals raising millions of dollars for charitable causes, educational payments, financially helping loved ones, etc. While the essence of this platform is in fact positive, it's important for those to not rely on it. In this episode, Jennifer sheds light on the GoFundMe fundraising website and why it shouldn't be utilized for a few specific reasons. Through a personal story with GoFundMe, Jennifer explains how some can mistakingly utilize this service as a form of life insurance. Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to share her experiences with GoFundMe and shed some light on how to correctly deal with life insurance based on your budget. Timecodes: 02:28 - Jennifer recounts a very personal story to explain the importance of life insurance and planning for the future 12:40 - You don't buy life insurance for yourself... 14:34 - Jennifer talks through the three main reasons everyone should carry a life insurance policy Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Nov 2020

28 min 19 sec

After a day full of conference calls with clients, Jennifer felt compelled to launch another episode of the podcast to put some fears to bed. Given the turmoil in the market surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and the U.S. Presidential Election, many of her clients are wondering how these two factors can impact their finances. In spending most of her career in personal finance planning, Jennifer has a particular interest in annuities. Annuities allow Jennifer and her husband to have a piece of their financial portfolio to have safety and security regardless of what is happening economically or socially in the country. Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to put your mind at ease and offer helpful strategies to keep your finances safe during these tumultuous times. Timecodes: 01:26 Why annuities are important during uncertain times 05:30 - Jennifer defines annuities 08:33 - Two main reasons why your wealth manager won't mention annuities to you (even when they should!) 12:33 - Reasons to consider an annuity 17:35 - What you can expect from Jennifer during this podcast series 18:14 - and other resources Jennifer wants you to know about Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Nov 2020

24 min 22 sec

In this episode, Jennifer provides an overview on her company, Swan Financial Advisors, and the services they provide to clients. Navigating the complex world of personal and business finances isn't an easy task, but Jennifer and her team work diligently to alleviate some of this burden. Through meeting with Jennifer, clients can walk away with the confidence and tools necessary to make smart financial decisions that better position themselves, and their families, for numerous forms of success in life. Tune in and allow The Smart Money Gal to share more about her business and why it might just be the right fit for you. Timecodes: 00:28 - What it means to be a women-focused financial firm 02:08 - Jennifer tells the story behind the name of her firm "Swan Financial" 05:10 - Jennifer tells the story behind the name of this podcast and her blog "Smart Money Gal" 11:20 - Jennifer discusses the different service Swan Financial provides 19:01 - Jennifer talks about her motivations behind this career path Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Nov 2020

23 min 25 sec

In her inaugural episode, Jennifer Perri provides a 10,000ft view of her life, personal career, and the factors that led her to become "The Smart Money Gal." Jennifer brings over 15 years of industry experience to the podcast, sharing her insights on smart financial decisions that position individuals for successful retirements and fruitful lives. As Founder and CEO of Swan Financial Advisors, Jennifer works with women to help them transition from a place of financial trauma to financial triumph. By equipping these women with the necessary tools to bolster their bank accounts, Jennifer is ultimately empowering people to make smart financial decisions, throughout the remainder of their lives, for both themselves and their families. Tune in and allow Jennifer to debunk some financial myths lead you down the road to financial security. Timecodes: 00:45 - Introduction to the podcast and Smart Money Gal brand 03:45 - We are a women-focused financial advisory firm 08:11 - Men used to dominate the financial space, but not anymore 10:37 - The unique set of challenges women face financially 15:00 - You need to financially prepare to live a long life 19:00 - Don't ever be forced to make a financial decision out of fear 22:50 - It's never too early to seek professional financial guidance 26:45 - Too many people don't have an established retirement savings plan 28:50 - Pick up the phone and give me a call Connect with Jennifer Perri: (YouTube) (Facebook) (LinkedIn) (Schedule A Complimentary Call with Jennifer)

Nov 2020

30 min 34 sec