RaceMob - Running Together Podcast

By Kevin and Bertrand

Pop in those earbuds, and let's go running together! RaceMob is the social destination for endurance athletes searching for their next challenge. We're a community that will hold you accountable and cheer you to the finish line. Whether you’re looking to get off the couch and walk your first 5k, a casual runner who hits the trails to keep in shape, an elite athlete working towards a triathlon PR, or an ultra-marathoner looking for that distance endorphin rush - we’re here for you. Each week, your hosts Kevin Chang and Bertrand Newson will talk to industry experts including: coaches, trainers, nutritionists, social media icons, race directors, product specialists, travel guides, and "every day" people with inspirational stories. Together, we’ll discover tips on running technique, training plans, race day hacks, nutrition strategies, saving money, and running products. Plus, we’ll keep you informed on the best races throughout the country. Most of all, we’ll be working with you to build a community. Together we’ll be able to make new friends, share our race day experiences, cheer each other on, and cross the finish line together.

  1. 1.
    Weight Loss for Runners - the Definitive Guide From Running Lean Podcast Host Patrick McGilvray
  2. 2.
    Hydration Tips from the Inventor of the Hydroshirt - Vessel Athletics Founder Jasmine Sanchez
  3. 3.
    Overcoming Obstacles and Loving Your Body - with Gym Owner, Author, and Personal Trainer Vanessa Bogenholm
  4. 4.
    Wonder Woman Nicole Shehadi Varnell on Motherhood, Breast Cancer, and Crushing PRs
  5. 5.
    Races, Challenges, and Training (Oh My!) - RaceMob's August Updates
  6. 6.
    Racing Highs and Lows with Barkley Marathon Participant and Ultramarathon Champ John Burton
  7. 7.
    Hammering Down Your Hydration Plan with Hammer Nutrition Founder Brian Frank - Part 2
  8. 8.
    Hammering Down Your Hydration Plan with Hammer Nutrition Founder Brian Frank
  1. 9.
    RaceMob Rewind: Record Smashing Triathlete Kicks Off Our Hydration Challenge Featuring Will Turner
  2. 10.
    This World Record Holder's Incredible Story from Overweight to Ultramarathon Champ with Sandra Villines
  3. 11.
    How Consistency and Community Inspired His 70lb Weightloss Journey and Push Him to New Heights with Patrick Alejandro Loera
  4. 12.
    Prevent Injury with Quick and Easy Strength Routines, Warmup Exercises, and Recovery Method From Rocket PT's Irina Stiasny
  5. 13.
    RaceMob Updates - Western States, Olympic Trials, "Cut The Crap" Challenge, Town Hall, and Celebrating Life
  6. 14.
    Coaching Call with "The Professor" - Training for the Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon with Jason Peevyhouse
  7. 15.
    Running Products - More Gear You Need for Amazon Prime Day Featuring Scott Strool
  8. 16.
    Running Products - the Gear You Need for Amazon Prime Day Featuring Scott Strool
  9. 17.
    A Mental Approach to Overcoming Injury with MLB Recovery Specialist David Meyer
  10. 18.
    Celebrating 50 Episodes! Our Favorite Moments and Takeaways!
  11. 19.
    Dean Karnazes - Running Icon and "UltraMarathon Man" is Inspiring (and Freaking Funny)
  12. 20.
    Loosen Up to Run Fast with Yoga, Pilates, and Anatomy Expert Frances Taylor
  13. 21.
    Tips for Triathletes and Operating Live Races with CEO of Negative Split Ryan Hite
  14. 22.
    "Mr. Motivation" Ignites Your Inner Passion featuring Adam Duran
  15. 23.
    21 Race Day Hacks - Tips and Advice to Crush on Race Day
  16. 24.
    Community, Training, and Boston Qualifying Tips from Coach Sara Manderscheid
  17. 25.
    Practical Weight Loss Advice from the Principal Who Lost Over 150 lbs - with Gerald Schattle
  18. 26.
    Performance Tips - Proven Training Methods to Help You PR Your Next Race
  19. 27.
    A Live Race! Plus - Diversity, Coaching, and Becoming Influencers with Tommy and India from Atlanta's Run Duo Podcast
  20. 28.
    The Epic Adventures of Endorphin Dude! Pt. 2: Quest for the Buckle - Plus bonus with Becky Hernandez
  21. 29.
    The Epic Adventures of Endorphin Dude! Pt. 1: Origin Story - From overweight diabetic to 52 marathons in 52 weeks!
  22. 30.
    Essential Running Tips for Training, Injury Prevention, and Form with Strength Running's Jason Fitzgerald
  23. 31.
    Nando Gonzales - Too Legit, Taji100, Belt Buckles, Brews, and Friendship
  24. 32.
    Kofuzi (Mike Ko) on Making Stunning Running Videos, Attracting an Audience, and Experimenting with Training Plans
  25. 33.
    RRCA Club President of the Year John Brust on Family, Coaching, and Building Community
  26. 34.
    Pirates, BHAGs, and Kids (Oh My)! Educator, Speaker, and Author Adam Welcome
  27. 35.
    Cut The Crap! Eat Like This and Feel Incredible Featuring Toni Julian
  28. 36.
    From Operating Table to Runner: How Open-Heart Surgery Gave Scott Strool a New Perspective
  29. 37.
    Recapping 2020 and Audacious Goals for 2021 - RaceMob
  30. 38.
    Building Community, Virtual Adventures, and Running Fast with Marathon Matt Forsman of SF Run Club and Sasquatch Racing
  31. 39.
    Strength Training and Weight Management for Runners with Crossfit Coach Devin Lopez
  32. 40.
    Running Across Africa - Ultra-Adventurer Véronique Chats About Long Distance Running Trips
  33. 41.
    Ultra-Running & Entrepreneurship - Legendary Coach, Egg Weights Co-Founder, and Ultra-Marathon Champ - Bree Lambert
  34. 42.
    The "Yoda" of PT - Using Technology to Give Runners a Competitive Blueprint with Kevin Vandi
  35. 43.
    Running After Hip Replacement Surgery a 140 lbs weight-loss journey with Samuel Pappas
  36. 44.
    17 Tips Every Runner Should Know - Coach "B" and KC
  37. 45.
    Runner's World Founder: Bob Anderson - building a media empire, meeting his idols, and continuing to innovate
  38. 46.
    Taji 100 Chairman and 4th Generation Army Veteran Paul Fukuma - Inspiring Runners, Raising Funds for RWB, and Public Service
  39. 47.
    Run Further, Faster, and Injury Free - Running form tips from biomechanics expert Jay Ridgeway
  40. 48.
    He Lost 180 pounds, Ran Every Street in San Jose, and Completed 100+ Mile Treks to Raise Money for Foster Kids - The Incredible True Story of Jake McCluskey
  41. 49.
    RRCA Leaders chat about Diversity, COVID-19, Youth Running Programs, and more
  42. 50.
    Running to Overcome Addiction - The inspiring story of a Latin Rock Star with Leo Rosales

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