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"I made you a mix tape" -- some of the best words to hear from someone you care about! Join Matt and Samer on a weekly mix tape adventure: each guest is asked to pick a theme and make a mix tape, which will be unveiled over the course of the episode. You're guaranteed to hear about good music, some new music, and even learn some trivia along the way. Come listen with us, and be sure to grab your copy of the mix made available in the Super Awesome App in each episode's show notes. IG/Twitter: @superawesomemix

  1. 1.
    Mix Tape #1 - Desert Island Mix by Samer Abousalbi
  2. 2.
    Mix #2 - The Intro to the Podcast
  3. 3.
    Mix Tape #3 - 80s/90s Hits by Mary Padian
  4. 4.
    Mix Tape #4 - 90s/00s Hits by Amy Odell
  5. 5.
    Mix Tape #5 - Lyrics that make you ask "wait, what?" by Matt Sidhom
  6. 6.
    Mix Tape #6 - Best Songs For Mother's Day
  7. 7.
    Mix Tape #7 - Up & Coming EDM Music by Will Nichols (aka Easy Tyger)
  8. 8.
    Mix Tape #8 - Graduation Songs / End of the school year music

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