Make Better Product Decisions

Joe Leech

Mr Joe Leech interviews leading product people focused on one thing. How they make decisions; what to build next and what to build in the long term. Get better at making product decisions by learning from experts.

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This time I’m joined by Tin Kadoic from Instagram. Tin leads the design management team for Reels at Instagram and was previously at Airbnb. We talk culture, unshipping and of course making better decisions. * [Tin’s website]( * [Tin on Instagram]( * [Tin on Twitter]( * [Tin on Linkedin]( Transcript:

May 27

40 min 37 sec

I’m joined by Selena Hadzibabic. Selena is VP of product for the global wedding company the Knot Worldwide. You might know them as Hitched in the UK, Wedingwire in North America and India. We talk optimising decision making, decisions now or later and how to asses the competitions' decisions.- Selena on Twitter Selena on LinkedIn the full transcript and more episodes please visit

Mar 31

33 min 58 sec

Joe Leech talks to Meri Williams. CTO of AI healthcare startup Healx, former CTO of Monzo, Print on demand Moo and Marks and Spencer. Chair of the fantastic lead developer conference. We talk collaboration with Product & Tech, overlap of disciplines, inputs to decision making and more.

Feb 3

35 min 41 sec

Jeff is the co-author of Lean UX as well as the Harvard Business Review Published Sense and Respond. He coaches organisations to create a better culture that creates better products. We talk retraining execs to trust the team and what do when your competitor offers a product for free.- Jeff's website Jeff on Linkedin

Jan 7

35 min 34 sec

Sally is Head of Engineering at Farewill, a company who helps people deal with death, think wills and funerals. Before that Sally was acting Engineering Director / web discipline lead at UK challenger bank Monzo. Sally's website https://sallylait.comSally on Twitter (They are hiring!)

Dec 2020

31 min 1 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to Christian Gonzalez from YouTube.Christian on LinkedIn: lead’s a team of quantitative and qualitative User Experience Researchers at YouTube and has worked with various product teams at Google. He has a PHD in Human Factors and Applied Cognition and together we talk about how research drives product decision making at YouTube.

Oct 2020

31 min 59 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to Martin Eriksson. Martin has helped shape the product management industry as we know it. As the co-Founder of both ProductTank and Mind the Product – together, the world’s largest product community that brings together people in more than 200 cities across the world. He’s also co-author of the best-selling book, Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams.Mind the Product virtual conference, November 2020's Product Leadership book

Oct 2020

32 min 13 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to Curtis from Delivery Hero; the largest global food network outside of China, with more than 4 million food orders a day operating in 600 cities across the world. With brands like Food Panda they are a food global powerhouse you probably haven’t heard of as they don’t have a US or UK presence. Curtis talks about planning product for many languages, countries and brands. How to be an expert at not being an expert and the importance of being upfront with the senior team.

Sep 2020

37 min 49 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to Harpal Singh. Harpal has taken three AI / ML products from zero to $20M+ in revenue and scaled two products to $100M and $300M+ He’s also winner of the 2019 Product visionary award. - Harpal Singh’s Website Harpal on LinkedIn

Aug 2020

30 min 33 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to / Global Head of Product Sarvesh Govindappa Sarvesh talks high level decision making, roadmap planning and large scale re-platforming.

Jul 2020

28 min 40 sec

Mr Joe Leech talks to Erin Casali from Wordpress / Automattic. Erin is Head of Design for Jetpack at Automattic, the creators of WordPress·com. WordPress powers one third of website on the internet today.

Jul 2020

44 min 51 sec