The Filipino American Woman Project

By Jen Amos

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  1. 1.
    111: "You're gonna be a part of that person's life for the rest of your life. Why wouldn't you love them?" Centering family, passing down Filipino culture, & the blended family experience w/ Aunties Jen & Marie
  2. 2.
    110: “There’s a history of the Pinay being silenced. The more we can invest in ourselves, the better we can build self-sustaining communities.” TFAW Project @ AAPA’s Inaugural Asian Podcast Festival
  3. 3.
    109: “Don’t let others or the color of your skin get in the way of proudly identifying as Filipino.” Biracial identity crises, long distance relationships, & being raised by single Filipino moms with Michelle Werle
  4. 4.
    108: "It's not that my mom was emotionally unavailable... she was emotionally exhausted." Collective affection and this weekend's events with Jen & Nani
  5. 5.
    107: “So much of being Filipino is defined by our relationships.” Learning the language to make sense of our experiences through storytelling and the Filipinx-Canadian experience with Catherine Febria
  6. 6.
    106: "We take for granted the safe space we've provided for each other to really tell our stories." Slowing down to cultivate relationships with Jen & Nani
  7. 7.
    105: "My learning is your learning." Boundaries & discovering individual agency through Kapwa with Cynthia Marie Antonio Siadat
  8. 8.
    104: “What can I do to dismantle the crab mentality? It starts with inner work.” Tsismis w/ Jen & Nani official workshop launch commentary & reflections
  1. 9.
    103: “I am, because we are.” Using your privilege, access, & platform to create opportunity & build collective success with Marissa Tirona
  2. 10.
    102: "We do need to create the change that we want to see." Introducing Tsismis with Jen & Nani
  3. 11.
    101: “You have to be willing to bet on yourself.” Reflecting on childhood memories, the evolution of identity politics & exploring life outside of cultural comfort zones with Auntie Laura
  4. 12.
    100: “I need to, in a healthy way, move forward. I can’t have people tell me I have to wait my turn.” Celebrating 100 episodes of The Filipino American Woman Project with Jen Amos, Nani Dominguez and Stacey Anne Salinas
  5. 13.
    098: "Storytelling is a form of self love." UniPro Career Series with Jen Amos & Nani Dominguez
  6. 14.
    097: "If we really want to elevate our community and have our voices heard, we need to collaborate.” Being a Filipina in the entertainment industry and choosing the finest with Ardees Rabang
  7. 15.
    096: “Life is about relationships. That’s literally all it is.” The evolution of Filipino-American culture through generations, family therapy, and running a family business with Marie & Monique Leanio
  8. 16.
    095: “Challenge accepted." Walking your own path, facing adversity head-on, and revolutionizing physical therapy with Dr. Rena Eleázar
  9. 17.
    094: “You’re Asian American in a white space - do you even know what discrimination is?” Unpacking the intersectional experience of being a mixed Pinay with April Werle
  10. 18.
    093: “Forgive yourself when you make mistakes, that’s where the real learning happens.” Normalizing failure, exploring her Mexican & Filipino culture, and writing novels for fun with Megan Sotelo
  11. 19.
    092: "Loss of identity is the cost of a colonized mentality." Peeling back the onion layers of Philippine history, culture & revolution with Justine Franchesca S. Ramos
  12. 20.
    091: "Everything changed when I was able to get back to what I loved." Dancing her way out of depression with Marikit Fernando
  13. 21.
    090: "You can choose to not be in pain.” Breaking toxic patterns, victim advocacy, and the glorified narrative of motherhood turned upside down with Rain Fernandez
  14. 22.
    089: "My politics are informed, first and foremost, by my identity as a Filipino American woman." Bonus Episode with Caitilin Damacion and Dr. Aileen Orlino Dinkjian
  15. 23.
    088: "Your whole life leading up to this moment has happened in five heartbeats at a time.” Pivoting into entrepreneurship, amplifying empathy, and mental health with Tiffany N. Rivera-DeGuzman
  16. 24.
    087: "Let go of things that don’t bring meaning to your life." Her grandma's influence, setting healthy boundaries, and higher education with Jezyle Deo Diez
  17. 25.
    086: "Give yourself permission to outgrow the parts of yourself that don't align with the person you want to be." Golden Crane Podcast Awards and New Years with Jen & Nani
  18. 26.
    085: "Despite how chaotic 2020 has been, I think the one thing that can keep all of us sane is to stay connected with one another and oneself." Holiday Special with Jen & Nani
  19. 27.
    084: “It's okay to be where you're at.” Pursuing college at their own pace with Bulosan Center interns Taylor-Marie Mocorro & Elise Calimlim Israel
  20. 28.
    083: "It takes a village to help any one person." Seasonal depression, building and being in community with others, and listener shout outs with Jen & Nani
  21. 29.
    082: "In questioning, we really get in touch with who we are, and that builds our confidence." Healing, gratitude and good health with the Amos family
  22. 30.
    081: "Look at what we do as a mirror for you to look inward, interpret what our stories mean for yourself, and to know how you want to show up in the world." Thanksgiving Special with Jen & Nani
  23. 31.
    080: “There are gifts in your pain, in your trauma, and in your experiences.” Migrating to the US at 12, coming out of the spiritual closet, and living a self-ish lifestyle with Krista Nerestant
  24. 32.
    079: "It's so beautiful to use food as a vehicle to share stories because it's one of the few mediums that connects us all." Embracing who we are, supper clubs and pop-ups with Raquel Villanueva Dang
  25. 33.
    078: “How else am I different from everybody?” Embracing her uniqueness, mental health, and offering grace to others with Lynne Tugangui
  26. 34.
    077: GO VOTE!! Elections Week Special with Jen Amos & Nani Dominguez on Filipina On the Rise
  27. 35.
    076: “I believe that there are spirits in everything. I think they're there to protect nature and to preserve what's here.” Filipino History Month and Halloween Special with Sapphire Sandalo
  28. 36.
    075: "Our story is the one thing that belongs to us." Filipino American History Month Special with Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales
  29. 37.
    074: "Activism is always at the heart of everything that needs to be Filipino on American soil." Filipino American History Month Special with Stacey Anne Salinas
  30. 38.
    073: “If we have to take over the airwaves the way we take over karaoke, then so be it. Give us a mic, and we're here.” Life in Vegas, activism, and not waiting for permission with Jean Munson
  31. 39.
    072: “Yes, it's about preserving the culture. And it's also about evolving the culture.” Filipino American History Month Special with Jen & Nani
  32. 40.
    071: “Give yourself and others grace. We’re all going through the same thing, and we’re all reacting differently to it.” Encouraging women to be mindful of their mental health with Syzette Gountang and Cherelle Posadas
  33. 41.
    070: “Every part of your journey is success.” A family legacy documented in Filipino American history, manifesting magic and being the channel of change with Nicole Maxali
  34. 42.
    069: “It’s boring to be one dimensional.” Entrepreneurship, business strategy and the fastest growing Filipino directory listing with Cristina Espiritu
  35. 43.
    068: “Owning your story is an act of self-love.” WOC in PT, fitness and social media with Samantha Jamosmos
  36. 44.
    067: “Is this useful? Is it of service? Is it good for the world?” Motherhood, weaving, and creating what she wants to see in the world with Katte Geneta
  37. 45.
    066: “There's a gift in the current challenges that you are facing.” Being raised as 3rd generation Fil-Am, dedicating her work to WOC, and unpacking guilt and shame with Adelina Tancioco
  38. 46.
    065: “Knowledge is compassion and compassion is power.” Growing up in a mixed household, searching for a sense of home, and yogi therapy with Marissa Tolero
  39. 47.
    064: "Identity, in general, is consistently changing." Art, education and community organizing with Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt
  40. 48.
    063: "I shouldn't be doing this for free, but you can't put a price on what this makes me feel right now." Music and ministry with Leslie Marie Legaspi Legacion
  41. 49.
    062: "Art is healing." Graduating college during COVID-19, poetry and being a guide to those who feel disconnected with their identity with Ashley Lanuza
  42. 50.
    061: "If we were to give our expertise and learn from each other, then we can take each other to a new level." In Her Purpose with Jennifer Redondo-Marquez and Rose Buado

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