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Get caught up on the highlights of the Pepper & Dylan Show and take a deeper dive into the funny, random, and sometimes crazy thoughts of Pepper, Dylan, and Robbie the Intern on the Pepper & Dylan podcast. If they had longer hair, this is where they’d let those flowing locks down and get away with the things they may not be able to say on morning radio.

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An Update from Dylan and Robbie's trip to Costco. Dylan is beefing with the garbage man again. A cheating girlfriend predicament. We have a lot of questions about safaris. Would you rather encounter a lion or a bear? Pepper's French restaurant dad joke. Dylan's mission to sit doen more.

Nov 26

46 min 15 sec

Another serious parent predicament for Pepper. How young is too young to have a sleepover with your boyfriend? “Parenting, NOT easy.” Dad’s broken promises. Dylan’s childhood rabbit farm. New toilet day, again. What did you flush that you shouldn’t have? The handyman service business idea. The return of Home for the Holidays and Santa Cinema. What are the chances Connor McDavid’s girlfriend will join us on the podcast? A sneak peak at Robbie’s new Christmas song.

Nov 24

1 hr 5 min

Pepper's puppy debate. Some of us try and talk him out of adopting one. Dylan's Deodorant News. Taste Test Tuesday returns. Debunking a Tik Tok myth. Pepper already has his next wedding song picked out. Wedding song rules. The time Robbie got into a fist fight with his dad. Is it creepy to buy your mom underwear? Pepper's procrastination. New listener celebration.

Nov 19

48 min 4 sec

Is Pepper over the hill? Preparing for the death of your parents. The perfect way to die. Why we might not be cut out for war. Are we too young to get orthotics? Looking into the future of the show. Flippy and the Bean. The process of Pepper’s comedy writing. He tests out some of his material. Pepper might be writing a play. Ending with some self indulgence.


Nov 17

1 hr 9 min

Dylan's back at it again with another Caillou Rant. We found the one person who doesn't hate Caillou. Pepper wonders why his son doesn't want to show affection in front of his friends. When do most kids start to be too cool to love your parents? Dylan thinks conditioner is a giant conspiracy. A new low for the dating apps. Pepper's life is made with some twin talk. Finding out your best friend is actually your cousin.

Nov 12

43 min 6 sec

Pepper’s potty mouth is causing issues again. The hazards of live radio. Taking advantage of teachable moments. Making it awkward for inconsiderate people. Pepper is considering being greasy to get a deal. Why you should ALWAYS ask for a discount. What’s the deal with Presidential suites?


Nov 10

50 min 23 sec

The Great Pumpkin Race 2021. Pepper suffers the consequences of wearing fake nails. When does a crush turn creepy? Pepper's rabbit observations Dylan's embarrassing Costco story. Pepper's driving deal with his son. The cigarette butt admission. Accidentally feeding kids dog treats. What kind of sexy pics would you prefer to get?

Nov 5

45 min 37 sec

Tom Brady talk. Pepper’s touching football memorabilia story. Christmas traditions. Missing last Christmas because of rehab. The life of a kid of divorce. Sandwich chat. Peanut Butter thoughts. Pepper’s trouble with fake nails. Is there anything better than a back scratch? Huffing and Puffing. Dylan’s knockout story. Please help Pepper get his fake nails off by donating to his GoFundMe here:

Nov 3

56 min 58 sec

As special "yeehaw right on" celebration. Remembering Gunther from friends in a different light... Robbie's addiction to TV is next level. Dylan expresses his beef with self checkouts. The great bed sheet debate heats up. We dissect the lyrics of an Olivia Penalva song. Addressing the issues of Pepper calling the woman he's seeing his "special friend". A Halloween edition of chip chat.

Nov 1

40 min 27 sec

This is everything you may have missed hearing on the morning of The Great Roof Whip. We took the entire show and packaged it into one podcast. It's fun to watch but it's just as fun to listen to! 22:30 - Out Of Tune Piano 35:16 - Dishwasher Full Of Dishes 41:09 - Cheating Ex Dedications 51:10 - Dead Pet Tribute 55:13 - Twenty Two Toilet Tank Salute 57:18 - Best Smash Ever! 69:51 - Piano From Crane

Oct 27

1 hr 17 min

The dangers of horses and other horse related chat. Dylan's ultimate revenge plot. the controversial Peanut butter vs butter debate. Dylan was a victim of the Uber Eats trap. Another classic Pepper rant about teenagers. A very odd question about sucking thumbs. Dylan confronted another cigarette litter bug. One of our favourite smashes from the Great Roof Whip.

Oct 22

43 min 15 sec

We discuss how throwing junk off a roof became one of the show's most popular events. The story of the very first whip. Previous Roof Whip controversies and challenges. What it takes to execute an event like this. Will this year's Roof Whip be a one time thing?

Oct 20

54 min 29 sec

The cat came back! Are you a horrible person too? Do you watch live events hoping to see a disaster? The guy who walked 100,000 steps in a day. Dylan's latest fashion statement. What would you give up to be able to eat without consequences? Pepper's worried about his phone reading his mind. The city's worst driver has the city's most speeding tickets. Are you over or under your ex? Is having twins a nightmare for parents? New listener love.

Oct 15

41 min 35 sec

A tragic Project Ex update. The questionable new Home Alone reboot. What Christmas movies still hold up? Pepper is still scared of Halloween movies. When are you too old for sleepovers. What we used to be like in high school. Memories from Frosh week. We discuss Squid Game and there may be some minor spoilers. The movies that made us.

Oct 13

56 min 15 sec

Dylan is evolving as a human. Are cigarette butt litter bugs the WORST? Pepper wonders if his daughter hates him. Another example of why men are babies. Dylan shares more adventures from online dating. How do you put lotion on your back if you're single? Dylan thinks holding hands on a first date is weird. Do we need to put an end to singing "22"? Pepper's Thanksgiving food promise. Does the perfect hard boiled egg exist?

Oct 8

48 min 22 sec

Award winning film producer, Adam Scorgie, joins us to talk about changes in the industry. The business model of Netflix. Why streaming services are leading the way for new content. It’s “the golden age of documentaries” right now. A glace into his next project about Swedish actor, Dolph Lundgren. The challenges and perks of being a content creator.

Oct 6

1 hr 8 min

Bad eating habits that are deal breakers on dates. What's the best sound in your house? Is it okay to make your bed if you're running late? Dylan has us craving fish and chips. How common is it to marry your first love? Dylan reveals his fear of balloons popping. The guy who's never had a Slurpee before. Pepper has a strong performance at the Garfield Game. Dylan made his way onto a woman's "backup" list.

Oct 1

45 min 4 sec

There's some mature language in this one. Hangovers are the worst. Ways to avoid drinking. Dylan’s Gabby Petito obsession continues to grow. To air fry or not to air fry. Pepper’s deep freeze story. More million dollar inventions. The shopping cart jerk story. A little bit of food chat.


Sep 29

1 hr 10 min

The banana bunch debate. The worst person at a grocery store. Would you turn your kid into the police or break the law to save them? Who has waited on hold the longest. Don't drink the fish tank water. What's the deal with matching? Pepper's underwhelming twin coincidence. The big announcement we've all been waiting for. Some amazing news about Zellers.

Sep 24

47 min 12 sec

Dylan's growing obsession with the Gabby Petito story. Tiger Tail ice cream progress. Pepper’s roommate update. Old man Pepper is at it again complaining about technology. Making love with the windows open. What should you do when you have loud neighbours. Dylan made a celebrity cry.

Sep 22

1 hr 7 min

We discuss how bad we'd be at describing a perp to a police sketch artist. Robbie admits to having a kidnapping phase. Do you keep back up ketchup like Dylan does? We talk to the version of Pepper's son he wishes he had. We search for the listener who has broken the most bones. How long should a roll of toilet paper last? The most obvious grill cheese hack. Who can really taste the difference between different brands of bottled water?

Sep 17

40 min 2 sec

How many clicks do you click in a day. Promoting the pillow punch may be a bad idea. We discuss the Netflix series Turning Point: 9-11 and the War on Terror. An update on our Tiger Tail October initiative. Project Ex is well underway. We dive into more specifics of what Pepper’s ex is looking for in a man. What are some of HER red flags. The rules of kissing on a first date.

Sep 15

1 hr 11 min

Pepper admits to stealing a woman's fancy lotion and gets a lesson in guest etiquette. Dylan shares his scary near death experience. Edmonton comes together to express the confusion with the new garbage bin system. Project Ex begins. We talk to Pepper's ex wife and begin searching for her soul mate. How long has it been since you've been to the dentist? We find out what Pepper's hip-hop name would have been if he made it in the rap game.

Sep 10

42 min 6 sec

Sherwood Park’s Kelsey Mitchell joins us to talk about her gold medal performance in Tokyo. What’s next for her now that she’s the best in the world. Where does she keep the gold medal now? Kelsey’s training techniques. Kelsey’s connection to Robbie’s creepy song. We attempt to pry into her love life. This one is all about the champ!

Sep 8

46 min 21 sec

We call Australia to see if they have furnaces. Is it worse to stub your toe or to give birth? How much do parents care about emergencies with their kids? We found someone who has witnessed someone object at a wedding. The buttered popcorn debate. Pepper's agreement with the listener who refuses to go to the bathroom in front of her boyfriend. The spider torture 2021. Wondering what tropical visitors think about Edmonton. We give away 6 months of free childcare!

Sep 3

51 min 9 sec

The Kind Ice Cream request #tigertailoctober. The top 5 ice creams. Pepper is starting the Whole30 diet. An update on Pepper’s love life. Pepper gets praised for saving a complete stranger’s life. The master sexter.

Sep 1

56 min 47 sec

The gap cap mishap. We're looking for happy headlines to boost our moods. Robbie expresses his dislike for Spiderman and Marvel movies. The time Dylan gave Taylor Swift a gift that changed her life, apparently. One time I accidentally ate this. Sherwood Park actor, Will Brisbin, joins us to chat about Paw Patrol hitting theatres. Would you take a bullet for your dog? Should Pepper be mad at Dylan for volunteering his home to a stranger?

Aug 27

48 min 17 sec

Returning expired food. Is it considered stealing? Pepper thinks he’s getting too much credit for living alternative lifestyles. Dylan’s online dating conundrum. Robbie’s creepy love song. Memories from Dylan’s promiscuous days. Trying to be happy for your exes. Pepper’s controversial uninvited house guest. Dylan volunteered Pepper's house to his friend without Pepper's approval.

Aug 25

1 hr 3 min

The Cheez Whiz debate. Pepper's Halloween candy theory. The comedy show creeper. Do you use your car as a garbage can? Pepper doesn't know how many buttons to button. The inconvenience of people returning things. Can you return food AFTER you cook it? A lovely Staples love story. The things that stressed us out at school.

Aug 20

42 min 3 sec

Has everyone heard about this birthday candle superstition? Pepper wonders if his son is too young to take a road trip to Vancouver. Sleeping apart may be good for relationships. To cuddle or not to cuddle. Dylan salutes parents. How to deal with expensive sticker shock. Angry readings of Caillou. The guy who takes a helicopter to make a beer run. Our extreme challenges come to an end. Pepper gets the ultimate punishment of a nipple piercing.

Aug 13

47 min 54 sec

Catching up with former show producer Sean who is producing our future audio documentary. Edible experiences. Project Ex progression. We’re still teasing the return of a Pepper and Dylan fan favourite event. Pepper is sad Robbie isn’t living with him an more. Extreme Challenge chat. Pepper wants to rub lotion on an elephant. Dylan’s visit to the gun range.

Aug 11

46 min 54 sec

Pepper announces his son's bank statement and it's shocking. Why living behind his ex wife lead to Pepper now needing a cane. The search for someone who served chicken fingers at their fancy wedding. An amazing wedding anniversary gift up in the sky. The relationship add up debate. We're looking for the ultimate summer food. The low done on littering. A mysterious package starts another epic Dylan Caillou rant. Pepper & Dylan's spray tan challenge comes to a hilarious conclusion.

Jul 30

29 min 31 sec

The kids are starting to experiment with cannabis. Pepper’s ex wife joins us. She tosses around the idea of playing matchmaker with author Glennon Doyle’s ex husband. Project Ex: We’re thinking of setting her up by using the live radio show. Discussing some of the challenges of marrying at a young age. What it’s like to be such good friends with an ex.

Jul 28

1 hr

We decide if a certain shopping cart jerk needs to be taught a lesson. Someone we all know very well has some exciting news. Pepper may not win a dad of the year award anytime soon. Echo Man makes an appearance. We celebrate National Hot Dog Day. The Queen Of Wein joins us.  We find out the winner of the first Extreme Challenge. We hear a punishment by tattoo live on the show. Pepper's impromptu rant reveals he may be a needy parent. 

Jul 23

1 hr 2 min

The death of Robbie's cat has been harder on him than we realized. The special importance of hot dogs. We start the marriage race. Dylan is getting hate for his stance on not dating woman with children. The online dating struggle. We learn about threesome apps. Pepper opens up about a secret letter he wrote while he was in rehab.

Jul 21

1 hr 10 min

Dylan has a new obsession of visiting Alberta's small towns. Get a load of that guy. We debate sweet potatoes vs regular potatoes. We talk to a guy who crushes it for a living. Is popcorn for dinner a thing? Reminiscing on the ways our parents used to cook. Pepper's mom joins us to celebrate his parents 55th wedding anniversary. Is there anything worse than a paper cut?

Jul 16

37 min 40 sec

Dylan almost lost his dad to fireworks. Pepper realizes Hell may be hot after all. Waiting in line at the club. Why does her husband have thousands of socks? We have so many questions about porcupines. Pepper's son gets the ultimate punishment for getting his first speeding ticket. The Edmonton police applaud Pepper's parenting. The man who accidentally ate 57 cookies. The shower length social experiment.

Jul 9

57 min 21 sec

Snakes in your strawberries and drains. Would you rather have bugs or snakes? Fears of buildings collapsing. The reason Dylan won't live in a high rise ever again. Pepper shares his pet peeve of people who don't put their carts back. Dylan doesn't use keys anymore. Why aren't parachutes standard for all passengers on commercial flights? Who would you save first during a plane crash. Pepper and Robbie are still roommates. What it's like living with each other. How many backup bedding sheet sets is too many?

Jul 7

48 min 15 sec

The driver's seat debate. Dylan gets a suspicious text from an ex. What's the etiquette behind dating a friend's ex? We have so many questions about hell. We expose Dylan for being a bad son. Problems at the Pepper household. We deliver a 10th anniversary surprise to some long-time listeners. Dylan's friend Gem may have found "The One". Pepper's son is learning some very questionable chemistry.

Jun 25

53 min 9 sec

ADULT CONTENT WARNING. We discuss orgasms. How common is it for men to fake them? The married couple sexual dance. The importance of sex in a relationship. Our pact to haunt each other after we die. We have so many questions about heaven and hell. What’s the craziest thing you ever did see? The time Robbie witnessed a man end his own life. Pepper still insists he saw a Killer Whale being transported by helicopter. We tease some fun stuff coming to the live show.

Jun 23

1 hr 5 min

Dylan’s at it again with another dating mishap story. We salute the above ground pool owners. What NOT to do in an above ground pool. Pepper has a gift idea he claims to be amazing but it may be terrible. Comprehensive plunger chat. Robbie is more in love with his cat than we thought. Should Dylan message the girl who ghosted him a happy birthday message. From ghosted to happily ever after. Pepper’s alarm sound replications. Dylan’s single show on the road theory.

Jun 18

49 min 1 sec

Catching up with characters from the show’s past. The over crowded Taco Tuesday party. Our old friend Fuzzy. We’re planning an amazing southern road trip focused on BBQ. Dylan is feeling the pressure have kids. The fear of ending up alone. Dating someone with kids. Talking Pepper out of getting a dog. Pepper’s plan to give back to the mental wellness and addiction community when restrictions get lifted.

Jun 16

1 hr 6 min

Dylan’s BFF, Gem, has been single for 2 years and has turned to Pepper & Dylan to find the ONE. We get to know why she moved from the U.K. to Edmonton; how she took her passion for bagels into a flourishing local business; her some her online dating nightmares; her deal-breakers and deal-makers; and, we finally answer the question so many have asked: “Why aren’t you and Dylan dating?”

Jun 9

1 hr 11 min

We talk with Edmonton’s Pest Management Coordinator on what to expect with mosquitos and other pests this summer. Dylan didn’t notice his underwear was on backwards. Apparently, commando is the new way to go. She was dumped because of the Oilers. Who else commonly feels like they’re being followed? We learn lots about foreign alphabets. Another entertaining round of Alberta Wide Chip Chat. Dylan’s compliment initiative may be a little too creepy. Wrapping up man-less May.

May 28

45 min 45 sec

We have a conversation with Sean, a long time friend, former show producer, and part time Robbie rival. Sean is the creative mind behind producing our 3 part “What The Hell Happened” podcast series. It was a very intimate and personal series highlighting the early challenges of The Pepper and Dylan Show. We discuss the possibility of releasing a part 4 and how we envision it to sound like. It’s set to be the most the most in depth behind the scenes content we’ve ever shared. We’re working on making the entire series available to the public again.

May 26

48 min 9 sec

Dylan tells us what the most common google searches are. Where’s the strangest place you went into Labour? Shrimp chat! We are gifted with the honour of helping name another baby. Pepper wants to launch a city-wide penmanship tournament. Edmonton icon, Gene Principe, joins us to talk about everything playoffs. What it’s like to have a penguin at your wedding. The woman with the cat themed wedding.

May 21

49 min 49 sec

Gearing up for a VERY special guest on the live show. Who’s that “no fun” person in your life? The story of Dylan’s radio job that wasn’t really a job. Pepper is convinced they transport whales in airplanes. Remembering the Great Roof Whip and why it ended. What the hell happened to what the hell happened? What meetings are like with management. Pepper is worried about someone he met in rehab. What’s the deal with edibles?

May 19

1 hr 16 min

Dylan refuses to believe he was ghosted. The idea of “ghost busters” was born. Pepper’s new car sign out sheet is not going as planned. What do women think about being called “ma’am”? We talk with one of the most heroic teens on earth. Dylan admits he may have stolen from children. The most excessive snack pack. Poking fun at Pepper for his framed picture of Britney Spears. You may be a player if you wear fancy logos.

May 14

46 min 13 sec

Jasper Hicks joins us to share the challenges he’s faced as a transgender junior high student in Edmonton. From insensitive texts, to lack of support from school leaders, Jasper walks us through what life has been like since transitioning. He’s speaking up about his experiences and hopes it helps other transgender kids feel like they’re not alone.

May 12

48 min 14 sec

The top three worst dates. The ferret and the hearse date. Fire fighter Jason joins us to chat after Dylan witnessed a house fire. The sexiest jobs debate. Would mom like a card or a social media post more? Dylan’s encounter with Joan Rivers. Pepper shows his parenting naivety. What are good days to propose? Reminiscing about the special treats mom used to give us.

May 7

39 min 40 sec