the Social Ramp

By James Faulkner

With diverse cultures and ideologies, humans are expected to simply just understand each other and get along, but there is a ramp of acceptance where it gets quite vertical and we often fall down, this is "the Social Ramp". Entrepreneur, brand strategist and musician James Faulkner interviews interesting people to draw out entertaining tasty nuggets that are engaging and intriguing. An expert in persuasion and culture, James talks to guests about all topics and leaves very little unturned. James is the CEO of a successful tech company and the writer producer and singer in the band H-O-T-E-L available on all music platforms.

  1. 1.
    Dallas Part 1 of 5 - Cancel Culture
  2. 2.
    Leanne Pedersen - Anti-Asian Hate Epidemic
  3. 3.
    Dallas and Alan - Mayor Madness! Is Vancouver Fk'd?
  4. 4.
    Frankie AKA Natalie Sharp - From Actor to Popstar
  5. 5.
    Agnes Urasaki - The Mother on a Mission
  6. 6.
    Justin Ault - Hapa Izakaya, from Tokyo to Vancouver
  7. 7.
    Save Our City Vancouver - Special Episode - Dallas Brodie
  8. 8.
    Sam Sullivan - The Future of Vancouver False Creek

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