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A weekly podcast examining the issues at the heart of our changing climate. We'll talk to scientists and policymakers and we'll highlight how small changes can make a big difference as we look for solutions to the problems caused by climate change.

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The UK Government has published its net zero strategy, days before the crucial COP26 summit. It’s been praised and criticised, but generally recognised as being an ambitious document, if lacking in some detail. So can the Government re-claim the title of a climate world leader?On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi are joined by Sky's new Science and Technology Editor, Tom Clarke, to look at the science behind the UK's ambitions.And what does a net-zero reality look like? They're joined by Fully Charged co-founder Dan Caesar to discuss the practicalities of the heat-pumps and electric cars that the Prime Minister has pledged will transform the UK's emissions over the next few decades.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Podcast Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse

Oct 22

18 min 46 sec

On the menu this week, Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi explore the climate impact of meat and ask their guests: what's the beef with beef? They find out how much meat we’re eating in the UK and what needs to change, with behavioural scientist Cristina Stewart from the University of Oxford. And dairy farmer Abi Reader explains why meat shouldn’t be taken off the table. Last but not least Ella Mills, also known as Deliciously Ella, shares the ingredients of her vegan lifestyle. She tells us her tips on how to make gradual changes and enjoy plant-based meals while playing a part in fighting climate change.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Guests: Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, Cristina Stewart, Abi ReaderPodcast Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews Producer: Tatiana Alderson

Oct 15

25 min 50 sec

The music industry is back in full swing after the COVID-19 pandemic, but as music venues heat up - so too does our planet.On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi turn up the music. From gigs, festivals, concerts, tours and everything in between, they find out about the environmental footprint of the music industry - and what needs to change.They're joined by Professor of Climate and Energy policy Carly McLachlan, who recently led a study commissioned by Massive Attack, exploring the impact of the music business on carbon emissions.Plus Adam Gardener, founder of Reverb - who works with artists such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish & Maroon 5 - explains how we can reconcile the world of rock'n'roll with acting environmentally friendly, and help tackle the climate crisis.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Podcast Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Interviews Producer: Tatiana Alderson Music: GusterGuests: Carly McLachlan, professor of climate & energy policy at the Tyndall Centre For Climate Change Research and Adam Gardner, Guitarist and Vocalist & Co-Founder of Reverb.

Oct 8

23 min 15 sec

Thousands of young people worldwide suffer from anxiety and depression caused by a fear of climate change. So how can we deal with the growing phenomenon known as eco-anxiety?On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi go behind the scenes of Youth COP26 with our Climate correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter, who spoke exclusively to climate activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate. They share their own experiences with eco-anxiety and how activism helped keep their feelings of fear at bay.Plus we talk to academic Caroline Hickman, who led research on a ground-breaking report about climate anxiety; and climate activist Samia Dumbuya who suffered herself and now helps others to deal with what is an ever increasing problem. We ask how society can create a safe place where the young generation can feel heard and empowered to tackle the climate crisis.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Podcast Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews Producer: Tatiana Alderson

Oct 1

21 min 42 sec

Sky News can reveal that deforestation in the most precious parts of the Amazon rainforest has reached record levels.Using satellite imagery, Sky's Data and Forensics team have been able to identify changes to the forest canopy - and who is to blame.On Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi speak to Sky News investigations journalist Kieran Devine about the exclusive investigation.Plus tropical rainforest ecologist Erika Berenguer mourns the dangerous amounts of the Amazon that have already been destroyed and explains why we need to do more to stop deforestation if we want to solve the climate emergency. Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina VittozziPodcast Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Data and Forensics team: Kieran Devine, Victoria Elms, Carmen Aguilar García

Sep 24

25 min 1 sec

On this week's episode of ClimateCast, Sky News Climate Change Correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter and her team travel to the West African country of Gabon for a very special report. Gabon is the second most forested country on earth, and forms part of the great Congo Basin rainforest that stretches across central Africa. It is also one of a few nations on the planet that absorbs more carbon than it emits, taking in over one hundred million tons of carbon per year - about a quarter of the UK's annual emissions.One of the reasons Gabon has avoided destroying its forests for economic gain so far is that it is an oil-rich nation and has traditionally relied on that revenue stream.But that won't be the case for much longer. The world is moving away from oil, prices are plunging and production is dwindling.Now Gabon is asking the international community to pay it to protect the rainforest instead of the easy option of allowing commercial deforestation, the selling of valuable tropical hardwood timber and widespread agriculture.And, we speak to Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta from the University of Cambridge about the economics of biodiversity. The Dasgupta Review, commissioned by the Treasury in 2019 describes Nature as “our most precious asset,” says it must be at the heart of economics, and claims that humanity has collectively mismanaged its “global portfolio”. Professor Dasgupta says his "overarching aim is the reconstruction of economics to include Nature as an ingredient", and states that humanity would need 1.6 Earths to maintain our current way of life.And Climate Reporter Victoria Seabrook will brings us the week's latest climate news.

Sep 17

21 min 45 sec

On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi head down under to examine Australia's response to the climate emergency.As Sky News reveals the UK has dropped key climate targets out of a free trade deal with Australia, what does it say about both countries’ priorities ahead of the crucial COP26 summit?And we explore Australia's history of notoriously slow action on climate change and ask, is this is missed opportunity for the island nations?Guests: Anjali Sharma, Australian activist Sam Coates, Political Correspondent Dmitry Grozoubinski, Founder ExplainTrade Ketan Joshi, Australian climate author and analystHosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Podcast Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews Producer: Tatiana Alderson

Sep 10

24 min 49 sec

Those who have done the least to cause climate change are those hit hardest by the impacts. So, how can we solve climate injustice? On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi hear from Former President of Ireland and Chair of the Elders, Mary Robinson. They examine the five layers of climate injustice and discuss how the world can work together to help those most at risk. From tackling inaction, to the importance of diversity, to the key ingredients of a successful COP - Mary Robinson has (some of) the answers. Plus, climate reporter Victoria Seabrook runs through this week's climate headlines: from flash floods in the US to a Sky News Exclusive involving biomass production.

Sep 3

20 min 46 sec

Extinction Rebellion has once again taken to the streets demanding the UK government take urgent action in the climate emergency.The campaign group are renowned for their disruptive and controversial tactics that cause chaos up and down the country - but does their civil disobedience have an impact on the policy and action that could solve climate change?On this week's Sky News ClimateCast Anna Jones examines the impact of Extinction Rebellion with environmentalist and campaigner Jonathon Porritt. We also hear from member of the House of Lords, Julia King, Baroness Brown of Cambridge to discuss how activists can lobby policymakers Plus our climate change correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter joins us from the centre of a protest in Central London. Host: Anna Jones Podcast producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Interviews producer: Tatiana Alderson

Aug 27

25 min 5 sec

Burning fossil fuels is the single biggest cause of climate change in the world, so why are we approving new coal and oil projects?On this week’s episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi speak to renowned US environmentalist and author Bill McKibben about the urgency to transition away from fossil fuels. They discuss what banks, propaganda and a night in a jail cell have to do with protecting the world from disastrous climate change.Podcast producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews producer: Tatiana AldersonGuests: Bill McKibben

Aug 20

26 min 39 sec

Heatwaves, flooding and droughts will be more frequent and more intense as the world is set to hit 1.5C of global warming. The landmark UN IPCC report is tough reading and warns that humans and our planet face catastrophe without immediate action - so what do we need to do?On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi look beyond the stark findings to discuss what the world and its leaders need to do to slow climate change.They're joined by Sky's political correspondent Joe Pike to discuss Boris Johnson's position on the world stage ahead of COP26 and explore industries and businesses strategy with UN high level climate action champion, Nigel Topping.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Contributors: Sky political correspondent, Joe Pike and UN high level climate action champion, Nigel Topping.

Aug 13

22 min 56 sec

Gaming is the most lucrative entertainment industry on the planet - but can it help protect the planet?On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast we dive into the world of gaming to explore if a new wave of video games that reward players for making eco-friendly decisions could translate into making greener choices in reality.Hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi speak to UsTwo, the creator of a video game with an eco-friendly mission to find out how green nudging works. Plus Sander Van Der Linden, a psychologist from the University of Cambridge, explains what impact gaming can actually have on behaviour.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Reporter: Victoria SeabrookPodcast Producer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Interviews Producer: Tatiana Alderson

Aug 6

24 min 59 sec

Protecting the planet from climate change is a responsibility of generations from the past and the future. It's down to individuals, corporations and governments alike to take action. So how do we increase public engagement and encourage environmental activism? On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast we take a trip to the Natural History Museum, home to 80 million specimens, spanning over 4.5 billion years. We explore why the museum has declared a planetary emergency and hear about what they're doing to raise awareness. Hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi speak to the director of the Natural History Museum, Doug Gurr, about how he swapped a corporate career with Amazon UK to one in the museum world. He shares why we should all be passionate about solving climate change to fix our broken planet.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseReporter: Victoria Seabrook Guests: Doug Gurr and Louis Buckley

Jul 30

23 min 55 sec

Cooling down our climate is no easy feat, but it's a necessary one for the billions of people who face ever more frequent and furious heatwaves due to climate change. It's estimated that by 2050, the energy demand from air conditioners will triple, and an air conditioning unit will be sold every single second. But a higher demand for AC equals a higher production of greenhouse gases - causing even more heatwaves. So how do we break the vicious cycle and find a happy medium? On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi come armed with their fans, summer clothes and sweat bands as they explore how we can adapt to a warming climate. They speak to science correspondent Thomas Moore about the dangers of extreme heat as well as a Canadian resident from the town of Lytonn, whose entire village was destroyed by wildfire. Plus Dr. Radikha Khosla –a researcher working on cooling solutions, answers the question on all of our minds: how can we cool down, as the planet heats up?Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina VittozziGuests: Edith Loring-Kuhanga, Dr. Radikha Khosla, Thomas Moore Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseInterviews producer: Tatiana Alderson

Jul 23

26 min 23 sec

Women and girls are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than men. But with the right resources, could women and girls actually be a solution to climate change? On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi explore the role education and family planning play in the fight against climate change. They meet Harriet Cheelo from Zambia, who has applied her charity-funded education to a career in sustainable farming. Plus they hear from Olasimbo Sojinrin from Solar Sister, a business that champions women across Africa and ensures off-grid communities have access to renewable energy. But with the cuts in foreign aid, could women's opportunities to play a role in the fight against climate change be at risk? UNFPA share how their programmes will be hit by the UK government's decision to reduce funding for developing countries.Hosts: Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseGuests: Matt Jackson, Catherine Boyce, Harriet Cheelo, Angela Baschieri and Olasimbo Sojinrin

Jul 16

24 min 34 sec

The climate crisis disproportionately affects people living in poverty. Thinkers of the 20th Century: step aside. There is a new economic theory which aims to combat both social inequality and climate change – involving doughnuts. Kate Raworth’s "Doughnut Economics" model aims to provide a framework that prioritises people and the planet over profit. She argues that 20th century ideas – such as capitalism and communism - are not equipped to deal with our contemporary ecological and financial challenges. Traditionally, Kate argues, policy-makers have made one solution for financial crises, and a different one for the climate crisis. The doughnut model brings together all of those solutions when deciding on systems needed for a functioning community, such as housing, food and energy.With a celebrity fan base from the Pope to David Attenborough, the doughnut economic theory is being put into practice in Amsterdam. But what does this look like on the ground? In this episode host Anna Jones speaks with the architect of the model, Kate Raworth, co-founder of Doughnut Economics Action Lab. She makes the case as to why we should reject traditional structures and embrace the doughnut. Plus, Sky correspondent Helen-Ann Smith joins us in the studio, to help us wrap our heads around what doughnuts and climate change have in common. Hosts: Anna Jones & Helen Ann-SmithProducer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Guests: Kate Raworth and Jennifer Drouin

Jul 9

22 min 24 sec

Bangladesh is facing a climate emergency. The low-lying country is a victim of unpredictable floods and cyclones that are destroying homes, schools and entire villages.Communities are being forced to migrate to Dhaka, the country's capital, and live in claustrophobic, dirty and dangerous slums.On this special episode of Sky News ClimateCast host Katerina Vittozzi joins Anna Jones from the streets of Dhaka to share the eyewitness accounts of the Bangladeshi communities hit by the impacts of climate change. They're joined by climate special envoy Abul Kalam Azad who tells them why action needs to be taken now to prevent other countries suffering the same fate as Bangladesh. Plus, the Sky News crew reveal their behind the scenes highlights and challenges of filming in the country during a climate emergency and global pandemic. Hosts: Anna Jones & Katerina VittozziProducer: Emma Rae WoodhouseNewsgathering and guest: Michael BlairCamera operator and guest: Dean MasseyGuest: Abul Kalam Azad

Jul 2

31 min 49 sec

One of last week's news stories really got us thinking. Climate Reporter Victoria Seabrook spoke to a researcher who had found that 70% more people died from COVID in areas with high level of pollution than the England average. That percentage is huge. We were stunned that this wasn’t more widely known and could see that the ramifications for environmental justice are huge. And this research is also timely -- in April this year, a coroner called for a change in the law, after a little 9 year old girl, Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, who lived on one of the busiest roads in London -- died of air pollution—the first person to have that officially cited on her death certificate. So this week, Victoria and ClimateCast host Sam Washington dig deeper into the causes and effects of air pollution and how it amplifies not only the impact of COVID but social injustice too. They started by talking to Destiny Boka Betesa, who, when she’s not studying for her A levels, is lobbying those in power to make changes literally to the air we breathe. She’s one of the co-founders of Choked UP—the campaign group set up after Ella’s death. And we speak to David Carlin, programme lead for United Nations Environment Programme on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and a columnist for Forbes, about the global impact of air pollution which is estimated to kill up to eight million people a year.

Jun 25

24 min 30 sec

On this special episode of ClimateCast, guest host Samantha Washington is joined by Dr Michael E. Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University, in the United States, to discuss his new book The New Climate War.Mann is one of the world’s most prominent climate scientists, who first shot to fame in the 1990s when he published possibly the most famous chart in all of climate science - now known as simply the hockey stick graph - which showed how burning fossil fuels and the resulting greenhouse gases, caused global temperatures to rise. Something most of us now take for granted. Sky News' Climate reporter Victoria Seabrook also joins Sam in the studio to discuss all of this week's climate headlines, including a damning report published by the Climate Change Committee which said the government is failing to ensure the UK can cope with climate change already happening, how the UK is using renewable energy from Norway which could power over one million British homes using the world's largest undersea electricity cable, and how extreme weather has caused a worrying shortage of chocolate, coffee and wine.

Jun 18

26 min 24 sec

To kick off the Euros 2020 Championship, hosts Katerina Vittozzi and Sky Sports presenter David Garrido look at what role football can play in the fight against climate change. They speak to Tony Stevens, head of PR at Tottenham Hotspur, the premier league club which scored full points in the 2021 football sustainability league. He shares how Tottenham's stadium is one of the most sustainable in the world and how he hopes other clubs can follow the lead - so they can score the global goal of beating climate change. Plus climate advocate and Lewes player, Katie Rood, tells us how she combines the lifestyle of a footballer with that of a vegan environmentalist. And climate change reporter Victoria Seabrook has this week's climate headlines including what happened on World Oceans Day and what's on the table at the G7 summit in Cornwall.

Jun 11

22 min 4 sec

Social media influencers are professionals at convincing their followers to buy the latest and trendiest products on the market. But what if influencers encouraged their followers to live sustainably? Will their audience listen? Does it stem from hypocrisy? And could they make a real difference? On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones & Katerina Vittozzi speak to founder of the UK's leading influencer authority CORQ to discover what power a social media influencer has in the fight against climate change. Plus they speak to Love Island contestant Eyal Booker and Strictly Come Dancing pro Katya Jones about how they combine glitz and glamour with climate conscious to become eco-friendly influencers trying to educate their followers about the climate emergency.Plus, we'll have this week's headlines from Katerina who joins us live from Bangladesh where she's been speaking to COP26 President, Alok Sharma.

Jun 4

25 min 17 sec

This week on Sky News Climatecast, hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi talk about climate lawfare. Using the courtroom as a weapon in the global fight against climate change.Climate litigation is a fairly new tool for tackling climate change. Activists and lawyers describe it as a last resort, yet it’s becoming an increasingly common practice.And the climate activists have had some important wins. This week saw two remarkable cases and we speak to the people at the heart of both.Firstly we speak to Peer de Rijk from Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands, who won their case against fossil fuel giant Shell in the Dutch courts, resulting in the court ruling that Shell must reduce their carbon emissions by 45% by 2030.We also talk to Anjali Sharma, a 17-year-old activist from Melbourne, Australia. At the start of the year, she - along with seven other teenagers and an 86-year-old nun - sued the Australian Environment minister in a bid to stop a coal mine expansion, arguing that the government had a duty of care to protect young people from the effects of climate change. And we get the views of Tessa Khan, human rights and climate lawyer who took on the Dutch government and won. She's also the co-founder of the Climate Litigation Network, so we ask her how these cases might shape the future of using climate lawfare to tackle the environmental crisis.

May 28

25 min 56 sec

On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi take a look into the future to find out if technology that doesn't even exist yet has the power to solve climate change. With global targets to reach net zero by 2050, technology is expected to carry a lot of the burden, but is relying on technology procrastinating action that needs to be taken now? Plus, they have the latest climate news making the headlines. Hosts: Anna Jones & Katerina VittozziProducer: Emma Rae Woodhouse Guests: Zeke Hausfather, Director of The Breakthrough Institute Dr Jack Stilgoe, Associate professor of science and technology, University College London Joycelyn Longdon, Founder ClimateInColour, PHD student applying Artificial Intelligence to climate change

May 21

25 min 5 sec

On this week's episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi hear from Luisa Neubauer, one of the most high profile climate activists in the world. From organising school strikes Fridays for Future, to suing her own Government, the 25-year-old reveals how activism is a necessary fixture in the fight against climate change.Hosts: Anna Jones & Katerina Vittozzi Guests: Luisa NeubauerProducer: Emma Rae Woodhouse

May 14

26 min 25 sec

Imagine the world's ecosystem is an unstable tower of wooden blocks that has been chipped at for decades. What happens if we lose a pivotal block, such as the ocean or Amazon rainforest? On this episode of Sky News ClimateCast hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi discover how oceans and rainforests are our biggest allies in the fight against climate change. They're joined by tropical forest ecologist Dr Erika Berenguer and marine biologist Dr Asha De Vos, to ask how we can protect our ecosystems from reaching a tipping point.

May 7

21 min 56 sec

This week on ClimateCast Anna and Katerina are talking all things fashion, speaking with top designers, luxury brands and activists about how we can make sure the most glamorous of all industries doesn't cost the Earth.Guests:Angela Adams - Global Apparel Lead at QuantisLaura Balmond - Make Fashion Circular Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Orsola de Castra and Carry Somers - Co-founders of Fashion RevolutionOmi from Vin and OmiAlima Bello - Founder of Bello | EduDax Lovegrove - Steering Committee Member for the Institute of Positive Fashion for the British Fashion Council

Apr 30

30 min 15 sec

Grab your passport for this episode of Sky News ClimateCast as hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi set foot on a virtual trip around the globe to celebrate Earth Day. They're joined by guests and correspondents in Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S. to discuss the state of the climate emergency in different corners of the world and ask, what needs to be done to solve the problem? Plus we hear from this week's climate superheroes, including the real Erin Brokovich, in the climate headlines.

Apr 23

24 min 11 sec

On episode two of Sky News ClimateCast, host Anna Jones and correspondent Katerina Vittozzi are joined by climate change powerhouse Christiana Figueres. They get an insight into how the Costa Rican diplomat led the world to the first legally binding international treaty on Climate Change, the 2015 Paris Agreement. They talk optimism, solutions and an extinct golden toad. Plus can we enjoy a post-lockdown burger and still be climate friendly? Katerina joins us from her kitchen for this week's climate headlines.

Apr 16

24 min 16 sec

It's launch week of Sky News ClimateCast! For our debut episode Anna Jones is joined by correspondent Katerina Vittozzi to discuss public awareness of climate change.They're joined by renowned climate scientist Dr Friederike Otto to discuss how the changing climate is affecting weather patterns at home and abroad.How do we solve the problem? They've got (some) answers!Plus, catch up on other climate news making the headlines this week.

Apr 9

23 min 58 sec

Coming soon - a weekly podcast dedicated to conversations about climate change and how small changes can make a big difference as we look for solutions to the climate crisis.

Apr 1

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