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Actor, singer and director Malkia Stampley joins the program today to talk about growing up in theater, the importance of Black theater and mounting a feel-good production in a pandemic. Stampley is director of Gift of the Magi at American Players Theater, running now until December 19. Plus, not a lot of COVID data following the holiday but what we have doesn't look good.

Nov 30

25 min 3 sec

On the podcast today, we remember UW Alumnus and fashion icon Virgil Abloh, look ahead to the CEOs of Tomorrow Pitch & Launch Event, and talk through what the new omicron variant of coronavirus could mean.

Nov 29

21 min 22 sec

Three alumni of Beloit Memorial High School are buying the Boys and Girls Club building -- a place that really shaped their lives -- and turning it into a new community center. Plus, COVID is spreading faster than it has all year.

Nov 24

21 min 48 sec

On the podcast today, two Madison institutions get new names: Dane County TimeBank becomes Flywheel Skill Share and James Madison Memorial High School will become Vel Phillips Memorial High School next year. Plus, COVID numbers just keep getting worse.

Nov 23

14 min 12 sec

Nov 22

20 min 30 sec

On the podcast today, some thoughts on the violence at Madison East and an update on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Plus, some COVID stats have leveled off while others continue to rise.

Nov 19

18 min 13 sec

On the podcast today, an update on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the annual MOSES Transformation Celebration, and COVID stats that just keep getting worse.

Nov 18

14 min 3 sec

OK it's more than 10 minutes today. But for good reason! Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes joins the show to discuss an independent report, released yesterday, on the department's handling of last year's protests. Plus, COVID numbers continue to rise faster and faster.

Nov 17

41 min 42 sec

State Rep. David Bowen has jumped into the race for Lieutenant Governor, and the Madison Police are set to announce the results of a report on their handling of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. Plus, the positive COVID test rate is getting way too high, and the disparities between the vaccinated and unvaccinated continue to widen.

Nov 16

17 min 13 sec

Madison's Freddy Martinez has turned a side hustle into a high-end business, making coffee tables and bar carts out of whiskey barrels. Plus, some thoughts on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and COVID numbers looking pretty bad.

Nov 15

19 min 25 sec

On the pod today, an update to the story we brought you yesterday on the state DPI and its new equity office. Plus, an entrepreneurship event tomorrow, some great news about Madison365 and some pretty bad news about COVID.

Nov 12

17 min 30 sec

The state Department of Public Instruction created a new equity office -- and assigned a director and staff who didn't even apply -- all without consulting employees of color. Officials now admit that was a mistake. On the podcast today, we break down what happened and the implications. Plus, COVID numbers are spinning out of control.

Nov 11

29 min 26 sec

Friday is MMoCA's Gallery Night where local artists showcase their work in 60 venues across the city. One of those artists will be Lilada Gee. Plus - Wisconsin is once again losing control of COVID, but a sharp increase in vaccinations provides some hope.

Nov 10

13 min 59 sec

Madison magician Matthew Teague made his national television debut last week, the Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce has a new board chair, and statewide COVID trends are looking kind of awful.

Nov 9

19 min

On the pod today: an impromptu movie review, reaction to Aaron Rodgers' excuses, critique of a problematic tweet from CBS News, and COVID numbers moving the wrong direction.

Nov 8

21 min 46 sec

We gave it a day, but now have to rant a bit about Aaron Rodgers. Plus, a new play addressing reparations opens tonight, Happily Ever After on the west side is thriving through community connections and COVID numbers are creeping in the wrong direction.

Nov 5

20 min 27 sec

Kids 5-11 can now get vaccinated! SSM VP of Pharmacy Services, Dr. Mo Kharbat, joins the show today to talk about that & answer some questions about the vaccine, how it works and what parents should do next. Plus, Briarpatch celebrates 50 years and COVID stats get a bit better.

Nov 4

16 min 16 sec

A UW researcher was deemed ineligible for a fellowship because she's Hmong, which is Asian American, which -- as a whole -- are not underrepresented in the sciences. Today, the story of Kao Lee Yang, the "model minority myth" and the problem with lumping all Asians into one racial category. Plus, big vaccine news and COVID stats moving (slowly) in the wrong direction.

Nov 3

24 min 1 sec

David O'Connor is getting national recognition for his work with Indigenous students in Wisconsin, along with efforts to improve education about Indigenous cultures. Plus, a new mask mandate for Dane County comes with an expiration date, and more local news.

Nov 2

16 min 27 sec

The second annual list of Wisconsin's most influential Asian American leaders starts today at Madison365! Plus, the FDA has given emergency use authorization for Pfizer's COVID vaccine to be used in children age 5-11, but it's not time to run out and get an appointment just yet.

Nov 1

17 min 3 sec

The Dia de Los Muertos Community Altar project is up now at Overture Center -- a way to appreciate Latino culture without appropriating. Plus, COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 29

14 min 25 sec

Leadership gets shaken up at Madison East, a new County Board district gets its first candidate, and a Black fraternity celebrated 75 years on campus. Plus, COVID numbers are back on the right track.

Oct 28

19 min 31 sec

The judge in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse makes a problematic ruling, ProPublica's Caroline Chen will be the Science Journalist in Residence at the UW J school & musician Deryk G is bringing his pop/funk fusion to the Wisconsin Union this weekend. 

Oct 27

24 min 48 sec

A new coworking space opens on Milwaukee's north side and a major development breaks ground on Madison's south side, both Black-owned and created to support communities of color. Plus, COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 26

15 min 29 sec

Madison's Aaron Perry is getting more national recognition for his efforts to improve the health of Black men. Plus, the State Senate has a problematic fix for the labor shortage and COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 25

20 min 19 sec

It's the final day of the Wisconsin Leadership Summit, and the day of the Wisconsin Leadership Community Choice Awards! Plus, COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 22

19 min 33 sec

On the podcast today, a recap of Day 3 of the Wisconsin Leadership Summit, focused on social justice, and a preview of today's sessions, all on health and wellness. Plus, the State of Black Madison Summit is tonight, and COVID numbers continue to improve.

Oct 21

14 min 44 sec

A judge challenged a man in his court to a game of chess --  and helped change a life in the process. Plus, a recap of day two of the Wisconsin Leadership Summit, and COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 20

27 min 13 sec

Madison police were less than forthcoming when one officer shot another last weekend, allowing the community believe that a Black man had shot the officer. We have some ... thoughts about that, not to mention the habit police have of leaving important details out of incident reports. Plus, Affordable Dental Care has a new executive director, the Wisconsin Leadership Summit is off to a strong start and COVID numbers are looking better.

Oct 19

22 min 16 sec

It's Wisconsin Leadership Summit Day! (And another important day for Rob & Steph.) You can still register at  Plus, a preview of the UW-Madison Diversity Forum keynote from the founder of Stop AAPI Hate, and the COVID disparity between vaxxed and unvaxxed just keeps getting wider.

Oct 18

16 min 15 sec

Delta Sigma Theta Madison Alumnae Chapter VP Gail Ford joins the show today to preview tomorrow's "Black Business Crawl" and the importance of supporting Black businesses. Plus, COVID stats continue to improve.

Oct 15

21 min 15 sec

Wisconsin incarcerates one out of every 36 Black people -- the highest rate in the nation. On the pod today, a rant about that, plus a recap of La Movida Radio's Hispanic Heritage Luncheon and improving COVID numbers.

Oct 14

25 min 5 sec

Montee Ball is out with a new memoir detailing the highs and lows of playing college football and struggling with addiction. Plus, new legislation aims to reduce the deep racial disparities in maternal health and COVID stats are more or less steady or improving.

Oct 13

18 min 17 sec

In his Indigenous Peoples Day address, Gov. Tony Evers issued an apology for the state's complicity in the boarding schools that sought to expunge Indigenous culture. Plus, the Madison Public Library has a new storyteller-in-residence from the Ho-Chunk Nation and COVID numbers remain steady.

Oct 12

12 min 44 sec

A new exhibit at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art showcases Mexican art from the early 20th century alongside contemporary work from Mexican American artists. Plus, COVID is a mix of good news and bad news.

Oct 8

22 min 55 sec

The UW Athletic Department pulled in some favors to provide new helmets and jerseys for Eastside Youth Athletics' football team after the team lost a lot in a fire. Plus, Madison West students walked out yesterday to demand an immunocompromised teacher be allowed to teach remotely, and COVID stats remain level for another day.

Oct 7

19 min 50 sec

Dr. Michelle Robinson is the new director of the DHS Office of Health Equity, and Ruthie's Chili Spot has evolved into Ruthie's Comfort Food. Plus, COVID stats have taken a significant turn for the worse.

Oct 6

13 min 37 sec

State Senator Lena Taylor is making her first run for statewide office, jumping in to the race for Lieutenant Governor. Plus, Dreamers of Wisconsin has expanded to serve young undocumented students statewide, and COVID stats took a big turn for the worse.

Oct 5

12 min 58 sec

It's Stephanie's birthday! The feature story today comes from the NEW News Lab and digs deep into special education funding and the disparities in state reimbursements for services. Plus, COVID stats continue to move in the wrong direction, though more slowly.

Oct 4

17 min 52 sec

Luna's Groceries has stepped away from a major new development on Madison's south side, and Willy Street Co-op says it can't substantiate allegations that an employee made racist comments to a customer. Plus, lots of COVID stats, some of which are looking better and some of which ... not so much.

Oct 1

21 min 10 sec

The Hmong Diaspora Banquet is set to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Hmong migration to the United States this weekend. Plus, COVID numbers are basically status quo, which means they're great but could be worse.

Sep 30

13 min 2 sec

The GOP-controlled state legislature is looking to ban "critical race theory" from schools -- including terms like woke, anti-racism, centering, whiteness, restorative justice and obtuse meritocracy, whatever that is. Plus, Operation Fresh Start is celebrating 50 years with a gala celebration on Thursday.  

Sep 29

12 min 36 sec

On the pod today, an update on the reaction to a Wausau history teacher dressing up in what she thought Native Americans wear. Plus, a County Board resolution calling for an end to qualified immunity for police officers, and both good and bad news on the COVID front.

Sep 28

19 min 37 sec

Sheriff Earnell Lucas is running for Mayor of Milwaukee, and we're following a developing story regarding a racist incident in a Wausau high school classroom. Plus, COVID numbers actually looking better -- can we let out a sigh of relief yet?

Sep 27

19 min 3 sec

On the podcast today, we have previews of two fun events you can get to tomorrow, as well as COVID stats that seem to be leveling off.

Sep 24

16 min 28 sec

Black and Indigenous students are three times more likely to be referred to police that their white peers. Madison365 reporter Angelica Euseary joins the show today to discuss her reporting on that topic, published today on Plus, COVID statistics are not as bad as feared for the day.

Sep 23

30 min 20 sec

The first-ever Wisconsin Conference on Latinx Art and Culture is coming up next month. Plus, the Center for Public Integrity gathered nationwide data on disparities in referrals of students to law enforcement, and COVID data continues to look bad.

Sep 22

14 min 44 sec

A Madison woman says she was subject to racist comments at Willy Street Co-op on the city's near east side. Plus, COVID statistics are not looking good.

Sep 21

20 min 1 sec

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking some heat over a piece critical of Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes being on BadgerCare and not filing an income tax return when he wasn't required to do so. We break that down and preview the YMCA Racial Justice Summit keynote and go through some COVID numbers that need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Sep 20

18 min 51 sec

COVID numbers have taken a pretty serious turn for the worse. Plus, CEOs of Tomorrow is now taking applications for its teen fall program and Madison's two Hmong groceries are hosting vaccine clinics.

Sep 17

21 min 30 sec