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It's a podcast about getting inspired through life stories of successful people.

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We have got some wonderful gifts from God but we take them for granted because we got these as gifts, means we didn’t have to pay anything for these gifts. We have got a body that can perform some miraculous acts. It can create anything it desires; it can take you to places you have never been to; it can move mountains, part seas & build beautiful buildings that can leave anyone awestruck. But to do all this it needs a computer that can give the body a command; receive inputs from it & churn data at unimaginable speed. And the best part is that this computer comes fitted with the body. I hope by now you would have guessed this powerful machine I am referring to; yes, human mind. Our mind is the most powerful computer ever invented & by far, our most important asset. It has a memory, an operating system & a key board which is used to write all our experiences- negative as well as positive. We need to give commands to our mind to produce results. But unlike computer, it has some mechanisms which make it different from & superior to the ordinary computers.

Feb 11

7 min 11 sec

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of ‘Win It With Vinit’. My name is Vinit KApoor & on this podcast I talk about life & how we can make it better & bigger. Most part of our lives is lived based on what we think about ourselves but ironically, many a time, what we think about ourselves is governed by what others think about us. We are influenced by an external force which gets bigger & stronger as we grow. And this happens because our own belief system is not strong enough to withstand the external pressure. In this episode I am going to give you 3 ways to develop a strong belief system- a belief system that empowers you, aids you & gets you to your goals faster than you can think of.

Feb 4

9 min 33 sec

Have you ever started a journey without knowing the destination or played cricket without fixing stumps on the ground or played football without goal posts? If your answer is yes, you might have also experienced the futility of the whole exercise. And if your answer is no, the question is, “Why do you do so with your life?” In this episode I am going to talk about 5 reasons why you should have goals in your life & how to set goals.

Jan 28

9 min 4 sec

Welcome to another episode of ‘Win It With Vinit’. My name is Vinit Kapoor & on this podcast I talk about the things that matter most in life. Today, I am going to talk about a factor that decides the direction of your life. Mankind is confronted with perhaps the biggest challenge in last 100 years viz pandemic that came from nowhere but, for some months, brought the entire world to a standstill. It not only affected the developing world but also brought superpowers to their knees. But the same challenge also gave us some learning that is worth a discussion here. In this podcast I will talk about challenges & why they are so important for a meaningful existence.

Jan 21

9 min 13 sec

I must ask you all a common but pertinent question- What success means to you? Is it your dream job, having a lot of wealth, possessing everything that you have dreamt of or simply going to bed a happy & contented man each day. Well, you may have your own way of defining success & there is nothing wrong in setting a particular goal & telling yourself, “For now, if I hit this goal, I will call myself successful” & then go after it. But, you must know what this goal is going to add to your life once you get there. For example, if you work in a multinational company & climb the corporate ladder by giving 10 best years of your life & reach to a stage where you are still not sure whether you are happy with what you got in return, would you be called a successful man because you lead a luxurious life? If you have traded off your personal happiness for success in the corporate world, you have made a bad bargain, I suppose. Still, being successful is quite a subjective matter & it’s wrong to make a judgment about someone else’s success through your set perception about it. So, I leave it to your better judgment. Let’s try to find out some common ground which I term as ‘territory of success’. If you are asked to write your own story of success, what few things you should do so that you make a perfect landing on your ‘territory of success’. What are the important elements of ‘a success story’? In next few minutes I am going to state some of the most important pieces of this jig-saw puzzle called ‘success’. You need to ask yourself 5 questions & get the answers to decide exactly what you need to do to become really successful in life.

Jan 14

9 min 47 sec

There are 2 strong forces operating in this universe- faith & fear. There is always a battle going between the two. Fear overpowers faith in most of the cases and the reason for this dominance of fear is the support ‘fear’ gets from another power and that power is negative flow of thoughts that goes in our mind at a particular time. ‘Faith’ needs an able coach to overcome ‘fear’ & that coach is ‘action’ & once faith realizes this fact, he doesn’t take time to hire the services of ‘action’. It all boils down to when ‘faith’ realizes this fact & when he chooses to take action. Once faith allies with action, it’s now the battle of equals. But, because of their noble intentions faith & action overpower fear & negative thinking. In short, faith or belief alone on an idea can’t do much. It requires an ally to score a victory over fear & that ally is ‘action’. So, are you ready to be an Action Hero? This episode is about being an action hero.

Jan 7

9 min 45 sec

We are on the verge of welcoming a year that will be different in many ways. In fact the world has changed in 2020. One lesson that I have learned from this year is ‘being adaptable’. I am sure you too might have learned a few lessons from the year which taught us a lot. Now is the time to welcome 2021 & the best way to do so is to make some resolutions that reignite the passion that you might have found missing for some time in 2020. In this podcast I am going to give you some resolution ideas that will help you create your list of resolutions.

Dec 2020

9 min 41 sec

Man is often called a social animal but I believe he is a thinking animal first & this one trait puts him way above other animals. But, the irony is that he ignores it and chooses to exist as an average person. In fact, we misinterpret the meaning of thinking. For most of the people, thinking comes handy while taking important decisions of life, giving answer to a question asked in the interview or solving a puzzle. But thinking does much more than this. Deep thinking elevates you while thinking differently transforms you. This is an excerpt from the podcast but holds true in general. We become what we think all day long. If we want to be different, we got to think differently. In this podcast, you will get to know different ways to think differently.

Dec 2020

9 min 34 sec

Hi, this is a short audio about what you are going to get in the podcast 'Win It With Vinit'.

Dec 2020

1 min 35 sec