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Welcome to Getting Granular; the podcast where digital marketing experts from the agency Granular talk about the latest trends, tried and true best practices, and share their unfiltered thoughts about the industry. Based in Milwaukee, and laser-focused on PPC.

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What is programmatic advertising (1:30)What is OTT & CTV and what are the differences (2:05)Geofencing and iOS updates (4:09)Who should use programmatic (6:10)Examples of how to target effectively (7:49)3rd party data providers (12:22)How to use data to meet goals (15:14)

Sep 23

20 min 55 sec

How Jordon started Granular (1:11)Why he got interested in PPC (12:58)What the landscape was when he started (17:28)Thoughts on automation (20:05)Changes to the landscape since he started (22:22)Prediction on future changes in PPC (25:51)Is the end of the keyword near? (30:34)His personal approach to account management (35:05)Success with new platforms and rolling them out to clients (38:20)Inspiration for the culture at Granular  (42:56)

Jun 7

54 min 24 sec

Phasing out broad match modified (BMM) keywords (1:17)Google’s example of how things will change(2:24)The origination of BMM (4:12)Why they are phasing it out (8:21)What it means for advertisers (9:49)What you should do about it (12:35)Is Google being evil? (15:35)

May 14

21 min 31 sec

Why Dave started Forever Lazy (2:15)How Fergie got a hold of a Forever Lazy Onesie (8:25)The progress of his businesses over the last 11+ years (10:37)Hooga's background and how it was founded (16:55)What led Dave to seek an agency partner (21:14)Why he chose Granular (26:06)The key to successful client relationships and partnerships (29:25)His philosophy going into 2021/2022 (35:05)COVID-19 impact on his businesses and outlook on 2021 and beyond (42:00)Dave’s advice to the inspiring entrepreneur (47:38)

Apr 14

49 min 35 sec

Why Dee moved from Hawaii to Wisconsin (:50)How she got started in paid search (4:00)What keeps her interested in the industry (6:05)What she loves about digital and some pain points (7:15)What was the PPC landscape when she started (8:58)What she sees changing in the near future (11:45)Personal approach to client management (13:35)Dee’s specializations (19:20)What she likes about Granular (24:10)

Mar 24

29 min 15 sec

What is a chatbot (3:00)How to set it up (4:10)Pros and cons of chatbot for lead gen campaigns (7:26)How to manage the leads from a chatbot (9:12)Challenges with implementation (14:33)Creative chatbots in action (21:40)

Feb 19

26 min 42 sec

Overview of new policies (1:37)What is going to change (5:13)What you need to do now to prepare (9:56)What could this mean for the future for ads on Apple Apps (14:36)Will it hurt small businesses (16:46)ReferencesFull Page Facebook Ad Against AppleWired’s Nice Try, Facebook. iOS Changes Aren’t Bad for Small BusinessesBlog: How to Prepare Your Facebook Campaigns for Apple's iOS14 Update 

Feb 4

19 min 53 sec

Emily’s role at Granular (:54)How the show Friends shaped her career path (5:04)What the PPC landscape was when she started (8:06)What has changed since she started in the field (12:20)Attempt to predict the future of paid search (13:08)Discuss her approach to client strategy and communication (15:59)Importance of data-driven decisions (19:54)Her specialization in social media (22:22)What brought her to Granular (24:57)What she likes most about working here (26:56)

Jan 22

32 min 56 sec

Why is tagging and analytics so important? (2:24)What you are missing if you are not tagging and tracking (4:44)How and when to optimize based on the data  (8:29)How it can affect your bottom line (11:52)Three reasons businesses are not using tracking (21:46)How to educate yourself on GTM & GA (24:15)Actionable items that businesses can and should be tracking (38:27)Ways to set up Google Analytics (46:04)Importance of learning to use the data once implemented (50:52)Recap main takeaways (53:51)Helpful GTM/GA Resources:Google Analytics AcademyMeasure SchoolConversionXLAnalyticsManiaSimo AhavaLoves Data

Dec 2020

57 min 11 sec

Specific types of call tracking (1:40)Main benefits to using call tracking (3:38)How it works and how to set it up (4:40)Options for free call recording (7:12)Advanced use of call tracking (9:09)Discuss CallRail as a great platform (10:00)Touch on other services for tracking calls (16:06)

Oct 2020

18 min 13 sec

Steve’s tenure at Granular search (:59)What his role as VP entails (1:44)How Steve started working at Granular (3:15)How he got into the PPC industry (6:40)What got him hooked on PPC (11:10)His interest in search at a young shaping his career (16:34)Shares his approach to bringing on new clients (21:08)Approach to educating clients (25:54)What keeps him at Granular (32:40)

Sep 2020

39 min 59 sec

Retargeting vs. remarketing  (0:42)What exactly is retargeting (2:00)What is going on behind the scenes to allow it to happen (2:30)How the retargeting audience list is created (4:23)What is frequency capping and why you shouldn’t ignore it (7:20)Granular’s retargeting best practices (9:37)What are the types of retargeting ads we use (14:19)Compare and contrast third-party platforms vs. setting up natively (19:16)How Granular incorporates retargeting w/ Google Search (25:29)Share some advanced tactics YouTube (29:19)How to use engagement retargeting on social platforms (28:52)How to utilize landing page customizations with retargeting (35:23)Myths of retargeting (39:40)

Jul 2020

54 min

Mike shares how he got started with PPC ( 2:44)Gives a little advice on self teaching PPC (6:08)How being able to use both sides of his brain is key to success with paid media (10:18)He reminisces on what PPC was like 10 years (13:57)Hypothesizes on the future of paid media (16:51)Talks about how devoting yourself to gaining knowledge is top priority for client strategy (21:40)He shares some wisdom he has gained over the last 10 years on what clients really want from a PPC Manager (25:47)He talks about his interest in marketing psychology and how it can improve your ad copy (33:23)What brought Mike to Granular and what he loves about the culture here even as a remote employee (34:59)

Jun 2020

41 min 3 sec

Granular’s approach to team communication and staying connected (1:51)Tools the team uses (5:15)How Granular was already set up for a remote environment (8:52)Onboarding a new employee during the Safer at Home order (10:35)Understanding COVID-19 impact on our clients and how we can take care of them (21:35)Maintaining the normal perks for employees (30:00)

Apr 2020

38 min 14 sec

Discuss Justin’s path to paid search (1:31)How his career journey impacted his PPC approach (7:47)What the PPC landscape looked like at the beginning of his career (10:24)His opinion on the future of the paid media (14:42)His personal approach to client relationship (19:36)The importance of using relevant data to make informed decisions (21:12)Insights on franchise level business and their unique challenges (26:52)

Mar 2020

31 min 36 sec

Anna’s background and introduction to PPC (1:13)What keeps her interested (2:55)How audience-based targeting will evolve in the industry (4:24)Her personal approach to paid media (6:44)Setting expectations with clients on ROI (8:13)Some insights based on her expertise in eCommerce and social media (9:19)Her favorite channels to work with (11:23)Her favorite aspect of Granular culture(12:53)

Mar 2020

14 min 1 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:Brittany’s background in digital and how she landed at Pabst Theater Group (PTG)The marketing mix at PTG and why digital is a major focus for themHow they approach marketing for each specific show and their processBrittany shares insight on search marketing and what they have learned running digital adsThe different strategies to target local and out of town audiencesBrittany’s thought on paid social media and how they use different platforms for each marketing goal

Sep 2019

50 min

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular:Jeremy’s background in digital marketing and how he got into PPCHow he started with paid social media for his own businessJeremy’s take on the current state of paid media and audience targetingA little NBA and Milwaukee Bucks talk from the 2018-2019 season

Sep 2019

36 min 47 sec

What you'll learn in this episode: • How Ian started his career in blogging and video • The path Ian took to learn more about paid media • What the past, present, and future of paid media looks like • What keeps him engaged in the paid media field • How he maintains work life balance in the PPC space • His views on machine learning and AI coming into the field • Ian’s approach to client relations and how he handles reporting

Aug 2019

29 min 54 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: • How B2B companies can gain traction through paid social media • How paid social media can fit into the key attributes of a B2B strategy • How to research where your audience is on the internet • How to take advantage of targeting capabilities on social media platforms • How Facebook’s algorithms can impact a social media strategy • The types of content that work best for paid social media • How paid social media can help boost trade shows and other marketing efforts • How to measure campaigns and consider multi-touch attribution • How and why paid social media keeps your content alive for longer

Aug 2019

41 min 4 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: • MacKenzie’s background and how she started learning PPC • Why MacKenzie likes working in the PPC space and what keeps her motived • MacKenzie’s outlook on how paid digital media has progressed overtime • The future of paid digital media and how privacy policy can impact paid media • MacKenzie’s approach to balancing brand campaigns and shopping campaigns • How analytics and reporting factor in to building PPC accounts • Her specializations or unique skills in regards to managing paid media accounts • Unique challenges of marketing in the health care space • Facebook ads and the importance of remarketing strategies • What brought MacKenzie to Granular and her favorite aspects of working at Granular

Jul 2019

19 min 56 sec

What You’ll Learn in this Episode of Getting Granular: • What boosting a Facebook post means and when it should be used • What makes boosting different than running Facebook ads • The ad unit options available in Facebook ads, opposed to boosted posts • Where boosted posts are shown vs where Facebook ads are shown • The audience targeting options available between Facebook ads and boosted posts • How creative can be different between Facebook ads and boosted posts

Jul 2019

11 min 36 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: Chris' story of how we started his career in marketing How Chris fell into PPC and paid digital media What makes him love PPC and what keeps him interested in the field How early failures can turn into career guiding lessons How Chris sees the future of PPC and what the newest trends will be Chris' approach to reporting ROI and analytics to clients Chris' thoughts on onboarding new clients and improving established accounts What makes up a good B2B strategy What brought Chris to Granular and what he likes the most about Granular

Jun 2019

31 min 10 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: • Nate’s unique background in the food and service industry • How Nate and his team conducted the ideation of FreshFin • How FreshFin experimented with running their digital ads in-house • How FreshFin’s website and social media has built their brand • Nate’s decision to outsource digital ad management to Granular • Which digital channels have worked best for FreshFin, and why

Jun 2019

38 min 57 sec

SHOW NOTES What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: Jason’s story of how he started working in PPC – 1:00 What keeps Jason interested in PPC – 2:40 What did paid search look like 10 years ago – 4:00 What are the biggest trends in the future of PPC – 5:00 Jason’s thoughts on AI and machine learning in paid search - 6:00 How should marketer approach privacy concerns with paid media – 7:00 Jason’s approach to ROI and reporting - 8:00 Jason’s specializations and the verticals he’s passionate about – 10:00 What it’s like to work at Granular – 11:30

May 2019

12 min 47 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: Why there should be a conversation around geofencing – 2:00 The difference between geofencing and geotargeting – 3:30 How geotargeting actually works within Google, Bing, Facebook and other ad platforms – 5:00 Who is selling geofencing and how they are selling it – 6:40 Why geofencing is gaining traction in the market – 7:40 What companies we talk to are saying about agencies selling geofencing – 8:30 Capabilities of geofencing, fact or fiction – 10:00 Real world examples of geotargeting strategy – 14:00 How geofencing could be in violation of privacy laws – 17:00 Granular’s approach when a new client wants geofencing – 20:00 How Granular uses geotargeting for our clients – 23:30

Apr 2019

37 min 8 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: Mike’s story of his client management style when he started in PPC and how it has changed over time – 5:00 Stories from Mike and Jordon about situations outside of PPC that impacted PPC results and how to report back to a client - 6:45 Examples of how business needs can change with a client and how it can impact PPC results and what a PPC manager can do to help – 9:00 What the signals and signs you should be looking for in a PPC manager – 11:00 How a PPC manager should react when mistakes are made or goals are not met – 14:50 The pitfalls of hiring professional service companies and best practices to vet them – 20:00 What communication and time management with a good account manager should look like – 25:00

Apr 2019

29 min 40 sec

What you’ll learn in this episode of Getting Granular: • How Bing Ads can drive incremental revenue for your business • Where Bing fits into the marketing funnel • Interesting Bing facts (66 Million users exclusively on Bing!) 3:38 • How Google Ads and Bing Ads are Similar and Different • Why it’s so easy to transition into Bing from Google 4:55 • ROI reasoning behind running Bing Ads 9:19 • Target LinkedIn users in Bing 11:05 • 3 Reasons to use Bing if Google is already working well for you 17:06 • Widen the marketing funnel, don’t go up it too fast 22:07 • How to get free money (coupons) for Bing Ads

Apr 2019

26 min 12 sec