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I chat with Heidi Holmes, co-founder of Mentorloop. We discuss how mentoring is being used within organisations to improve internal culture and drive efficiency as well as reduce employee turnover. With the future of work moving toward remote employment, organisational mentorship has never been so important to ensure teams are healthy and productive.

Sep 2019

44 min 18 sec

We explore the challenges businesses face when attempting to enter foreign markets. I speak with Global Vicotria CEO Gönül Serbest as she talks about their initiatives for championing Victorian businesses in their quest for global success.

Jul 2019

28 min 54 sec

We explore e-commerce wine retailer Vinomofo and their journey of building a strong brand community with wine lovers around the world. Vinimofo now employs over 130 people in 3 countries and continues to grow and disrupt many segments within the wine industry.

Jul 2019

49 min 49 sec

We explore the future of cash flow financing with Charlotte Petris. Charlotte was the vice president of Fintech Australia and is currently co-founder of Timelio, a platform that seeks to revolutionise the way that organisations get short term financing by connecting investors with businesses in real time.

May 2019

39 min 29 sec

In this episode, we chat with Brad Gurrie, the CEO of Socialsuite and explore how they are redefining social impact management by giving organisations real-time insights into the programs they deploy.

Apr 2019

37 min 18 sec

Nick Mann is the CTO and co-founder of Rotageek, an employee scheduling platform. In this episode, we explore how technology can be used to improve both employee retention and the efficiency of staff management. Rotageek has successfully been utilised within many organisations, saving them millions of pounds every year.

Apr 2019

40 min 39 sec

We speak with Cameron McIntyre, the CEO of Carsales.com and explore the future of its classifieds business. Cameron discusses their global businesses and how they are innovating within the space from hackathons to hiring practices and team culture.

Apr 2019

36 min 59 sec

We explore the use of automation in market research. Tim is a former PWC director and data analytics guru. His vision is to democratise market research and provide the power of data analytics and market research to the everyday business to help them better improve their products through real-time actionable insights.

Apr 2019

40 min 24 sec

We explore the advancements of AI within health and how AI is being used to increase fertility rates in the IVF process. Dr Perugini has been in the field of AI for more than 20 years, he and his team have successfully used image-based AI technologies to not only improve fertility rates but also detect down-syndrome, non-invasively. This groundbreaking work is set to change the industry as we know it.

Mar 2019

40 min 31 sec

We explore the coworking movement, when did it start and where will it go? Coworking has changed the way people expect to work, corporates are now the fastest-growing segment in coworking and coworking has opened up diversity on a whole new level. Coworking provides an environment to be creative and innovative. Brad is the CEO of Hub Australia and one of the pioneers of this coworking revolution.

Mar 2019

25 min 43 sec

We explore the booming sharing economy and the impacts it is having on retail. Technologies like Passel are providing the physical presence retailers with a chance to 'fight back' against the online pure-play retailers such as Amazon, by leveraging the underutilised resources of everyday shoppers.

Mar 2019

26 min 6 sec

We explore the latest advancements and applications of Augmented Reality. Every industry will be impacted by this exciting new technology. Many large brands are already leveraging the power of AR to engage with their clients and consumers like never before. Rupert and his team are at the forefront of this revolution and are working with some of the worlds best brands to provide a new customer experience that is built for the future.

Mar 2019

44 min 1 sec