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Welcome to the Cool Ass Black Woman podcast hosted by Ashley Glaspie. This is a safe space where we discuss everything under the sun with some cool ass black women.

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Pt. 2 with Cool Ass Black Woman brought Coco back to finish the conversation about her Bakery, finding like-minded individuals and giving advise on becoming a baker. I mean, if you heard the first one, you foresure need to hear pt 2.  What are you waiting for... Go listen!!!  For more information: @lipsmackincupcakes    

Apr 6

46 min 55 sec

"Started from the bottom now we are here.." is the one phrase that definitely fits the founder of Coco's Lip Smacking Cupcakes. In part 1, Coco talks about getting started on her journey of baking and her last straw before she quit her job at the Marriott. The conversation was so good we had to make it into two parts, for more you have to listen to pt 2 next week. Grab some coffee and come chat with Coco's Lip Smacking Cupcakes @lipsmackingcupcakes

Mar 30

23 min 7 sec

"Strong, Smart and Bold" Fatima Dosso sat down with Cool Ass Black Woman to discuss how she has trail blazed through her life where she had to turn to herself to empower and work on healing herself. Empowering the world through her gift, Social Media and just her beautiful spirit. From public speaking to wellness, Fatima is the self love queen and she makes sure you love yourself, as well.  Grab some coffee and come chat with some cool ass black women!  For more on Fatima: | @thefatimadosso

Mar 23

46 min 4 sec

This one is a "Blessing". Pastor Tosin has taken time to share her journey with the Cool Ass Black Woman podcast. She originated in London, however, she has a heart as big as the world. Take a listen.. Tosin had me speechless. You will be speechless too!!! :)  Grab your coffee and come chat with us!    For more on Pastor Tosin: @tosinabrahams

Mar 16

51 min 6 sec

When God has a plan he will show you first before it is your time to lead. That is what happen to Jennifer Bell Cornelius the founder of Born To Roam. Born To Roam is a Bold accessary line created for women to dress up their ultimate accessary.. Their Confidence!  Grab some coffee come hang with Jennifer and I, as we talk about being a business owner and falling in love with her company.    For more on Jennifer: @Borntoroam__ /

Mar 9

31 min 52 sec

A very powerful woman with the Right Energy. Being a mom, a PHD candidate and psychotherapist. Being a Cool Ass Black Woman takes a lot of Energy and Jamie Franklin does it with extreme grace. Conquering her fears, finding out who she really is and having compassion. Find out more about Jamie: @lottalovelynn34 

Mar 2

52 min 25 sec

We sat down with Tianna Robinson, the owner of "She's Blazing" about breaking into the cannabis industry, using flower for healing techniques and talking about working in the music industry before Covid-19.  Grab your weed of choice and indulge to the She's Blazing chat!  For more on She's Blazing: Instagram: @publicitee 

Feb 23

51 min 25 sec

Drake and Future said, Life is Good... When I sat down to chat with Nadia, she provided a level of ease, a space for clarity and the opportunity to self reflect. After living, becoming a mom and finishing her PHD, Nadia is living. Life is good for our sis, Nadia Sasso. For more on Nadia: @nadiamariesasso or   For more on Cool Ass Black Woman:

Feb 16

32 min 12 sec

Unstoppable is what describes her! Meet Daynesha the owner of DayMechelle Photography.  Cool Ass Black Woman chatted with Daynesha about her journey to becoming photographer, leaving behind the Military and discovering herself. Turn up your headphones and listen to her explain why she's a Cool Ass Black Woman. For more on Daynesha: @Daymechellephotog   For more please visit: @CoolAssblackWoman 

Feb 9

42 min 23 sec

Season 2 on the Cool Ass Black Woman podcast will be influenced by Drake song title... The title represents the way I feel about each CABW that has come on the podcast. Grab some coffee/tea and come chat with Morrayna and I on how she got started in finance, being nervous to jump out on faith and being influenced by genuine people. Hang out and have fun!  For more information on Morrayna please follow her on: @morraynagaskins  For more information on Cool Ass Black Woman, check us out on 

Feb 2

29 min 44 sec

Being a Black, gay, woman, Dyesha is no stranger to marginalization and finds joy in defying stereotypes. Coupled with an intimate curiosity and appreciation for all things possessing melanin she has always held a passion for her blackness and pride in her identity. She's forsure a #CoolAssBlackWoman for more on Dyesha visit:

Nov 2020

39 min 48 sec

Grab your coffee, juice or water ! We are on to something.  Sit and chat with Shianne and I about being a Cool Ass Black Woman and Voting. Nov 3rd is the day!! Get to know Shianne and how to vote.. GO VOTE! Sit back and listen.. You would love this :) -- Get involved

Nov 2020

54 min 3 sec

Another day in the life of the Cool Ass Black Woman,  conversation with Ahjahna and discussing our latest event Bike To The Ballot.  We thank The New Black Era, for providing all voting materials for the voters lounge. We also want to thank Ride On! Bike Shop for providing the space for us to produce Bike To The Ballot event in Leimert Park. Thank you Ride With Us Bike Club for leading the ride to the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. Thank you to all the sponsors who made the day amazing: Boxed Water and T-Mobile Lastly, thank you to ALL of the vendors    Stay Connected:  Social Media: @CoolAssBlackWoman

Oct 2020

25 min 50 sec

I took a moment to chat with Tiara, the owner of Young Monarchs. We decided to make this a dual podcast.  Tiara is in the same field as I am but just wanted some insight.   So I took it upon myself to speak to my younger self and give me and Tiara advice at the same time! :)    Enjoy :)  

Sep 2020

57 min 48 sec

What's Been Up #CoolAssBlackWoman Ep. 14..  Catch up with #CoolAssBlackWoman. Chatting about Skaterobics, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor and current events.. Take a listen and enjoy   #CoolAssBlackWoman  

Sep 2020

23 min 57 sec

Dash brings us in to a little bit of her life. We laughed, cried and we educated each other on our own paths.  ------- All things Dash: | Sewing in a Dash: Instagram: ------ | Register to vote!!!  

Aug 2020

49 min 8 sec

Mountain Dew Commercial | BET AWARDS 2020 HBCU Student Achieving Her Masters In Business Management  

Aug 2020

19 min 18 sec

Her-Story With Stasia | A Special Episode 10 Stasia holds a special place in my heart. She is one of my mentors and previous supervisor/boss lady... Grab your Gem bag, take a listen, catch some great gems be and spread generation wealth.  We talk 106 and Park, Complex Con, Being an Executive Producer and using her power to continue to spread the message that Black Lives Matter.  Thank you Stasia for your time. We love you at Cool Ass Black Woman. 

Jul 2020

51 min 20 sec

5 Self-Tips.  Juneteenth and the appreciation for the CABW consumers.  BET Awards 2020.  Clark Atlanta University.

Jun 2020

29 min 7 sec

I tried to tip toe around a lot of things... However, I am back with a voice because that's all I have. I support you all and even though B. Simone dropped the ball, she will bounce all the way back because her mission wasn't originally about the money.  Stand for something and fall for nothing...  

Jun 2020

31 min 13 sec

Cool Ass Black Woman. chats with longtime friend Amanda Booz about her Journey and finding home in Alabama. Taking the big leap of faith to kicking off her career in NYC and where it has gotten her today.  Grab a snack and a seat..  We are being open, candid and honest.  Take a listen. Thank you Amanda for being you ! ______ Amanda Booz. Social Media: @amandabooz  ______ Social Media: @coolassblackwoman 

Jun 2020

52 min 1 sec

In light of the recent activity in our society, Cool Ass Black Woman has made an attempt at a solution.  Protest 1: Wearing the Cool Ass Black Woman shirt and making sure the people know you are NOTHING But, A Cool Ass Black Woman.  Protest 2: Rebuild Your Career CoolAssBlackWoman has partnered with Real Support and the Intervumi App to bring you the Rebuild Your Career Campaign! •The Rebuild Your Career Campaign has been designed to help you prepare for post-quarantine work. You will receive an updated resume, along with  the ability to freshen up on your interview skills at your fingertips with the Intervumi App!  

Jun 2020

8 min 31 sec

Cool Ass Black Woman. chats with Chellz about her journey. Her ups, downs and pivotal moments.  Free, transparent, and the space we own.   Find Everything Chell:   Cool Ass Black Woman. | Grab your #CABW gear. :) 

May 2020

50 min 40 sec

Some of us are sharing spaces, married or single..  It's time to start working on communication with everyone. We often project our feelings onto our mate/companion/ friends and sometimes it's not how we really feel! We as a people must learn how to properly communicate.. There isn't a handbook on life, but I am willing to share my perspective on how I am learning to communicate. 

May 2020

12 min 46 sec

It's not about anything else but effort. Not the money, not the people, but the effort.  Lesson learned.

May 2020

19 min 34 sec

Just laugh a little bit with #CoolAssBlackWoman. Ashley tries not to take life so seriously. lol So this episode 3 is a list of I don't knows.    Check out our site | Get you some #CoolAssBlackWoman merchandise. 

Apr 2020

13 min 15 sec

The Journey, the support and the #CoolAssBlackWoman...

Apr 2020

18 min 53 sec

Hey #CoolAssBlackWoman... Dive in, get comfortable and laugh a little. I am the perfectly, un-perfect person ready to give you insight on #CoolAssBlackWomen and the process we take to achieve ALL GOALS..  Enjoy

Apr 2020

26 min 6 sec

Hey Everyone, Welcome to the #CoolAssBlackWoman Podcast. This is a safe space for black women to be vulnerable and to have an opinion. Grab your coffee and get comfortable!  

Apr 2020

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