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Evan Driscoll

At the intersection of food, money, and people you’ll find The Foodshed Investors Podcast. Join us each month as we interview sustainable food entrepreneurs up, down, and around the supply chain - from funders to farmers - in our quest to discover the secret to truly sustainable businesses in a truly sustainable food system.

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James Brown of Barton Springs Mill joins us to discuss the heritage and speciality grain business. James started Barton Springs Mill a few years back, and has experienced tremendous growth and interest from growers, buyers, and consumers in their unique grains and flours. James tells us about getting started, how they got it financed, and the opportunities and challenges of growing into their new facility.

Nov 2019

1 hr

Amy Bell, Senior Advisor with Foodshed Investors and Principal in Business Development with Whole Foods, joins FI to discuss her experience managing one of the early institutional level impact investing funds with JP Morgan. Amy managed the deployment of $100m to impact companies around the globe, including in the agricultural space.

Sep 2019

47 min 8 sec

Crowdfunding has evolved considerably since its nascent days as KickStarter. Companies can now raise funds through a variety of crowdfunding portals using a number of financial vehicles - donations, debt, equity, or a combination of these. Foodshed Investors Founder and Partner, Jarred Maxwell, discusses the history and potential impact of crowdfunding on the funding landscape moving forward.Also, feel free to check out a an FAQ we wrote up on Crowdfunding

Jun 2019

41 min 27 sec

Andrew Braunberg, Co-Founder of Still Austin Whiskey discusses how and why they source all the grain for their whiskey from Texas. Andrew is an expert in grain sourcing, procurement, and business operations.

May 2019

51 min 54 sec

Foodshed Investors Partner and CFO, Eric de Valpine, discusses company exits: how exits can affect the way companies fundraise, how companies can plan their exits, and whether some companies need to exit at all. Read more about Eric here: out more about Foodshed Investors here

Apr 2019

31 min 20 sec