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The Koa Sports Podcast, Greg McDermott, Tim Ballintine, Kent Cross and Clayton Fettell. Not just another boring endurance podcast, you may just laugh and learn from this one. Learning is not guaranteed though

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Welcome to the Koa Sports Podcast, hosted by full time professional endurance coaches Greg McDermott and Tim Ballintine. In this episode Greg and Tim share their own individual journeys in order for the listener to get understanding of who they are and where they want to take the podcast!We help you close the “say-do gap” in your personal, professional and athletic lives. Take action! Be The Warrior.

Jan 2019

1 hr 14 min

Welcome to the Koa Sports Podcast, hosted by full time professional endurance coaches Greg McDermott and Tim Ballintine.In this episode Greg and Tim share their thoughts on the Balance-Priority debate to help you on your own journey along with updating the audience with their own goals, training and mishaps since episode 1. Plenty of fun right through along with some great take aways. We help you close the “say-do gap” in your personal, professional and athletic lives. Take action! Be The Warrior.

Feb 2019

1 hr 9 min

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Koa Sports Podcast!Highlights include but are not limited to....Tim’s ‘theft’ of various items throughout the world, Greg’s inability to follow coaches direction and of course a couple of athlete stories from around the world! A hijacking from the beach with a chase and a quiet funny wardrobe malfunction!There’s some great take aways around the Healthy-Fit-Fast theory while always looking at closing the Say-Do gap! Who would’ve thought, skin suits, hairdressers, pastries and the Karate Kid would all be mentioned in the same podcast!Download, subscribe and please leave a review.

Mar 2019

1 hr 28 min

What do E-Sports, a young man from Brisbane and Tim's letter from the queen have in common? Nothing really......well maybe a little bit. The swear jar is back, Greg has thrown Tim under the bus, again and then the boys get the nitty gritty of the subject of changing seasons and what that means for the athlete closing that say-do gap. There's an absolutely huge announcement with new team member coming on board to help with a new part of the coaching business......E-Sports and Zwift Racing. As always the guys are not too serious and have a heap of fun along the way while taking what they do and not themselves seriously. #bethewarrior

Apr 2019

1 hr 38 min

Road Tripping, sharing a bed and amazing weather. What a combo!This one's a ripper. Some fun, Tim's prep for Port Mac Ironman 70.3 and a discussion that will if not change the way you think around supplements certainly evoke some great questions and discussion around what you do now. Tim and Greg sat down with the founder and director of International Protein, Troy Bremner. An amazing discussion all all things food and supplements. If you've ever had questions around what to use, when to use it and let's face it what some of those acronyms mean then this is for you!!Listen for the competition and get your answers into Better be quick. #bethewarrior

May 2019

1 hr 44 min

The Say-Do Gap is the theme again and Tim and Greg rip into the intricacies of travelling and racing. WOW there's some absolute gold in here. Serious GOLDTim shares his race season and results, his course diversion and missing inner soles and a spray that lit a fire under him for the run in Port Mac. When these two share a bed for three nights and a car for 20hrs there's guaranteed to be some great content to talk about. Greg decides it's time to try and superman off his bike (not an ideal way to try and fly) and is out this afternoon for a lottery ticket to celebrate. As always, there's race updates, athlete mentions, our first ever prize giveaway and a stack of fun along the way.

May 2019

1 hr 29 min

Cairns, Tim has a new issue with time availability, First Aid Courses and what to do if you get bitten by a snake.......yep Koa Sports are full of great ideas on that one. Amongst the banter the boys introduce a new member to the team, look back at some of the amazing results of Koa Sports athletes around the globe and dig right into the Say-Do Gap with a deep dive into the area of fatigue and what that actually means for endurance sports coaches.Tim gets to the does Greg and there's some missing money to be investigated after a couple of solid road trips. Enjoy, share, comment, subscribe and review.

Jun 2019

1 hr 17 min

Have you ever looked at your TrainingPeaks data or PMC chart and said to yourself......WTF does that all mean? Well this is for you.Coaches Greg and Tim take a deep dive into the theories and analytics behind all of those acronyms and numbers on TrainingPeaks. Might be worth two listens as the information sinks in and the data becomes more than just a number on a page in order to get the best out of yourself come race day!

Jul 2019

1 hr 4 min

The people have spoken! Greg and Tim take a deep dive into all things IRONMAN Brand Expansion… or contraction… which one is it? If you think IRONMAN is all about swim, bike, run, tune in, you’ll learn a thing or two.What happens on the training camp, stays on the training camp… unlikely! Time to air all the dirty laundry.Plus some:- Everesting- Double Hamstring Cramps- Koa Sports League- Wahoo Kickrs with an appetite for cycling jerseys- Tim sacked for social media reasonsAll to help you close the #bethewarrior

Aug 2019

1 hr 12 min

As the world continues it’s tilt in the other direction, the seasons are changing! Coaches Greg and Tim ask the question, what are the traits of successful endurance athletes? Talent is not one of them (lucky for Greg). UTMB 70.3 World Championships Favourite Donuts The People Choice! That time Tim was 33-1 at the IRONMAN World Championships… to win overall Smart Bike Revolution is hereQueue it up, subscribe, rate and share! Join the tribe, be the warrior.

Sep 2019

1 hr 19 min

On this episode of the Koa Sports Podcast....A bumper edition of the Koa Sports Podcast, with a MAJOR announcement, the coaches are pumped!70.3 and IRONMAN World Championships results, analysis and predictions. Will the AG wave starts make a difference?UCI World Championships…. for eSports! Next stop LA2028…People Choice and plenty to learn about fuelling your training to close that #saydogapTraining Camp 2020Apparently Tim is never drinking

Oct 2019

1 hr 43 min

Bumper edition of the Koa Sports Podcast - Encounter with a neighbour- Tim has a pile of rejection letters- 1:59 and that shoe- Zwift Live Events and Noosa Triathlon- 2020… it’s time to get planning! Coaches Greg and Tim help you close the #saydogap, with plenty of banter in between.

Nov 2019

1 hr 15 min

As we wrap up a HUGE 2019 here on the Koa Sports Podcast, the banter reaches a whole new level! - Talking 68.9 triathlon world records, PB’s and the recalibration of running records- WADA lands down in Russia- Exciting new partnership in the world of eSports- The G.O.A.T of the #saydogap- People’s choice- Shout outs and thankyou for 2019! You never know, you might learn a thing or too as

Dec 2019

1 hr 21 min

The top rating Koa Sports Podcast is back for another season, strap yourselves in! It time to catch up on Tour Down Under, Tour De Zwift, Christmas Pudding and all things banter. Who would have though a bidon could prevent certain death. Find out how!The coaches also discuss Tim’s recent blog “rethinking taper”, so as always you’ll be sure to learn a thing or not.Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Jan 2020

1 hr 13 min

On this episode of the Koa Sports Podcast, we sit down with Owner and Founder of BlackSheep Cycling Johnny Polson. His story is worth telling and still has many chapters to come! It started in a basement and now touches all corners of the globe. A Great Australian Story. Greg managed to drink the premises out of beer during the interview which was a setback, but thankfully Tim kept things on track as usual. Bookended with Kent’s useful tips, however not without controversy. Queue it up and enjoy! #bethewarrior

Feb 2020

1 hr 54 min

A bumper episode of the Koa Sports Podcast! Special Guest, Owner and Founder of Effortless Swimming Brenton Ford sits down for a long form chat with the guys. We cover all facets of swimming and steering the beast that is 200K online followers for swimming content! Limited Edition BlackSheep Cycling Kit, 3 Peaks or 4?, Covid-19 and Cappa’s facts.If you enjoy the content please rate, subscribe and share. Be our digital cheerleaders, help us move up the Top 50 charts!Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Mar 2020

2 hr 5 min

A special edition of the Koa Sports Podcast, as always some moments of mild humour! We do a lap of world and chat to our warriors about life on the COVID-19 curve. How are they adapting to the environment and some tips along the way from our coaches. It really makes for fascinating listening, if you’re an athlete or not. Australia, Hong Kong, China, UK, USA, Bahrain, UAE and Singapore, every athlete with a different story to tell, bite sized! Keen on a Koa Sports/Blacksheep custom kit? Here's the link. Password: bsinkcustom Join the tribe, be the warrior.

Mar 2020

1 hr 43 min

We sit down with the “Voice of Zwift” Nathan Guerra. A fascinating story and insight into his life so far, the first 30 mins is gripping! The highs and lows, from jail time to America’s number 1 ranked MTB Rider to Zwift Streamer and Broadcaster extraordinaire! Listen to the story on the man behind the camera.Join The TribeBe The Warrior

Apr 2020

1 hr 47 min

On this episode of the Koa Sports Podcast we had the pleasure of sitting down with the Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks, Dirk Friel! A long conversation and insight into life as a pro racer in the 90’s, against the likes of Armstrong and Hincape, how TrainingPeaks came to be over a few beers in a bar to what it has become today. Is there a more influential surname that Friel in the endurance industry? A great story a celebration of success. We hope you enjoy!

May 2020

1 hr 30 min

The band is back together! The road ahead for the endurance sports industry? What does the future look like? Hear from our coaches at the coal face, full time, day in day out. There's a stampede on the horizon. Cappa's facts, who's that guy and many more juicy bits of inappropriate humour.Sit back and enjoy.

Jun 2020

1 hr 7 min

Can you BELIEVE IT!? Cappa plays the guitar and serenades the boys with a solo strum. Love is in the air.According to Greg, a chicken is a reptile.In times of uncertainty how do we stay focused and motivated on the road ahead? Ever wondered about tyres and tubes? Probably not, but the boys leave no stone unturned as they talk rubber and latex.Enjoy!

Jul 2020

1 hr 9 min

In this episode of the Koa Sports Podcast we learn the consequences of touching a horse on the face, remarkable stuff.Plus all the endurance news, COVID life and Zwift chat.Enjoy!Join the

Sep 2020

1 hr 21 min

The Cairns Diaries. 2020Tim has a post race sleep, Greg needs training wheels and Cappa gets his shandy. We go through a week that included a combined distance of over 2000kms of swim, bike and run and unpack the strategies and as always give a few kicks along the way. #saydogap #bethewarrior

Sep 2020

1 hr 38 min

After the booming success of last episode, the coaches bring the standard back down a notch. Greg suffers a fall, and is recovering slowly, Cappas facts hits a new high, and Tim continues on his way to greatness.We also talk about the art of running slow….Subscribe, rate and share! Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Nov 2020

1 hr 1 min

The Season Finale of the Koa Sports Podcast like all Season Finales, some will love it, some will hate it. We playback the boys 2020 predictions from 2019, respond to the first ever ‘fan mail’, discuss coaches that wear shirts with ‘coach’ on their back, and briefly talk about an endurance topic Marathon Pacing.The Koa Sports podcast, an endurance podcast, without the boring bits.Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Dec 2020

1 hr 35 min

Koa Sports is BACK for 2021! A jam packed podcast full of useless information and plenty of laughs. The ultimate Facebook hack, a toilet break and the latest brainchild “event meerkats”.Your endurance podcast without the boring

Jan 29

1 hr 5 min

Aliens, SuperSapiens and Government Conspiracies. Cappa has a new neighbour (he's a big deal now) and Tim's training for the Olympics.....again. Our coaches are always on topic here on the Koa Sports Podcast.Your endurance podcast, without the boring bits.#bethewarrior

Feb 25

1 hr 12 min

Bumper Episode of the Koa Sports Podcast!Where is Cappa? What is Ramadan? Fastest and Slowest Ironman Courses. Near Death Experiences (NDE's) and new segments! Interviews with people that actually know what they are talking about, special thanks to Daniel Kings and Mohammed Alsamahiji for their time.*NEW BLACKSHEEP CYCLING RANGE* endurance podcast, without the boring the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Apr 1

1 hr 45 min

The LIVE recording of the Koa Sports Podcast from IRONMAN Cairns 2021, where 100’s joined us for a breakfast and a sit down with Andy “Reidy” Reid (of Bondi Rescue Fame) and Pete Murray (the voice of IRONMAN), at the CrystalBrook Riley Resort. Plenty of banter and race tips from the reigning AG Champions. To all those who attended thanks for coming along, and good luck to all those racing.Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior!

Jun 5

1 hr 1 min

What happens in Cairns… stays in Cairns. The coaches unload all the after party stories, chances are, you’ll get a mention!Cappas facts, GIF of the Month, Crypto Update and a cheap BMW hits the market! #bethewarrior

Jun 25

1 hr 26 min

SPECIAL GUEST CALLUM MILLWARD 16 Professional Long Course Triathlon Podiums, Co-Founder of The Cupcake Cartel and damn funny human.  How did it all happen and what’s it like to go from running with Crowie in Boulder to Greg in Coolum. PLUS Greg is issued a subpoena and blocked on social media. The endurance podcast, without the boring

Jul 30

2 hr 4 min

Don’t ever go against La Familia.Some of our best stuff!  With two new segments, Cappa is late, Greg battles through a ParkRun and we dig a little deeper into the Olympic Games. Check out Greg's super fundraiser effort here! inspired by the 3 best full time Endurance Coaches on the planet (self-proclaimed).Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.#bethewarrior 

Aug 27

1 hr 41 min

Guests galore on this bumper episode of the Koa Sports Podcast. It’s an event bonanza, and we are LIVE from the BMC Noosa Classic sitting down with Australia’s #1 Keith Maricich of Trilogy Cycles. Bassel Kanounji, based in Dubai, enters his first IRONMAN and Al Copley, based in Australia, his Koa Sports journey so far. The usual segments, but Cappa is missing!! Why is it so? Join the Tribe, Be the Warrior.

Oct 7

1 hr 44 min

We welcome to the full time coaching team Clayton Fettell.  He raced as a professional triathlete for over 15 years, picking up over 100 podiums and countless long course victories.  Incredible insights and stories, with a good olde Koa Sports roasting on the way through… a hazing! The usual, crypto, Cappas facts, GIF of the month and a whole jar of shoe polish. www.koasportscoaching.comJoin the tribe, be the warrior.

Oct 30

2 hr 31 min

On the road again for the Koa Sports Podcast, LIVE from Tandem and Co. in Brisbane Australia, a BMC candy store.  Frankie Forzoni, Singapore based Koa Sports athlete shares her story.  The inaugural Claytons Quiz and the usual segments, plus we unpack THAT new IRONMAN World Record. Your endurance podcast without the boring

Nov 26

1 hr 27 min