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Awaken Your Spirit

By Karen Waconda, Tangerine Risberg, Camille Waconda

Awaken Your Spirit is recorded with Karen Waconda Lewis and Tangerine Risberg along with my self Camille Waconda. We are Native American woman business owners. Karen is the owner of Wa’kanda Retreat & Spa located in Albuquerque, NM she specializes in Medical massage, meditation retreats, Native American healing and ceremonies. Tangerine is the owner of Native Day Dream Spa located in San Diego California, she specializes in salon care, nail art, and massage. As for my self I am the owner of Dreaming Crafts home location is Baltimore Maryland, I specialize in creating Native American wood wall art kits and other handmade crafts. Through out our business we specialize in integrating Native American healing and self-care so we can help awaken your passion for life, learn to create self-love, and Awaken your Spirit to flow ease. We will be with you through out your healing journey. Karen’s teachings include being aware of your surroundings. Such as reducing toxins in your home, how to pick wholesome foods, and how to create healthy boundaries. Some teachings will focus on your self body and mind care. Meaning we show you how to reduce or have no chemicals in your beauty products, skincare and bath products. We will teach you and guide you to create a daily affirmation to your self. Then how to be mindful during each moment. We also have teaching for spiritual care. How to create an altar or a sacred space. How to cleanse and strengthen with ceremonies, sound, and daily rituals. For spiritual care we also have meditations to create loving kindness with self and others. Tangerine is very well versed and she has a lot of experience to teach you. Tangerine now is opening her second salon spa location so she wants to share her process and how you to can start your business with $500-$2000. Once you have a business she will show you how to grow your clientele. There are many topics on business she want to share with you. Then she will go into podcasts about early childhood trauma and how growing up with trauma truly affects the body then go into explaining how to overcome the symptoms thru self work. As for my self I create craft kits. Crafts starts the passion. The passion and motivation for you to start moving. Not meaning physically but I mean to start the energy flow within you. It ignites that fire within you. I push for you to feel accomplishment every time you complete a piece. You don’t need to know how to do something perfectly. Making mistakes are great. You learn to let go and then come back and try again. You have learned to push through it. I know it just small but you can eventually learn to push through bigger problems within your life. If you choose to order a kit I mail everything you need so you can complete it within your sacred and happy space. My goals for you are to feel accomplishment, self love, and to take make connections with your thoughts. Both Karen and Tangerine have so many teachings to share with you. We hope you continue to listen and we hope to help you through whatever journey you are going through. You can reach out to us if you would like a personal session for either healing or self care. For Wa’kanda Retreat & Spa head over to or contact at (505)503-5093 and for Native Dreams Day Spa head over to or you can call them at (619) 722-1268. If you would like information or to order a kit head over to or follow us on Facebook at dreaming crafts.

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