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Alohomora! is an interactive and creative collaborative project between fans worldwide and MuggleNet staff. Join us as we re-read the entire series, spin wild theories, and share content all influenced by our love of Harry Potter.

Introducing "Alohomora!: Full Circle"
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On Episode 335 we discuss...→ Again, security at Hogwarts is awful→ Snape is a terrible teacher→ What’s up with the wizarding world’s one peer reviewed journal→ The CTRL F spell

Nov 20

1 hr 15 min

On Episode 334 we discuss...→ Hogwarts should really send students home→ Which is worse, being a ghost or portrait?→ Harry's a better captain than Wood→ Theory: the Time-Turners messed with Hermione's memory→ Accessing a murder's vault? No questions at Gringotts

Nov 6

1 hr 20 min

On Episode 333 we discuss...→ What if the DA and Order names were reversed?→ Order of the Phoenix, Spy Agency→ Credence Barebone, created by Aberforth and goats→ Claps for Kingsley→ No one puts Molly in a corner→ Susan Bones, who are you?

Oct 23

2 hr 24 min

On Episode 332 we discuss...→ Katy calls out to all cosplayers with a mighty need→ The trio are royalty→ A 'Sirius' discussion... what the pandemic has taught us→ Angelina is a BOSS→ Would anything have changed if Harry had confided in Dumbledore?→ FB3: Shame On Dumbledore→ The weapon is a lie→ Voldymood recaps and which events they match up with→ Is the Room of Requirement overpowered?→ Sirius is the devil on Harry's shoulder→ What would you change about the books if you could?

Oct 9

2 hr 17 min

On Episode 331 we discuss...→ Lucius's locks of luscious hair→ Thanksgiving of Death Eaters→ Skills for Snape, power for Bellatrix→ Soup of racists→ What happened to Stan Shunpike?

Sep 25

1 hr 43 min

On Episode 330 we discuss…→ Half of the Swish and Flick Podcast quartet, Tiffany O’Malley and Katie Petras, join us as guests hosts!→ Hermione casting spells from the start – not a movieism!→ When do you think Harry realized each House was more than the Sorting Song?→ The Sorting Hat: biased to Gryffindor→ Hogwarts should have waited to sort until after the first year→ The Hat might be a seer

Sep 11

1 hr 55 min

On Episode 329 we discuss...→ No wizards in the Mediterranean?→ Canon: Beauxbatons closed in 2000→ Joker, Ilvermorny student→ A plus for name creativity→ Other schools, deep in stereotype?→ Hogwarts: racist→ Hugo Award-winning co-founder of The Book Smugglers and author of "Cooking for Wizards, Warriors and Dragons" (available August 31, 2021), Thea James, joins us as guest host!

Aug 28

2 hr 14 min

On Episode 328 we discuss...→ Has time changed our feelings on the Epilogue?→ Is all really well?→ Cursed Child - wants vs. reality→ Do some people not deserve a “Nineteen Years Later?”→ Did “Cursed Child” ruin everything? Alison says no.→ Like father, like son - tea with Hagrid→ Head canon - Weasley family back to school hangout→ Ron and Hermione/Arthur and Molly Part 2?→ Lorrie’s “Harry Potter” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” connection→ Harry’s forgiveness = ALL the names→ Katy compares lines from “Harry Potter” and “Cursed Child”→ Is the book stronger for having the Epilogue?

Aug 14

2 hr 13 min

On Episode 327 we discuss...→ Guest introduction: Maren Altman→ Maren recommended: AstroGold→ Vedic vs Western Astrology → Occam’s Razor→ Get your own chart!→ Planetary Joys and the designation of elements→ What is a square??

Jul 31

2 hr 8 min

On Episode 326 we discuss... → The only chapter 2 that's not from Harry's POV → What line of work was Snape's father in? → Possible early clues that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince → So much booze in this book! → Humanizing Narcissa - the Lady of the Lake → Bella's scrap of love → Who is the spinner and what is their end? → The unbreakable vow: manipulation or desperation? → Sev and Pete, the expert door listeners, spying on each other → Death Eaters love to gossip → Snape - the best lie detector faker of all time and devastating with his comebacks → Fleeting, yet unexpected sympathy for Snape

Jul 17

2 hr 49 min

On Episode 325 we discuss... → Why are they called Death Eaters? → The lack of math strikes again → Death Eater dynasties → Irvin's Death Eater essays - 1 | 2 | 3 → Picking things up and putting them down → The Battle of the Department of Mysteries: An Analysis of the Chase and Battle, June 1996 → Oh baby, baby

Jul 3

1 hr 56 min

On Episode 324, we discuss… → OotP has the best chapter titles → The five stages of grief in ONE chapter → Bargaining flipped: We start with a death and end with a life → Voldy was right about Dumbledore's willingness to sacrifice Harry! → Harry feels love most acutely through overwhelming grief → Movie adaptations... the good, the bad, the terrible → One character reaches acceptance - Fudge! → Bellatrix is in a league of her own → The only time all three Lestranges battle together? → Voldemort's training school → Play-by-play of THE DUEL... the sass and the purpose → Fawkes dies of food poisoning

Jun 19

2 hr 35 min

On Episode 323 we discuss... → Fairy tales, fairytales, wonder tales, magic tales, fairy stories, and Märchen → "In the old times when wishing was still effective"... and how → The Dewey Decimal System for fairytales is... woah → How many of these classifications match up with Potter? Hint: a lot! → Motifs which are the foundation for all fantasy → Why do fairytales endure? → Could we call Harry Potter a fairytale? → Lessons from fairytales that are mirrored in Potter → Half-Blood Prince: the Documentary → Beedle the Bard's tales predate many Muggle fairytales! → Aurelia breaks down the German Max und Moritz stories by Wilhelm Busch → Yes, we are fawning over Aurelia's beautiful German readings

Jun 5

1 hr 42 min

On Episode 322 we discuss...→ "Those who ask will always be given help... I think... maybe..."→ Why does a second year discover what the beast is when nobody else can?→ It must be nice, it must be nice... to have Ernie Mac on your side→ Does anyone actually feed Fang while Hagrid is gone?→ Aragog is sending mass emails "on the web"→ Spiders and House Elves are besties→ Sycamore and redwood tree analysis is out of this world!→ The Ford Anglia: IS IT ALIVE?? Could it have killed Voldemort?→ Harry's first trip to the place where he "dies"→ Spider mythology - which one fits Aragog best?→ Comparisons between Harry and Aragog... mind blown!→ Aragog vs. The Basilisk - who would win?

May 22

2 hr 36 min

On Episode 321 we discuss... → Our podcast is old enough to have a drinking game → Slughorn wins the name game: Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn → Aurelia is the author of the Harry Potter books now → Armando Dippet is how old?! Aging in the wizarding world is confusing → We love old Pottermore → Is Slughorn the master networker? Hogwarts should have a careers day! → Felix Felicis fan theory: Did Slughorn take it before fighting Voldemort? → Slughorn is an excellent example for ambitious Slytherins → Wealthy Roman in a wealthy Roman resort town (say that three times fast) → Dumbledore was fortunate enough to see the true Tom but too distracted to do something about him → Ernie MacMillan is basically young Slughorn → Slughorn really only has one move: turning into an armchair → What is Slughorn's finest moment?

May 8

2 hr 3 min

On Episode 320 we discuss... → Descriptive dialogue and how to write it → Exam study stress is REAL → Is the Hogwarts' school calendar indicative of the UK's schedule? → #FantasticBeastsRightToLive → Are the tortoises alive?? The Rock Kittens return! → Katy, say no to drugs! Can Cheering Charms be as addictive/harmful as Felix Felicis? → Humidifier humans are so hot → The worst test by the worst teacher (but, it's not his fault!) → Snape, the potion fumes addict → The DADA test is obviously the coolest - can this be a ride? → Trelawney definitely has a brand... but perhaps is not a terrible teacher! → Predictions, prophecies, and how they work

Apr 24

3 hr 9 min

On Episode 319 we discuss… → Does Dark Magic only depend on the intent of the witch or wizard using it? → Dark Magic is magic for which there is no good use → All dark magic are curses, but not all curses are dark magic → Knockturn Alley... the black market that everyone knows about → Snakes are given a bad rep → "Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can’t see where it keeps its brain." → Love potion isn't dark, Hermione? Disagree! → Which horcrux is your favorite? → Severus created a "severing" spell... ba-dum ching! → Herpo and his brood of Basilisks → Dreamer, planner, critic trios are super fun to create → History of Dark Wizards and their enablers

Apr 10

2 hr 41 min

On Episode 318 we discuss… → First all-male episode?!? → The chapter that inspired the book's cover art → Young Tom Riddle was incredibly focused and powerful → Everyone agrees... Half-Blood Prince is THE BEST → Has Dumbledore been to the cave before? → Quality quotes comin' at ya! → "Really? You're one of the most powerful wizards of all time and you went with a blood door?" → The cave = the next great theme park ride → If Dumbledore had lived, would he have gotten rid of the horcruxes on his own? → The trio could never have found/retrieved this horcrux... game over → Is the lake water normal water? → Signature spells - which is cooler, Accio or Fire Lasso?

Mar 27

2 hr 21 min

On Episode 317 we discuss... → Localization of the Harry Potter text (British vs. American English) → Why butcher cultures for the sake of ethnocentrically Americanizing text? → Hooray for fans fighting back! → Folklore and Fairytales - "The Boy Who Lived" is already a living legend → Are there similarities between Potter and other epic tales? → Enter the Cinderfellas: Voldemort, Lockhart, and Snape → The Anthropology of Fandom - how do you carry Harry Potter on a daily basis? → The 2020 fandom divide... educate yourself → Cultures are always shifting. The same is true for fandoms. → Morals and Ethics in the Potter series... is it a new religion? → We can definitely find moral lessons to share with others in Potter → Learning to deal with crises by reading about how others dealt with theirs

Mar 13

2 hr 36 min

On Episode 316 we discuss… → Would aqua lungs have functioned at Hogwarts? → We need more info regarding the limits of transfiguration → Madam Pince is THE WORST librarian → Powers you never knew you had and how to use them → Where are card catalogs/CTRL-F/Google when you need them? → This task is MESSED UP and Alison can't even → Crackpot theory: Viktor fell in love with Hermione at the World Cup → The only thing that dies in this task is Harry's watch → Justice for Dobby! → The last time we see Percy in person before he turns into a prick → Hogwarts, install a water filtration system. You're gross → Feminism is for everyone, including merpeople

Feb 27

1 hr 59 min

Created and hosted by Kat Miller, Alohomora!: Full Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter through the lens of Ring Composition. Enjoy this sneak peek from the show featuring clips from Books 1 - 4 and an exclusive clip from the yet-to-be-released Book 5! Can you guess who the voice belongs to? Featuring book-long cohosts of past and present Alohomora! hosts and other special guests, Full Circle is a re-read unlike any other. Get access to all the episodes by visiting

Feb 22

13 min 12 sec

On Episode 315 we discuss… → Love types: Agape, Philia, Eros, Storge, Xenia, Philautia → From Lily to Narcissa, mothers' love is everything in Potter → A child's love for their parents is not to be ignored → Everyone in Harry Potter needs to have a therapist → Does Hermione love her friends more than her parents? → The Golden Trio - ride or die → Fred and George are the best of best friends → Is Remus and Tonks' relationship healthy? → Love potions = big yikes → Hogwarts course suggestion... Wizard Ethics → Love protections must come from a willing sacrifice → Grace gives a Ted Talk

Feb 13

2 hr 24 min

On Episode 314 we discuss... → Leaving a broken vanishing cabinet on the 1st floor... totally fine → Tragic Filch - the half-person → Fear of kittens makes a lot more sense than pigeons → What do fireworks and torture devices have in common? → Turning suffering into profit is ok when you're making bad people suffer → The Department of Mysteries appears to be a spiritual place → "We all got away, didn’t we?"... Dumbledore didn't, Cho! → Did Hermione go too far with her hex? → Pensieves could be big money-makers and more dangerous than the Mirror of Erised → Comparing the trio to the Marauders → Queen Lily and the last straw → James totally sexually assaulted Severus

Jan 30

2 hr 2 min

On Episode 313 we discuss... → Where did the brains in the Brain Room come from? → We hope there are individual education plans for struggling students → Rex schools us on memory types, formation, storage, retrieval, etc → Memory loss, brain injuries, and diseases → Are the disembodied brains conscious? → Most wizards are too afraid to use a Pensieve → The Hogwarts Pensieve contains centuries of memories! → Are extracted memories originals, copies, or can they be either? → Pensieves are cool. Let's capitalize on them! → Memory modification is unethical but necessary → Wizards seriously need primary education → Occlumency should be taught to all students

Jan 16

1 hr 50 min

On Episode 312 we discuss... → Why does Harry forgive Ron so much more easily than Hermione? → The Muggle Prime Minister is potentially left out to dry → It's time for Ron to shine → We need to know what a plimpy is! → Xenophilius's name is one of the best in the series → Dumbledore's gifts finally start to make sense → Ron... the third wheel during Bill and Fleur's first married Christmas → Wizarding Christmas songs FTW! → Harry does pay attention in class. Bye haters! → Erumpant horn inextricably linked to Fantastic Beasts now? → We need backstories on Luna's parents → We all love Clare

Jan 2

1 hr 26 min

On Episode 311 we discuss... → Early Quidditch = animal cruelty → How does the Hogwarts House team system work? → There should be JV teams, more backup players, fun play, and more games → "That's just Jo not thinking it through." → Quidditch is the one thing that comes naturally to Harry → The 2014 Quidditch World Cup was a thing of beauty → Female inclusion in wizard sport FTW! → How much do the different brooms really matter? → The Snitch is worth too many points → Fouls... the punishment does not fit the crime → Much love for Muggle Quidditch → A sport invented out of pettiness

Dec 2020

2 hr 2 min

On Episode 310 we discuss... → Theory confirmed: Dumbledore is the Avatar → CoS is FULL of red herrings → Are Fred and George cruel jackasses? → What's the most terrifying sentence in the Harry Potter canon? → Everyone knows that Neville is almost a squid → Snape is such a bad teacher! For the greater good! → We want to see Flitwick killin' it on the dueling stage → Harry CAN'T EVEN with Lockhart → More fat-shaming... ugh. Milicent is a cat-loving queen! → It's Dolohov-o-clock! → Student reaction to parseltongue = xenophobia? → Do mandrakes bleed???

Dec 2020

2 hr 36 min

On Episode 309 we discuss... → Did Dumbledore know Hagrid's father? → Mr. Dumbledore's home for Peculiar Children → Ogg was probably important to Hagrid's continued learning → Hagrid is the opposite of toxic masculinity → Hey Google, what is pedagogy? → Was the blast-ended skrewt breeding legal? → Yes, Hagrid's a bad teacher but that's not his fault → Is there any excuse for the way Hagrid treated Dudley? → A case of arrested development → Hagrid vs. Trelawney → "He's literally too stupid to live." → Hagrid is a flawed character - something everyone can agree on!

Nov 2020

2 hr 11 min

On Episode 308 we discuss... → Harry & Ron = The Chaos Crew → Neville has "zero positive male role models that aren't trying to dangle him out of a window" → Harry's privileged broom → Caps lock McGonagall → We finally learn what the heck Quidditch is! → Only 28 kids per year get to play the one wizard sport at school... that's messed up → Don't judge people by their physical appearance, mkay? → When does wand movement really matter? → How successful would a witch/wizard with a lisp be? → Ron... stop being rude! → Why did none of the teachers wonder where Hermione was? → Hermione could have been another Moaning Myrtle!

Nov 2020

1 hr 49 min

You asked for it, you got it! After years of requests from our loyal listeners begging us to start another re-read, we are very happy to introduce Alohomora!: Full Circle. Created and hosted by Kat Miller, Full Circle is a re-read of the Harry Potter series through the lens of Ring Composition. Featuring book-long cohosts of past and present Alohomora! hosts and other special guests, Full Circle promises to be a re-read unlike any other. Episodes will be released on the first of each month, one book at a time, starting November 1, 2020. The show will be exclusive to our Patreon. Join now to get access to the podcast and the exclusive, Patrons-only Discord. 

Oct 2020

9 min 23 sec

On Episode 307 we discuss… → Hagrid definitely couldn't work there → Whose brains do they have in the Brain Room?? → "Thoughts could leave deeper scars than almost anything else" → The Death Chamber - the room we know the most and least about → Are there multiple death veils? → "[Myrtle is] living her best death" → Would the veil destroy a horcrux? → The Hall of Prophecies - there's going to be loads of fog tonight → How convenient that the fountain of perfect love potion is so close to the veil? → The Planet Room... Wizard NASA? → The Time Room... bye-bye Time-Turners! → Is this dept. independent from the rest of the wizarding government?

Oct 2020

1 hr 27 min

On Episode 306 we discuss... → Harry reading Cliff Notes → Fandom theories from back in the day → "Eh, it's Half-Blood Prince. Things get a bit sexy." → Why did Aberforth buy a sketchy mirror? → Was Rose Granger-Weasley named after Madam Rosemerta?? → Polyjuiced Draco in Hogsmeade?? → Double Imperio! OMG! → "Katie is social distancing from the ground." → Ring composition curses → How did Draco afford the cursed necklace? → Deep dive on opals! → The trouble with trusting teachers

Oct 2020

2 hr 26 min

On Episode 305 we discuss... → Cho's name... lazily written, alliteration love, and/or downright offensive? → The only girl on her Quidditch team! → Written to be a love triangle character/self-insertion mold → From cool chick to emotional, jealous wreck → Ginny vs. Cho → Teenage boys are oblivious → The Madam Puddifoot's disaster - fault on both sides → Why did Cho join the DA? → #Charry → Cho + Dudley = the fanfics we all want to read → What kind of wand do you imagine Cho has? → Cho as Asian representation

Sep 2020

1 hr 49 min

On episode 304 we discuss... → What was Buckbeak's favorite part of London? → Hermione at her breaking point... crying, slapping, quitting → Hermione's slap = SO GOOD... but, don't do that → Fowl or Foul? Ron helping with Buckbeak's appeal is precious → How does the Quidditch system even work?? → Oliver legit sends his team to bed → "What a man... I love him" → Crookshanks and the "Grim" - blink and you miss it → Lee Jordan's commentary gives us life → "When you want to win, rules don't matter!" → Everyone's reactions when Gryffindor wins = golden → Which memory would guarantee a successful Patronus cast for you?

Sep 2020

1 hr 37 min

*Trigger warnings for this episode: suicidal thoughts and death of a loved one On Episode 303 we discuss... → "Azkaban Guards" = magical policemen? Not quite → Why are parents not concerned that their children will be surrounded by Dementors in PoA? → Is Harry already suffering from mental health issues in PoA? → Are wizards behind Muggle society in the field of psychology? YES → Dementor's Kiss = lobotomy → Rex gives us a history lesson on brain science! → Patronuses and spirit animals reveal a spiritual similarity → Are Patronuses alive?? → Dementor vomit = maggots → Did Harry have suicidal thoughts? → Turning Patronuses into magical voicemail is legit! → Patronus battles... um, what??

Aug 2020

1 hr 28 min

On Episode 302 we discuss... → Grace’s famous last words, “I don’t think there’s anything controversial in this one!” → Action set-piece + character growth all in one → The trio forms a good plan for once! → Why didn't they ask Bill for advice? → The quest for Bellatrix’s wand → Why was Hermione chosen to play the role of Bellatrix? → Bi-Harry? Why not → Can House Elves penetrate Fidelius Charms?? → "We make society run, kind of" → Death Eaters = Storm Troopers → Gotta get the deetz on the Imperious Curse → Why is there not a taboo on the Unforgivable Curses?? → "Why you gotta be so mean to the dragon?"

Aug 2020

1 hr 51 min

On Episode 301 we discuss... → How has Potter shaped your own personal or social environment? → "The Harry Potter series is a massive lesson on the notion of death" → Which character deaths got send-offs and which didn't? → Life following loss → What kind of afterlife would you want in the Potter universe? → "I really do believe that Voldemort was a good leader" → So many daddy issues → A great political leader or a god? → The progression of propaganda → What should the new Ministry of Magic statue look like? → WHO IS SAINT MUNGO?? → Which words/phrases from the series do you use in your everyday conversations?

Aug 2020

2 hr 18 min

On Episode Zero we discuss...   → A behind the scenes look at the inception of the show → How will this podcast be different from all others? → Are our interpretations just as valid as JKR's? → Kat doesn't want to be a narrator → In-depth analysis begins! → Crackpot theories → Is Dumbledore's watch anything more than a watch? → Patrick and his Robin Williams impressions → So, Alohomora is Potter on drugs? → The role AudioFictions played in starting and growing the show → "It can't be legit without a Brit!" → The amazing Alohomora community cannot be beat

Jun 2020

1 hr 28 min

Our wizard rock song from episode 300!

Jun 2020

4 min 46 sec

On Episode 300 we discuss... → Our statement on recent events → A special message from familiar voices → Can we stop talking? It's doubtful... → A prolonged trip down memory lane → Is it alive? WE STILL DON'T KNOW → Bring us your art, your poetry, your voices! → Alohomora turns into a wizard rock band - literally → Can I phone a friend? → Talking to our past selves is fun! → "All aboard the trash train" → There will never be another Harry Potter → Bravery and love conquer all

Jun 2020

3 hr 54 min

On Episode 299 we discuss... → "We don't know jack about this boy" → Why did we not get a backstory on this critical character? → The weakest link → How much magical talent did Peter have? → "If there is a way to survive, he will find it" → Adaptable, resourceful, and competent? → Is Peter the best evidence that we sort too soon? → Why did Peter choose Percy to be his human? → The silver hand: a gift and a burden → Forever "Wormtail" after his first betrayal → Peter and Snape - the worst roommates EVER → Mercy is better than revenge

Jun 2020

2 hr 14 min

On Episode 298 we discuss... → "Thoughts can leave deeper scarring than almost anything else." → Is Madam Pomfrey a master potioneer? → Is Umbridge's trauma due to loss of control? → Harry is just DONE → Ultimate sassy McGonagall → Harry actually has a moment to grieve! → Ron's emotional teaspoon grows into a dessert spoon → Sirius and his parallels to the Deathly Hallows → Where Nick fails, Luna succeeds → "They always come back in the end" → Dumbledore's Army takes down Slytherin → Ginny, the confident feminist with a plan

May 2020

1 hr 52 min

On Episode 297 we discuss... → Turtleback storytelling → This is structured writing. Character-driven? Baloney! → We know that C.S. Lewis used this technique because of Rowling! → What do Twilight and Star Wars have in common with Potter? → OOTP = OCD → J.K. Rowling has a tattoo? → Literary alchemy is here to blow your mind → What does Order of the Phoenix have to do with Ewoks? → GoF = the crucial book containing the crucial chapter → While Harry is being torn down, Neville is rising up → Deathly Hallows Structure??

May 2020

2 hr 17 min

On Episode 296 we discuss... → GoF - the one time we see Sirius as a good father figure → Why does FakeMoody teach students to throw off the Imperius Curse? → What DID Moody do to the witch who shouted, "Boo!" behind him on April Fool's Day? → "Hagrid is the actual worst." → Goblin rebellions sound fascinating! → *cough*Lockhart*cough* → "Fanfiction - the gift that keeps on giving." → House Elves = Brownies or Robots? → Beauxbatons and Durmstrange entrances - #impressed

Apr 2020

1 hr 57 min

On Episode 295 we discuss... → How did Ron get away with bringing a rat to school, anyway? → Are magical pets a reflection of their owners? OMG YES → "Errol's going to outlive them all." → Crackpot theories about Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris → Amphibious metamorphosis and how it compares to Neville → How phoenixes are like jellyfish... and hipsters → "In the Harry Potter universe, rabbits exist only to die." → Snakes, spiders, and creepers, oh my! → "I think Voldemort is the best pet owner." → Why do Squibs and cats get along so well? → Fang is a heckin' good boy - 14/10 would cuddle → Pygmy Puffs are THE CUTEST... but, BOGIE EATERS?!?

Apr 2020

2 hr 15 min

On Episode 294 we discuss... → Does Golpalott’s Third Law actually make sense? → What if Harry had given a bezoar to Snape? → Slughorn compares Harry to Lily more than James → Why didn't Harry just ask Dumbledore what a Horcrux was? → Alohomora Research Corner: powered by Ctrl-F → A glimpse into classroom seating charts courtesy of the Hogwarts houses → Is Wilkie Twycross yet another bad teacher? → And then, Harry becomes a stalker → Fiery UNDERWEAR? WHAT? → Willow vs. A Midsummer Night's Dream → What if Ron had died? → Hogwarts, social-distancing before it was cool

Mar 2020

2 hr 24 min

On Episode 293 we discuss... → The political structure of the wizarding world → Do wizards see the Queen as the Head of State? → Is there magic within the monarchy and Parliament? → Rosie has become the official wizarding world archivist → The hierarchy of departments within the Ministry of Magic → Arthur Weasley - a lovable example of benign corruption? → How does British politics work, anyway? And, do wizards care? → Political influencers - from the Malfoys to Harry Potter → Irvin and Alison agree on something! Fudge sucks! → The corruption of the Daily Prophet is becoming far too real → Potterwatch = pirate radio → Be careful what you're reading, do your research, don't trust headlines

Mar 2020

1 hr 38 min

On Episode 292 we discuss… → Was Quirrell a victim of toxic masculinity? → You had me at hello → Lockhart is amazing at alliteration → "There is plenty to be learned even from a bad teacher..." → Lupin is Elsa...conceal, don't feel → Harry's first sane DADA teacher! → Did Barty Crouch Jr. enjoy teaching? → Good teacher, good actor, good plot twist, terrible human being → Parallels between Umbridge and Hermione?? → Gendered hatred or incredible hypocrisy? → Is Snape less vindictive as a DADA teacher? → Screw entitled incel Snape 

Feb 2020

2 hr 28 min

On this special bonus episode we discuss… → Getting involved with Harry Potter → The Wizarding Language of Heraldry → Deep dive into imagery, cover by cover → Black Dog and Potter → Artistic style, keeping 20 years new → Crafting the covers → Drawing Hogwarts

Feb 2020

56 min 2 sec

On Episode 291 we discuss... → Inbreeding is bad because it causes confusion! → Bellatrix has a dragon heartstring wand, which is a core shared by an odd cadre of characters → Why Bellatrix was killed by Molly Weasley → All of London should be covered in statues of Molly Weasley! → Why does Narcissa protect Harry in the Battle of Hogwarts? → Why did Narcissa only have one child? → How did Andromeda and Ted Tonks meet-cute? → Andromeda and Harry look after each other post-war → Alison makes herself cry a lot → Draco and Andromeda’s hypothetical post-war relationship makes us so happy!

Feb 2020

1 hr 16 min