SHE Research Pod

By Sydney Health Ethics

A podcast featuring recent research coming out of Sydney Health Ethics, at the University of Sydney, Australia. Sydney Health Ethics is a centre for academic research, for teaching and learning in bioethics and the medical humanities, and for ethical consultation and discussion. We aim to stimulate creative thought, dialogue and action. Our work engages different disciplinary perspectives and fosters a community based on collegiality and critical inquiry. For working links, go to:

  1. 1.
    SHE Pod Season 2 Episode 4: Kathryn MacKay on the Instrumentalisation of Mothers in Health Promotion Campaigns
  2. 2.
    SHE Pod Season 2 Episode 3: Claire Hooker on Risk Communication Values
  3. 3.
    SHE Pod Season 2 Episode 2: Ainsley Newson on Newborn Preventive Genomic Sequencing
  4. 4.
    SHE Pod Season 2 Episode 1: Diego Silva and Ruth Lavergne on Ethical treatment of non-refugee migrants with tuberculosis in Canada
  5. 5.
    SHE Pod Episode 18: Kate MacKay on authenticity, the agency dilemma, and feminist intuitions.
  6. 6.
    SHE Pod Episode 17: Camilla Scanlan on the managing unexpected in interviews
  7. 7.
    SHE Pod Episode 16: Suzanne Plater on the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander graduates
  8. 8.
    SHE Pod Episode 15: Lisa Dive and Ainsley Newson on the ethics of reproductive carrier screening programmes

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