Magic not Logic - The Podcast with Julie & Tash Lewin - Mother Daughter Duo

Magic not Logic - The Podcast with Julie & Tash Lewin - Mother Daughter Duo

We are Julie & Tash Lewin, Mother-Daughter Duo. We contribute to awakening mass consciousness by turning visionary change-makers into High Frequency Conduits, who bring through New Earth Solutions for World Change.

We want to have actual conversations. Conversations about cool, wild, magical happenings that defy logical explanation. We want to talk about business and consciousness expansion, and how the two align to create world changing life's work.

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Today Tash shares some of the cards she pulled the other day, as she unravelled the feelings of comparisonitis she encountered viewing a Facebook post. We then chat about the nature of Identity and the Ego shell, and what shifting it brings up to be examined. How confronting it can be, and how questions like "but, who am I if not that person?". Join us for a deep conversation and vulnerable sharing. --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 25

27 min 21 sec

We had the privilege of interviewing Cathie Hill. Cathie came to Julie as a patient many years ago, and something extraordinary happened during their sessions. Julie channelled The Golden One for Cathie, who faithfully recorded all of the wisdom. Now, as you will hear Julie tell, she doesn't channel for anybody, but something special was to take place. Cathie is an extraodinary investigator and researcher and self-acknowledged Green Soul. She has pulled together a new Framework for self-understanding, linked to the colour of our inner & outer soul and our Ego Dragon. The visual metaphors she uses to describe who we are and what we are here to do, make her wisdom exceptionally accessible, especially with young people.  Tash was particularly excited by this discussion, as she loves to learn new techniques and frameworks for increasing her emotional intelligence and self-awareness. This is a must-listen episode, and we can't thank Cathie enough for joining us to have it.  To buy this book, Cathie has requested that you email her to arrange the purchase of a copy. You can find her via --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 18

44 min 19 sec

Interviewing Steve Vincent about his new book Finding You: Poems and Reflections for the Journey into your Shadow Self.    This interview touches on many subjects about self-reflection, self-revelation and self-understanding. Here are the highlights…  • Steve's motivation for his poems – very vulnerable • The journey of the book  • His fears and how they relate to you • The journey into the Shadow Self and how it runs you • Massive energy shifts and how they work • Why Finding You can be a powerful tool for your life • How I use Finding You plus a live reading by Steve • Insights on men and how we show up in the world • Career choices and our attachments • On being human and how not to beat yourself up • The power of Finding You in discovering your true self • And more including a second live poem reading --- Send in a voice message:

Nov 11

50 min 41 sec

What does Magic mean to you? A wonderful question posed by a business friend of ours, Meghan Gilroy. We have a conversation about what Magic means to each of us, how we access it and where it shows up in our lives. We share some wild experiences we have had that defy logic, but are so extremely magic. We hope you enjoy. Reminder: If you use magic in your life and business, and you want to have a cool conversation with us about it, please either leave a voice message here, or send us an email via --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 15

35 min 7 sec

Introducing ourselves, our story and why we do what we do. You will learn a small amount about our business journey over the last 2 years with our Lightcode Lab brand, which you can find below. Future episodes will talk a little bit more about our different backgrounds, how Julie discovered her Medical Intuitive abilities 37 years ago, and channeled through her own Energy Healing Modality. We'll chat about how Tash took her decade as a graphic designer and channeled the Lightcodes on our Magic not Logic card deck, and created beautiful open eye meditations in our app. This podcast is going to be us chatting with each other and having conversations about how to use Magic in your life and business, to bring flow to your practice, and a Inner World journey to Peace, Health, Happiness & Harmony. We're excited to have you with us. Website: Web App: --- Send in a voice message:

Oct 15

23 min 33 sec