Career Hacker Secrets

By Yannick Kpodar

If you’re looking to pivot into your next big role, make more impact, increase your salary, or break into a top tech company, this podcast is for you. Yannick Kpodar, a LinkedIn alum, was once a struggling business graduate who couldn’t find a job. Through trial and error, he learned the “secrets” to hacking the job hunt process and leapfrogging in his career. Since then, he’s been able to break into B2B Sales in a Fortune 100 company, pivot into Product Marketing at Linkedin in San Francisco, 3x his income, and then jump 3 positions to a global director role at a top 40 startup in Europe. Yannick is now recognized as a top 100 Product Marketing influencer, and he’s on a quest to inspire people to dream big. Tune into the Career Hacker Secrets podcast to listen to interviews from real people who pivoted into incredible jobs in top tech companies against all odds. From fashion stylist to 7-figure enterprise account executive at LinkedIn, from musician to a senior director at Salesforce, you’ll learn everything you need to take your career to the next level. Check us out at

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