Rainbow Riots Radio

By Rainbow Riots

International LGBTQ rights organisation Rainbow Riots presents Rainbow Riots Radio, a web radio series in ten unique shows, exploring queer stories, culture and history from around the world; including Sweden, Uganda, Jamaica, India, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Australia and Germany.Rainbow Riots Radio is hosted and presented by the Rainbow Riots' founder, Swedish artist and activist Petter Wallenberg. Each episode mixes engaging stories, investigative journalism, and spoken word poetry, backed by specially composed music created by Petter and featuring his guests.Petter Wallenberg said: “This is both a radio show and a musical collaboration with some of the people I have met during my travels to fight for LGBT rights worldwide. Danger, drama and resilience - it’s all here. Rainbow Riots Radio connects our queer stories across continents and cultures and gives voice to those who are often silenced.”

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