The Menopause Mentors

By Belinda The Midlife Mentor & Ali The Mindfulness Mentor

We’re Belinda and Ali, The Menopause Mentors. We're here to bring you awareness and insights of the menopause from our real life experiences so that you can go into your menopause informed and empowered. Even though the menopause directly affects all women, that's half of the world's population, and indirectly affects the other half. It's crazy how little we know and talk about it. Our mission is to crack open the menopause taboo, in a real life, interesting, friendly and humorous way, from a we've been there and this is what we've learnt down to earth approach. It's time to find out how the menopause may affect you and your loved ones, and how you can make your relationships at home and at work a whole lot easier.

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