The Emamo Show: Event Planner Conversations

By Emamo

Learn from the world's best event planners. Bringing people together can change the world, but it's damn hard! Join us as event planners share their stories and strategies for successful events.

  1. 1.
    Interactive Livestream Founder Eli Stonberg of Hovercast - The Four Steps to a Wildly Interactive Livestream
  2. 2.
    Culture Events Producer Michael O’Farrell of Shopify - Producing a Company Summit for a Globally-Distributed Team
  3. 3.
    Event Consultant Jen Gilhoi of Sparktrack - Make the Last Impression a Lasting Impression with Event Recaps
  4. 4.
    Conference Founder Sarah Hatter of Elevate CX - Roll Out the Red Carpet with a Conference Concierge
  5. 5.
    Community Expert Dave Mathias - Starting a Meetup Group and Growing It Into a Conference
  6. 6.
    Online Conference Organizers Chris Schmitt & Ari Stiles - Virtual Conferences and Their Hidden Benefit: Inclusion
  7. 7.
    Conference Videographer Cooper - How to Record Your Conference Talks and Make Them Accessible
  8. 8.
    Global Events Manager Mélanie Pereira of DevBreak - Get Speakers and Attendees Excited With a Clear Vision

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