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Episode #00 - Hey It's Wei! (But Why??)
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Burnout is no joke...and when you tack on Happiness Burnout and then Holiday Happiness Burnout to it...it can be potentially derailing. Human beings tend to have a breaking point when we are not in the most optimal state of existence. The problem is that most of us are not raised with an operating manual of self and so it becomes this trial and error endeavor to figure that out. Despite not knowing that, however, there are simple ways to get it handled so that it doesn't ruin our holiday season...that's what today's episode is all about!

Nov 30

12 min 32 sec

So we are back! Yes, we had gone on a hiatus due to moving on other life events...and it was most definitely intentional. This episode is all about what most of us often do when it comes to Happiness and INCREASING the levels of Happiness in our lives...we hit a stopping block that prevents us from going even deeper into unlocking further levels of Happiness in our lives. Check it out and if you ever feel like jumping into a conversation about Happiness, Purpose, and Prosperity... message me on Facebook here! https://bit.ly/HeyMessageWei

Nov 20

11 min 1 sec

So how come Happiness can be so contagious? Or better yet, how will your Happiness impact the world around you? The answer is simple. Frequency. But how does your Happiness Frequency work and how does it affect the people you love and care about....and even people you don't even know? What if you could make a difference in the world just by focusing on your own Happiness? Tune in for the answers! 😉

Apr 10

14 min 39 sec

What if Life and the World around you keeps getting in the way of your Happiness? It certainly does feel like sometimes, huh? In fact, recently, I've been hearing complaints about that a lot in response to what much of the world is going through. But is that really what's happening? And if it is, what can we do about it? This episode is all about that and will also share some cool strategies you do to break the pattern of Life getting in the way of your Happiness. Enjoy!

Apr 8

14 min 27 sec

Oh my goodness! Have we really hit this milestone?? Yes! We're on Episode 100! And to celebrate, we're expanding our Happiness Universe by adding more platforms for all of us to connect. We've started a channel on Telegram! (Join the conversations @ https://t.me/heyitswei)This is going to make it easier for us to engage and explore deeper conversations around the topics of this podcast...only if you want to. 😁This episode also makes reference to a graphic that you can find shared on the Telegram channel so make sure get it there. It's free so what do you have to lose? So enjoy this milestone episode and let's look forward to more conversations around Happiness. Bingo Time!

Apr 6

14 min 53 sec

There is an utterance that most adults (and even children) have made in life. When there has been a long day, week, month, or even years...and then we're finally tasked or have been given the opportunity to do something for ourselves to be Happier, we utter, "I'm Too Tired right now..."For Happiness?? And we've all done it. So if you have, you're not alone. This episode dives into understanding what that's really all about so that moving forward, should it be uttered again, we can choose a different end result to what comes next after that thought. Enjoy!

Apr 2

12 min 59 sec

Ahh it is here...the episode about Happiness and Relationships. It was bound to show up sooner or later. And this time, as with many episodes, it was inspire by conversations that have been showing up in my life work and personal life. When we find ourselves Happier, we end up attracting more of that...and the only requisite for that phenomena is that the Happiness is true and authentic. But how and why does that work? This episode dives into the science behind it so that you can understand more of the correlation between Happiness and Attractiveness. Understanding that will help you become more intentional and successful in being Attractive in the way you want to be in this lifetime. Enjoy!

Mar 31

13 min 42 sec

We've all heard of the proverbial "cheat" day that many of us have employed at one point or another in our lives. Anyone who has committed to making big changes to their lives will have at least considered having a dedicated day of personal debauchery to give themselves a break from the effort put towards greater change in lifestyle and Happiness. But what happens when those "cheat" days become an integrated routine in our lives? What does that mean and does that contribute to our Happiness by keeping those days around? That's what we get to explore in this episode. Enjoy! 😎

Mar 29

14 min 30 sec

There's a LOT going on in the world right now...but then again...depending on how you choose to live your life, there might always be a LOT going on. That lends to what we explore in this episode which is about what we are all "doing" to either bring us closer to Happiness or closer to UnHappiness. Either way, the choice ultimately lies within each of us...even when it comes to how we respond to the world around us. It's an episode relevant to current events and at the same time it's timeless from a Humanity perspective. It'd be interesting to know your take on this subject...either way...Enjoy! 😎

Mar 26

13 min

You may notice that I don't just refer to Happiness and UnHappiness as these general terms of describing our goals around achieve Happiness in life. I am, more often than not, referring to the States of Happiness or UnHappiness so as to make sure we all remember that it's unique to everyone. How we construct those states together in a chain reaction is what ultimately leads to the experience of Happiness OR UnHappiness. Let's dive deep to identify some of these states in this episode. Bring your notebook! 🤓

Mar 24

14 min 59 sec

Money and Happiness have consistently been one of the most challenging things to harmonize in modern day society. When Capitalism became the forefront of common culture, money, for the most of humanity has been a ubiquitous component of our existence. What's interesting is that Money, like everything else in this world, is energy based and as such has the ability to flex and twist with the other energies it comes into contact with...including yours. When you're Happy or UnHappy, it actually influences certain aspects of your Money flow. Let's dive into this episode to explore how to best utilize that relationship of Money and Happiness! Enjoy!

Mar 22

12 min 33 sec

It's inevitable....that we'll develop fears as we evolve and grow...and what's interesting is that as long as we keep evolving, we can evolve AWAY from the Fears. States of UnHappiness are the things that humans develop the most Fears around because, let's face it, not all States of UnHappiness are just mere annoyances...a lot of them can be pretty darn devastating. The create greater States of Happiness, however, is about eliminating those Fears. Does it mean we'll stop experiencing UnHappiness? no...but without those Fears, we'll experience LESS of it. How? Check this episode to find out! 😎

Mar 19

14 min 53 sec

There's been a prevalent desire and want these days due to what has transpired over the past year and it's that discussion around how to be Happy again. Was it ever lost? Or was it eclipsed by the overwhelming reasons to be UnHappy? I ask it this way to help inspire all of us to be empowered on how we can be Happy again. If you read this, then you'll enjoy this episode. If you didn't, then this description doesn't matter anyway. 😅If you want to check out the YouTube video I referenced in this episode of the same title: https://youtu.be/a_j4a8wO0v8Enjoy!

Mar 18

14 min 50 sec

The gyms are open! At least where we are, they finally are. And am I talking about the Happiness Gym where you can work on your Happiness Muscle? Well no, that's been open the WHOLE TIME. It's just that most of us don't realize that it's just as important as a health and fitness gym. This episode dives into a little bit of Wei's World around the metaphors of the gym, working out, and why it's just as important to not only do that for you body, but for your Happiness as well. Most of us are so out of practice on daily Happiness practices that it requires a regimented approach to get back into the flow. Check in and check it out! 😎

Mar 16

13 min 41 sec

This episode is a follow up to the previous to address the subjectivity vs objectivity of Truth. Embracing both is crucial in understanding the unique code we each have for our Happiness. It is the uniqueness of that subjectivity in our truths that hold the key to evolving our states of Happiness. If you went down the rabbit hole of truth in the last episode, then this will be a nice tie off to fill in any potential blanks that may come from the pursuit of deeper personal truth to self. Enjoy the deep dive and don't forget to come up for air when you're done! Enjoy!

Mar 12

14 min 36 sec

In the movie "A Few Good Men", there was a famous scene where Jack Nicholson attempts to admonish the young lawyer played by Tom Cruise by challenging his ability to handle the truth. That inability to handle the truth is more real than one would expect from a Hollywood film. This episode explores one of the key requirements to hitting greater levels and states of Happiness in this journey we're on. But it's more than just "telling" the truth...dive into this one to learn about what truth is really required for Happiness. Enjoy!

Mar 11

14 min 59 sec

It had occurred to me that I didn't even responsibly discuss why it's important to celebrate in the last episode. So I took this opportunity for us to dive a little deeper into why as why to begin with. Understand "why" about the self and the world around us is a huge component in facilitating our ability to create long term and sustainable Happiness in our lives. So we dovetail off of Kayla's previous teaching to make sure we complete the entire celebration package of Happiness. Not even sure if that makes sense...😅. Enjoy!

Mar 8

12 min 28 sec

At this point we can call my silent co-host Obi Wan KaylaNobi because today we have yet another lesson from her. And she barely tries, yet delivers profound teachings simply from her existence. I'm just a translator. This episode is about something many of us do to cut our Happiness experience short...or even sabotage it. Celebration is so important for so many reasons...and when we moderate it out of this learned fear, it eventually leads to greater frequency of UnHappiness. And that's the opposite point of this whole podcast right? Dive into this teachings of Obi Wan KaylaNobi for this episode and be prepared to shift to a greater paradigm of Happiness Existence. 😉

Mar 6

13 min 58 sec

How many times have you said "YES" when you really meant "NO"? We've all done it...for one reason or another, we'll all probably keep doing throughout our journey to greater states of Happiness. The goal, of course, to do less and less of it over time as this behavior pattern creates a build up of Incongruence within ourselves which DOES NOT contribute to greater states of Happiness. This episode dives rather deep into exploring how we can start getting into deeper alignment with ourselves and our choices which will then, of course, lead us to greater states of Happiness. Enjoy! 😎

Mar 4

14 min 1 sec

Purpose and Happiness...what a quandary sometimes...depending on the culture or society that you grew up, most of us are often pushed to choose one over the other. If you are of that choice of perception and belief, then this is an episode that you don't want to miss. The twist is that to truly maximize your Purpose...AND your Happiness... the two have to be aligned. Enjoy! 🤓

Mar 1

12 min 26 sec

In the 90s a playwright by the name of Josefina Lopez wrote a play called "Real Women Have Curves" which later on was adapted to a movie of the same name in 2002. The trailer for that movie showcased the empowering of women into embracing the beauty of their natural bodies, no matter what size or shape. Interestingly enough, that was only a small part of the story despite the name of the play and movie. That being said, the message of the perfectly imperfect world live in is what was conveyed and this episode takes a cue and spin off that production with a bit of wordplay to talk about how we handle the curves in life as we journey towards our unique states of Happiness. Enjoy! 😊

Feb 26

13 min 45 sec

In the quest for new worlds in the form of new land, many explorers found themselves lost with only hope to cling onto. How they clung on to hope was in the form of feedback or evidence that they were going in the right direction. Those seeking land would look for land based clues and if found, gave them hope that they were going in the right direction. Our journey towards Happiness and greater states of Happiness is no different. If endeavored for too long without feedback or evidence that what we're doing is getting us there, it can lead to burn out and ultimately increased states of UnHappiness. This episode explores how we can make sure to consistently stay on the right path and what evidence to watch out for so that we can keep progressing in our journey towards the creating the Happiness Lifestyle we each uniquely want and deserve. Enjoy! 😉

Feb 25

14 min 41 sec

Sometimes getting caught with "working hard" to create more Happiness in our lives can have us sitting back at some point wondering..."Why is it so hard?? Is there ANY way I can just sit back and ATTRACT Happiness so that it just comes?" And my answer to that is...YES...you can! That's what this episode discusses which, of course, true to my engineer mind, includes a light scientific discussion as to how that works and how it can be. Will you start Attracting Happiness moving forward? Let's see how you do with what you get from this episode! Enjoy! 😉

Feb 23

14 min 59 sec

I know I've had this challenge during certain times of my life...the challenge of having to live by a set of rules that had me feeling suffocated or trapped. So much so that I allowed it to contribute to my states of UnHappiness. Kayla teaches us in this episode about how to not have to break rules and how to not compromise our Happiness for the sake of rules. As usual, her wisdom will blow our minds...it's not often that she shows up for this podcast, so tune in to catch her lesson in this one! 🐺😎

Feb 20

14 min 23 sec

Junk food has already been established as no no when it comes to long-term health for us as humans in general. Junk Food Happiness is no different. But what IS Junk Food Happiness? We explore that in this episode and talk about how most of us do it...but most of us don't realize the long-term impacts it was on our Happiness in life. It's very relevant to what is currently happening in this world so make sure you listen so that you don't get caught in something that will literally deprive you of long-term and sustainable Happiness. Enjoy! 😁

Feb 18

14 min 50 sec

I'm always talking about how every one of us has a unique code of Happiness. Another way to explore that concept is to recognize that everyone has a unique Reality of Happiness. This episode discusses how we can not only OWN our Unique Realities of Happiness but also how to integrate those realities into the rest of world by using RESPECT and Objectivity for Happiness. If one masters these concepts, a Happier Lifestyle is inevitable. Enjoy!

Feb 16

14 min 47 sec

Drinking libations is always an interesting behavior...and barring being a full blown alcoholic, it occasional but consistent drinking could be hiding some really valuable keys to unlocking your Happiness potential. This episode isn't about making drinking wrong...but rather discussing how drinking could be a really good strategy to helping you elevate and rise to a new level of Happiness in life. How? Tune in to find out! 😁🍷🍸🥂

Feb 12

14 min 58 sec

The last episode introduced a strategy that essentially leads to this powerful strategy for Happiness...not only is it powerful, but it's super economical. Doing Nothing is not as easy as it sounds...it is about doing what it means in all sense of the word. It doesn't require investment of money...it doesn't require and tools...all it requires is you. This episode delves into the why what and how of this amazing strategy that has changed a lot of lives...for the better. Want to be Happier in a powerful way? Dive into this episode to find out more! 😉

Feb 10

13 min 9 sec

We live in an instant response and gratification society...and though one may blame technology for this, it's usually a function of the unwillingness to take responsibility for not making the best choices for our own individual states of Happiness. This episode introduces a powerful precursor to some really cool strategies of how we can immediately start making our lives better and Happier. Enjoy! 😊

Feb 8

14 min 8 sec

This episode came in about 15 seconds over the 15 minute mark...but there was nothing that could be left out because it's that important of a topic. Objectivity... More importantly, Objectivity as it pertains to Happiness. It is one of the most powerful and effective ways to create a lifestyle of Happiness. This episode explores how important Objectivity is as a strategy for being Happier. If that's all you want as a start...to just be Happier...then tune in! 🤓

Feb 6

15 min 14 sec

This was originally going to be a TikTok post...but it evolved into so much more! In this episode we simplify our human existence down to 4 main components. The focus on optimizing those 4 main components is what will facilitate the ease in mastering the ability to shift into states of Happiness whenever we desire. Honestly, this episode turned out better than expected! 😉😅. Enjoy!

Feb 4

13 min 43 sec

Have you ever been questioned about what you choose to do for Happiness? Has you ever been regarded as "weird" or "unconventional" in your approach to life in the pursuit of Happiness? Well, that approach could just well be the clue to how you can unlock limitless Happiness in your life. We explore that in this episode and it'll help you own your unique path to Happiness even more! Enjoy!

Feb 1

13 min 34 sec

What I love about the work I do is that my clients inspire me on a daily basis. In our work to define or redefine what Happiness uniquely means to every human, revelations often present themselves in the "laboratory" of my office...where I get to be an observer of myself and my clients as exciting evolutions happen. This episode was inspired by just such an occasion this past week where one of my clients was sharing how he's experiencing more Happiness in what most people would consider an uncertain transition in life. Tune into the episode to learn all about it!

Jan 30

12 min 54 sec

My poor silent co-host furbaby, Kayla, got surgery this week...and even in her state of pain during the healing process, she was still generously teaching us mere mortal humans amazing lessons around Happiness. It almost goes without saying that as long as we're alive, we're going to experience pain on some level in life...life interrupted...Happiness interrupted. What do we do then? Well, the wisdom of Kayla is what answers that question in this episode...Enjoy! 🐺

Jan 28

13 min 51 sec

My experiences with my clients often bring both inspiration and surprises as to how hard it can be to attain the Happiness that we truly want. The exercise we explore in this episode can potentially create results in Happiness beyond what you thought possible...why not give it a shot? It's easy enough! 😉

Jan 26

13 min 29 sec

Are there Lions, Tigers, and Bears that are threats to your Happiness? You bet there is! The nice thing about it though is that we are the ones responsible for keeping them alive in our life. This episode was inspired by and addresses The Toxic Trio as defined by Dr. Carl Alasko in his book "Emotional Bullsh*t". It is a powerful way to resolve what has been keeping much of humanity stuck in states of UnHappiness for too long. Check it out and apply the principals!

Jan 22

12 min 24 sec

Taking things personally is one of the biggest hurdles to up-leveling your Happiness. Usually when we take things personally due to another person or a circumstance it's done to increase our states of UnHappiness. If you want to stop taking things personally, take a page (or chapter) out of The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as the inspiration for this episode and hopefully you! Enjoy!

Jan 21

14 min 29 sec

The current collective belief amongst many human beings is that Money CAN'T Buy Happiness. This episode debunks all of that by introducing a specific way that Money actually CAN. What makes it challenging though isn't just understand how it can... Tune in if you'd like to learn the simplest way on how you can effectively use Money to buy Authentic Happiness. Enjoy!

Jan 19

11 min 25 sec

Beach Volleyball inspired this episode today...specifically my painful experience of it. And though Beach Vball is a very Happy place for me, I still do encounter pain on a variety of levels from it. It reminded me as I will to you in this episode that with life and being human comes pain and hurt...but does that mean it derails us from Happiness? Tune into this for the answer! 😁

Jan 16

14 min 17 sec

When it comes to the complexity of human existence, it only makes sense that Happiness is different for everyone. And within the context of a single human being, there are different ways that Happiness shows up in the different areas of life. This episode discusses a more simplified approach on how to make sure that you are sustainable growing your states of Happiness in your life...because it's more than just one area...it's three!

Jan 14

14 min 16 sec

Kayla never ceases to amaze me around how she so effortlessly conveys the best lessons around Happiness. This episode is no different as her daily actions once again inspired the idea of what we may be doing to sabotage our Happiness...especially when Happiness comes knockin' at the door of our lives. What do you usually do? You may know what Kayla does...if not, then you'll want to listen in on this one. 🐺

Jan 12

11 min 37 sec

The other day I was confronted by an acquaintance...well not really confronted...more like questioned...about whether or not I thought my journey and prioritization of achieving greater states of Happiness for myself and my clients was a selfish endeavor. It made me pause to think about whether or not it was and thus inspired this episode. Join me to explore that idea and you might be surprised about how it shake out...it could give you some latitude to prioritize Happiness more this year! 😁

Jan 9

14 min 35 sec

Wait...you want me to BE UNHAPPY to BE HAPPY? What trickery is this? ...well it's not...why? because we're all human...at least most of us are. 😄 This episode is designed to empower you during the darkest of times so that you can realize the opportunities that have been revealed as a result of being UnHappy. We've discussed in different forms and formats before, but it's so important to understand that we can't ever talk too much about this paradigm of Happiness. Enjoy!

Jan 7

14 min 36 sec

Opportunities to expedite our journey towards greater states of Happiness is often missed because we don't think that every choice we make in life actually is about Happiness. The fact is...EVERY choice we make down any path in life has an eventuality of Happiness. It's a question of time and how quickly those choices we make can get us to a state of Happiness. This episode clarifies and frees you from the onus of making "bad" decisions in life.

Jan 5

13 min 1 sec

Holy Cow! Did we actually make it past 2020? Is 2020 finally behind us? WHAT A YEAR! For the most part it's been a bittersweet year for many people...for some, more bitter than sweet, and yet for others, more sweet than bitter. This episode is about looking forward to setting yourself up to have the Happiest 2021 ever...or rather the Happiest year you've ever had. How will you do that? Tune in to find out! 😉

Jan 1

15 min

As of this episode, we are literally days away from the end of 2020. And what a year it's been! For some it's been amazing, and for others, not so much. By activating our 2020 hindsight goggles during this time, we can catch opportunities that may have been missed for creating great states of Happiness. Do your best to hear this one before 2021 is upon us...it just might shift things for you in a good way!

Dec 2020

14 min 59 sec

As human beings, we all procrastinate at some point. A unique challenge arises when we start procrastinating on Happiness, or rather doing things that contribute to our States of Happiness. We've all done it at some point...the question is whether or not we're willing to stop the habit and madness of prioritizing everything else over our Happiness. This episode is all about that and will hopefully inspire you to prioritize Happiness again...like you knew how to do the moment you were born. 🙏

Dec 2020

14 min 48 sec

In recent years, the musical a cappella group, Pentatonix, has contributed to a lot of Happy times in my life (as background music and foreground music...lol) and one of my favorite songs is "That's Christmas To Me". This Pentatonix song is what inspired this episode to challenge each and every single one of us to take another look at how we are choosing to make and allow this Holiday Season to inspire greater states of Happiness as many traditions are being challenged due to 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and all those you love and care about...and enjoy this episode!And if you'd like to watch the very touching and heart-warming video I reference in this episode, here it is! https://youtu.be/pFjdfjrtf1Q

Dec 2020

14 min 28 sec

Tryptophan has been contributed to a lot of reasons behind lethargy and fatigue during the holiday season due to the belief that eating high amounts of turkey (and other foods) will contribute to the sometimes dreaded "food coma"...But is it really all that bad or is it your body telling you something about your States of Happiness? What if Tryptophan is really an ELIXIR for exactly what your body NEEDS to shift you into greater states of Happiness? This episode is all about that....Enjoy!

Dec 2020

13 min 34 sec

We have another lesson from the ever-so-unawaringly-wise Kayla. Often, our challenges around achieving greater states of Happiness is due to the fact that many of us believe that if we were to impose our desires and wants to the world around us, it would cause more problems than it's worth. There is a some truth to that...that is...if we approach like a human being would. If we approach like Kayla does it, it actually opens up the door for a whole host of new possibilities on how we achieve more Happiness

Dec 2020

13 min 16 sec