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Reversing burnout. Physician Shortages. Bad models. Forced buyouts. Meet those making a difference with host Ron Barshop

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    Episode # 118 – Welcome Back Clinton Phillips, Who Started Medici to Take Virtual Care to a Mew Level for What Now Has 4,000 Providers and Exceeds 13 Million Patients at 1 in 3 Fortune 100 Companies.
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    Episode # 117 – Direct Contracting is Much Larger than Anyone Thinks. Here’s The What, The Who and The Why it’s Inevitable and Unstoppable with your Host Ron Barshop.
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    Episode # 116 – Brand Newland Co-Founded Goldfinch Health to Bring Enhanced Recovery to Surgery – a 20-Year-Old Process with Over 4,000 Studies Being Used Only 5% of the Time. Listen to How it Works and Why it’s Critical in Avoiding Opioids, Complications, Time, and Expense.
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    Episode # 115 – DR. Innocent Clement Runs Evolvd Health, a Functional Medicine Direct Care Monthly Fee Platform That’s Making a Difference in Primary Care.
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    Episode # 114 – Dr. Robert Pearl lead Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Group of 10,000 Docs to #1 Nationally in Quality and Service. Hear What One of Our Great Thought Leaders has to Say About the New Movements That are Fixing Healthcare.
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    Episode # 113 – Nice Healthcare is a Venture Funded Virtual and Home Visit Primary Care Offering for Under $40/Family. Meet Co-founder and CEO, Thompson Aderinkomi.
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    Episode # 112 – Dr. Zeev Neuwirth is the Chief Clinical Executive for Care Transformation & Strategic Services at Atrium Health – A Preeminent, Nationally Leading Healthcare System in the Southeast.
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    Episode # 111 – Scott Shreeve MD Founded and Leads Crossover Health and Serves Employees of Amazon, LinkedIn, and More with a Direct Primary Care Model that Includes Mental Health, Physical Medicine, and More.
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    Episode # 110 – With 11 Million Members Premise Health is the Dominant Leader in Direct Primary Care. Jami Doucette, it’s President, Explains Why.
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    Episode # 109 – Meet Dan Corliss, Part of the New Breed of Benefits Advisors Reducing Employers Costs by Up To 40%.
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    Episode # 108 – Dr. Arup Roy-Burman is a Pediatric Physician and an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. Arup is the Founder and CEO of Elemeno Health, a Mobile Platform that Helps Healthcare Organizations Engage Frontline Staff to Deliver Consistent Best Practices, and to Bring Quality, Safety, and Efficiency to the Point of Care.
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    Episode # 107 – Ashley Maltz Knows Integrative Medicine and Formed a Model Collaborative with Local Independent Caregivers.
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    Episode # 106 – Gaurov Dayal MD is the Only C-Suite Exec Who Has Led Full Risk Value Based Care at ChenMed and Now the Second Largest Direct Primary Care Group, Everside. Hear Why These Two Models Have Been Safe Havens from Burnout, Lost Autonomy, Factory Medicine, Coal Mine Conditions, Over Testing, and Messed Up Incentives. Here is a Future Where Everyone Wins.
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    Episode # 105 – Shiv Rao is CEO of Abridge, Which is… Brilliant! It Transcribes Your Medical Appointment with Your Doc into a Report with Auto Links with Words Patients May Not Understand, Like Meds ,Conditions, Etc. It’s Free. Yeah, it’s Free!
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    Episode # 104 – Ge Bai is an Authority on Healthcare Abuses, Economics, and Transparency. She has Been Featured in ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, NBC, New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and More. She has Answers to the Questions We Are All Asking.
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    Episode # 103 – Brianna Greenspan is a Medical Miracle and is That for 1000’s of Others with Rare Conditions. Hear What She Did to Go from Wheelchair to Fully Functional.
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    Episode # 102 – Dr. Anand Mehta Started his Own Direct Primary Care Clinic After Considering All Alternatives After Launching the First Walmart Health Clinic. The Hard Evidence Why to Make Such a Radical Move is Obvious After Hearing This.
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    Episode # 101 – Meet Dr. Tim Raderstorf, The First Chief Innovation Officer from Nursing and the Chief Operating Officer for NursesEverywhere. Nursing Will be the Source of Innovation. Here’s How.
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    Episode # 100 – There are So Many Gold Nuggets That Guests Have Shared with Our Host, Ron Barshop. So, He Will Distill Them Down in the Annual Ten Lies in Primary Care (and by Extension Healthcare) Show. Here is What You Can Expect in 2021….
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    Episode # 99 – Dr. Regi Herzlinger has Taught Healthcare Economics for 5 Decades, Sat on Dozens of Boards of the Bigs and Writes About Solutions That Work.
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    Episode # 98 – We Welcome Back Dr. Leah Houston. She Teaches Us Docs are the Only Profession That Goes into $350,000 of Debt to Work 3 Years Plus at Janitor’s Wages for the Privilege to Help Others in their Most Dire Time of Need. And So Much More…
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    Episode # 97 – Dr. Mike Magee Rose to Senior Ranks at Pfizer, a Hospital System, and as a Surgeon. Now, as a Medical Historian and Podcaster, He Has a Broad Overview of National and State Solves That Work to Cure Primary Care and Healthcare Overall.
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    Episode # 96 – Praveena Jaidev MD is One of 127,000 Foreign Medical Graduates Who Struggle to Join the American Medical Workforce Despite Severe Shortages. She’s Doing Something About it in Congress.
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    Episode # 95 – Michael Akinyele was the First Chief Innovation Officer for the VA with its 390,000 Employees and Offers his Perspective Where Primary Care is Going and Who is Driving the New Model.
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    Episode # 94 – Meet Doug Aldeen an ERISA Attorney and National Activist Bucking for Fundamental Change as More Self-insured Employers Turn to Their Health Spend to Uncover Buried Treasure of 20-60% Savings and Better Outcomes for Employees.
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    Episode # 93 – Round 2 with Katy Talento, Recent White House Senior Advisor, Epidemiologist, Benefit Engineer, and Former Nun Who Wins in the Transformational New Healthcare Economy.
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    Episode # 92 – MRSA and C. diff Should Not Have Messed with Jeanine Thomas Who Leads the MRSA Survivors Network, Which is Outing the Bigs Who Prefer to Bury THIS Epidemic Much Worse than COVID-19
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    Episode # 91 – Morris Miller, CEO of Xenex Disinfection Services Knows it Takes a Light Emitting Robot to Completely Eliminate in 2 minutes Pathogens like C-19 – Mayo, Waldorf Astoria, the Carolina Panthers, and Hundreds More Like Them Agree.
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    Episode # 90 – Dr. Jaime Hope is a Master Teacher of Medical Students, an ER Doc, an Author Famous for Her Mantras. “The Answer is in The Patient.” “A Test is Always a Question.” More Nuggets Here – Listen Up.
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    Episode # 89 – Wait! The Origin of Virtual Primary Care was Born the Day After the Birth of the iPhone? Meet Dr. Jay Parkinson the Original Creator and a Pediatrician Who Grew Sherpaa and Now as a Principal at Crossover Health Serve Up Primary Care and More at Amazon, LinkedIn and More at Their Places of Business.
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    Episode # 88 – Dr. Trent Talbot Overcame his and his Grandfather’s “Irreversible” Conditions by Deep Diving into Non-Traditional Solutions. Hear how The MediSearch Institute was born.
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    Episode # 87 – Marshall Allen of ProPublica is as Respected as Healthcare Journalists Come. Shortlisted for the Pulitzer, He Exposes the Egregious Behavior of the Bigs. Learn What Drives Him Here.
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    Episode # 86 – Dr. Clive Fields of VillageMD and Walgreens Agreed to a Billion Dollar Partnership in July. 500-700 Clinics Over 5 years. Meet the Visionary Who is Taking Primary Care to the Next Level.
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    Episode # 85 – Mark Henderson Leary is an EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) Ninja who can Help you Take your Practice Back with Tools, Scorecards, and Systems That Just Make Sense.
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    Episode # 84 – Wait! Dr. Anand Mehta was the First Medical Director at Walmart Health’s Pilot Clinic in Dallas, Georgia. Hear How They Offer Transparently Priced Affordable Care for What Might Someday be Their 2 Million Daily Customers.
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    Episode # 83 – Over 91 Million Americans Have a Rare Condition or Genetic Disorder that Lands Them in the Cracks and Crevices of Misdiagnosed Care. Today, They can Have a Graphic Timeline Thanks to Katie McCurdy of Pictal Health.
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    Episode # 82 – Which COVID-19 Test is the Best? Here is a Tour de Force. Meet Dr. Amy Altman, a Former DOD Consultant for Biodefense with a PhD and a Master’s in Microbiology, Now at Reliant Immune Diagnostics as its Chief Operating Officer. She has answers.
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    Episode # 81 – Nora Belcher Founded the Largest e-Health Alliance in the Country and Speaks the Recent Truth and Lessons a Pandemic Teaches about Digital and Telehealth.
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    Episode # 80 – Jeanne Teshler, CEO of Wellsmith has “Run the Three Minute Mile” by Reversing Type 2 Diabetes 30% in Several Clinical Trials.
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    Episode # 79 – HuffPost called it! RubiconMD is One of the Five Companies Redefining Healthcare. Meet its Co-Founders Gil Addo and Carlos Reines, and hear why.
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    Episode # 78 – John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple & President of Pepsi is now Chairman of the Board and CMO of RxAdvance, a Tech Driven PBM that Outlines who Wins as Technology Replaces and Restores our Creaky and Broken Sickcare System
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    Episode # 77 – Dr. Marion Mass is an Urgent Care Pediatrician who Collaborated to Lead a Movement with 8M Followers Today. She is a Living Prescription for Doc Led Activism and Courage.
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    Episode # 76 – Wait! You are One of 500,000 Members with a Direct Primary Care Doc and You Don’t Know about Sedera? Learn How Medical Cost Sharing is the Perfect Pairing for DPC with Jamie Lagarde, its CEO and Why This was the Fastest Growing Company in Fast Growth Austin Last Year.
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    Episode # 75 – Dr. Lee Gross is the Voice of Direct Primary Care in the White House, Congress, CMS, HHS, and IRS. Hear the games Bigs play.
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    Episode # 74 – Ashley Bacot and Kenneth Aldridge Get Real and Right Down to the Metrics that Make Rosencare a National Model that Changes Everything.
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    Episode # 73 – Meet a Top National Benefits Advisor who Engineers 30-60% Savings for her 215,000 Person Block of Business and a Local CEO Who Could Never go Back to Legacy Health Benefits or Factory Medical Care. Rachel Means is That Genius Advisor and Charlie Cano is CEO of ETEX, Her Local Wireless Provider.
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    Episode # 72 – Marni Jameson Carey Represents Independent Docs and is Outing the Bad Behaving Nonprofit Bigs with Skyboxes, Stadium Naming Rights, and Billions in Offshore Cayman Accounts.
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    Episode # 71 – Save a Rural Hospital, Save a County Says Carl Schuessler, an Uber Creative Benefit Advisor with Mitigate Partners Who Teaches Nearly Broke but Highly Rated Rurals Exactly How to Save Millions Building Their Own Local High Value Network with the Stakeholders – County, School and Local Pharmacy, Local Doc – Brick by Brick.
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    Episode # 70 – Dr. Marty Makary is the Bestselling Author of Game Changing “Unaccountable” and More Recently “The Price We Pay”. What is Next in Healthcare Post COVID-19? What is Working Today?
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    Episode # 69 – James Dunavant of the Free Market Medical Association is at the Cutting Edge of Transparency and Entrepreneurial Alternatives that Repair Healthcare One Employer at a Time.

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