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Finding Your Summit

By Mark Pattison

Mark Pattison is a former NFL player, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mountaineer who is now climbing the Seven Summits. Through his life’s journey, business, sports & charity work, Mark has been fortunate to meet some of the world’s most incredible people who share their stories of how they overcame obstacles to succeed and what their driving force was.

  1. 1.
    Mike Schauch: Hear an amazing story about a guy who followed his heart to find the right karma in Nepal and pay it forward. Incredible tale....01/22/2021
  2. 2.
    Steve Porino: As a member of the US Ski Team to being the lead announcer for downhill racing on NBC plus calling the Tour De France, Steve has lived quite the life01/15/2021
  3. 3.
    Don Dow: My former teammate from the University of Washington describes how he had to make a pivot during Covid and adjust his Event Planning company to position for success in the future...01/08/2021
  4. 4.
    As a child, Dung Duong fled Vietnam, lived in refugee camps, was jailed, and found himself homeless before immigrating to the United States and finding success as an entrepreneur and investor01/01/2021
  5. 5.
    Brian Von Herbulis: 17 years as a special opps leader in the Marines, this all star now empowers people to unleash their potential through outdoor adventures. Prepare to get optimized...12/25/2020
  6. 6.
    Benjamin Alexander: From being an international DJ to trying to make the Jamaica Olympic Ski Team. What are the odds?12/18/2020
  7. 7.
    Kevin Sorbo is an American Actor who has appeared in over 65 movies plus numerous TV shows including playing Hercules which lasted 6 years12/11/2020
  8. 8.
    Kevin Richardson is a former Husky Football player who had aspirations of playing in the NFL but never happen and took him 33 years to move past it. Inspiring...12/04/2020
  1. 9.
    Mike Marolt adventurer, has climbed and skied down multiple 8 Meter Peaks on over 40 expeditions including the crown jewel, Mt Everest11/27/2020
  2. 10.
    Hilaree Nelson is a world class adventurer, mountaineer & high altitude ski who has been the first woman to climb Mt Everest + Lhotse within 24 hours11/20/2020
  3. 11.
    Former Heisman Trophy winner, Danny Wuerffel was not only an amazing quarterback for Florida back in the day but has taken that same drive and energy & made helping others his life's mission. He is the executive director of Desire Street Ministries and t11/13/2020
  4. 12.
    Derek Abby is the CEO and President of Project Recover. He is a badass Marine who combined his service with education to get his PhD in leadership. He since has gone onto help recover MIA's around the world and bring back our vets who were lost in war..11/06/2020
  5. 13.
    Never Give Up, Never Quit... Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was sure that he would become another statistic when, during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was caught in an IED blast, four days before his twenty-fifth birthday10/30/2020
  6. 14.
    Josh Pelland is a former British Marine Commando and Special Opps who lived a life of adventure until he took a 65 foot fall, became paralyzed and has had to fight his way back. His tenacity, grit and shear will have got him back into the lane of life.10/23/2020
  7. 15.
    Butch is a former 11 year Army Apache helicopter pilot who helped to protect the ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He went from the Battlefield to the Backcountry in co-founding Kryptek, an outdoor apparel company. This guy is the real deal!!10/16/2020
  8. 16.
    Tom Arnold is an American actor with over 100+ movies and TV shows in addition to working with the USO whom Bob Hope exposed him to years ago plus a host of the Best Damn Sports Show years ago. He keeps reinventing himself and was a super interesting and10/09/2020
  9. 17.
    Joe is a former NFL player that after 8 years decided to retire, give away all this stuff, buy a Van, get a dog named Freedom and got hit the road for 8 months. Talk about self discovery of driving around the US, meeting new people and getting outside hi10/02/2020
  10. 18.
    MJ was one of the first venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. What a resilient story of overcoming the odds of being a woman in a men-dominated space to, in part, fund some of the most dynamic companies of this generation09/25/2020
  11. 19.
    Andrew Hughes has been chasing mountains around the world in his attempt to climb the Seven Summits. Despite being pushed back on a few of his climbs, he continues to show his resiliency by coming back, not giving up and staying the course09/18/2020
  12. 20.
    168: John Foley is an original. Full of positive energy, he is not only GLAD TO BE HERE but talks about bringing greatness to teams. He would know being the lead pilot as a Blue Angel!09/11/2020
  13. 21.
    Merril Hoge is a former NFL legend & longtime ESPN football analyst whose motto "Find a Way" helped him make it into the NFL, overcome a heart condition and beat cancer! An exceptional person who has been goal oriented his entire life. Great inspirational09/04/2020
  14. 22.
    Jason Piccolo is a former US Border Patrol, Narco Agent and Army vet who also served in Iraq. Listen to his amazing and Jack Ryan type stories of cloak and dagger trying to capture drugs, drug lords and human smuggling. Quite a life of intrigue..08/28/2020
  15. 23.
    Dick Couch is a former Navy Seal who led multiple missions overseas including a POW rescue in Vietnam and worked in the CIA talks about what it was like and the kind of tactical leadership we need today08/21/2020
  16. 24.
    Steve Azar, country music legend with multiple hits on the charts goes behind the music and tells us where the inspiration for so many songs have come from08/14/2020
  17. 25.
    Mariel Hemingway: Mariel Hemingway talks about navigating the pandemic, her acting career and how self care and mental wellness have become a major force in her life... She's remarkable.08/07/2020
  18. 26.
    Coach Gary Pinkel: Former Head Coach Gary Pinkel of Missouri talks about getting cancer & how it ended his football career but overcame to live and find a higher purpose. Not only is this an inspirational episode but Coach Pinkel has been successful in07/31/2020
  19. 27.
    Kristen Willeumier: Another incredible powerhouse woman who learned the early lessons of competitive horse jumping (and falling) to become an expert in neurobiology. She is helping to change the world and give help to those with brain disease such as ALS07/24/2020
  20. 28.
    Meghan Buchanan: This Wonder Woman is a Rocket Science and climbing the Seven Summits but had to overcome her adversities to get there. Now she is inspiring others with her GGRIT!07/17/2020
  21. 29.
    Rony Seikaly: Former NBA Star Rony Seikaly talks about his time growing up in war torn Beirut and then finding his way to the states07/10/2020
  22. 30.
    Randall Reeves: Inspiring others to do the impossible. Randall Reeves is the 1st person to circumnavigate the America's and Antartica in a figure 8 by himself in 2018. Incredible.07/03/2020
  23. 31.
    Pastor Alvin Vaughn: Former high school and college basketball star at the University of Washington shares his insights on race relations with his former teammate David Koehler and myself.06/26/2020
  24. 32.
    Amanda Russell: Model and fitness expert who had to figure it out. She came from a small town in Canada where one person told her the secret to getting out which ultimately let to becoming a PhD at University of Texas.06/19/2020
  25. 33.
    Joe Kelly: Former first round draft pick and teammate of mine, Joe Kelly speaks up about Black Lives Matter. Very powerful convo including former Head Coach Jim Mora on the pod. Joe details what it has been like to be black in America.06/12/2020
  26. 34.
    Yogi Roth + Hugh Millen : Pac 12 analyst Yogi Roth + 10 year NFL QB Hugh Millen break down what college football might look like when the pandemic lifts...06/05/2020
  27. 35.
    Scott Mellin: How the Global GM of North Face has navigated the Coronavirus as this amazing brand continues to flourish...05/29/2020
  28. 36.
    Laurie Adami: This SuperGirl came back from cancer 7 times before overcoming with new treatments. Now she wants to bring dollars and awareness with plans of climbing to Everest base camp so she can help others. What an inspiration...05/22/2020
  29. 37.
    Jim Mora: Former NFL and College Head Coach Jim Mora talks about putting yourself in the best position for life after Covid-19 when we all emerge out of this virus05/15/2020
  30. 38.
    Ed Rush: Ed Rush is a former Top Gun pilot who now speaks to milions on what he learned about vision, clarity & mission. Great conversation as we deal with the Coronavirus and what we can all do...05/08/2020
  31. 39.
    Tracy Perlman: Tracy is the SVP of NFL Communications and Marketing. She has been a huge part of developing the NFL Legends community while becoming a force within a male dominated sport. This is all about Girl Empowerment...05/01/2020
  32. 40.
    Josh Sprague: Founder of Orange Mud talks about the challenges of work, play & life after starting a succesful startup and what it takes to succeed!04/24/2020
  33. 41.
    Kenyon Salo: How this public speaker & professional skydiver for the Denver Broncos helps us to navigate the Coronavirus.04/17/2020
  34. 42.
    Rocky Bleier: Former NFL great who served in Vietnam, was shot and then hit with a mortar and then came back to win 4 super bowls for the Pittsburgh Steelers.04/10/2020
  35. 43.
    Kevin Rutherford: Chief Eternal Optimist (CEO) of NUUN Hydration tabs and the keys to happiness. Get inspired...04/03/2020
  36. 44.
    Shawn Richardson: Through divorce, this amazing woman found her way back through the clarity she found in the mountains. Psst: Sounds like me!!03/27/2020
  37. 45.
    Alan Arnette: Former Everest summiter talks about Coronavirus in Nepal and the challenges of climbing the mountain..03/20/2020
  38. 46.
    Ronnie Lott: Former USC All American, San Francisco Hall of Famer, now champions All Stars helping Kids. Inspirational dude...03/13/2020
  39. 47.
    Matt Millen: Former NFL great, NFL executive & longtime broadcaster who overcame a near death experience!03/06/2020
  40. 48.
    140: Mark Pattison + Jim Mora: Former NFL Player turned mountaineer + Former Head Coach of UCLA, Seahawks and Falcons discuss Mt Everest and what it takes to be a champion in life...02/28/2020
  41. 49.
    Jason Schechterle: Jason's dream was to become a Phoenix police officer. 14 months into the job, he was hit by a taxi driver going 115 MPH. His car burst into flames and burned a significant part of his head + body. He feels blessed to lead the life he02/21/2020
  42. 50.
    Mark Allen: 6-time Ironman World Champion with an incredible mindset!02/14/2020
  43. 51.
    Jack Kavanagh: Jack suffered a spinal cord injury but has overcome to have a fearless attitude by breaking personal boundries in every way.02/07/2020
  44. 52.
    Unstoppable Tracy: Unstoppable Tracy is amazing in every way. Physical limitations have never slowed her down to do inspiring things and inspire millions.01/31/2020
  45. 53.
    Scott Kujak: Host of the Underdog Podcast who has gone through his own share of adversity including his best friend dying of cancer at 25 years old. The grace he learned from tough times.01/24/2020
  46. 54.
    Mike Ramos: Former Olympic Decathlete who went through addiction to overcome and find his way running a pancake house in Montana...01/17/2020
  47. 55.
    Daddy Saturday: Learning how to be intentional with our kids and end abandonment to raise our children to be better adults. The author and Ted X speaker of Daddy Saturday, Justin Batt is leading the charge.01/10/2020
  48. 56.
    Leon Logothetis: Author, TV Host, Cause Adventurer, Motivational Speaker & Philanthropist overcame depression and became an advocate for kindness through his books and his television work on The Kindness Diaries.01/03/2020
  49. 57.
    Gary Vitti: Former Head Trainer of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1984-2016, Author of the book "32 Years of Titles and Tears From the Best Seat in the House", shares stories of Shaq, Kobe, Magic, Kareem & others while experiencing the highs and lows while w12/27/2019
  50. 58.
    Anthony Trucks: Retired NFL Player for the Buccaneers, Redskins, and Steelers, President & CEO of Anthony Trucks Industries, Author, Speaker, Coach, and Current American Ninja Warrior on NBC12/20/2019
  51. 59.
    Gus Frerotte: Retired NFL Quarterback for the Broncos, Dolphins, Vikings, Redskins, Bengals, Lions, and Rams who overcame high school injuries and has moved forward with his own podcast, Partner at, and President of Business Developme12/13/2019
  52. 60.
    Patrick Sweeney: Fear Guru, Keynote Speaker, Author, and TEDx Speaker helping companies create a culture of courage, shares how he managed to go from overcoming an exhaustive work-over-everything mentality and being consumed by fear to aligning his life w12/06/2019
  53. 61.
    Chris Waddell: American Paralympic Sit-Skier and Wheelchair Track Athlete, and Founder of One Revolution shares how he went from being paralysed from the waist and found his summit of inner strength and determination to win 13 Paralympic medals.11/29/2019
  54. 62.
    Peter Cetera: American singer, songwriter, bassist, and an original member of the superstar rock group Chicago who has found his summit from his humble beginnings in the south side of Chicago to an award-winning career, including 17 albums with Chica11/22/2019
  55. 63.
    Leigh Steinberg: CEO and Chairman of the Board at Steinberg Sports and Entertainment in Orange County, California Area talks about reaching his summit as a professional sports agent of over 300 athletes, sliding down the valley of alcoholism, and cli11/15/2019
  56. 64.
    Floyd Landis: Former Tour de France cyclist winner who was stripped of doping overcame this widely reported setback and reestablished himself in the CBD business11/08/2019
  57. 65.
    Aaron Hale: Former War Hero who was blown up by IED bomb and went blind in Afghanistan discusses his journey of recovery, extraordinary achievement, and now operating a thriving Fudge business.11/01/2019
  58. 66.
    Conrad Anker: Legendary Mountaineer, Filmmaker of Meru, and Discovered George Mallory on Mt Everest10/24/2019
  59. 67.
    Coach Jim Johnson: Retired High School Basketball Coach and Teacher at Greece Athena High School, Motivational Speaker, Professional Speaker, Author of A Coach and a Miracle, and Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement and Leadership Expert10/18/2019
  60. 68.
    Luis Benitez: Challenge yourself and change your world! Pro Mountaing guide, Climbed the 7 Summits multiple times & involved in multiple non-profits Tracking for Kids. What a life...10/11/2019
  61. 69.
    Pastor Richard Dahstrom: His faith was renewed while hiking in the Alps. Now an inspirational Pastor at Bethany Church in Seattle. Big believer of taking care of yourself so you can help others. The role of life: Service, Pilgrimage, Hospitality, Trut10/03/2019
  62. 70.
    Scott Svenson: Co-founder and CEO at MOD Pizza and the Founder and Ex-CEO of Seattle Coffee Company went from creating a coffee company that Starbucks wanted to buy, to starting a pizza company that wants to make the world a better place to live.09/26/2019
  63. 71.
    Marala Scott: Oprah Winfrey called her one of the 5 global ambassadors of hope! She is a true blessing and will brighten your day...08/15/2019
  64. 72.
    Mark Gainey: A champion runner in high school led Mark to being part of the Harvard rowing team and taught him about the principals of team work, discipline and building something great. This is what he has done with one of the world's top fitness app's08/08/2019
  65. 73.
    Alan Arnette: If you don't succeed, try, try again and that is what Alan did. Took him 4 times to finally make the summit of Mt Everest. This is a story of perseverance not to mention he has topped K2.. WOW!08/01/2019
  66. 74.
    Nat Strand: the first female team to win The Amazing Race while dealing with being a Type 1 Diabetic. Heroic effort for someone who's life is run by the up's and downs of managing her daily sugar levels...07/26/2019
  67. 75.
    Brian Dickinson: Going snow blind on the top of Mt Everest and then trying to figure out a way down the mountain by himself.. This was a Blind Decent but lived to talk about it.07/19/2019
  68. 76.
    Jeff Glasbrenner: Overcoming a tragic accident and losing his leg as an 8 year old to going to 3 Para Olympic Games, running 23 Ironman's and standing on top of Mt Everest.. Wow!07/12/2019
  69. 77.
    Debra Meyerson, PhD: Retired Tenured Professor at Stanford University and Author, has not only overcome a stroke that attacked the right side of her body, but she is helping others cope by releasing her book “Identity Theft.”07/05/2019
  70. 78.
    110: Howard Behar: Retired President of Starbucks, Author, Speaker, and Adviser has helped Starbucks overcome obstacles to become the premium coffee company in the world by putting people first.06/28/2019
  71. 79.
    109: Chris Warner: Mountaineer, Entrepreneur, Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker, and Leadership Expert has reached his summit on some of the highest mountain peaks in the world.06/21/2019
  72. 80.
    JJ Birden: Former NFL Player who was undersized for a receiver and went on to play 9 seaons in the league. JJ overcame the odds which prepared him for life.06/14/2019
  73. 81.
    Jason Redman: 20 years as Navy Seal & shot 8 times including one to the face on enemy front lines. No bad days, only good days for this hero...06/07/2019
  74. 82.
    Terry McDonough: a man who overcame a series of adversities including a fatal car crash that ended a life. This set him on a path of destruction until he took a hard core pivot, became a NFL executive, and now is living a purposeful life.05/31/2019
  75. 83.
    Lisa Odenweller: Serial Entrepreneur & founder of Beaming organic food cafe's before being removed as CEO,then staged a comeback, overcame her obstacles and started Kroma Superfoods.05/24/2019
  76. 84.
    Don Yaeger: The master storyteller who has written 28 books including one on Walter Payton, gone one on one with Michael Jordan and an expert at helping you Find Your Greatness.05/17/2019
  77. 85.
    Randy Hetrick: CEO of TRX talks about 14 years as a Navy Seal and the summits he has had to climb to develop a new wave of working out.05/10/2019
  78. 86.
    Trent Dilfer: 14 Year NFL QB & ESPN Analyst on how losing his son to heart disease at age 5 taught him so many life lessons..05/03/2019
  79. 87.
    Blair Kellison: Paying it forward with the CEO of Traditional Medicinals04/26/2019
  80. 88.
    Garrett Madison : The Dangers of Guiding Clients up Everest and K204/17/2019
  81. 89.
    Ed Molitor: Former NCAA BB Texas A & M assistant coach on being purposeful, positive & energetic after overcoming adversity.04/11/2019
  82. 90.
    Kechi Okwuchi Surviving a plane crash with 2 time America’s Got Talent Finalist.04/05/2019
  83. 91.
    066: REWIND - Former NFL Quarterback Tom Flick Is Here To Learn About You03/29/2019
  84. 92.
    Jean Enersen – First Woman Co-Anchor, Conquered Her Summit03/22/2019
  85. 93.
    Cody Foster – Co-Founder of Advisors Excel, Finding the Summit Team03/15/2019
  86. 94.
    Sheryl O'Loughlin - Rebbel CEO is Killing It03/08/2019
  87. 95.
    Sean Evangelista - Navy SEAL is Living 30 Seconds Out & Skiing with a Purpose03/01/2019
  88. 96.
    Anthony Allen – Catching up with NFL Wide Receiver & Huskies Teammate02/22/2019
  89. 97.
    Akshay Nanavati – Fearvana, Turning Fear Into Health Wealth and Happiness02/15/2019
  90. 98.
    Mark Pattison - Reflections from the Top of Summit Six02/08/2019
  91. 99.
    Bernie Swain – Washington Speakers Bureau a Handshake Deal02/01/2019
  92. 100.
    Ta'u Pupu'a - Grid Iron to Opera Stage01/25/2019
  93. 101.
    Kristy Sobel - Prize Fighter, The Prize is Life01/18/2019
  94. 102.
    087: Powder Matt Mosteller The Adventurer’s Path Through the Mountains01/11/2019
  95. 103.
    086: Mariel Hemingway - Gets Real About Conquering Her Summit01/04/2019
  96. 104.
    Rebecca Rusch - Queen of Pain12/28/2018
  97. 105.
    Stephen Wampler - Making Disabilities Disappear12/21/2018
  98. 106.
    Tim Kennedy, Sheepdog Response, Always Hard to Kill12/14/2018
  99. 107.
    Shelley Smith ESPN Reporter, Chasing Stories, Tackling Adversity12/07/2018
  100. 108.
    Todd Orr - Survived 2 Grizzly Bear Attacks11/30/2018
  101. 109.
    Mike Hamill - Climbing The Seven Summits11/23/2018
  102. 110.
    Pirie Jones Grossman Getting Better By Forgiving Yourself11/22/2018
  103. 111.
    Ken Nsimbi - Guiding Youth to the Top of Their First Summit11/16/2018
  104. 112.
    Andy Hnilo - Unmasked and Radiating Health11/09/2018
  105. 113.
    Werner Berger - Growth is Found Outside the Comfort Zone11/02/2018
  106. 114.
    Pete Koch - It Requires Sacrifice, Inspiration from an NFL 1st Round PIck10/26/2018
  107. 115.
    Charles Plumb is Packing His Parachute with Personal Adversity10/25/2018
  108. 116.
    Dr. Charles Weaver - Cancer Connect10/19/2018
  109. 117.
    Brett Archibald - Overboard in the Indian Ocean10/12/2018
  110. 118.
    Bill Valenti - Linguist, Banker, Founder, Musician, Survivor10/05/2018
  111. 119.
    070: NFL QB Steve Beuerlein, Creating Opportunity to Grow, Through Change09/28/2018
  112. 120.
    069: Raha Moharrak09/21/2018
  113. 121.
    067: Vern Tejas - 7 Summits 10X09/14/2018
  114. 122.
    067: Making a Difference with former NFL Player Tafa Jefferson09/07/2018
  115. 123.
    065: Perfect Days With Cokie Berenyi08/29/2018
  116. 124.
    064: Winning At Life After Football with Mark Brunell08/24/2018
  117. 125.
    063: A Life Of Thriving with Coach Elizabeth Miner08/17/2018
  118. 126.
    Rewind 04: The Wellness Cancer Summit: The Latest Technology In Health, Fitness, And Beauty with Cynthia Besteman08/16/2018
  119. 127.
    062: Having The Faith To Overcome Life's Adversities with Michael Ketterer08/10/2018
  120. 128.
    061: Jim Mora Sr. on His Football Career, Life, Achievements, And Disappointments08/03/2018
  121. 129.
    060: Setting Your Own Rules And Rising Above The Competition with Gabby Reece07/27/2018
  122. 130.
    059: Building Up The Courage To Carve Your Own Path with Nate Boyer07/20/2018
  123. 131.
    058: Transforming Under The Three Strikes Law with Kenyatta Leal07/13/2018
  124. 132.
    Rewind 03: Life Without Limits with College Football Analyst, Filmmaker & Scholar Yogi Roth07/12/2018
  125. 133.
    057: Wellness Elevated Through Loving Oneself with Todd Dean07/06/2018
  126. 134.
    Rewind 02: Break It Down: Insights From New Perspectives with American War Hero Pete Turner07/05/2018
  127. 135.
    056: Hope After a Spinal Cord Injury With Chris Norton06/29/2018
  128. 136.
    Rewind 01: The Never Ending Quest For A Culture of Success with Jim Mora06/28/2018
  129. 137.
    055: Deep Undercover: Life After Espionage With Former Spy Jack Barsky06/22/2018
  130. 138.
    054: Jon Gordon: Roadmap To True Accomplishment On The Energy Bus06/15/2018
  131. 139.
    053: Evan Phillips: Merging Music And Mountain Climbing06/08/2018
  132. 140.
    052: The Last Mile: Breaking The Cycle Of Incarceration with Aly Tamboura06/01/2018
  133. 141.
    051: Mike Hattrup: The World Of Extreme Skiing05/25/2018
  134. 142.
    050: Christine Schwan: Improving Professional Sports Performance With Yoga05/18/2018
  135. 143.
    049: Joshua Mantz: Overcoming Trauma And Cheating Death05/11/2018
  136. 144.
    048: Alex Deibold: Overcoming Adversity, Before And After Becoming An Olympic Medalist05/04/2018
  137. 145.
    047: Cynthia Besteman: Overcoming Breast Cancer And Creating Violets Are Blue04/27/2018
  138. 146.
    046: Scott Huesing: The Power of Connection in Leadership04/20/2018
  139. 147.
    045: Maura Sweeney: “Living Happy Inside Out”, The Mantra for an Authentic Life04/13/2018
  140. 148.
    044: Laird Hamilton: Big Wave Surfing’s Biggest, Boldest and Bravest04/06/2018
  141. 149.
    043: Sparsh Shah: Combining Indian Classical Music with Hip Hop03/30/2018
  142. 150.
    042: Glenn Derby: Finding Success Through Finding Purpose03/23/2018
  143. 151.
    041: Lee Tomlinson: Throat Cancer Survivor Who Conquered His Fear And Learned The Lesson Of Kindness03/16/2018
  144. 152.
    040: Pirie Jones Grossman: From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs Through Using Soul Centered Life Coaching03/09/2018
  145. 153.
    039: Pete Turner: American War Hero on Overcoming Obstacles Behind Enemy Lines03/02/2018
  146. 154.
    038: Betsy Pake: The Happiness Coach Finding Greatness Through Struggles02/23/2018
  147. 155.
    037: Ed Viesturs: American Climber Of 14 8000 Meter Peaks On Reaching Impossible Goals02/16/2018
  148. 156.
    036: Mike Vowels, Acrobat Skier And Author OF Return To Paradise. A Skier’s Journey02/09/2018
  149. 157.
    035: Steve Largent, The NFL Hall of Famer With No Fear02/02/2018
  150. 158.
    034: Mandy Harvey: Deaf Singer With An Angelic Voice And Incredible Talent01/26/2018
  151. 159.
    033: Dara Kurtz: Crush Cancer Head On And Live A Crazy Perfect Life01/19/2018
  152. 160.
    032: Jake Olson, Blind Football Player On Rising Up To An Amazing Career01/12/2018
  153. 161.
    031: Hugh Millen: A Lookback On The Challenging Life And Career Of An NFL Quarterback01/05/2018
  154. 162.
    30: Rich Barton On Global Entrepreneurship; From Waiting On Tables To Pitching Expedia To Bill Gates12/29/2017
  155. 163.
    029: Kacey McCallister: On Conquering The Spartan Race Challenge And How To Rise Up From Adversity12/22/2017
  156. 164.
    028: Danielle Taylor, Her Phenomenal Comeback From Struggling Musician To Recording Artist12/15/2017
  157. 165.
    027: The Captain Charles Plumb: On Packing Your Mental Parachute, Forgiving the Enemy and Enjoying Solitude in Life12/08/2017
  158. 166.
    026: Kyle Maynard: 2004 SP Best Athlete Award for Disability, On Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and Living Life With No Excuses12/01/2017
  159. 167.
    025: Dr. Neeta Bhushan Author of Emotional Grit, on Going on a Journey to Find Yourself and Stepping into Greatness.11/24/2017
  160. 168.
    024: Tom Flick on his Enter and Exit to the NFL, Overcoming the Hardships in Between, and on to Becoming a Change Leadership Speaker11/17/2017
  161. 169.
    023: Alison Levine: Seven Summiteer, Featured on 60 Minutes, #1 Public Speaker and Producer of the film “The Glass Ceiling”11/10/2017
  162. 170.
    022: Justin Osmond, son of one of the famous Osmond brothers talks about overcoming his hearing loss and helping others. Super Inspirational…11/03/2017
  163. 171.
    021: The Amazing Emily Farkas: Leading a purposeful life: Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Humanitarian, Mountaineer. Wow!10/27/2017
  164. 172.
    020: Colin O’Brady, from being burned over 25% of his body to setting the world record of climbing the GRAND SLAM in 139 days..10/20/2017
  165. 173.
    019: Cory Procter on Developing Grit, Dealing with Hardships and Stories From NFL10/13/2017
  166. 174.
    018: Dianette Wells on Conquering the Seven Summits to Overcoming the Tragic Loss of Her Amazing Son10/06/2017
  167. 175.
    017: Erik Weihenmayer on The Catalyst for Confidence09/29/2017
  168. 176.
    016: The Modern Day Renaissance Man, Steve Azar09/22/2017
  169. 177.
    015: Kathy Eldon on Sharing Our Journeys09/15/2017
  170. 178.
    014: NFL Hall Of Famer Morten Andersen09/08/2017
  171. 179.
    013: Astronaut & Doctor Scott Parazynski09/01/2017
  172. 180.
    012: Entrepreneur Mitch Russo08/25/2017
  173. 181.
    011: Jerry Robinson - Former Raiders and Eagles Player08/18/2017
  174. 182.
    010: Mark Bonchek of Shift Academy08/11/2017
  175. 183.
    009: Joe De Sena of Spartan Race and Death Race08/04/2017
  176. 184.
    008: Chris Long - NFL Defensive End & Founder07/28/2017
  177. 185.
    007: Laura Doyle on Marriage and "The Surrendered Wife"07/21/2017
  178. 186.
    006: Shark Attack Victim Mike Coots07/14/2017
  179. 187.
    005: Nick Hardwick - Broadcaster and Former San Diego Charger07/07/2017
  180. 188.
    004: Climbing Legend Lou Whittaker06/30/2017
  181. 189.
    003: Navy Seal Brad McLeod06/23/2017
  182. 190.
    002: UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora, Jr.06/16/2017
  183. 191.
    001: Yogi Roth - College Football Analyst, Filmmaker & Scholar06/09/2017
  184. 192.
    Welcome To Finding Your Summit - With Mark Pattison05/30/2017

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