Travel Business Lounge | For Travel and Tour Entrepreneurs

By Kara Myers

Welcome to the Travel Business Lounge, a place that celebrates female entrepreneurs doing big things in the tourism industry and that aims to inspire other women to do the same. Tune in each week as your host, Kara Myers, interviews successful travel planners, tour operators, and travel influencers paving the way in the tourism industry. Speaking from experience, each guest shares business hacks, marketing strategies, and productivity tips that that will help you take immediate action in starting and scaling the travel business of your dreams.

  1. 1.
    015: Getting Started With Ghost Tours: Research, Routes, & a Real-Life Ghost Story! | Allison Jornlin of American Ghost Walks
  2. 2.
    014: How This Ex-Amazon Manager Launched Her Own Sustainable Tour Booking Platform | Hilary Matson of Yūgen Earthside
  3. 3.
    013: How to 10x Tour Bookings With Pinterest | Louise Cottrell of Travel Pinners
  4. 4.
    012: How Radical Course Correction Can Save Your Business | Priyanka Zielinski of Dubai By Foot
  5. 5.
    011: The Mindset Shift That Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Hear | Yulia Denisyuk of Genius Womxn
  6. 6.
    010: Scaling A 6 Figure Business Through YouTube With Sarah Funk
  7. 7.
    009: How This Reluctant Entrepreneur Transformed Her Passion Into A Profession | Anna Egleston of Above Yoga
  8. 8.
    008: Marketing Secrets From A Top-Selling Food Tour Business | Jessica Baumgart of Delicious Denver

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