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Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon created Today’s Workplace podcast to keep employers current on the latest employment law trends while providing proactive solutions to the everyday issues arising in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

From employment law to true human potential, each episode of Today's Workplace aims to dissect and improve the evolving relationship between employers and their employees.

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On this episode of Today’s Workplace we look at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS), which were created in response to President Biden's COVID-19 Executive Order. The Executive Order directed OSHA to require all private employers with 100 or more employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, or at least weekly testing. Tune in for a review of OSHA’s reasoning for issuing the ETS, compliance deadlines, and what employers should be doing now.

Nov 16

19 min 17 sec

Perrine Farque is an internationally recognized diversity and inclusion speaker and author of Inclusion: the ultimate secret to an organization's success. She has an extensive track-record of delivering ground-breaking, inspiring diversity and inclusion speaker sessions that motivate the audience to become inclusive leaders. We are thrilled to have her joining us on this episode of Today’s Workplace.

Nov 9

28 min 53 sec

On this episode of Today’s Workplace we continue our conversation on systemic discrimination with plaintiff-side class action attorneys, Kelly Dermody and Jahan Sagafi, by taking a closer look at diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession. Get a closer look at the issues and leave with sound advice to help you and your organization be a part of the solution.

Nov 2

18 min 37 sec

Plaintiff-side class action attorneys, Jahan Sagafi and Kelly Dermody, join Belinda Reed Shannon and Barbara Johnson to discuss systemic discrimination. Tune in to learn more about what systemic discrimination is, what these attorney’s look for when taking on a case, and explore the industries that are more vulnerable to claims of systemic discrimination.

Oct 26

34 min 5 sec

In this episode of the Today’s Workplace podcast Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon discuss the two grounds for exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the workplace—medical and religious.

Oct 19

14 min 41 sec

On this episode of Today’s Workplace we are continuing our series exploring the COVID-19 vaccination mandate in the workplace to help our listeners understand the implications of President Biden’s COVID-19 Action Plan that was announced on September 9, 2021. The Executive Orders describe the president’s six-pronged strategies to fight the pandemic and increase vaccination rates. In this episode Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon discuss who the COVID-19 Action Plan will impact and what employers should be doing next.

Oct 12

9 min 55 sec

What laws govern the COVID-19 vaccine employer mandate? How are employers responding? Who makes up the anti-vaccine group? All this and more on this episode of Today’s Workplace, where hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon discuss the issues that employers are facing when considering vaccine mandates. Tune in for this timely conversation and check out for additional information.

Oct 5

25 min 46 sec

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work from a global perspective requires cultural translation, that is respecting cultural differences while acknowledging the unique way systems of oppression disguise themselves in different cultures. Today’s Workplace is thrilled to have Abam Mambo, Legal Director at Microsoft, graciously share her wisdom and insight from her own journey engaging in DEI work across the globe.

Jun 14

51 min 30 sec

Alison Nelson is a career Ford Motor Company lawyer, who joined the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Office in January 2021 as the Director of DEI Strategies & Program Planning. She is leading the company's holistic DEI governance. Alison joins us on Today’s Workplace to give a closer look at changes observed in the climate and culture of Ford’s workforce as a result of DEI strategy. We discuss considerations to keep in mind when working with a large unionized workforce and best practices when sharing diversity metrics.

May 31

31 min 35 sec

How do you know when your organization is diverse, equitable and inclusive? There are many challenges when it comes to implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies – especially in larger organizations. That’s why we were so excited to be joined by Alison Nelson, Director of DEI Strategies & Program Planning at Ford Motor Company. Alison shares some valuable insights on how Ford has implemented DEI initiatives across all levels of the organization and what they are doing to hold themselves accountable.

May 24

28 min 48 sec

Companies have had to acknowledge that many, if not most, diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) programs have been ineffective in creating real change. A vital aspect of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is through your organizations hiring practices. Join Barbara and Belinda for Part II of their conversation with Michael Payne and Philip Berry as they look at best practices with respect to hiring diverse talent, fostering a sense of belonging and what effective training looks like.

May 17

27 min 52 sec

If you are not integrating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into your workplace culture and business strategy then you are missing out on a breadth of benefits!  Learn how to look for the common mistakes employers make and the impact that well-crafted DEI strategy can have in an organization with guests and subject experts, Philip Berry and Michael Payne, on this episode of Today’s Workplace.

May 10

35 min 27 sec

With seven episodes published in season two, hosts Barabra Johnson and Belinda reed Shannon take a moment to look back at the season so far. The focus for Today’s Workplace Season 2 is diversity, equity, and inclusion and the guests so far have given us a lot to unpack. Join our hosts for a look back at the guests and their topics as well as the key learnings from the first seven episodes of season two. We’ll also take a peek forward to some of the experts joining us in future episodes.

Apr 19

32 min 38 sec

The corporate world has had to move quickly to respond to the current demand for social justice sweeping across the country. The entertainment industry is no exception to that. In this episode, Barbara and Belinda take a rare look at the world behind the camera and examine how the industry is handling diversity in the workplace in response to the current movement for social justice. Our guest Sean Joell Johnson, Head of Business & Legal Affairs at Fuse Media Inc., joins our hosts to discuss his viewpoint from the business side of entertainment through the lens of his extensive legal, production, and development experience. Hear it all on this episode of Today’s Workplace.

Apr 12

34 min 46 sec

The entire corporate world is in flux regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion because of the increased demand for social justice and transparency. Independent pressure groups like employees' unions and societies at large are pushing corporate entities to be more transparent, equitable, inclusive, and diverse. Our guests Jon Geier and David Cohen of DCI Consultants discuss the impact of data analytics on DE&I projects and how you can use this tool effectively for improving diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in your organization.

Apr 5

51 min 14 sec

As the workplace continues to evolve and develop new diversity and inclusion programs, it has become increasingly important to understand the LGBTQ experience and the challenges they face. Our guest Rob Falk is a global thought leader on legal and business issues affecting nonprofit organizations. In this episode, Rob helps guide us through the issues facing the LGBTQ community in the workplace and shares the steps employers should take to ensure diversity and equity for the LGBTQ community.

Apr 1

47 min 42 sec

The second epidemic impacted our communities last summer, after the murder of George Floyd and the period of social justice and racial reconciliation that followed. Join us as we will discuss the history and evolution of workplace discrimination and DE&I efforts employed by corporations, a year after the Me Too movement and Black Lives Matter protests with our guests Grace Speights and Chai Feldblum on Today’s Workplace. Learn what changes have taken place over one year.

Mar 10

54 min 14 sec

Covid-19 was the first pandemic, but now a second pandemic had been brewing under the surface, as individuals call for racial inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Join us as we discuss diversity in the law firms and the approaches needed to promote the idea of inclusion and belonging amongst people of color with our guest Don Prophete on Today’s Workplace.

Feb 22

39 min 40 sec

Many companies now push the concept of diversity but fail to create an inclusive environment. Join us now as we discuss how organizations missed the mark and how they can improve the workplace with our guests Tammy Bennett and JT Wilson on Today’s Workplace.

Feb 17

51 min 27 sec

George Floyd’s murder and other instances of police brutality last year triggered an outrage that has forced corporate America to examine its role in institutional racism.  Employers are reevaluating their company cultures with a sense of renewed sense of urgency. Join us now as we discuss how HR leaders within two organizations respond to the issues of inequality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace with our guests Ashley Ridgeway-Washington and Donna Hughes on Today’s Workplace

Feb 8

46 min 28 sec

The need for diversity and inclusion is an ongoing issue in the current workplace. Join us for the second season of Today’s Workplace, as we tackle the strategies and approaches that companies can take to deal with this problem.

Jan 25

17 min 1 sec

For Season Two, Today's Workplace Podcast is very excited to be tackling the issues of workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Your hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon will be speaking with numerous guests to show the history of these programs, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that employers face, and learning of the stories from the workplace from the people on the front lines every day.

Jan 19

21 min 27 sec

As the first season of Today’s Workplace comes to a close, our co hosts review the topics and issues discussed in the year 2020. Join us now as we reflect on the numerous subject matters and guests that have made it on the show, with your hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon, and special guest Vinnie Potestivo.

Jan 11

35 min 8 sec

Companies have been forced to make several adjustments to their work dynamic. This includes how to go about recruiting their workers during COVID. Join us today with our guests Michelle Campbell and Robert Spencer as we discuss the changes within the recruitment spaces and the process of hiring in a Pre-COVID work environment.

Jan 4

50 min 33 sec

At the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare workers were on the front line when it came to dealing with COVID-19 patients. Join us now as we discuss how HR executives  within healthcare organizations have dealt with  concerns for  employee safety and return to work protocols with our guests Ashley Ridgeway-Washington and Donna Hughes on Today’s Workplace.

Dec 2020

1 hr 5 min

Since early March, safety standards on COVID have been constantly evolving for people in the workplace. Join us today with our guest, Courtney Malveaux as we talk about OSHA standards, cause for citation, and what employers can do to keep up with the changes.

Dec 2020

40 min 22 sec

As the lock down orders are slowly being lifted, companies are now figuring out new ways to implement rules that promote social distancing. Tune in for our discussion with Chrissy Roselle as she shares how companies encourage and work to improve employee relations on Today's Workplace, with hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon. 

Dec 2020

44 min 6 sec

As the workplace slowly starts to open back up, employees will now have to consider the risk of exposure to COVID 19. Join us now as we discuss with our guest Courtney Malveaux how organizations such as OSHA set guidelines to ensure the occupational safety of workers and how employers must take the initiative to maintain safety in the workplace on Today’s Workplace

Dec 2020

1 hr 9 min

What we know about the COVID-19 virus since its appearance in March has changed the way we go about applying safety measures for those in the workplaces and other areas of business. However, COVID-19 cases are still on the rise as the world looks to scientists for the vaccine. Join us today as we discuss the changes, with our guest Dr. H. Westley Clark.

Dec 2020

39 min 31 sec

How does a country effectively fight against a disease that we know little about? Tune in for our discussion with Dr. H. Westley Clark as he provides us with the science and strategies one should use to keep COVID-19 at bay on Today's Workplace, with hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon.   For more information about Today's Workplace visit us at

Dec 2020

36 min 26 sec

COVID-19 did the impossible; it stopped the world. Tune in for our discussion with Dr. H. Westley Clark as he provides us with information and perspective on what we know today as COVID-19 on Today's Workplace, with hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon.    For more information about Today's Workplace visit us at  

Nov 2020

38 min 22 sec

Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon created Today’s Workplace podcast to keep employers current on the latest employment law trends while providing proactive solutions to the everyday issues arising in today’s rapidly changing workplace.  Are you prepared for today’s workplace? Subscribe now to stay informed.

Jun 2020

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